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Places of worship for hindusim and sikhisim
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Places of worship for hindusim and sikhisim






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    Places of worship for hindusim and sikhisim Places of worship for hindusim and sikhisim Presentation Transcript

    • Hinduism and Sikhism
    • Places of pilgrimage Religon Place of pilgrimage Why it is important Hindusim Hindu mander/ shrine/ river ganger Hindus built it to be the house of god . Hindus can also worship in their shrine at home, the river ganga is the holy river in india in where most hindus go there to bath on special ocations sikhism Amritsar Sikh learders buit it to be the house of god
    • Place of worship for Hinduism
      • In Hinduism people can go and worship in a mander which is the home of the gods and goddesses called murtis and also to receive spiritual enlightenment. But not all Hindus have to go to a mander to receive spiritual enlightenment some of them worship in a shrine at their homes. Also most mandirs are often built to look like mountains and are seen to be holy, these are the focus of worship
    • Place of worship for Sikhism
      • In Sikhism people can go and worship in the gudwara(a gurdwara is the holy place for the Sikhs) which was built in the 1990s in the UK But the main gurdwara for Sikhs is the golden temple in Amritsar, this is the most famous and sacred temple for the Sikhs in the whole of India and Pakistan. Also in most of the gurdwara there is something called the lager which is were they serve free food to everyone you wishes to come, even if you are not a Sikh, they serve food like tea and chapati.
    • Different and similarities Similarities diffrences Both religons worship at a temple Hindus go to a mandir and sikhs go to a gudwara Both religons worship many gods Sikhs read the guru grant sahib and hindus read gita as their holy book Both reigons have a special festival Hindus like to worship from the east and sikhs dont mind where They both have a special prayer Hindus say the gayatri mantra and sikhs the japji sahib
    • Why people don't go to a religious place to worship
      • Well some people have there own small shrine and home were they can also worship. As some people like to worship on there own/ privately as it helps them focus more on god more and gain spiritual enlightenment and to take the right path.
    • Why people think they need to go to a religious place to show commitment
      • Most people think that you need to go to a religious place to show commitment, but why. Well because some people think that if you go to a religious place you are showing more respect to god and you can get blessings from the gods and receive spiritual enlightenment to show you the right path.
    • My commitment
      • Well I show commitment by going to the temple on Saturdays and sometimes I pray at home in the shrine by saying prayers, singing bhajans and meditation. When I go to the temple who first have to take of your shoes to show respect to the gods. Then we go into the prayer hall we put some money to donate to charity and keep coconut and banana and light a candle near hanuman to show respect. Then finally we bow down for respect.