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Eup di̇rekti̇fi̇

  1. 1. We’re not ready… e EuP ow about th u need to kn ding Services yo Everything Buil irective for Ecodesign D
  2. 2. ahead …We’re way In 2013 the EuP Directive is changing the standalone circulator market in Europe forever. The 7 out of 10 installers who don’t choose energy-saving circulator pumps will no longer have a choice. This profoundly affects pump manufacturers – but not Grundfos, because as far as EuP is concerned: – We’re not ready… we’re way ahead
  3. 3. > 2013 starts today > What is the EuP Directive? The so-called “EuP Directive” was passed by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on July 6th, 2005. It establishes a framework of rules and criteria for setting requirements on the ecodesign of energy-using products (EuPs). The directive’s goal is to reduce the environmental impact of energy-using products and s ­ upport sustainable development. Savings potential for circulators • Standalone: 13 TWh and 6.2 million tons of CO2 4 People and city equivalents • Total residential electricity consumption of 21,500,000 people • otal residential electricity consumption in Berlin, London, Brussels, Sofia, Paris, Rome, T Amsterdam, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Riga Grundfos already met the new ecodesign requirements years ago 5
  4. 4. your business What does EuP mean for business? Only the most efficient A-labelled pumps currently in usage conform to the EuP Directive. The ecodesign requirements for glandless standalone circulators (laid down in Commission Regulation No 641/2009 of 22 July 2009) will now be a part of the Declaration of Conformity (CE). Without a CE mark, a product may not be sold within the EU. The Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) requirement will be EE1≤ 0.27 from 2013, and EE1≤ 0.23 from 2015. The current best-in-class benchmark for circulators is EE1≤ 0.20. This may become the requirement when the EuP Directive is reviewed in 2017. Grundfos standalone circulators ensure your products conform O S C I R CU L A T RE EN Eu P- S GR F ND OR U 6 A DY R AND P OV 7
  5. 5. the future How is Grundfos way ahead? The energy-efficient pump leader We are already the leader in energy-efficient standalone circulators, we were among the first to mass-produce A-labelled pumps. Our ALPHA2 and MAGNA circulators are already EuP-ready and already installed around the globe. Proven commitment and proven products – with more to come Unlike other pump manufacturers, no legislation forced us to produce these pumps. We did it out of our commitment to sustainability and being responsible. We already have the technology in place, refined and proven over years of development and real application. We could very reasonably say we already have the technology “perfected” but that is not how we think at Grundfos – continuous improvement is the basis of our pump design. 8 Grundfos was the first manufacturer to mass produce A-labelled pumps 9
  6. 6. products alpha2 Easy to install, impossible to beat The ALPHA2’s exceptional power reduction was achieved using the latest permanent magnet motor technology. In fact, thanks to its pressure-controlled operation, the ALPHA2 can run on as little as 5 watts. The unique AUTOADAPT feature allows the pump to match its performance to the system requirements. • Variable and fixed speed operation – one pump for all jobs • Plug and Pump – no need to open terminal box • Power Display – shows actual power usage 10 Technical data Flow, Q: Head, H: Liquid temperature: System pressure: p [kPa] 60 50 Max. 3.5 m3/h Max. 6 m +2-110°C Max. 10 bar H [m] GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 6 5 40 4 30 3 20 2 AL AL P 10 AL H A2 1 0 X X -4 0 PH A2 XX PH A2 XX -60 -5 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.4 0.8 0.2 more than 1,000,000 have already been sold 1. 2 1. 6 0.4 2.0 2.4 0.6 2.8 Q [m³/h] 0.8 Q [l/s] One million+ produced It has only been two-years since the first ALPHA2 rolled off the production line, but due to demand more than one million more have followed it. You can find ALPHA2s contributing to energy and cost savings in buildings around the world. Talk about being way ahead! 11
  7. 7. products Magna Efficiency in every feature Thanks to its unique ensemble of innovative features, MAGNA uses up to 70% less energy than other standalone circulators of its size. The MAGNA range includes a variety of sizes with models suitable for domestic and commercial heating or air conditioning applications. The AUTOADAPT function is unique to Grundfos pumps. It automatically adapts a newly installed pump’s setting to the optimum duty point at the minimum power consumption. • Night-setback function – reduces the speed and output in response to drops in system temperature. • tainless steel – ensures a longer valve and pump lifespan S and minimises corrosion. • n-slot winded stator – specifically designed to I optimise pump efficiency. 12 Technical data Flow, Q: Head, H: Liquid temperature: System pressure: p [kPa ] Max. 90 m3/h Max. 12 m +2-110°C Max. 10 bar H [m] 14 12 6 50 5 40 4 30 3 20 2 MAGNA 40-120 MAGNA 32-120 MAGNA 32-60 MAGNA 25-60 MAGNA 50-120 MAGNA 50-60 65-60 MAGNA 25-40 MAGNA 32-40 10 -120 60 MAGNA 50-100 MAGNA 40-100 MAGNA 32-100 MAGNA 25-100 1 1 2 3 4 1 5 6 8 2 10 20 3 4 5 30 6 7 40 50 Q [m³/h] 8 9 10 Q [l/ s] TM03 4087 1606 8 65 MAGNA 10 80 NA MAG 100 All MAGNA pumps come with electronic control and a super-efficient permanent-magnet motor. Like the ALPHA2, MAGNA pumps also have the unique Grundfos AUTOADAPT function delivering the best power/performance ratio. The entire range is of course A-labelled. 13
  8. 8. trade pumps Impact of the EuP Directive – Trade Phasing-in and out for standalone trade circulators Below is Grundfos’ EuP – ready circulator portfolio. Each has already proven itself over years of real application. • Hot water recirculation pumps are not covered by the ecodesign requirements (Comfort continues after 2013/2015). • he UP range is non-compliant with EuP 2013 requirements T (UP will be discontinued by the end of 2012). • he ALPHA2 range is compliant with EuP 2013 and 2015 requirements T (ALPHA2 continues after 2013/15). • he MAGNA range is compliant with EuP 2013 and 2015 requirements T (MAGNA continues after 2013/2015). 14 01.01.2013 EEI = 0.27 01.08.2015 EEI = 0.23 15
  9. 9. The EuP directive fiction vs facts Ready or not, like it or not, the EuP Directive will soon be fact. But its introduction has become the subject of a lot of fiction. Here are some of the most common misconceptions regarding 2013. fiction facts X 16 Grundfos currently has no EuP-ready pumps. Grundfos already has a portfolio of pumps that more than meet EuP requirements – the first was introduced in 2001. X What’s the fuss? EuP is just A-labelling by another name, nothing really new. EuP is similar to A-labelling, but much stricter. In fact only the most efficient A-labelled pumps currently available comply with EuP. EuP will also be enforced by legislation. X EuP doesn’t come in until 2013, so there is no need to think about it yet. On the day that EuP comes in, installers will choose the compliant pumps they know about and trust, so action now will ensure installers choose Grundfos. X EuP is just legislative nonsense! You can’t really save energy just by changing circulators. Grundfos EuP-ready standalone circulators use up to 80% less energy than some conventional models and cut off up to 10% of a household power bill. 17
  10. 10. The EuP directive Powered by the Impossible 2010 Our drive to set new standards of efficiency and installation ease continues. We refuse to accept that there are limits to how good a standalone circulator can possibly be. That is why we say we are Powered by the Impossible. Visit the campaign site for more information about all of Grundfos’ energy-saving initiatives and products. You can also calculate how much electricity you can potentially save using Grundfos energy-efficient circulators in various-sized buildings. 18 19 ADAPT
  11. 11. Grundfos pumps ltd Grovebury Road Leighton Buzzard Beds LU7 4TL Tel 01525 775402 The name Grundfos, the Grundfos logo, and the payoff Be–Think–Innovate are registrated trademarks owned by Grundfos Management A/S or Grundfos A/S, Denmark. All rights reserved worldwide.