Form Analytics and Checkout Optimization - Formisimo's Sascon Presentation


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Forms and checkouts impact on your conversion rates. Tom New, the co-founder of Formisimo, shares his slides presented at Sascon. There's tips on how to improve your checkout/form to improve conversion rates, as well as real world examples of how companies have got it wrong.

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Form Analytics and Checkout Optimization - Formisimo's Sascon Presentation

  1. 1. Why the long form?
  2. 2. A little about Formisimo Advanced form analytics tool (out of beta!) Tracks every interaction with online forms 26 metrics measured Over 43 million form interactions tracked so far
  3. 3. Online, forms are everywhere.
  4. 4. And they carry a huge burden You r for m
  5. 5. Offline Advertising Branding Website design PR Digital Marketing Sales Word of Mouth Affiliates Online advertising Social Media Forms A sales funnel (of sorts) Customer
  6. 6. But, surely people know they are important, and get them right?
  7. 7. Nope, they are (mostly) terrible. How do we know this? 70% of people who start a form do not complete it.
  8. 8. WorldPay Study: Why do people abandon online checkouts? 26% - Decided against buying 21% - Process was taking too long Polite way to say rage quit
  9. 9. Some examples
  10. 10. Counties are no longer used for delivery (Royal Mail has deleted them from database)
  11. 11. How much difference does it make? 1 field removed from form $12 million extra revenue
  12. 12. A one-off, surely! Erm... Register Continue “You do not need to create an account to make purchases on our site. Simply click Continue to proceed to checkout. To make your future purchases even faster, you can create an account during checkout.”
  13. 13. Back to basics: Forms vs. Content Jessica Enders (Formulate): Content Forms Exploration and task completion Task completion only No one point of focus Users are “field focussed” Many possible entry and exits points Often only one entry and exit point Concepts of “success” and “failure” vary Strictly defined concept of “success” and “failure” Often visited many times Often only used once
  14. 14. How does this impact visitor behaviour?
  15. 15. How does this impact visitor behaviour? Task completion Forms are a barrier or hurdle to some greater good, not an end in themselves. They are a necessity, but not one visitors enjoy
  16. 16. How does this impact visitor behaviour? Field focussed Careful examination of every word, instruction and label. Much more scrutiny than browsing. Confusion and consternation more likely.
  17. 17. How does this impact visitor behaviour? One entry and exit point No browsing, clear path for users, no distractions.
  18. 18. How does this impact visitor behaviour? Success and failure strictly defined Either a visitor becomes a customer, or they don’t. Visits, time on page, etc do not really matter (for forms). Conversions matter.
  19. 19. How does this impact visitor behaviour? Often only used once You often only get one shot! If you fail to get it right, potential customer may get good or service from a competitor.
  20. 20. Some common pain points
  21. 21. Captchas Why do they exist?
  22. 22. Captchas To prevent spam To annoy humans
  23. 23. Captchas What is their effect on conversion? How many of these
  24. 24. Captchas Are there better options?
  25. 25. Captchas Is a simple Maths quiz any better?
  26. 26. Other options 1.Email confirmation (registration) 2.Honeypot Traps – hidden fields that users cannot see. If filled in, likely to be spam. 3.Plugins – Akismet for Wordpress 4.No CAPTCHA
  27. 27. How much spam do you get? Test!
  28. 28. Double entry of information
  29. 29. Double entry of information Why do sites ask for this? Prevention of errors But...
  30. 30. Double entry of information Can copy and paste email address, so benefit is negated. Plus... Which of these fields contains the error?
  31. 31. The consequences for conversion rates... Errors + Drop offs
  32. 32. - Increases effort for every user - Can be bypassed - Only ensures fields match, not that they are error free - Can cause more corrections and drop offs Double entry of information
  33. 33. Alternatives: 1. Unmask Password 2. Email activation 3. Get rid (if easy to reset password) Double entry of information
  34. 34. Buttons
  35. 35. Call to action buttons exist across websites; also on forms. Buttons guide a user through a form, and help task completion Sign up for your FREE trial Apply Now Retrieve My Quote Proceed to Checkout
  36. 36. Where are the buttons? These are obvious ly buttons. .. But these are harder
  37. 37. So difficult to see quickly
  38. 38. Compare with....
  39. 39. Forms are not like Angry Birds
  40. 40. Some tips - from Caroline Jarret 1. Make buttons look like buttons. 2. Put buttons where users can find them. 3. Make the most important button look like it’s the most important one. 4. Put buttons in a sensible order. 5. Label buttons with what they do. 6. If users don’t want to do something, don’t have a button for it.
  41. 41. Coupons & Discount Codes
  42. 42. What would your next move be?
  43. 43. and Forrester report: 1. The frequency of use of online voucher codes is increasing 2. Online voucher codes reduced shopping cart abandonment 3. Vouchers often finalised the deal for undecided shoppers 4. The use of vouchers drove more customer conversions 5. Spending by those who use online voucher codes is increasing
  44. 44. But... Giving a user a reason to leave the checkout process. Paypal study 45% of shoppers have abandoned multiple shopping carts in last three weeks, and 27% of those are in search of a coupon.
  45. 45. And... It’s addictive!
  46. 46. 12,000 searches a month:
  47. 47. 8,000 searches a month:
  48. 48. The sofa effect
  49. 49. How to avoid this? Advertise your own discount codes
  50. 50. How to avoid this? Make less prominent
  51. 51. How to avoid this? Linguistic trickery “Gift code” vs. “Discount code” “Discount code (if any)” Instantaneously input the combination of alpha and numeric characters to realize your transitive and ultimately futile concession.
  52. 52. How to avoid this? Only display box if visitor arrives via an affiliate link OR Don’t have them!
  53. 53. Labels and field names
  54. 54. Remember: • Field focussed • Task completion Users need to achieve a goal, but will not give over anything and everything to achieve it. Some fields require explanation, or provide users with reassurance as to why you are asking for it (DOB, mobile numbers, sex)
  55. 55. Why do I need to give this informati on to buy a scarf?
  56. 56. They have to provide additional (and useful information)
  57. 57. Better...
  58. 58. Your users and potential customers deserve better. Better forms = happier customers Happier customers= more customers
  59. 59. Embrace new technology
  60. 60. Build Learn Measure Without this, you cannot improve
  61. 61. 96% of people find cart abandonment analysis highly valuable or quite valuable
  62. 62. “Of all the methods used to help increase conversion, cart abandonment analysis shows the highest correlation to an increase in sales.”
  63. 63. Thanks for listening! @tomnew_