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New user guide

  1. 1. TheNewUserGuideToWordPress
  2. 2. Aboutme (416)907-8396 Program Manager, Hostopia • WordPress Strategy Professor, George Brown College •Intro to WordPress •intro to Web Development Former Organizer •WordCamp Toronto •Toronto WordPress Meetup Owner
  3. 3. WheretoStart? The first question I get asked almost every semester is.... (416)907-8396
  4. 4. What is This is the website where the core software lives, along with thousands of themes and plugins. And they are all free!! (416)907-8396
  5. 5. What is Is a commercial website where you can host a free WordPress site. It runs on a feature of WordPress called MultiSite It’s free as well!!!! (416)907-8396
  6. 6. So if they are both free, whats the big deal? Why do I have to choose? (416)907-8396
  7. 7. Why choose • Up and running in mere moments • No need to have any technical knowledge • No need to worry about Backups- done automatically for you • You’ll often get new features before they are made available to .org • Security of knowing the company behind WordPress is looking after your site • Limited functionality compared to .org versionCan only use themes providedSite has ads on it unless upgrade purchased to remove • Cant add plugins- limits ability to extend your site’s functionality • no FTP access= no access to files Pros Cons (416)907-8396
  8. 8. Why choose • Full Functionality • Use any theme or plugin you want • Full control over your content- no Ads • Able to fully customize- full access to all code • Able to monetize site • Ecommerce capabilities • Need to have some technical knowledgeYou are responsible for backing up and maintaining your siteYou break it? You fix it • Additional cost for hosting • Can add additional functionality- Custom Post types, Event calendars etc. Pros Cons (416)907-8396
  9. 9. Howtochoose? I want to sell online and need ecommerce capabilities I want nothing to do with maintaining my site I think FTP is something I order at Starbucks and want to keep it that way I have a lot of videos and images I want to use on my site I don’t have a development budget and dont want to DIY I want to start a membership site I want to see if I like WordPress I’m all about the freedom- at least when it comes to plugins and themes (416)907-8396
  10. 10. WordPress needs to be installed on my computer. FALSE I can’t do ecommerce with WordPress ALSO FALSE (416)907-8396 Misconceptions Common
  11. 11. The Dilemma PageorPost? What is a Page? •Static Content- About Us, Contact Form, Services, Location • Content that won’t change often (if ever) • Content that you don’t want people commenting on (416)907-8396
  12. 12. The Dilemma PageorPost? What is a Post? •Timely information- News, Announcements, Articles ( but no cat pictures) • Content that changes and gets added to often • Content that you want people commenting on (416)907-8396
  13. 13. Please explain CategoriesandTags Categories and tags are applied to your posts only- not pages •Think of categories as your table of contents for your posts •Tags are then the index words at the back of the book (416)907-8396
  14. 14. Example Time Categories Newspapers have been doing this for years in print •News •Entertainment •Sports •Classifieds (416)907-8396
  15. 15. Example Time Categories Lets move online- Real Estate Site •Cities • Buffalo • Cheektowaga • Orchard Park • North Townawanda •Types of Properties • Detached • Semi-Detached • Condo Other potential Categories •Local Real Estate News •Helpful tips for home buyers •Community Events (416)907-8396
  16. 16. Wise Man time You must strike a good balance between offering as few options as possible, while giving your reader enough choice to satisfy them Lessismore (416)907-8396
  17. 17. You’re it TagMe Tags are descriptors for your content •Recipe site example •The recipe is for Lemon Meringue Pie •Categories could be • Baking • Dessert • Pies Tags could be • Eggs • Custard • Meringue • Lemon • How much can Al eat in one sitting? (416)907-8396
  18. 18. Questions? (416)907-8396
  19. 19. Wise Man time 50% discount on my Ultimate Guide to WordPress Video Series Discount code- WPBuff BonusTime (416)907-8396
  20. 20. Thankyou! (416)907-8396