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  • July 22, 2012
  • Presentation arcadis 2012 eng

    1. 1. Presentation of ARCADIS Creating BalanceImagine the result
    2. 2. What Keeps YouAwake?
    3. 3. Time andKnowledgeare ScarceEngineers, environmental experts, permitexperts… of ARCADIS relieve you ofwork
    4. 4. The Rules andRegulations areComplexARCADIS, an expert in environmentalimpact reports, building, environmentaland other permits, rules and laws,procedures…
    5. 5. The Surroundingsare ComplexAuthorities, local residents,environmental groups, employees…ARCADIS has an understanding of thestakeholders
    6. 6. Energy isExpensiveARCADIS, Energy Specialist
    7. 7. The Future isValuableARCADIS is committed to sustainablesolutions: a win-win situation for yourorganisation, for mankind and for theenvironment
    8. 8. Crystal- • Advice on Planning • Advice on Environmental Economic PlanningClear Advice • Advice on Sustainability • Advice on the Environment • Advice on Soil • Advice on Energy • Strategic Advice • Product Advice (REACH) • Transaction Advice • …
    9. 9. We Know • Planning Certificates • Town & Country Implementation Plan Our Way • Suitable Assessment (impact on nature) Around • Mobility Impact ReportProcedures • Environment Impact Report • Environmental Permits • Urban Development Permits • Water Test • …
    10. 10. Guiding • Feasibility Studies • Construction StudiesStudies • Energy Studies • Infrastructure Studies • Soil Studies • Water Studies • Environmental Studies • Sound Studies • Product Risk Assessments • …
    11. 11. Design and • All possible structures in all sectors • Planting of greeneryEngineering • Industrial estate • Wind farms • Total energy and biomass installations • Air and water purification plants • Soil decontamination • Noise control • Infrastructure, roads and sewerage • …
    12. 12. Execution • Clear specifications • Construction supervision and • Budget controlMaintenance • Multidisciplinary construction managers for execution monitoring • Technical or total facility management, enriched with knowhow from design and engineering stage • Decontamination according to GRIP ® (guaranteed remediation programme)
    13. 13. Legal MonitoringVarious Customers inBelgiumImagineAlways being up-to-date withthe latest environmentallegislationFacing governmentinspections free of worriesThe ResultNo environmental infractionsor violations• Customer: Industry• Assignment: monitoring of environmental legislation, regular reporting and early warning system• Proprietary software ‘ARCALEX’
    14. 14. HAtric Office BuildingHasseltImaginePerfect combination ofeconomy, ecology and emotioninto one officeThe ResultHighly sustainable, energy-efficient and comfortable officewith striking veiled front façade• Customer: Reiger II• Investment: 4 mio €• Architect: Holistic Architecture 50|5• Timing: 2007-2008• Assignment: consultancy on sustainable construction and technical support during construction
    15. 15. REACHImplementationWorldwideImagineTo take on the REACHchallenges in an adequate andcost-effective mannerThe ResultCustomised REACH solutionsto implement rules andregulations effectively and toremain compliant with REACHin the future• Customer: from various sectors• Assignment: various REACH Implementation Projects using our integrated service related to Global Product Stewardship
    16. 16. Diverting of the RiverWitte NeteDesselImagineA natural river with a rich plantand animal lifeThe ResultWinding river Witte Nete withrepair of protected habitats;Inbev-Latour prizeEnvironment 2007.• Customer: S.C.R. Sibelco• Timing: 2005-2008• Assignment: proposal for diverting and monitoring of biological repair
    17. 17. DecontaminationVilvoordeImagineResidential quarter on healthysoilThe ResultDecontamination techniqueswith innovative injectiontechniques ad natural products(molasses + persulphate)• Customer: Akzo Nobel• Timing: trial runs and design of decontamination project 2006-2007 l launch and monitoring of decontamination 2008• Assignment: environmental supervision of decontamination
    18. 18. BeverdonkGrobbendonkImagineWater-bound industrial estateof 60 ha with nature designproject as a full componentThe ResultCO2-neutral industrial estatewith a container terminalalongside the Albert Canal• Customer: nv De Scheepvaart• Investment: 3 mio €• Timing: 2008-ongoing• Assignment: complete path from concept, mobility and environmental impact assessment, layout and design to construction monitoring, project management and subsidy supervision
    19. 19. Permit Renewal forBekaertZwevegemImagineLaunch and discussion ofdossiers and studies inpreparation for the applicationfor an environmental permit.The ResultA new environmental permit for20 years• Customer: Bekaert NV• Timing: 2008-2009• Assignment: exemption note, water test, technical preliminary studies (emissions, waste, wastewater, …), dossier, negotiation, …
    20. 20. New STEG Plant forEssentGenkImagineA new gas-fired power plantsupplying energy to 600,000families.The ResultLicense to Produce• Customer: Essent (RWE)• Timing: 2009 - 2014• Assignment: MER, environmental permit, energy study, civil engineering, urban development permit
    21. 21. Energy ProjectsBelgiumImagineLower energy bill and a seriesof incentives from the FlemishGovernmentThe ResultEnergy audit resulting in anenergy plan with measures toenhance energy efficiency• Customer: Alural, Cargil Malt, Daf Trucks, Dow, Plastal, Praxair, Sara Lee, …• Assignment: draw up energy plans within the framework of the Order concerning Energy Planning and Audit Covenant
    22. 22. Reception BuildingGeelImagineStylish, multifunctional andenergy-efficient receptionbuildingThe ResultSustainable reception buildingwith underground energyrecovery using energy poles, afirst in Belgium.• Customer: Janssen Pharmaceutica• Investment: 7,95 mio €• Architectural firm Van Acker & Partners• Timing: 2005-2008• Assignment: study of founda-tions and structure, design of technical installations, project management
    23. 23. Consultancy onSustainableConstructionZaventemImagineState-of-the-art sustainablecorporate building andindustrial estateThe ResultUsing rating tools such asBREEAM, a sustainablecomplex is mapped out andthe additional cost comparedto a traditional design iscalculated• Customer: Toyota Motor Europe• Timing: 2006-ongoing• Assignment: consultancy on sustainable construction, facility management coordination
    24. 24. Residential CareCentre Ter BleekeMalleImagineNew residential care centre withsufficient rest home rooms andassisted housing placesThe Result60 rest home rooms, 20 assistedhousing places, a services centreand a large-scale kitchen,existence of indoor gardens, apatio and parking places• Client: OCMW Malle• Investment: 10,5 mio €• Timing: 2002 – 2010• Architect: AMV architects• Assignment: studies stability and techniques, work on the surroundings, EPB and guidance during the procurement and execution
    25. 25. Investment ZonePetroleum SouthAntwerpImagineNew use for historiccontaminated site of 75 haThe ResultDecontamination subject toredevelopment ofcontaminated city cancer intohigh-quality industrial estatewith space for recreation and afootball stadium• Customer: PMV, City of Antwerp, Gemeentelijk Havenbedrijf, AG Vespa• Timing: 2008-2009• Assignment : detailed soil analysis and soil decontamination project, including trial runs
    26. 26. Water Loop Closurefor Energy and WaterKalloImagineZero discharge for wastewaterin one of the most modern andenergy-efficient gypsumcardboard lines in the world.The ResultDischarge of wastewaterreorganized into reuse of waterand energy. No investment inwater purification, butsubstantial annual savings.• Customer: Saint-Gobain Gyproc Belgium• Timing: 2004 – 2006• Assignment: choice of concept, guidance of customer during process conversion
    27. 27. Shell Service stationsMotorwaysBeLuxImagineGreen and energy-friendlyservice station perfectlyintegrated into the environmentThe ResultCompletely redesignedmotorway service station.Sustainable buildings with« Excellent » score in Breamreassessment.• Customer: Stramoine• Timing: 2009-ongoing• Assignment: detail engineering, design, project management, EPB
    28. 28. New AdministrativeCentreHouthalen-HelchterenImagineNew administrative centre thatneeds as little energy as possibleand generates that energyefficiently.The resultThis sustainable building housesthe local authority services, apolice office, a public socialwelfare centre, a day-carecentre, a library and an officearea for third parties• Customer: AGB Houthalen- Helchteren• Investment: 50 mio €• Architect: Holistic Architecture 50|5• Timing: 2009-2012• Assignment: study of stability & techniques, consultancy on sustainable construction
    29. 29. Town Square, Libraryand Underground Car-Park GenkImagineA place where living, relaxing,shopping and experiencingculture can be easily combinedThe ResultA single large promenade areafrom town hall to the GrandSquare connects the two partsof town.• Customer: Flemish Government• Investment: 10,4 mio €• Architect: a2o-architecten• Timing: 1998-2006• Assignment: complete project
    30. 30. Business Centre forthe Space IndustryTransinneImagineEcology and distinctarchitecture brought togetherinto one buildingThe ResultNew ecological businesscentre made of solid wood witha façade of photovoltaic panels• Customer: Idelux• Investment: 4 mio €• Architect: Philippe Samyn and Partners• Timing: 2008-2009• Assignment : study of (sustainable) techniques, stability, HVAC, electricity, sanitary facilities
    31. 31. PartnershipBelgiumImagineAutonomous working out ofvarious paths by experiencedpartnerThe ResultFrom network modificationsand expansions for high-voltage substations to cablepaths, everything is worked outaccording to the customer’sstandards• Customer: Elia Engineering• Timing: framework agreement• Assignment: autonomous working out of various assignments from rough draft to construction monitoring
    32. 32. Headquarters ‘in Steel’Alongside the RiverMeuseLiègeImagineRepresentative head office fora steel conglomerateThe ResultEnergy-efficient office block,including a restaurant withmaximum use of steel• Customer: ArcelorMittal• Investment: 8,34 mio €• Architect: Art and Build• Timing: 2007-2008• Assignment: study of stability and techniques (HVAC, electricity, sanitary facilities, IT, lifts)
    33. 33. 2 Production PlantsIndia and ChinaImagineConstruction of plantsworldwide using BelgiantechnologyThe Result2 new fully integratedproduction plants forgearboxes and drives for windturbines• Customer: Hansen Transmissions• Timing: 2007-2010• Assignment: engineering techniques, implementation of Belgian technology and processes in Asian climate, on-site project monitoring
    34. 34. New LaundryLokerenImagineState-of-the-art industriallaundry with distribution unitThe ResultIdeally situated buildingcomplex which is perfectlyresistant against high humidity.• Customer: Initial Textile Services• Timing: 2005-2007• Assignment: design, application for permit, monitoring and full project management
    35. 35. KBCConsolidation of 22 Existing DataCentres in a Twin Data Centrein Hungary• Surface Area • 2 x 2,000 m² net • 2 x 5,000 m² gross• TIER 3 classification• 750 W/m² (> up to 1,500 W/m²)• Investment: 50 mio €• In association with local partners• Timing: Operational end of 2011• Services by ARCADIS: • Location study • Programme definition • Project management • Coordination of local partners • Detailed Engineering • Construction management • Coordination of
    36. 36. Galeries de la Toisond’OrBrusselsImagineRevaluation of an oldshowpiece – Brusselsshopping mall with existinginfrastructureThe ResultModern shopping mall, with atotal shop surface area ofnearly 15,000 m².• Customer: the Gillion family• Investment: 25 mio €• Assignment: coordination of renovation works, advice on sustainable techniques
    37. 37. NV KanaalkomHousing and ShoppingComplex• Construction Programme: • 330 housing units • Commercial space – 33,000 m² • Catering industry – 5,000 m² • Offices and services – 9,000 m² • Underground car-park - 2,600 spots• Architect: De Gregorio• Investment: 145 mio €• Timing: • Building permit: Q4 2010 • Execution: 2012– 2014• Assignment ARCADIS: • Study of stability • Study of techniques • Consultancy on sustainable construction
    38. 38. Distribution CentreGhlin Baudour• Construction Programme: • Offices – 4,500 m² • Warehouse – 37,000 m²• Investment: 50 mio €• Timing: 2009-2011• Assignment ARCADIS: • Environmental studies • Study of stability • Study of techniques • LEED certification • Consultancy on sustainable construction • Infrastructure
    39. 39. Upgrading to ModelSiteForest (Brussels)ImagineModel site in terms ofarchitecture, techniques andfacilitiesThe ResultOptimal project teamcomprising Audi facilityengineering and ARCADISsite-based team• Customer: Audi• Timing: 2007-2010• Assignment: project coordination and facility engineering of construction, offices and techniques (electricity, automation, HVAC…)
    40. 40. Various Office andCorporate BuildingsBrussels, Flandersand WalloniaImagineYour architectural projects inaccordance with the latesttechniques, trends andlegislation in external handsThe ResultThe ARCADIS team ofprogramme and projectmanagers perform variousinvestments and renovations• Customer: BNP Paribas Fortis• Timing: 2001 until 2013• Assignment: project management for architecture and techniques from study to completion
    41. 41. Product Development,Production, SupportZedelgemImagineOptimal project teamcomprising engineering CNHand ARCADIS site-based teamThe ResultContinuous product renewaland equipment modifications,to optimise the performance ofharvesting machines• Customer: CNH (New Holland)• Assignment: mechanical engineering (product engineering) of agricultural machinery
    42. 42. Management Solutionfor Energy and theEnvironmentVarious locations inBelgiumImagineCollaboration based on‘shared benefits’The ResultARCADIS helps come up withstrategic solutions regardingcost structures and businessprocesses in terms ofprocurement, documentmanagement, logistics andmaintenance.• Customer: Electrabel• Timing: 80-ongoing• Assignment: engineering studies, drawing assignments, mechanical, electrical, architectural and piping assignments
    43. 43. Demolition from Startto FinishAntwerpImagineClean area in the Antwerpharbour which can be usedagain in the futureThe ResultSuccessful demolition of 4buildings contaminated withasbestos up to 1 m-mv, takinginto account soildecontamination works at thesite• Customer: Borealis• Timing: 2006-2007• Assignment: specifications for tender and public tender, project management during design, execution and reporting
    44. 44. ARCADISForeign References
    45. 45. Production Site forTyres to be Used inthe Mining IndustryBrazilImagineNew overseas production plantThe ResultCompletion within a strict timeperiod and budget thanks tointernational collaboration• Customer: Michelin• Timing: 2005-2007• Investment: 75 mio €• Assignment: complete engineering and project management during design and execution
    46. 46. Past Model SpareParts PlantValentinesImagineSpecialised production unit formetal spare parts of YardsThe ResultBuilt in record time thanks tosmooth collaboration withFrench colleagues.• Customer: Toyota• Timing: 2004-2006• Investment: 22 mio €• Assignment: complete engineering and project management during design and execution
    47. 47. Facts & Figures
    48. 48. Reinforced position throughacquisitions 1981 1983 1990 1991 1995 Establishment of Puls, Geel Weribo, D’Hoore Soft, Integration with Gedas Heist-op-den-Berg Ghent ARCADIS 1998 2000 2003 2005 2006 Lapere, Kortrijk l Enviras Fally-D.-J., Charleroi SWK, Ghent l Ingénieurs bct,Starke Diekstra, Sint- l Domus Nitida, Constructor, Liège and Bastogne l Ecolas, Antwerp Niklaas Turnhout Antwerp l CW, and Ghent l Euras, Ostend Ghent 2007 2008 2008 2009 2011 Aeolus, Diest l Merge of the VDS, Haaltert Merge of the Unification ARCADIS environmental Flemish companies Walloon companies Belgium nv/sa in ARCADIS Belgium in ARCADIS branch of Fugro, Engineering & Mechelen nv Consulting sa …
    49. 49. A solid Top 3 in Belgium for consultancy and engineeringpartner with healthy Annual revenues in millions € People (FTE) growth
    50. 50. Organisation
    51. 51. Strong localpresence• Brussels• Antwerp• Ghent• Hasselt• Charleroi• Liège
    52. 52. Global • 21.000 people strong and € 2,4 billion in annual revenues network • Global network for consistent quality to based on multinational clients in Europe, The Unitedstrong home States, South America and Asia • Quoted on Euronext market positions
    53. 53. Juridicalstructure ARCADIS Belgium Holding nv ARCADIS Belgium nv/sa Flanders Wallonia Brussels
    54. 54. Our values • Three core values: integrity, entrepreneurship and agilityand pillars • Three pillars: professionalism Operational Focus on clients Focus on excellence our people
    55. 55. Imagine the result