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Brand Alliance Intro

Brand Alliance Intro



Introduction to BrandAlliance

Introduction to BrandAlliance



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    Brand Alliance Intro Brand Alliance Intro Presentation Transcript

    • Forming Canada’s Leading Promotional Marketing Company
    • Promotional Products Industry Perspective Table of Contents 1. Our supply chain is challenged 2. Distributor Role – Opportunity or Threat? 3. A Possible Answer – Imagine 4. Leading Vision – 5 Years 5. History – to date 6. Stronger Together 7. About Us Private and Confidential 5/19/2009 2
    • Promotional Products Industry Perspective 1. Our Supply Chain is Challenged • History has shown that large fragmented industries...where the supply chain has expanded over time with an increasing number of layers of small participants ...with little or no barriers to entry...eventually leads to an increasing lack of loyalty ...then to increasing consolidation, that typically starts closer to the source...which then leads to increasing levels of “disintermediation”. • Examples: Office Products Industry Capital Markets Virtually almost every industry “Disintermediation” is the removal of intermediaries in a supply chain, commonly referred to as “cutting out the middle man”. Private and Confidential 5/19/2009 3
    • Promotional Products Industry Perspective 2. Distributor Role – Opportunity or Threat? • Typically it is the middlemen, particularly the weaker ones...that are threatened the most...in our industry, this is the small to medium sized distributors • Today the biggest strength of the distributor is that we own the end user customer relationship, through our top Sales Professionals • Answer: – Those distributors that grow a brand increasingly recognized by end users,...gain market share and value to end users...and gain strength, clout and value to our supply chain...will likely see increasing opportunity and possibly even thrive. – While small distributors value will continue to deteriorate and they will experience an increasingly threatened environment. Private and Confidential 5/19/2009 4
    • Promotional Products Industry Perspective 3. A possible Answer - Imagine • A group of the “best of the best” distributors and sales professionals getting together to answer this task: – Establishing a vision, leadership team and strategic and tactical business plan – With a unique and well thought out business model – Fairly quickly establishing a base level critical mass and presence across Canada – And as a team, executing this strategic and tactical business plan with precision – While creating a culture of peak experiences and self actualization – Together creating the foundation of resources that will significantly enhance end user value and experience from our promotional marketing and advertising medium, for generations and generations to come. – While further establishing an end user brand over time – Then expanding and multiplying growth through additional “best of the best” distributors (in new markets and leveraging existing markets) and attracting “best of the best” sales professionals. – And finally answering, through proven historical performance and execution , the “value & succession” answer for our industry...once and for all. Private and Confidential 5/19/2009 5
    • Adoption – Organization Development Curve Sales Growth ($ Millions) 160 Succession 140 Sales Growth ($ Millions) Multiply 120 Value The Right People 100 Joining At The Right Time Growth Doing The Right Things 80 Execution Doing Those Things Right 60 Planning 40 Vision 20 0 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 Private and Confidential 5/19/2009 6
    • Brand Values Wheel Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 7
    • Brand Character Statement • Imagination that sees what others don’t and inspires original thinking… intelligence that uses advanced technology to deliver superior service… leadership that shapes the industry … reliable results that clients trust to add value to their prized brands — these are the values that shape BrandAlliance. Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 8
    • Brand Character Statement (con’t) • We are more than promotional products. We think different. We act different. We think beyond the catalogue. We challenge status quo thinking. The unique solutions we provide cannot be imitated or duplicated. We provide solutions to challenges that our customers may not know exist. Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 9
    • Brand Character Statement (con’t) • Creativity for our clients is our prime product. Our insights serve our clients with originality. Our vision reshapes our industry. We lead by example and set higher standards for service. Products come and go, but our enduring difference is our people. We care more. Therefore we serve better. Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 10
    • Brand Character Statement (con’t) • We have integrity. We value every customer, regardless of size or budget. We are not an alliance of convenience; we are power in numbers, and we think beyond the profit margin. What’s good for us is good for our customers. We always do what’s best for our clients, our business community and ourselves. Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 11
    • Brand Character Statement (con’t) • We keep our promises. Our passion and dedication make us different. We strive to make doing business with our company easier, more convenient and, ultimately, more fun and enjoyable. It’s why our customers come back for more. Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 12
    • Brand Character Statement (con’t) • Our number one goal is to help our clients succeed. They rely on our trusted service to make their businesses better and their jobs easier. We’re the go-to company for consistent service -- the first time, every time. One call to BrandAlliance means purchase power and seamless service across the country. Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 13
    • Brand Character Statement (con’t) • Through our collective intelligence, our business systems are superior, and we’re best in our market. Where others may take the easy path by simply processing orders, we are brand professionals whose expertise and bold innovation challenge industry tradition and lead our customers to solutions they never thought possible. Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 14
    • 4. Leading Vision – 5 Years • The strongest brand in our industry • Leading culture, people and talent • Competitive advantages in every facet • $150 million sales, true national presence • Enhancing the role of promotional marketing & advertising • Establishing true value & succession Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 15
    • 5. History– To Date • 2006: Four leading Canadian promotional distributors form peer network – Toronto, ON - Waterloo, ON – Calgary, AB – Edmonton, AB • 2007: Peer network > best practices > combined supplier relations • 2008: Further strategic moves initiated – Expand in Quebec, through leading distributor in Montreal, QC – Establish next level strategic business plan with leading NA industry executive, as new partner – Cohesion amongst leadership team, best practices, marketing and supplier relations – Engage creative marketing agency • 2009: A year of opportunity – BrandAlliance companies take stage at PPPC annual awards banquet • Youngest Hall of Fame nominee, Humanitarian Award, West Distributor of the Year, East Distributor of the Year and 17 of 34 Image Awards – 6th leading distributor joins, further strengthening leadership team , key Ontario market and adding presence in Vancouver, BC Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 16
    • 6. Stronger Together – Leadership Team • Nick Thompson, Chairman and President – Principal owner, Metromedia Marketing (Calgary, AB). 2008 PPPC West Distributor of the Year. • Alan Chippindale, CEO – Past President of Proforma, 18 years experience building a $300 million NA sales organization in our industry • Upkar Arora, COO – Principal owner, Integrus Brand Solutions(Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver). Leading Canadian financial executive • Ian McLearon, EVP – National Accounts – Principal owner, ISA (Waterloo, ON). Canada’s leading national accounts expertise, systems and facilities • Pete Kmech Jr., EVP- Marketing – Principal owner, Creative Concepts (Edmonton, AB). Canadian leading creative marketing mind • Rob Charlton, EVP – Custom Accounts and Director of Supplier Relations – Principal owner, TNT Designs (Toronto, ON). Industry leading personality and sales coach • Celine Pilote, EVP- Strategic Business Development – Principal owner, Copilote Inc. (Montreal, Que). 2008 PPPC Hall of Fame Inductee. Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 17
    • Stronger Together – National Presence Calgary, AB Toronto, ON Montreal, Que Edmonton, AB Waterloo, ON Toronto – Vancouver - Montreal Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 18
    • Stronger Together – Best Practices Supplier Culture Procurement Relations Operations & Communications Sales Strategies Systems Business Human W/H, fulfillment Mgmt/Finance Resources & Distribution Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 19
    • Stronger Together – Enhanced Value Proposition Customers Sales Professionals Competitive Advantages Common O/H Preferred Suppliers (Banks, Insurance Co., Benefit Providers, Telecommunications, etc…) Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 20
    • Stronger Together - Results Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 21
    • PPPC Jan 09 Awards Banquet Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 22
    • About Us BrandAlliance is a unique alliance of six leading Canadian promotional marketing and advertising companies, whom share a common vision, mission, brand, value system, culture, strategic business plan and proven process of execution. Collectively, BrandAlliance is the largest promotional products group in Canada with partnering intelligence and real representation in Toronto, ON; Waterloo, ON; Montreal, QC; Calgary, AB; Edmonton, AB; and Vancouver, BC. Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 23
    • About Us Major and middle market Canadian and North American corporations choose BrandAlliance to help them with their branding and marketing initiatives, based upon our proven culture of execution; people; creative solutions, advanced integrated technologies, efficient business systems, financial strength, purchasing power and seamless service across Canada and North America Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 24
    • About Us In 2008 BrandAlliance is proud to represent the most industry certified CAS/MAS professionals in Canada and have won 18 of 37 industry image awards, including youngest Hall of Fame nominee, Humanitarian Award, and both east and west Canadian Distributors of the Year. BrandAlliance is continuously planning and executing on growing competitive advantages and unique value propositions collectively, that have not been possible individually in our industry to date. When our industry talks about BrandAlliance, they say “Fasten your seat belts and stay tuned!” Private & Confidential 5/19/2009 25