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Give India Payroll Giving Programme
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Give India Payroll Giving Programme


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A quick brief on GiveIndia and how the payroll giving process can be implemented for institutionalising the culture of giving in your organization

A quick brief on GiveIndia and how the payroll giving process can be implemented for institutionalising the culture of giving in your organization

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  • 1. GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 2. GiveIndia brings together non-profits and donors on a common platform using the power of the Internet GiveIndia – The Philanthropy Exchange Non-profits get listed with GiveIndia GiveIndia after a undertakes rigorous due- various diligence campaigns to attract donors Non-profits create GiveIndia donation also sells its options for PRG program listing on to companies GiveIndiaGiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 3. We conduct a rigorous due-diligence of NGOs which typically takes them 3-6 months to complete • Governance, Compliance and Operations due-diligence • Accounting due-diligence is conducted for specific programmes • Requirement of various disclosures and processes • NGO offices and programmes visited before registration • Renewal of an NGOs registration every year • Surprise visits to beneficiaries to check whether benefits have been delivered Some of our criteria • They should be non-political, non-religious institutions • All beneficiaries must be from poor families • More than 2/3rds of the Directors cannot be related by blood or marriage • The salaries and travel costs of the Directors should be disclosed 3GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 4. How can you help build a Giving Culture? Simple! Just sign up to participate in the Payroll Giving Programme so thatemployees can choose to voluntarily deduct small amounts (can be as low as Rs. 50) each month from their salary  We offer you a platform through which you can contribute to causes of your choice  Access to over 200 certified, credible NGOs  A wide range of 10 causes  Over 500 donation options  Individualized fund utilization reports  Instant e-tax donation receipts  100% of your employee’s donation reaches the beneficiary (as against industry norms of 60-80%) 4GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 5. The Payroll Giving process: Simple, Convenient. • Our representatives conduct awareness building drives to introduce the programme and to assist employees with the signing up process • GiveIndia creates individual accounts of these employees on our website and sends a monthly payroll deduction statement to the Payroll team. • The Company deducts the amounts from employees’ salaries and sends a consolidated cheque to GiveIndia. • Employee Contributions are uploaded onto their individual accounts on • After accumulating to a minimum of Rs 500, employees select the cause/NGO of their choice and donate online • On donating, employees instantly receive an e-tax receipt and after about 4 months, an individualised feedback report detailing how and for whom the funds were utilised 5GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 6. 40,000 employees from 100+ companies are part of thisGiving Culture 6GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 7. The GiveIndia website is centered around specific causes and donation options under each cause 7GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 8. Donors receive a feedback report after 4-6 months informing them on how their money was utilized Feedback on the utilisation of your Donation, received from PREED, M adurai. Transaction Number : 254/2002-2003 Name of the Donor : Rajesh Malviya Donation Option : Sponsor One child in a Balw adi Amount : Rs 1050 What is a feedback report? Beneficiary Details Report on how the money was Name Sex : M Selvaraj : Male utilised for every individual Present Class Family Background : Balw adi donation No of family members Monthly income :6 : Rs 500 Details about beneficiary/family Photograph of the Beneficiary and how the money made a difference to their lives Brief Description of the Beneficiary M Selvaraj’s parents w anted someone to take care of their children w hen they w ent for w ork. There Verification visits at random to w as no Government crèche in the village. PREED decided to intervene and conducted a Balw adi in verify the same that village w ith local donations. Besides taking care of the little children in the absence of their Report sent in 4-6 months parents, the Balw adi also aimed at providing better nutrition and education to the pre-school children. M Selvaraj studies in the Balw adi conducted by PREED in Chettikulam village. His parents are happy to see their child being taken care of at the Balw adi. They can w ork w ithout any fear. M Selvaraj w ould be provided w ith nutritious food, a new dress, books and slates w ith the donation made by you. He is now under proper care even w hen his parents are not around. At the same he is being provided w ith quality education free of costs.GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 9. Our Board of Directors N Vaghul Ex-Chairman, ICICI Bank Anu Aga Director, Thermax Amit Chandra Managing Director, Bain Capital Kishor Chaukar Managing Director, Tata Industries Rajesh Jain Founder & Managing Director Annabel Mehta Treasurer, Apnalaya Venkat Krishnan Founder, GiveIndia 9GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 10. What CEOs have to say… "Its most heartening to have nearly 2000 of our employees donating to social causes every month. The GiveIndia programme is most convenient and flexible, and allows our employees to donate to a cause of their individual choice. The Aditya Birla Group is happy to partner with GiveIndia to help build a giving culture in India." -Dr. Santrupt B Misra, CEO, Carbon Black Aditya Birla Management Ltd. 10GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 11. What HR Heads talk about… “There is a huge segment of corporate employees today who wish to donate to social causes, and the GiveIndia programme not only allows them to contribute in small, easy amounts, but also provides them a wide choice of causes and NGOs. The response from HDFC Bank employees has been great, and I am also proud to say that the Bank is matching the employees contribution with an equal amount…” -Mandeep Maitra ex-Country Head, Human Resources HDFC Bank 11GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 12. What the NGOs feel… "Andhjan Kalyan Trust is happy to receive donations from corporate employees...... by sponsoring the education of blind children, you have provided them an opportunity to be self dependent.... and by sponsoring crutches and wheelchair for the orthopaedically handicapped, you have enabled them to move around freely, independently and respectfully." Hon. Sec. Andhjan Kalyan Trust 12GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 13. What employees feel…"The payroll programme has unravelled the ‘joy of giving. Thank you,Genpact for implementing this programme and making it easy foremployees to change the lives of the unfortunate…”"-Shamanth Krishnamurthy, payroll donor, GenpactShamanth has sponsored an elderly person through EconomicRural Development Society."I am very happy with the donation Ive been making for the years towardsvarious causes through Give India. The best feature being I know theprogress of the person towards whom I make the donation. Nobody saidlife would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it and I feel GiveIndia isworth the cause".-Angha Panse, payroll donor, FirstsourceAngha has donated to supporting a child through Adarsh Charitable Trust. 13GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 14. The Impact, thus far  Channelized over Rs. 150 crore (Rs. 35 crore through Payroll Giving) of contributed funds to over 300 NGOs  Positively and significantly impacting the lives of over 4 million under privileged  Contributed to the enhanced credibility of the NGO sector 14GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme
  • 15. Little drops of water…. per month, is all that it takes to create an ocean of caring! 15GiveIndia’s Payroll Giving programme