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Loop 1604 SH 151 Underpass Presentation



The public presentation made on November 18, 2010 at the Loop 1604 at SH 151 Underpass Public Meeting and Open House.

The public presentation made on November 18, 2010 at the Loop 1604 at SH 151 Underpass Public Meeting and Open House.



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Loop 1604 SH 151 Underpass Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Loop 1604 at SH 151 Underpass
  • 2. Purpose of tonight’s presentation and meeting
    Present information on the proposed Loop 1604 at SH 151 underpass project
    Present results of recent environmental study conducted on the proposed improvements
  • 3. Existing Condition
  • 4. 4
    What is being proposed?
    The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (Alamo RMA), in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), is proposing to construct an underpass linking Alamo Ranch Parkway with SH 151, under Loop 1604.
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Proposed Improvements include
    On Loop 1604
    Construction of two bridges for the northbound and southbound Loop 1604 main lanes, providing a grade separated overpass of SH 151
    Approaches to these new bridges would be overlaid with asphalt and new pavement markings would be applied
    Southbound main lanes of Loop 1604 would be saw cut and widened to width of 4ft to 12ft for a distance of 600ft to align with the proposed bridges
  • 7. Proposed Improvements include
    On SH 151
    Eastbound and westbound main lanes of SH 151 would be extended approximately 0.75 miles to the west, passing beneath the Loop 1604 main lanes and connecting with Alamo Ranch Parkway
    Widening SH 151 is proposed for approximately 1500 ft to add an auxiliary lane for westbound traffic passing Wiseman Blvd. This widening would maintain the existing two lane exit ramp to northbound Loop 1604
    Overlaying the asphalt in this area and applying new pavement marking would be included in this project
  • 8. Proposed Typical Section - SH 151 at Loop 1604
  • 9. Proposed Improvements include
    At Alamo Ranch Parkway and SH 151
    The existing non signalized “T” intersection would be reconstructed with an at-grade signalized intersection just west of the Loop 1604 at SH 151 underpass
    Turn movements between Loop 1604 and Alamo Ranch Parkway / SH 151 would be facilitated through the proposed at-grade intersection
  • 10. Alamo Ranch Parkway at SH 151 – Proposed
  • 11. Proposed Improvements include
    Drainage Improvements
    Proposed improvements include constructing a box culvert under SH 151 approximately 600 ft east of Loop 1604
    This project would connect two existing box culverts, eliminate the existing earthen channel, and construct 1900 ft of storm sewer on SH 151
    Two additional box culverts are proposed to drain runoff from the east side of Loop 1604, crossing under 1604 main lanes to tie into the existing box culverts on the west side of Loop 1604 main lanes
  • 12. Were other alternatives to the proposed underpass examined?
  • 13. Alternatives
    No Build –
    A no build option was considered in which no improvements would be made to the Loop 1604 at SH 151 area. This alternative would see safety and mobility continue to decline as the area continues to grow.
    Overpass –
    This option would have constructed SH 151 and Alamo Ranch Parkway higher than currently exists, resulting in an approximately 50 ft retaining wall to be constructed, precluding the desired access to and from Alamo Ranch Parkway.
  • 14. What are the potential environmental impacts of the proposed improvements?
  • 15. The proposed project requires no new right of way or easements
    No impact to historical or archeological resources
    No impact to social and environmental justice populations
  • 16. Air Quality
    Air Quality –
    Currently Bexar County is classified as being in attainment status of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards, and as such, a transportation conformity analysis of this project is not required
    Mobile Source Air Toxics, Carbon Monoxide Traffic Air Quality Analysis and Construction Emissions were also examined and found to have no effect on the proposed improvements.
  • 17. Noise
    Noise analysis was conducted in accordance with FHWA Regulation 23 CFR 772 “Procedures for Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise and Construction Noise” and TxDOT’s 1996 Guidelines for Analysis and Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise (revised 1997)
    Based on the analysis conducted, it is not anticipated that this project would result in increased traffic noise requiring any additional noise abatement
  • 18. Water Resources
    The proposed improvements:
    • Are not located over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge or Contributing Zones
    • 19. Are not within a 100 year floodplain
    • 20. Will include five or more acres of earth disturbance and will comply with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Construction General Permit, as well as the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • 21. Natural Environment
    Vegetation -
    Approximately 24 acres of vegetation which include 4.9 acres of mature woody vegetation, and grasses, would be permanently impacted by the proposed project
    TxDOT will coordinate with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife for the removal of mature woody vegetation
    Special habitat features would not be impacted (temporarily or permanently) during construction
  • 22. Natural Environment
    Endangered Species -
    The Alamo RMA conducted informal consultation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service on March 19, 2010 and September 15, 2010 regarding the design and footprint of the proposed project in accordance with Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act
  • 23. Endangered Species
    Black -capped Vireo – No potential habitat was found within the Right of Way or a 300 ft buffer from the Right of Way for the Black-capped Vireo
    Golden- cheeked Warbler – Potential habitat was identified within existing Right of Way and within a 300 ft buffer from the Right of Way, but this potential habitat is fragmented, and with urbanization in the area, and the size of the patch of potential habitat, it is not likely to be suitable habitat for the Golden-cheeked Warbler
  • 24. Endangered Species – Birds
    Two years of presence absence surveys have been conducted (2009 and 2010) – and neither endangered species has been observed during this time, in this proposed project area
    Therefore, in regards to the two endangered birds discussed, this project would not affect either species
  • 25. Endangered Species – Karst Invertebrates
    Karst invertebrate habitat surveys and background research identified 22 potential karst features in this area
    Four were not available for excavation
    Four were within the 500 ft buffer zone on properties were access was not granted
    Three were determined to not be karst features
    One was determined to no longer exist
    10 remaining could be accessed and were evaluated using standard methods
  • 26. Endangered Species – Karst Invertebrates
    Of the 10 able to be accessed and evaluated:
    • 9 warranted excavation, and
    • 27. 2 of those areas excavated warranted biological surveys
    • 28. Of those 2 areas – one was determined to be a karst feature with no karst invertebrate habitat
  • 29. Endangered Species – Karst Invertebrates
    The second feature had karst invertebrate habitat (1604-F019 ) This cave, Clandestine Cupola Cave, was found to have six cave adapted species
    Of the species found, one specimen is believed to be an unlisted blind cave spider. However, because genetic data do not exist for the federally listed and protected species, it is possible that the spider found could be Circuinavenii, a federally listed species
    Therefore, based on this data, it is possible the project may affect, but is not likely to adversely affect, Circuinavenii
    Work for the proposed project is not anticipated to impact this cave or its drainage area.
  • 30. Cumulative and Indirect Impacts
    Based on June 2009 guidance for indirect and cumulative impact, the proposed project is not anticipated to cause any indirect or cumulative impacts
    All future projects on Loop 1604 will be evaluated for indirect and cumulative analysis based on the respective project and level of analysis
  • 31. Funding for the Proposed Project
    The proposed project is included within the San Antonio Bexar County Metropolitan Planning Organization plans, and has been approved for Strategic Priority “Category 12” funds from the Texas Department of Transportation
    The project construction cost is approximately $18,000,000
    The project is proposed, if environmental clearance is received, to be submitted for bids in May 2011 with an estimated completion of construction in March 2013
  • 32. Comments tonight
    To submit comments tonight for inclusion in the official record of this public meeting / open house
    • Fill out a comment card
    • 33. Speak with the Court Reporter
  • 34. Comments after you leave
    To submit comments on the proposed project, after tonight:
    Email Loop1604Underpass@AlamoRMA.org
    By Mail: Loop 1604 Underpass Alamo RMA 1222 N. Main Avenue, Ste 1000 San Antonio, Texas 78212
    Fax: 210-495-5403
    Comments must be received by November 30, 2010 at 5 p. m.
  • 35. Loop 1604 at SH 151 Underpass