Working with liquid applied waterproofing membrane


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This presentation demonstrates how to apply the product Anydron 2K. The product is a liquid-applied waterproofing system, based on PU technology. The presentation demonstrates all the necessary steps such surface preparation, priming, application of the product, and additional protection. Visit

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Working with liquid applied waterproofing membrane

  1. 1. Working with Liquid-applied Waterproofing membrane
  2. 2. Anydron 2K is a PU liquid-applied coatings system that produces a seamless 100% waterproof surface
  3. 3. It is used as a waterproofing membrane on a number of constructions such as • Flat rooftops • Balconies • polyurethane foam insulation • bridges • Foundations • Flowerbeds • water tanks • Synthetic membranes Uses
  4. 4. • Extraordinary resilience to high and low temperatures • 10+ years lifetime • High elasticity enabling bridging of cracks Key Benefits
  5. 5. • Cool roof properties • Resistant to stagnant (ponding) water • Flexibility in adding extra coatings, patching, working on existing roofs with obstacles Key Benefits
  6. 6. Application Procedure
  7. 7. The surface must be completely dry, free of loose material, dust, mould, oils, greases etc. Surface Preparation
  8. 8. When coating over previously applied coatings make sure that any loose parts have been removed and that the area has been properly cleaned. It you are unsure when working over a previous coating, it is advisable to perform a test application over a small area first. Surface Preparation
  9. 9. It is recommended to prepare the surface by grinding or sanding. Always make sure that the surface in question is suitable for the surface preparation method that you plan to use. Surface Preparation
  10. 10. If the application area is washed with water, ensure that it has completely dried before starting work Surface Preparation
  11. 11. So what about priming the surface?
  12. 12. It is always recommended to prime the surface to enable maximum adhesion and performance of the coating.
  13. 13. We recommend two different primers depending on the need: Priming
  14. 14. Ktisoplast Primer An acrylic water-based primer suitable for porous concrete and cement surfaces Priming
  15. 15. Ktisepox Hydro PR A 2-component Water-based epoxy primer that can deal with many challenging surfaces such as: • Bitumen • Marble • Metal • Terrazo • Tiles • Cement/ Concrete Priming
  16. 16. Cracks and joints should be repaired with Ktisodur PU or Acrylic Mastic and let to dry for at least 2 hours before applying. Filling Cracks and Joints
  17. 17. Let’s get to Work!
  18. 18. Pour the contents of can B into bucket A. The mixing of the two materials needs to be consistent (with a mixer) and should last for at least 3-4 minutes at 300rpm. Preparing Anydron 2K
  19. 19. The product can be applied with one of the following methods: • Roller • brush • airless spray gun Applying Anydron 2K
  20. 20. Apply at least two layers of the material. The second layer should be applied within 18-36 hours. Applying Anydron 2K
  21. 21. It is also possible to add an additional protective layer of KTISOPUR UV (coloured PU coating) or Anydron TR (transparent coating) on top. The top layer makes the coating more durable to frequent traffic loads as well as providing longer-term resistance. Adding a protective topcoat
  22. 22. Anydron 2K can also be applied together with a fibre mesh sheet to create a stronger layer Strengthening the Membrane
  24. 24. Humidity Products like Anydron 2K are extremely sensitive to humid surfaces. Therefore all application should be carried out with dry surfaces. When applying on fresh concrete wait at least 28 days before applying.
  25. 25. Humidity Furthermore when working during winter and humid months avoid applying the product early in the morning when surfaces may be damp because of night-time humidity
  26. 26. Under no circumstances should water be added as a diluting agent! Humidity
  27. 27. Visit this link for a video demonstration on how to apply the product on an old rooftop Cx9Z8
  28. 28. Any Questions?
  29. 29. Do you require any further information? Any advice on how to approach your waterproofing project? Do you want to share your experiences with us?
  30. 30. Davari and Christodoulou Street 19002 Peania GREECE email: Contact Us!
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  32. 32. Thank you for watching!