Genre Research: Thillers


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Genre Research: Thillers

  1. 1. Thrillers Genre Research By Margaret Ansu
  2. 2. Characteristics of a ThrillerThe “Thriller” Genre is a genre that uses a lot of suspense, through the use of lighting, sound, shot types, use of angles, mise-en- scene ect. By using these techniques it gives the text that tangible sense of doom and surprise, as well as that feeling of sustained tension. Giving the audience that cliff-hanging, at the “edge of their seats” feel as they wait in anticipation to see what will happen next as the plot moves towards the climax.
  3. 3. Usual Settings within a ThrillerThrillers usually take place in similar setting because they are the types of settings that gives that give the unsafe, unstable feel to the thriller. These typical thriller settings include: • Costa-Phobic Areas; Elevators, Tunnels, Underground/Subway system • Tiny Rooms; Garages, back room of a shop, Restaurant Freezer • Alley Ways and, • Abandoned Buildings; schools, warehouses, docking bay etc.
  4. 4. Conventions of a Thriller• Mirrors: are used as convention because they can be used to represent the darkness within a character also suggest there is more to the character than to what meets the eye.• Low Key Lighting: gives a darker atmosphere, which is mysterious. Due to a sharper contrast of light in darker areas on screen which produce deep shadows and silhouettes formations.• Shadows: gives the sense of darkness and sinister behaviour.• Obtrusive Editing: to accentuate the
  5. 5. Conventions of a Thriller cont...• Quick Cuts: sense of uncertainty as well as what Obtrusive Editing does.• Quick Changes in Camera Angles: sense of tension• Tension Music: music that causes a sense of negative emotions such as uncomfortable.• Stairs• Flashbacks: sense of time and space disorientation to confuse audience. Ida of what has happened beforehand in relation to characters.• Use of Photographs• Black and White: accentuates use of
  6. 6. Sub-GenresThe Thriller Genre falls into many sub- genres that are used to categorise what type of thriller a film is. Here are the Sub-Genres of Thrillers: – Conspiracy Thriller – Crime Thriller – Political Thriller – Psychological Thriller – Spy Thriller – Supernatural Thriller – Techno Thriller
  7. 7. Conspiracy ThrillersThe protagonists (main character) of conspiracy thrillers , tend to be journalist or amateur investigators. They often find themselves dwelling into something they shouldn’t be, such as: – A lead for a story that’s more on the risky side – Or a case they’ve been hired to look intoThrough this they uncover a vast conspiracy most likely to do with a secret organization. Which they try to exploit trying to let the public know . However the organization makes it very hard for them to do so but in the end the Protagonist eventually defeats the supposedly evil organization.
  8. 8. Crime ThrillerCrime Thriller, is a cross between Crime films and Thrillers. This combination has created a more suspenseful feel whilst the storyline follows the success or failure of a crime. Crime Thrillers usually concentrate upon the criminals rather than the “good guys” the Police.Crime Thrillers usually include: – Serial Killers/Murders – Robberies – Chases – Shootouts – Heist and – Double Crosses ( a person who pretends to be for one team but is secretly working for the opposition)
  9. 9. Political ThrillerPolitical Thrillers, consist of the stability of a government being upon the shoulders of their hired personal who is the Hero/Heroin of the film. They employ the protagonist to prevent bad occurrences from happening. Typical Scenarios include: – US Presidential Elections – The prevention of World Wars happening
  10. 10. Psychological ThrillerThis sub-genre is some how within all the sub-genres of thriller. Psychological Thrillers, show the conflict between the main characters in a mental and emotional state rather than physical. The characters usually either accidently or through their own curiosity are dragged into a dangerous conflict or situation that they are not ready to resolve. To overcome characters realise on their mental ability.At times the characters or character are involved in someway in the relation to a mystery.The aspect of suspense within Psychological Thrillers are usually created from two or more characters preying upon each others minds, either through deceptive games with the other or by merely trying to destroy the others mental state.
  11. 11. Spy ThrillerIn Spy Thrillers, the protagonist is usually a Government Agent, who has no choice but to take violent action against the agents of a rival government or against terrorists (very new choice of opposition within the sub- genre).Spy Thrillers, also contains aspects from the “Action” and “Science-Fiction” genres. To some extent some of them are considered to be action films and end up coming under the “Action Genre”.Spy Thrillers, is a sub-genre that the British film making scene are very successful in.
  12. 12. Supernatural ThrillerSupernatural Thrillers, consist of otherworldly elements such as (fantasy and the supernatural stuff) effecting the protagonist and they must overcome. Most of the time the protagonist and/or the villain has some form of a psychic ability and or even superpowers.
  13. 13. Techno ThrillerTechno Thriller, is a sub-genre that plays upon suspense. The manipulation of sophisticated technology plays a prominent part in these films as they are used in taking over the world giving the new world order where mankind is over run by robots. There is a bit of action and science fiction.They are mainly based on fictional life speculations such as: – World Wars – Action – An Aliens invasion where they are taking over the world