Tunisia and libya


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Tunisia and libya

  1. 1. 突尼西亞 利比亞 Tunisia and Libya 2006 -12 - 5 Editor : HsiuyingCompilation : Sunyen sun
  2. 2. Tunisia in northern Africa, the southern Mediterranean, in Africa, the richest, One of the most modern countries. Once French colony, the capital of Tunisia
  3. 3. Tunisia northern town of Sidi Bou Said extremely Mediterranean customs villages, Tunisia belonging to the northern part of the Mediterranean-type climate,
  4. 4. Sidi Busaide white buildings and blue window blue the door look like Greece
  5. 5. Carthage City sites, in Tunisia on the north about 15 miles, Good business in the Phoenicians before 8 century BC in the Mediterranean coastal build prosperity big country
  6. 6. MONASTIR Tunisia's founding father the luxury graves
  7. 7. KAIROUAN Great Mosque, Islam's fourth largest Al-Quds, the seventh century BC, when Muslims and capturing Christian world, the use of building materials Rome City mosque built into this
  8. 8. MATMATA sudden south of the country is like the moon surface, pit pothole hole reddish-brown hills Several Cong and occasionally visible green cactus
  9. 9. MIDES narrow valley and the greenery decorating the meantime, like a worldly paradise. Film actor England Valentine's shooting scene investigation team camp in the desert
  10. 10. Desert Oasis CHEBIKA
  11. 11. Legends of the Desert Rose produced in the Salt Lake Desert (DJERID LAKE) The lake almost the entire country runs through the middle of sudden, The total area of about 5,600 square kilometers,
  12. 12. Desert Rose water is not the plant is calcium sulfate, the crystal shape into Rose
  13. 13. Tunisian people in Pictures
  14. 14. Tunisian handicrafts
  15. 15. Desert residents staple Couscous Bricks, Tunisia-style spring rolls The Middle East is a bit of food to eat up the acid The world's best eating dates in the Tuha Ze Tunisia
  16. 16. DJERBA Tunisia southeastern Fresh Lotus is inhabited by people of the island, which has become a European vacation sites
  17. 17. The Libyan people drink very strong tea , Aboriginal desert Papa people Everywhere, we can see that the Libyan strongman for a portrait Xigeda Libyan population of 6 million, 87% are Arabs
  18. 18. SABRATHA preserve sound Rome Music Theater, has 2700 history In the year 2 to 5 century was Rome rule, So a lot of Roman monuments
  19. 19. LEPTIS MAGNA beautiful than a local Italian Parthenon ruins of Rome. The whole row is the first woman in Greek mythology to see if she will become a female monster Medusa stone.
  20. 20. Libya northern LEPTIS MAGNA, built in the seaside oval stadium of God Rome
  21. 21. Libya Xibohe southern Sahara Desert covers Libya more than 90% of land
  22. 22. A total area of about 9 million square kilometers, Total across 10 African countries, there are approximately 1.5 million population living in this vast arid areas
  23. 23. Jeep gallop in the desert to oasis
  24. 24. Oasis, a little salt water
  25. 25. The street vendor in the desert
  26. 26. Desert Fox Desert Scorpion
  27. 27. In Desert camping at night can see that Gypsophila paniculata, meteor crossed the sky and the entire Galaxy
  28. 28. Thank you for watching ! http://http://sunyen.myweb.hinet.netsunyen.myweb.hinet.net//