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Est 11

  1. 1. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS TUTORIAL11 - CONTROLLING DC MOTORS WITH AVR Hi…friends , welcome back..! I am again here with some embedded systems stuff , this time we will learn how to control motor using AVR MCUs. Motors are very important for almost every ROBOTICS projects and other electronics projects as well ,and using microcontroller with motors makes is very easy. So lets have a look , how it happens..?? Introduction As we know we can generate different output signal from our MCU, which are used to drive the motors but the signal generated by the MCU is not strong enough to drive the motor , so we need something else to drive the motor as per the instruction of MCU, and this something else is a motor drive , there are many motor drivers available , like ULN200X family ICs , L293D and L298 etc. here we are going to use L293D. I will suggest you to go through my article Before reading this article as I have discussed almost everything in that article about L293D. ROBOTICS TUTORIAL 1- HOW TO USE L293D MOTOR DRIVER IC Now we are pretty much clear about our task, we have to drive a simple DC motor using AVR MCU and L293D motor driver. Connections So first of we have to prepare connections . just implement this simple circuit for that. Things we are going to need are2 MOTORs L293D IC ATmega 16 And some connecting wire and power supply.
  2. 2. Source code Here is sample code. The code is written to rotate two motors in clockwise direction for some time ,then to stop one motor and rotate other one in clockwise direction for some time and again rotate second motor in clockwise direction and stop first one for some time ,then to rotate one motor in clockwise direction and other one in anticlockwise direction and finally stop both the motor. Code is self explanatory still if you are facing any problem just let me know..:) /* * DRIVING_MOTOR_WITH_AVR.c * * Created: 2/2/2013 10:04:53 PM * Author: ABHILASH */ #include <avr/io.h> #include <util/delay.h> void main() { DDRC=0b00001111; //declaring pin 0-3 of PORTC as output pins while(1) { PORTC=0b00000101; // both motor in clockwise direction _delay_ms(3000); // delay for some time
  3. 3. PORTC=0b00000001; // only one motor rotating in clockwise direction _delay_ms(3000); // delay for sometime PORTC=0b00000100; // second motor rotating in clockwise direction _delay_ms(3000); // delay for some time PORTC=0b00001001; // one motor in clockwise direction other one in anticlockwise _delay_ms(3000); // delay for some time PORTC=0b00000000; // stop _delay_ms(3000); // delay for some time } } That all now burn your microcontroller with this program and power up the circuit and you will things going on..and you can see how easy is it to control a motor with AVR MCU. DOWNLOADS You can download source code , .hex file and proteus design file hereSOURCE CODE .c FILE .hex FILE OF PROGRAM PROTEUS DESIGN FOR PROJECT