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I ABHAY have hallp me are you call me..

I ABHAY have hallp me are you call me..



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    maruti suzuki,dhanbad maruti suzuki,dhanbad Presentation Transcript

      • research OBJECTIVE
      • To identify various kinds of literatures available in the library.
      • To find out the changes that have taken palace in library facilities in recent years.
      • To determine the impact of increase in library facilities on students studies.
      • To suggest various measures to improve library facilities.
      •   A library is a collection of books, journals, newspaper, reports, survey, etc . It provides immense knowledge of any area of interest. A library is maintained by a public body, an institution, or a private individual. Now days the facilities provided by the libraries have changed according to the need of the modern era. E-library is the one of the example of this revolution. This provides dual benefit. Firstly it provides better choices of the books and secondly it saves time in search books. Hence improving facilites of library will help individuals to build up a large barracks of knowledge.
      • Type of Research : Descriptive Research
      • Type of Data Collected : Primary data
      • Data Collection Method :   Survey Method
      • Data Collection Technique : Questionnaire
      • Universe of the Study : Varanasi city
      • Sample Unit : students of Varanasi
      • Sampling Technique : Convenience sampling
      • Sample Size : 100
      • Statistical Tools : Bar diagram, tables and Pie chart
    • 1.Do you use library ? Response Number of respondents Yes 100 No 0 Total 100
    • 2.How frequently you use the library? Response Number of respondent Once in a month 12 Fortnightly 7 Once a week 46 Daily 35 Total 100
    • 3 Which library do you prefer to use? Response Number of respondent college library 93 any local library 7 Total 100
    • 4. I borrow a book from the library Response Number of respondent Weekly 58 Monthly 24 Termly 13 Yearly 3 Never 2 Total 100
    • 5.For what purpose do you go to library? Response Number of respondent Reading newspaper, magazines, etc 49 Literature survey 6 Issue and returning of books 43 For time pass 2 Total 100
    • 6. Which type of literature do you prefer to read when you vist to library? Response Number of respondent Agriculture/environment studies 2 Business 24 Education 6 Genetal Studies 14 Humanities 1 Military / Naval Sciences 1 Science/ Math 4 Architecture 3 Communications/journalism 11 Engineering/ Computer Science 8 Health Sciences 9 Law 1 Perfoming & Fine Arts 2 Social Sciences / Psychology 3 Others 11 Total 100
    • 7.What are the main changes you observed in your library in recent years (regarding facilities) Response Number of respondent computerization of library 37 photocopy facilities 29 Internet facilities 22 Library in night time 9 Other 3 Total 100
    • 8. what is the maximum number of books to be issued by the college library? Response Number of respondent 1 0 2-3 26 4-5 72 more than 5 2 Total 100
    • 9. Do you feel that this number should increase. Response Number of respondent Yes 86 No 14 Total 100
    • 10. Which of the following facilities are available in your college library? Response Number of respondent Issue of books 36 Photocopy facilities 28 computer facilities 26 Library at night time 3 Reading facilities  1) only library books 3 2) any books 4 Total 100
    • 11. Which of the following features are available in your library Response Number of respondent library is fully air conditioned 6 good seating arrangement 26 good lightning 18 books are properly arranged 11 photocopy machine work properly 17 Good collection of books 14 Peaceful environment 3 journals are issued 2 Most of the books are in good condition 2 Library remains open in night hours also 1 Total 100
    • 12. Have increase facilities in your library, helped you in your studies? Response Number of respondent Yes 89 No 11 Total 100
    • 13 How do you manage for course book? Response Number of respondent Get it issued by from college library 38 Read class notes 28 Borrow from friends 13 Get photocopy important topics 21 Total 100
    • 14. Poor students are benefited in studies due to library facilities Response Number of respondent highly satisfied 78 somewhat satisfied 14 neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 2 somewhat dissatisfied 4 Highly dissatisfied 2 Total 100
    • 15. Computerization of library is must in current scenario Response Number of respondent highly satisfied 41 somewhat satisfied 36 neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 14 somewhat dissatisfied 6 Highly dissatisfied 3 Total 100
    • Findings
      • Most of the student goes for the library for reading newspaper, magazines, etc.
      • Majority of the student prefer to read business books
      • & general studies books.
      • Mass of the respondent says that the number of books issued by the library should increase.
      • Most of the respondent believe that their college library have the feature of good seating arrangement.
      • 89% of the respondent believes that increased library facilities have helped them in their studies.
      • Most of the student believes that they get their all books issued by the college library.
      • Most of the student are in favoure of computerization of library
    • By analyzing I Concluded that
      • The limitation of this survey is as follows:
      • Few people did not show interest in filling questionnaire seriously.
      • Some of the people didn’t had enough knowledge about question.
      • Time allowed to complete this survey is fixed.
      • Somewhere people have not enough knowledge of English so that they were not getting the questionnaire.