Motion simulators as a Medium


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Motion Simulators as a Medium to deliver an immersive and high impact message to your clients promoting your brand in seamless intgration with a motion simulation experience.

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Motion simulators as a Medium

  1. 1. Special Projects DivisionBrought to you by FX Simulation
  2. 2. OverviewWhat is a branded motion simulator experience?A branded motion simulator experience is an innovative concept which uses amotion simulator as a medium to put your brand message across to yourcustomers.Let us explain how that works and why it is so effective.
  3. 3. The ConceptThe experience is a harmony of three elements:1. The Motion Simulator2. The Ride Experience3. The Branding
  4. 4. 1. The Motion SimulatorThe Marketing Medium that people remember
  5. 5. 1.1 The X2 Motion SimulatorThe X2 motion simulator is the most advanced and reliable in the world today.With two seats in front of a 32” HD LCD monitor and a closed capsule it providesriders with a fully immersive simulator experience that they will NEVER forget.
  6. 6. 1.2 FeaturesGull wing doors allow easy access in and out.32” HD LCD inside and 15” LCD outside show the ride people are enjoying.An internal camera captures the excitement on the riders faces and displays it outside.Powerful hydraulics give the simulator precise dynamic movement simulating any scenario.Surround sound enhances the experience inside the cabin.3D rides make the riders feel part of the experience.Wind effects add to the sensation as they increase in velocity the faster you go.
  7. 7. 1.3 Technical SpecificationsSafety Power Requirements Transport DimensionsTwo emergency stop buttons The simulator requires a 3-phase supply Width: 1521mmSafety skirt of 380 – 415v at 16A per phase 50Hz Height: 1950mm (with wheels)CE certificate Length: 2327mmA.D.I.P.S. Certificate Visual Weight: 1114kg 32” LCD HD monitor with protective glassInteractivity 7” LCD linked to camera in capsuleThe simulator is a passive ride in which 15” monitor showing ride experiencecustomers do not interact with AudioMechanical Dual 300W 12”Bass SpeakersThree DOF motion base Dual Mid range speakers and tweeters100 litre oil tank 600W 4 Channel AmplifierOil level & temperature sensor
  8. 8. 2. The ExperienceThe Message that people remember
  9. 9. 2.1 Total ImmersionConsumers bombarded by advertisements on every possible media are becomingimmune to conventional advertising and promotion methods.With a motion simulator brand experience you can immerse your customerexclusively in your brand. When they are inside the darkened capsule you havetheir full and exclusive attention.
  10. 10. 2.2 The ScienceStudies have show that when people enter a situation that is “dangerous” part ofthe brain is stimulated and records three times as much information as usual.This creates “thicker” memories of the event and often causes people to recallevents in slow motion. Often car accident victims have referred to thingshappening in slow motion.
  11. 11. 2.3 Proving the theoryScientists conducted tests to see if time does actually slow down. But theyproved it is only our perception of time that is altered, with people saying onaverage they thought a “dangerous” event lasted 33% longer than it actually did.Due to the dynamic nature of the two seater simulator, the same principles apply.The sense of danger, even though created in complete safety has the “memory”effect on people and tests conducted with the simulator show people thought theride lasted 6-8 minutes instead of the actual 3 minutes.
  12. 12. 2.4 The effect on ridersThe simulator experience creates a deep and profound lasting memory with therider. Their experience will be a prominent memory and discussion topic formonths, even years afterwards.
  13. 13. 2.5 The ContentWe can put the customer inside the marketing message in any real or virtual scenario.By using customer supplied footage or by creating content to the client’s specificationwe can provide riders with an exhilarating and breath taking experience.We have full 3D design facilities and can fulfil any request for bespoke rides.Alternatively if you need a live action ride we have an experienced film crew with thelatest High Definition equipment to capture footage, while a state of the art editingsuite is where the raw footage is crafted into a masterpiece.
  14. 14. 3. The BrandingThe right Look for you
  15. 15. 3.1 A dynamic billboardThe simulator is a dynamic attraction. No matter where it is once it starts movingit draws attention.It’s smooth yet flamboyant movement gives birth to curiosity in all that pass bywhich in turn makes them stop and look.
  16. 16. 3.2 Your BrandThe simulator can easily be covered in a vinyl wrap of your design to complimentyour brand and fit in with your marketing strategy.Our designers can assist in the design and we have worked with an establishedvinyl wrap supplier on many projects in the past ensuring that the work is carriedout to the highest standard.
  17. 17. Case StudiesSome of our previous award winning experiencesTo view the ride experiences online please
  18. 18. Silverburn – Shopping Mall Objective: To attract potential tenants to the mall which was under construction. The simulator was displayed at The British Council of Shopping Centres conference at the GMEX, Manchester in November 2006.Simulator Experience:A mix of 3D renders of the mall and livefootage taken on site during the construction.The ride also featured an innovative journeythrough an air duct where the logos of many The Silverburn stand won the BCSC Award forother already signed tenants were shown. In best exhibit at the conference and the malleffect a “virtual tour” of the mall under management signed two major .
  19. 19. Powerboat P1 World Championship Mall Promotion, Final Approved Design Race Event, Gothenburg, Race Event, Istanbul, Gothenburg, Sweden Sweden Turkey Objective: To promote and grow the P1 Powerboat Grand Prix at events around the world. The simulator will be on show at international boat shows in Dubai, Dusseldorf, Gothenburg, Cannes and Genoa. While during the Grand Prix World Championship customers can pay to experience the thrill of riding in a P1 Powerboat. International Boat Show, Dubai, UAESimulator Experience:Actual footage from powerboats was used to create 2 different rides. Thisgives riders an ide of what it’s like to race one of the powerful boats at highspeed in different oceans of the world. The simulator is sited in a prominentlocation where crowds are at events to promote brand awareness.
  20. 20. Superfund – Investment CompanyObjective:Create a motion simulator experience that can be taken toexhibitions and also used at corporate events at Superfund’soffices worldwide.The simulator was also used as part of the SuperfundExperience road show which toured around Europe visitingSchools, Colleges and Universities. Simulator Experience:It was a central part of the Superfund “Edutainment” zonewhich would educate young children and novice investors A complete three minute ride wasabout the merits of Superfund’s Absolute Return product. custom made for the client. It explains their marketing message which describes how their investment strategy spreads the risk across commodities, stock market and property. The experience goes through the ups and downs of investments and explains that with Superfund you will have a smooth ride. The ride was designed to be informative to hardened investors and informative to novice investors.
  21. 21. About UsWe know how to move you
  22. 22. HistoryFounded in 1997, FX Simulation (UK) Ltd is one of the worlds leading motion simulatorcompanies. The management has experience of operating simulators over the pastthirty years. The simulation world has changed from large trailer mounted simulatorsto small highly advanced two seater simulators.The simulators are manufactured in Scotland and shipped worldwide.Sales of over one hundred and fifty simulators are a testament to the proven designand reliability of FX’s two seater simulators.
  23. 23. An X2 Motion Simulator being filmed for the Gadget Show.OperationsAn operating portfolio of £1.6M worth of simulators generate a revenue stream andgenuine advertisement for the durability of the X2 Motion simulator.Operating simulators owned by FX Simulation are located in the UK, Spain, Belgium,France & U.A.E.A dedicated service team maintain the simulators around the world while also doingservicing for clients.
  24. 24. ClientsFX Simulation have an extensive and prestigious Client List that spans the globe. Over90% of customers have more than one simulator and it is estimated that oursimulators generate our customers a total of £9.2M per year.
  25. 25. Special Projects 07971 906 759E: