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English photoalbum of_eyef

  1. 1. The Eurasian Youth Economic Forum is a stepping stone for career and personality growth of theyoung and talented.The idea for the First Eurasian Youth Economic Forum entitled «Dialogue of Civilizations» was bornin 2009 in the course of the International Business Game «SCO-2039» which brought togetherstudents from 11 countries belonging to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. During theforesight game, the participants professed their vision of global processes in the social sphere,politics, and economics; they contemplated global challenges the world is likely to face by theyear 2039. The game resulted in adopting the SCO-2039 Declaration, i.e. young people’s addressto the heads of states taking far-reaching political decisions. The final document was sent to theChairman of the SCO Summit Organizing Committee.The First Eurasian Youth Economic Forum took place in 2010, its general theme being «Dialogueof Civilizations: Humanization of the World Economy». The Forum theme panels included BusinessEurasia – Future Standards, Eurasia Green, Dialogue of Civilizations, Models of Post-CrisisDevelopment, Eurasia Arena Multimedia 2010.ru, and Mono-cities of Eurasia. The first forumdetermined the EYEF structure and development trends; it was seen as a cyclic annual programmeincluding a wide range of scientific and applied competitions, large-scale congress events, and thecultural part with its exciting highlight – the Friendship Balle.In 2011, the Second Eurasian Youth Economic Forum was held under the title «Dialogue ofCivilizations: Way up North». It was dedicated to up-to-date issues of social and economicdevelopment of northern territories, with the continental resource base shrinking. The forum’sopening event was the festival «Northern Bridge» which brought together representatives of theRussian North and the Arctic belt.In 2012, the Third Eurasian Youth Economic Forum had a motto»Dialogue of Civilizations:Meeting Halfway». Since then the congress has become the forum’s basic structural unit. Itincludes competitions and events grouped together according to the nature of research projectsbeing carried out (scientific research, innovations, creativity, etc.). The 2012 forum included 4congresses: Congress of young economists, Congress of young innovators, Expo 2020 Congress,and Social&Cultural Congress.About 3000 young people from 30 countries of the world and 40 Russian regions participatedin the final events at the USUE. The congresses which took place on 17-19 May 2012 includedover 50 scientific sessions, presentations of youth projects, start-ups, and flash mobs. The guestsappreciated the exposition «Student today – EXPO participant tomorrow!» promoting Ekaterinburg’sbid to host World EXPO 2020.The third forum’s novelty was the Youth Prize of 1 million roubles – the award of the Astana Club ofNobel Prize Laureates to the author of the best work in Economics. Among the prize establishersare the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Association, the Astana Club of Nobel Prize Laureates,the EYEF Directorate and the Club de Madrid. The first laureate of the prize was young Oxfordprofessor Kirill Zavodov awarded for his work on financial bubbles in the global economy.The structure of the IV EYEF «Dialogue of Civilizations.Youth Global Mind» will include fourtraditional congresses: Congress of young economists, Congress of young innovators, Congressof civil initiatives, and the World Festival of Young Intellectuals «Youth Global Mind» promoting theEkaterinburg bid to host the World EXPO 2020. 3
  2. 2. III Eurasian Youth Economic ForumOpeningOn 17 May, the III EYEF opening ceremony and delegations paradetook place in front of the USUE. Mikhail Fedorov, Rector of the USUE, Chairman of the EYEF Organizing Committee: – We regard the EYEF as a factory of ideas. It is a supra-regional, supra- national discussion platform for people aiming to make the world better. It brings together schoolchildren and students from all over Russia and the world. The factory of Ideas has openedRepresentatives of Ekaterinburg Kochofa, member of the Sverdlovskadministration and Sverdlovsk oblast oblast Legislative Assembly Alexeygovernment participated in the Korobeynikov, Chairman of the Eurasianceremony. The forum was supported by youth movement «Molodaya Evrazia»Assistant to the Presidential Envoy in the (MGIMO) Yuri Kofner, Vice-Rector ofUral federal district Viktor Guz, Minister the Institute of the CIS Nazirzhonof international and external economic Abduganiyev, etc.affairs of the Sverdlovsk oblast Alexander Viktor Guz,Kharlov, Minister of physical culture, Assistant to the Presidential Envoy in thesport and youth policy of the Sverdlovsk Ural federal district:oblast Leonid Rappoport, Minister ofeconomy and regional development of – Young people are supposed to be involved in solving economic issues ofthe Sverdlovsk oblast Dmitriy Nozhenko, the state. The EYEF demonstrates ourDeputy Director General of the EXPO country’s openness on the global arena.2020 Bid Committee Ivan Ulanov, Co-chairman of the Sverdlovsk oblastLegislative Assembly Viktor Yakimov,President of the Foreign Students inRussia Association and Ambassadorof Benin to Russia Anisette Gabriel4
  3. 3. Vladimir Vlasov, First Deputy Chairman of the Sverdlovsk oblast government: – Our region is known not only as an old industrial one. It is also a major logistics and science centre. After Moscow and St. Petersburg we are the third region with dynamic diplomaticThe forum events brought together missions. In this context, the forumover 3,500 participants from Austria, makes a valuable contribution toArmenia, Afghanistan, Bashkortostan, the development of the oblast’sBelorussia, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Great international relations.Britain, Vietnam, Guatemala, Germany,Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Peru, Poland,Moldavia, China, the USA, Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan, Czech Republic, Benin,Hungary, Switzerland, South Ossetia,Slovakia, Finland, and regions of theRussian Federation. 5
  4. 4. Marina Vshivtseva, Executive Director of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs: – Large-scale investment projects such as the Titan Valley, the 2018 World Cup and the World EXPO 2020 definitely require youth participation.6
  5. 5. Yuri Kofner,Chairman of the Eurasian youthmovement «Molodaya Evrazia»(MGIMO):– Ekaterinburg has every chanceto become a centre of the youthmovement and Eurasian Union. It isthanks to the city’s unique geographicalposition of a major transport andlogistics centre, rich deposits of naturalresources, and powerful productionfacilities. I am convinced that theEurasian Union having its centre inEkaterinburg will prosper. 7
  6. 6. Friendship BallеThe eventful day of the III Eurasian Youth Economic Forum openingclimaxed in the exciting Friendship Ball at the USUE Culture Centre.The eventful day of the III Eurasian Youth intended for a mega flash mob whichEconomic Forum opening climaxed in took place on 19 May on the Europe-the exciting Friendship Ball at the USUE Asia frontier. The EYEF experts andCulture Centre. participants made this show absolutely unforgettable.The experts, participants and guestsenjoyed a terrific concert withperformances made by the university’samateur groups and the forumparticipants from different countries.Among the highlights were an acrobaticdance on canvases, singing by DianaYudina (USUE) and Ajamal (Afghanistan),South American and Tartar nationaldances, a performance by show ballet«Moloko», and joint performances by theUSUE students and overseas guests.In conclusion, choreographer AlexanderTaskaev taught the guests a danceto the EYEF anthem. The dance was8
  7. 7. 9
  8. 8. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTS The new time sets new goals. The only way to stay on top is to think globally, continent-wise and world-wise. Shall we be able to meet the challenges the world economy has for us? The answer is only together! The Congress of Young Economists is meeting halfway, a step towards cooperation and prosperity. Our mission is to achieve harmony in social and economic development of Eurasian countries through revealing young people’s entrepreneurial and scientific potential. About a thousand people from over 40 Russian regions and foreign countries (the Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Belarus, etc.) participated in the congress final events (8 research competitions finals and 13 congress events). The congress’ best projects aspiring to the Youth Prize of the Astana Club of Nobel Laureates 1. Ayur Ayurzanine, project theme: «Financial institutions as a basis for economic growth in the XXI century» (Ulan-Ude, Buryat Republic) 2. Artyom Bolshakov, project theme: «Research into the support of clusters in the Sverdlovsk oblast» (Ekaterinburg, Russia) 3. Mariam Voskanyan, Ani Avetisyan, and David Manukyan, project theme: «Developing institutional environment for the financial intermediation system in the countries with developing and transit economies: problems and prospects» (Yerevan, Armenia) 4. Kirill Zavodov, project theme: «Bubbles in the open economy: theory and empiric evidence» (Cambridge, the UK) 5. Timur Iskakov and Alexey Pankov, project theme: «Realization of the continuous learning strategy on the Eurasian territory» (France-Russia) 6. Anna Pakhomova, project theme: «Metamorphosis of an average city into an eco-city» (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)10
  9. 9. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTSInternational Youth Business GameModel of the WTOThe event attracted students and postgraduates from China,Vietnam, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, and Russia. The participants met Pavel Kalina, Consul for trade and economic cooperation of the Czech Republic. The subject of the talk was the development of Czech economy and the two countries’ cooperation. Mr. Kalina told the audience about activities of Czech companies in Russia and characteristic features of Czech culture. In addition, he shared his personal experience of organizing EXPO in Shanghai. Deputy press-attachéThe opening ceremony was followed to communicate with colleagues and of the US Embassy in Russia Sofiawith negotiations training provided maintain a constructive dialogue. The Budai spoke about her participationby the committees’ chairpersons subject of the training was a default in international students’ businessand youth experts. The audience (imaginary and, on the other hand, games in Russia, internationalfamiliarized themselves with specifics potential) of the world’s largest economy, programs of the US diplomaticof a negotiation process at the meetings i.e. US, and a subsequent recovery of missions, and the USA roleof the WTO committees. Irina Gruzdova, the world economy. The participants in the global economy.Coordinator of the Tyumen model of came up with non-trivial solutions, suchthe UN, spoke about the delegates’ as using the Catarrh real as the world’sdiplomatic etiquette. The resolution reserve currency.drawing-up principles were presentedby Secretary General of Eurasian MUNGroup Marat Shafigullin.For more successful modeling of theWTO committees work, more training onrules of procedure was offered by AlexeyPonomaryov (Transbaikal model ofthe UN) and Alexander Sergeyev (ChiefCoordinator of the WTO modelling) whotaught the delegates the right ways 11
  10. 10. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTSEurasian social and economic spacedevelopment prospectsThe expert session participants discussed the main problems facingthe Eurasian Economic Union. Lyudmila Shuvalova, Director of the Centre for social and conservative politics, member of the RF Civic Chamber: – At present, the society is concerned about the global agenda issues. I am convinced that conservatism may become a basis for Eurasian integration. Searching for new ideology and determining new social and economic principles of development are in progress. A big role in this process belongs to the young. I do hope that Ural will become one of the centres of the Eurasian territory.Legal, scientific and educational of macro- and micro-economics ataspects were in focus. Other hotly the University of Žilina Jan Podgorskidebated issues were the formation of (Slovakia), Head of Chair at the Russian-civic institutions and youth participation Armenian (Slavonic) University Mariamin Eurasia’s life. Voskanyan, Professor Richard Pomfret (UK).Reports were made by Chairman ofthe MGIMO Eurasian Club Yuri Kofner,Vice-Rector of the Centre for social andconservative politics Andrei Vinokurov,Vice-Rector of the Institute of the CISNazirzhon Abduganiyev, President ofthe foundation «Eurasianism – NewWave» and Director of the Centre forsocial and conservative politics in theUral federal district Vladimir Mashkov,Associated Professor of the HigherSchool of Economics and CultureElena Ermolayeva (Latvia), Directorof the International Institute of RetailBernd Hallier, Head of the Department12
  11. 11. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTSRound-table discussion«Village in the XXI century»The global issues of food supply security and acquiring newresources are becoming more and more acute.On 4 May 2011, at the IV Astana Rural territories occupy two thirdsEconomic Forum, Jacques Diouf, of Russia, with the population of 39,Director-General of the Food and 2 million people (27% of the totalAgriculture Organization (FAO) of the population). The project aims to developUN, and Mikhail Fedorov, Vice President an optimal model of infrastructuralof the Eurasian Economic Club of development of the rural territories inScientists Association and Rector of the order to ensure food supply security andUSUE, agreed to cooperate in the field increase competitiveness of agriculturalof food supply security. produce within the Customs Union.In order to make a contribution to villageeconomics, the USUE and the Ural StateAgricultural Academy set up the Instituteof Food Supply Security headed bycorresponding member of the RussianAcademy of Sciences Alexander Semin.For over a year, the institute scientistshave been working on innovations forthe development of rural territorieswithin the Customs Union. They focuson three villages located in Kazakhstan,Russia, and Belarus. 13
  12. 12. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTS«Eurasia – Territory of Law»Competition FinalAll the proposals in the fields of economic, international and youthpolicies of Eurasia were made as drafts of laws and internationaltreaties. The competition final was a business game («Laws: from drafting to adopting»), with the upper and lower chambers represented by the finalists in different categories. In particular, the role of the lower chamber belonged to the finalists in the category «Lawmaking initiatives of Eurasian youth»; whereas the finalists in the category «Social and economic efficiency of Eurasian legislation» represented the upper chamber of the lawmaking body. The former were subjects of law proposing lawmaking initiatives. The latter provided social and economic expert evaluation of the drafts presented for discussion. In the course of the game, both «chambers» carried out the procedure of adopting a statutory act.14
  13. 13. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTS«Eurasia Green» The competition has been organized by the USUE since 2009 jointly withCompetition Final the Ministry of natural resources of the Sverdlovsk oblast, ENVIRO- CHEMIE GmbH (Germany), The Sredneuralsk Copper Smelter, theThe International Research Competition «EURASIA GREEN» has Ural Association of eco-responsible enterprises and other scientific andbeen included in the List of Olympiads and other competitions of the environmental organizations.RF Ministry of Education and Science. Furthermore, it is supportedby enterprises of the Sverdlovsk oblast. Over 100 were presented for participation. Authors of 35 projects got to the final. The grand prize (60 thousand roubles and the Star of Eurasia) was won in the category «Clean water of Eurasia» by a group of young scientists representing the Russian Research Institute of Water Management. USUE Master student S. A. Shakhnazaryan was the winner in the category «Wastes turned into profits». A. I. Pakhomova, a student of the South-Russian University of Economics and Service, presented the best project in the category «Models of rational resources management». A team of USUE students under the supervision of N. Stozhko was awarded a special prize of the Sredneuralsk Copper Smelter for their project on drinking water. 15
  14. 14. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTS«Territorial Competitiveness» Research projects were presented for participation in the followingCompetition Final themes: mini-economics (functioning of individual economic agents), micro-economics (enterprises and organizations), meso-economics (institutions of the regional andThe competition has been included in the List of Olympiads and industry level), and macro-economicsother competitions of the RF Ministry of Education and Science. (national economies). Winner Artyom Bolshakov was awarded 60 thousand rubles for his work «Research into the support of clusters in the Sverdlovsk oblast»..16
  15. 15. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTS«Young Professionals of Eurasia» The competition was intended forCompetition Final undergraduates, Master students, young scientists, and entrepreneurs searching for ways to improve entrepreneurial climate, to reveal and overcome barriers hindering theThe competition categories included «A new business», «Young development of small and middle-professionals», «Socially responsible business», and «Innovative size business.research in economics». 17
  16. 16. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTS«Innovative Eurasia»Competition FinalThe participants’ research papers focused on innovations ineconomics, politics and education. In particular, the chosen themes included: •• Promising areas of innovation- driven economy in Eurasian countries, •• Efficient intellectual property management, •• Organization forms for innovative infrastructure, •• Public-private partnership as a tool for setting up innovative businesses; •• International cooperation as joint effort in Eurasia’s innovative development; •• Development of regional innovative infrastructure. Winner Artyom Polushin was awarded the grand prix Star of Eurasia and money prize of 60 thousand rubles for his work «Improving a mechanism used for assessing innovative activities at the companies of the Chelyabinsk oblast».18
  17. 17. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTSManagers Expert LeagueSet Up in EkaterinburgThe Agency of Strategic Initiatives established by Russian PresidentVladimir Putin is known to support the Eurasian Youth EconomicForum. Furthermore, a number of important projects on managers’certification have been carried out at the USUE. A number of important projects on international certification of managers have been carried out at the USUE. The success is proved by the fact that five experts in management were granted certificates after going through certification by European standards. They were First Vice-Rector of the USUE Maksim Maramygin, Director of the Department of Economics of the USUE Svetlana Giniyeva, Executive Director of the Ural regional agency for qualifications development (URARK) Vladislav Kamskiy, Director of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Biotechnology of the USUE Gennadiy Pishchikov, and Director of the Institute of Service and Hospitality of the USUE Elena Kurilova. In addition, the experts received 21 thousand pounds as a grant for doctoral training at the British Academy of Business. 19
  18. 18. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTSOriginal solutionsIntellectual battles enabled the EYEF participants to find non-trivialsolutions to economic problems. The competition «Young professionals of Eurasia» aims to develop a complex approach to harmonious social and economic development of Eurasian countries. The works presented for the final were aimed at improving entrepreneurial climate, promoting the best practices for supporting entrepreneurship, strategic management and marketing, development of professional competences. The all-Russia research competitionThe research projects presented in «History of the region’s economicthe final were intended to improve achievements».entrepreneurial climate, supportentrepreneurship and develop Academician Alexander Tatarkinprofessional competences. suggested that the competition category «Careers made in the Ural»The management competences should become traditional and thecompetition «Business Skills» best works in economics shouldrevealed the participants’ business be published in an encyclopedia.communication and leadership skills, He said, «The Ural is proud of manydetermination and strategic thinking. scientists who deserve to be wellThe participants of the intellectual known».battle «Ecologists - Industrialists vsIndustrialists – Ecologists» presentedinnovative solutions for ecologicalentrepreneurship. The issues in focuswere eco-management and marketing,unique eco-projects, etc.20
  19. 19. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTS Round-table discussions for economists Highly topical issues of Russia’s innovative development and intellectual property commercialization were on the agenda of the Congress of young economists. International round-table discussion Round-table discussion «Financial «Adaptation of small and middle-size centres: new economic prospects» business to the WTO requirements», The discussion focused on the a joint project of the Department of functioning of financial centres in a Financial Management (USUE), the changing economy. Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov (Kazakhstan), and The event was organized by the the University of Žilina (Slovakia). Department of financial markets and banking of the USUE in The participants analyzed the existing cooperation with the regional problems and prospects of Russian branch of the Federal service for small and middle-size business financial markets of Ekaterinburg. development in the context of the WTO The participants met top experts in membership. They determined priority the field of financial markets and measures of state support for making banking. small and middle-size business more competitive on the national and The following issues were international markets. addressed: the population’s financial literacy, the world financial centre development prospects, the present state of the stock market, and integration of the national financial market into the world Round-table discussion «Efficient financial market. intellectual property management» The authors of the project The participants discussed the issues «Econophysics of financial of intellectual property management, pyramids» (Т. Ledneva and her protection, commercialization, and research advisors T. V. Reshetnikova support by the state. They stressed the and A. V. Tselishcheva) received a importance of legal regulation, raising certificate for 10 thousand rubles awareness of intellectual property from Sberbank of Russia. protection, and systematic analysis of Russia’s intellectual potential. Three most competent and strategically thinking participants received certificates of the World Organization of Intellectual Property. 21
  20. 20. CONGRESS OF YOUNG ECONOMISTSMeeting Halfway International conference «Competitive environment for the international business» Among the participants were students, postgraduates, lecturers, specialists, representatives of theApart from the competitions and round-table discussions, there executive and legislative bodies, and business community.were different conferences with foreign participation and a visit tothe well-known technopark. In the course of the plenary session, the participants made reports on the following issues: influence of transnational corporations on competitive potential of regions and industries, regional integration, synchronizing the industrial and educational policies in order to increase competitiveness of countries and regions. A master class on company reputation was provided by a member of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP). A visit to the TechnoparkSpeakers at the conference on urban On 17 May, the congress participantsdevelopment issues «Eurasia Urban» from Rostov-on-Don, Minsk, Kazan,were Professor Trevisan Italo (the Samara, Ekaterinburg, etc. visitedUniversity of Trento, Italy) and Martin the technopark «Technomet».Valtiner, owner of Architectural Bureauof Civil Engineering «Valtiner» (Vienna, A tour of the premises was guided byAustria). Director-General Vasiliy Mironenko and Director for economy and production Andrei Kurbatov. The visitors were shown the metalworking shop, a new shop for the production of engineering devices, and a big shop for casting metalwork.22
  21. 21. CONGRESS OF YOUNG INNOVATORSThe III EYEF most massive congress brought together over 600 participantsfrom Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kirghizia, and manyother countries.Top managers of large companies commented on the projects’ practicalrelevance and investment attractiveness.It was suggested that the USUE should host the IT business incubatorand headquarters of cyber sport. The experts and participants proposedholding Start in Garage by RIS Ventures and major Web2Win eventson a regular basis at the USUE. Holding regional SIEMENS competitionof innovative projects carried out by senior schoolchildren is beingconsidered. Congress Winners1. Andrei Matveyev (IT-STARTUP EURASIA)2. Dmitriy Kislenko («Eurasia: technology of the future», «The best innovative project. Technology 2012»)3. Anna Linnik (Morozova) («Eurasia: technology of the future», «The best innovative eco project. Green project 2012»)4. Yevgeniy Smykov («Eurasia: technology of the future», «The best social innovative project. Social Future 2012»)5. Kirill Kulzhanov («Eurasia: technology of the future», «The best IT-research project»)6. Sergei Novoselov («Noosphere in the XXI century», «The best futuristic work»)7. Anastasia Kurinova («Noosphere in the XXI century», «The best foresight ideas»)8. Yevgeniy Yeltyshev (International Web Olympiad on programming and information protection)9. Elena Shuiskova, Vitaliy Vedernikov, Andrei Lopin («New business of Eurasia») 23
  22. 22. CONGRESS OF YOUNG INNOVATORSYoung Entrepreneurs in Russia Forum«Business Vesna 2012»The forum «Business Vesna 2012» was held within the framework ofthe III Eurasian Youth Economic Forum. The spring time of Business has started at USUEThe forum experts were Chairman of Some ideas presented for the show ofthe Young Entrepreneurs in Russia business projects were of particularAssociation and Director of the company interest: a project for hotel business«Rosinvest» Konstantin Mochalov, in the budget segment, logistics formember of the Legislative Assembly perishable foodstuffs, automatedof the Sverdlovsk oblast Aleksei bicycle parking, LED lighting, and aKorobeinikov, owner and chief of the system for identifying socially dangerousInternet bank «Inbank» and founder citizens without touch.of the network structure of the bank«Severnaya Kazna» Vladimir Frolov, andmany other representatives of the Uralbusiness community.Vladimir Frolov spoke aboutopportunities to make a bankingbusiness more manageable. Presidentof the company «Penetron-Rossia» IgorChernogolov warned about pitfalls anybusinessman is certain to face.24
  23. 23. CONGRESS OF YOUNG INNOVATORSForesight Analytics Competition«Noosphere in the XXI century»The basic concept is noosphere as the high-tech (intellectual)development stage of human civilization and the Earth.. The foresight analytics competition focuses on issues of strategic forecasting, its subject matter and methodology. The competition included two categories – «The best foresight ideas» and «The best futuristic works», the latter intended for fiction, science-fiction, and experimental works. 25
  24. 24. CONGRESS OF YOUNG INNOVATORSBusiness Projects Competition«New Business of Eurasia»The competition aims to establish an international communicationplatform for youth entrepreneurship, development of marketsin Russia, the CIS and foreign countries, investment projectsdevelopment and assessment. The result was the establishment of the Eurasian Association of Young Entrepreneurs «Business Eurasia». Its mission is to involve young entrepreneurs in the discussion of issues concerning small and middle- size business; to organize regular contacts with representatives of federal, regional and local bodies of the executive and legislature; to consolidate regional and local youth entrepreneurship communities in Russia and the CIS.26
  25. 25. CONGRESS OF YOUNG INNOVATORSEYEF StartupsAttract InvestmentOver 50 projects were presented in the final of the traditionalcompetition «IT-Startup Eurasia». As a comparison, similar events inthe capital cities have the average of 50-80 projects. Another highlight was Eurasia Cybersport tournament in 4 disciplines: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Civilization V FFA and Mortal Kombat (xBox360). It was a qualifying competition for the Russian Cup 2012. In the «IT-Research Eurasia» competition final, young intellectuals offered original solutions in 2D- graphics, flash-animation, and web sites. The winning projects were: first place - «E-university» (Astana), second place - «UTOS» (Ekaterinburg), and third place - «Funny Fitness» (Ekaterinburg).Runet gurus who had come up with The top ten «IT Startup Eurasia 2012»a lot of successful projects chose projects were presented at the IIIthe best. Last year, project «Viki-CRM International exhibition and forum ofJetka» by Vadim Tarasov (Togliatti) industries and innovations INNOPROMwas given a high rating by the II EYEF 2012. Three winners were selectedexpert community. Later, the jury of by the investment fund «RedButtonthe Forbes Startup Competition 2011 Capital» to participate in the internationalacknowledged this project as a must- startup projects conference andhave system for commercial service of exhibition «42» in Moscow.any organization. 27
  26. 26. EXPO CONGRESS Russia is a regular EXPO participant; in 2020 it has a chance to host the exhibition for the first time. The V Astana Economic Forum 2012 and III Eurasian Youth Economic Forum organized by the Ural State University of Economics in Ekaterinburg and Astana will help to raise awareness of Ekaterinburg and win the bid to host the EXPO 2020 defeating such strong competitors as Izmir (Turkey), São Paulo (Brazil), Dubai (the UAE). If the World EXPO 2017 is held in Astana, the next one is supposed to take place in Ekaterinburg under the brand Global Mind. This is important for Russia, Ural, and Ekaterinburg. If the decision is made in our favour, the Ural capital will change beyond recognition by 2020. EXPO Congress Winners First place Ekaterina Trenina, Nina Luri (competition «EXPO: countries, facts, reflections») Eduard Udalov (culinary competition «Gastroburg») Alexander Rud, Stanislav Rud (competition «EXPO-UNION») Чан Ан Тхи Лонг (медиа-презентация «Суве_Мир») Second place Natalia Grigorenko (competition «EXPO: countries, facts, reflections») Vyacheslav Filimonov (culinary competition «Gastroburg») Taisia Galina, Yulia Mironova, Ekaterina Danilova (competition «EXPO-UNION») Rustam Musin, Mizhgona Nozumbekova, Seitmurat Annamuradov (media presentation «Souve Mir») Rustam Musin, Mizhgona Nozumbekova, Seitmurat Annamuradov (media presentation «Souve Mir») Third place ГDaria Garkusha, Viktoria Egorova (competition «EXPO: countries, facts, reflections») Adila Diachenko (culinary competition «Gastroburg») Daria Vyrvich, Oleg Myslinskiy, Yan Lukash (competition «EXPO-UNION») Elizaveta Mochalova («The jewel of the region»)28
  27. 27. EXPO CONGRESSExhibition«Student Today –EXPO ParticipantTomorrow»The exhibition demonstrated young people’s achievements inscientific and technical creativity, culture, and design. 29
  28. 28. EXPO CONGRESS From the laft to the right: Viktor Guz, Assistant to the RF Presidential Envoy in the Ural federal district Michail Fedorov, Rector of the USUE, Ivan Ulanov, Deputy Director-General of the Expo-2020 Bid Committee30
  29. 29. EXPO CONGRESSLooking Forwardto EXPOThe forum participants met with Deputy Director-General of theEXPO 2020 Bid Committee Ivan Ulanov. Ivan Ulanov, Deputy Director-General of the EXPO 2020 Bid Committee: – The forum is a platform for new ideas and technologies which actually make the mankind move forward. It is also a zone of trust. Here we find new contacts and friends. It is important that international partners, both actual and potential, belong to this zone of trust. It is a place to voice your opinion, speak your mind and find answers to questions facing the country. I do hope that in 2020 we will be answering questions facing the whole mankind. Ekaterinburg has proved itself as a venue for large-scale events. Importantly, the forum is strengthening Russia’s international position. 31
  30. 30. EXPO CONGRESSA Penny SavedIs a Penny EarnedFirst Vice-Rector of the USUE Maksim Maramygin showed hisunique collection of coins and banknotes. Maksim Maramygin, First Vice-Rector of the USUE: – I have been collecting and classifying coins and banknotes for thirty years now. I have got some really rare ones. In particular, the 300-year-old gold coin which was minted by Catherine the Great to thank the guardsmen who helped her come to the throne. Each soldier received a gold coin weighing 12 grams, whereas each officer got a money bag with these coins. I have coins belonging to the times of Nero, Caracalla, Mark Aurelius, and the Kingdom of Bosporus minted before Christ.32
  31. 31. EXPO CONGRESSAll-Russia Convention of the ForeignStudents in Russia AssociationThe All-Russia Convention of the Foreign Students in RussiaAssociation was attended by 200 students of different nationalitiesfrom Russia and foreign countries. Anisette Gabriel Kochofa, President of the Foreign Students in Russia Association: – Ekaterinburg is a large modern city. Involved in the globalization, it brings together people of different nationalities and confessions. What attracts them is the atmosphere, big money and large-scale projects. With every coming year, the city appeals to more foreign students. That is why we are holding our convention in Ekaterinburg. Congratulations!The event was one of the III EYEF Ekaterinburg branch of the FSR beganhighlights. The All-Russia Convention to operate at the Bolshoy Eurasian«Youth Global Mind» of the Foreign University Complex on 17 FebruaryStudents in Russia Association was 2012. Its mission is professional trainingattended by 200 students from assistance, defense of the rights andTajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, legitimate interests, providing legal andUkraine, Azerbaijan, China, Sudan, financial support as well as granting theGuinea, Hungary, Turkmenistan, Angola, Association scholarships.the Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Nepal,Mexico, Laos, Peru, Columbia, the UK,Germany, Latvia, and Russia.In the course of the event, FSR branchesin Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, andEkaterinburg made presentations. Themeeting was concluded with the signingof the FSR Declaration. 33
  32. 32. EXPO CONGRESS Ekaterinburg universities students from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, China, Sudan, Guinea, etc. attended the opening of the FSR branch and signed a memorandum of the university community in Ekaterinburg. The memorandum is preceded with a letter from Gavriil Popov, President of the International Union of Economists. According to Mr. Popov, Russia is a centre of the Eurasian youth movement, with Ekaterinburg having every right to be the Eurasian youth capital.34
  33. 33. EXPO CONGRESS Vladimir Solovarov, Deputy Minister for international and external economic affairs of the Sverdlovsk oblast: – It is pleasant to realize that such an important event is held in Ekaterinburg, at the Ural State University of Economics. I believe that the ideals of peace and humanism must be constant regardless of the political situation in the country. The Sverdlovsk oblast authorities make every effort to provide foreign students with comfortable accommodation. The projects supported by the USUE Rector Mikhail Fedorov are of great help. 35
  34. 34. EXPO CONGRESS36
  35. 35. EXPO CONGRESSCompetitionfor Ekaterinburg’s Speciality DessertOn 18 May, culinary show and competition «Gastroburg» was heldat the USUE as part of the III Eurasian Youth Economic Forum.The contestants were to create a ••«Little dessert» by Mikhail Bannovculinary masterpiece which would (USUE Department of Foodbecome part of Ekaterinburg’s brand Technology);identity. The following are creations ••Wine-based dessert by Margaritawhich claimed to be the best desserts Medvedeva (USUE);of the Ural capital: ••Edible miniatures of the USUE••Cake «Malivar» by Dmitriy Zinoviev buildings by Galina Chernyadieva («Sushkoff»); (USUE food production facility);••Dessert «Vesseniy» («Springtime») ••Muffins «E-burzhiki» by Oksana by Adila Diachenko and Yevgenia Beldina and Olga Beldina, etc. Igosheva (Ekaterinburg college of trade and economics);••Dessert «Demidovskiy soblazn» («Demidov’s temptation») (ЕТЭТ);••Dessert «EXPOnent» by Viacheslav Filimonov (USUE Department of Food Technology);••«Bazhov’s tales» by Eduard Udalov (USUE Department of Food Technology); 37
  36. 36. EXPO CONGRESS The competition jury included: ••Chairman of the III EYEF Organizing Committee, Rector of the USUE Mikhail Fedorov, ••President of the Foreign Students in Russia Association and Ambassador of Benin to Russia Anisette Gabriel Kochofa, •• Deputy Director-General of the EXPO 2020 Bid Committee Ivan Ulanov, ••representative of the consulate general of the Czech Republic Peter Svitek, ••Head of the USUE Department of Food Technology Svetlana Pimenova, ••Deputy Director of the canteen Vladimir Evdokimov, ••marketing and branding specialist Tatiana Reshetilo, ••Director of the USUE International Culinary School Inna Vekshina.38
  37. 37. EXPO CONGRESSNight of Museums 2012in EkaterinburgOn 19 May, a unique culinary exhibition took place within frameworkof the III Eurasian Youth Economic Forum, ЕХРО 2020 Congress andinternational Night of Museums 2012.The venue for the exhibition was a At the same time, there was anspecially built pavilion and designed interactive exhibition of unusual bicyclesto look like a tavern. The visitors were a creativity project of the NGO Velo-treated with exquisite dishes of Russian Gorod headed by Konstantin Mochalov.cuisine cooked by the 19th centuryrecipes. There was an opportunity tobe photographed wearing historicalcostumes of seminarians and learnto cook popular dishes of the time.Merry peddlers treated the guests withpretzels and sweets.The project participants learnt whatdishes were popular in Ekaterinburg inthe 19th-early 20th century, familiarizedthemselves with history of the firsthigher education institution in the cityEkaterinburg religious school. Everyoneinterested participated in cookingmaster classes. 39
  38. 38. EXPO CONGRESS«Expo-Union»Competition FinalThe event aimed to develop young people’s creative and scientificapproach to organizing global exhibitions. The participants came upwith their own EXPO projects.40
  39. 39. EXPO CONGRESSSport EventsBike Ride «In Support of ЕХРО–2020»On 19 May, a mass bike ride took place as part of the III EYEF insupport of Ekaterinburg bid to host the World ЕХРО-2020.The forum opened with a kids’ symbolic bike ride. Three to five-year-olds on tricycles covered the distanceof 20 meters and 20 centimeters. 41
  40. 40. EXPO CONGRESS The event attracted over a thousand people, both professional sportsmen and amateurs concerned about the city’s future. The line was headed by Rector of the USUE Mikhail Fedorov, Minister of physical culture, sport and youth policy of the Sverdlovsk oblast Leonid Rappoport, Deputy Director-General of the EXPO 2020 Bid Committee Ivan Ulanov, President of the ForeignThe adult participants rode a symbolic Students in Russia Associationdistance of 20 kilometers and Anisette Gabriel Kochofa, Vice-Rector20 meters. The bike ride itinerary went of the Institute of the CIS Nazirzhonthrough Ekaterinburg’s most beautiful, Abduganiyev, Press-Attaché of theinspiring and meaningful places. Ecuador Embassy in Russia Miguel de la Cruz Salcedo, President of the Advisory Board at the Peru Embassy in Russia and founder of the project «Velo-Gorod» Konstantin Mochalov.42
  41. 41. EXPO CONGRESSSport EventsEurasian Gorodki Sport TournamentOn 18 May, the Eurasian Gorodki Sport Tournament was opened atthe USUE sports complex as part of the III Eurasian Youth EconomicForum. Eurasian national sports competitions have become traditional part of the economic forum. In 2010, there was a tournament in Turk wrestling; in 2011, a tournament in Yakut mas-wrestling (pulling of a pole). The competitions brought together top-class sportsmen from Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Yakutia, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and oblasts of Russia (Kurganskaya, Tyumenskaya, Chelyabinskaya, and Sverdlovskaya). In 2012, Russia is celebrating 200th anniversary of the 1812 Patriotic War. For this reason, it has been decided to choose a traditional Russian sport, i.e. gorodki, for the tournament. The first throws were made by Rector of the USUE Mikhail Fedorov, Ambassador of Benin to Russia Anisette Gabriel Kochofa, and Deputy Director-General of the EXPO 2020 Bid Committee Ivan Ulanov. 43
  42. 42. EXPO CONGRESS The competition opening was attended by honored veterans and sportsmen, repeat winners of the Russian Cup, World Cup, and Euro Cup: Abtylkhai Mullagaliyev, Vyacheslav Vorozheikin, Alexander Vernikov, Leonid Nemchikov, and Dmitriy Menshchikov.44
  43. 43. EXPO CONGRESSStar Flash Mobon the Europe – Asia FrontierThe Forum up the skyOn 19 May, the «Europe-Asia» stele in the vicinity of Ekaterinburgwitnessed an exciting flash mob by the EYEF participants. At the previous forum, the participants went skating with Alexey Yagudin. The third forum participants had a chance to fly a hot-air balloon Форум для молодых, смелых, передовых, Форум – старт для мечты, Вместе мы, я и ты. There was a khorovod (circle dance) around the stele. The participants were met by Malachite Lady with bread and salt of hospitality. Then it was time to return to Ekaterinburg for the awarding ceremony. At the previous forum, the participants went skating with Alexey Yagudin. The third forum participants had a chance to fly a hot-air balloon 45
  44. 44. EXPO CONGRESS The guests were greeted by Vice- President of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Association and Rector of the USUE Mikhail Fedorov, USUE Vice-Rector for youth programs Elena Godovykh, EYEF Executive Director Anna Polyakova, Deputy Director-General of the EXPO 2020 Bid Committee Ivan Ulanov, President of the Foreign Students in Russia Association and Ambassador of Benin to Russia Anisette Gabriel Kochofa, Ambassador of Ecuador to Russia Patricio Chavez Zavala, Vice- Rector of the Institute of the CIS Nazirzhon Abduganiyev, Head of the EYEF Directorate Ivan Vozmilov, wunderkind Dmitriy Sadkovoy, and persons in charge of theme congresses.46
  45. 45. SOCIAL & CULTURAL CONGRESSThe congress mission is similar to that of the Eurasian Youth EconomicForum, i.e. consolidating young people and promoting friendship amongnations. The congress winners:1. Artyom Goot (competition «Responsible consumption in the XXI century», category «Innovative technologies in up-to-date commerce»)2. Anastasia Belevskaya (International children’s drawing competition «Green planet»)3. Andrei Kuznetsov (competition «Multimedia Eurasia 2012», category «The best theme web site»)4. Anastasia Moskvina (photography projects competition «Meeting halfway»)5. Daria Rodionova (competition «The golden pen of Eurasia», category «The best lyric work»)6. Ekaterina Galieva (competition «The golden pen of Eurasia», category «The best philosophical work»)7. Svetlana Grebenyuk (competition «The golden pen of Eurasia», category «The best amatory work»)8. Vyacheslav Zakharov (social advertising competition, category «The best web page on healthy living «Healthy equals happy»)9. Alexander Yarchikhin (social advertising competition, category «The best web page on healthy living «Healthy equals happy»)10. Ekaterina Klysa (social advertising competition, category «Social/environmental poster»)11. Veronika Istomina (competition «Education initiatives in the XXI century»)12. Ksenia Mukhlynina (competition & exhibition «Technograd», category «From idea to invention»)13. Yuri Surkin (competition & exhibition «Technograd», category «Proposing a solution»)14. Artyom Gavrilov (competition «Science debut», category «Be healthy»)15. Alexander Kozyar, Sergei Bochkarev, Sergei Podkin (competition «Education initiatives in the XXI century»)16. Elizaveta Pochka (competition «Science debut», category «Travelers’’ Club»)17. Bogdan Khomyak (competition «Science debut», category «Economic casket»)18. Daria Nikulina (competition «Science debut», category «Humanities»)19. Dmitriy Konovalov (competition «Science debut», category «Eco»)20. Lyubov Neustroyeva (competition «Science debut», category «Art-gallery»)21. Anna Andreyevskikh, Maria Kochneva (competition «Science debut», category «Welcome»)22. Artyom Goot (competition «Innovative technologies in up-to-date commerce»)23. USUE food production facility (GRAND-PRIX in the competition «Gastroburg», category «Historic buildings of the beloved city») 47
  46. 46. SOCIAL & CULTURAL CONGRESSInternational Competition & Exhibition«Technograd» FinalInterestingly, the competition participants were schoolchildren(forms 5-11). «EXPO: countries, facts, reflections» competition final. The contestants made reports referring to the history of world exhibitions or reflecting upon the future. They all are looking forward to ЕХРО 2020 Ekaterinburg. «Technograd» for 5-formersWithin the framework of the III Eurasian The competition experts and participantsYouth Economic Forum, there was held are convinced that the World ЕХРО 2020the final of the international science and will enable Russia and Ekaterinburg totechnical creativity and youth initiatives move to a new stage of development.competition & exhibition «Technograd» The world exposition is a supra-national(ЕХРО). The children presented tool which triggers drastic and positiveambitious and creative projects and changes.defended them successfully. Withgreat enthusiasm and belief in theirbrainchildren, the participants wereconfident when answering the experts’questions. The young innovators’ workswere assessed by professionals in thefield of innovative technologies anddevelopments. After the presentations,the professionals gave the young alot of useful advice. Once again, the«Technograd» Organizing Committeeascertained that such competitions areuseful and necessary for young peopletoday.48
  47. 47. SOCIAL & CULTURAL CONGRESSRussia – Kazakhstan «Ontologicaland cultural bases of the Eurasian Union:the Eurasian subject»The event involvingthe Eurasian Union representatives The experts from Ekaterinburg, Moscow and Astana arrived at the III Eurasian Youth Economic Forum in order to identify what is the citizen of Eurasia at present. The citizen of Eurasia – what is he?The participants of the round-table The participants’ manifesto focuses ondiscussion «Ontological and cultural the necessity to form a new subject,bases of the Eurasian Union: the i.e. the citizen of Eurasia who is ableEurasian subject» arrived at the to balance the antagonisms or, as theconclusion that a new Eurasian entity experts put it, to accommodate andis being formed within the framework of harmoniously combine the worlds of thethe present world geopolitical situation. technologist and architect.This entity is based on the unity of thethree: West, East and Russia. Accordingto the experts, Russia and othergeopolitical subjects are moving to theera when new ideals come into being. 49
  48. 48. SOCIAL & CULTURAL CONGRESS«Meeting Halfway»Photography CompetitionThe competition aims to unite international youth communitiesthrough artistic creativity. ииииииииииииии50
  49. 49. SOCIAL & CULTURAL CONGRESS«Eurasia:education of the future»Holding events with the participation of outstanding contemporariesand world-known scientists is a must have for any advancededucation institution. Report by Dmitriy Sadkovoy Dmitriy Sadkovoy, a participant of the Eurasian Youth Economic Forum, a 10- grade schoolboy from Petrozavodsk, the total winner of the All-Russia scientific forum «Step into the future» and holder of a special prize in the category «The best presentation of a scientific work in the English language», made a report entitled «The conventionalism of using linguistic means of political persuasion and correctness in public speaking». The report was aimed at revealing specific linguistic means of argumentation, persuasion as well as linguistic sense in political speeches. The wunderkind from Petrozavodsk demonstrated unprecedented skills public speaking skills. Lecture by Stuart Umpleby As part of the III EYEF Social & Cultural Congress, Professor of the George Washington University (USA) Stuart Umpleby informed schoolchildren of Ekaterinburg and the oblast how they can apply for international grants to study at overseas universities right after finishing schools. The professor’s public lecture «The main trends in the modern world development» touched upon the influence of up-to-date means of communication on increasing the quality of education. In his lecture, Stuart Umpleby dwelled upon effective teaching methods in the United States of America. 51
  50. 50. SOCIAL & CULTURAL CONGRESSInternational literature competition«The golden pen of Eurasia»The first Eurasian competition «The golden pen of Eurasia» isintended for poets of all ages enabling them to familiarize the worldwith results of their poetic and prosaic work. It also aims to developEurasian poetry as a social and cultural phenomenon.52
  51. 51. SOCIAL & CULTURAL CONGRESSStudents’ research competition«Responsible consumptionin the XXI century»The competition aims to reveal research potential of students andyoung scientists, including those who major in commodity scienceand, to assist in their personal and professional growth. The third forum participants competed in the following categories: «Quality and competitiveness of consumer goods», «Regional consumer market of goods and services», «Innovative technologies for merchandizing and expert appraisal of consumer goods», «New technologies of consumer goods production», «Functional foodstuffs», «Consumer goods safety», «Present state and development prospects of expert activities», «Specifics of expert appraisal for export-import operations», «Trade in Russia today: problems and solutions», «Innovative technologies for modern trade».Social advertising competitionThe competition aimed at designing and developing web pages,video films, and posters included three main categories: «The besteco-social advertising», «The best social advertising in supportof healthy living «Healthy equals happy»», and «The best socialadvertising «New managers’ generation»». 53
  52. 52. III EYEFawarding ceremonyOn 19 May, there was held an awarding ceremonyof the III Eurasian Youth Economic Forum finalists.The whole year of hard work and to Russia Anisette Gabriel Kochofa,effort, new discoveries and successful Deputy Director-General of the EXPOrealization of ideas came to an end. 2020 Bid Committee Ivan Ulanov, andThe awarding ceremony opened with all the representatives of the expertsan unforgettable laser show. The hall community.of the USUE Culture Centre was full,the audience waiting to hear the much-anticipated results. The participantsreceived well-deserved awards. Themain result achieved was new friends,exchange of experience and a greatdeal of impressions.The participants were greeted andcongratulated by Chairman of theEYEF and Rector of the USUE MikhailFedorov, Vice-Rector for youthprogrammes and the forum’s chieforganizer Elena Godovykh, Presidentof the Foreign Students in RussiaAssociation and Ambassador of Benin54
  53. 53. Eurasian Youth Express boundfor AstanaOn 20 May, winners of the III Eurasian Youth Economic Forum set offto Astana by special Youth Express in order to participate in the VAstana Economic Forum. The EYEF finalists were seen off with live music. An orchestra was playing on the railway platform. The departing passengers and their farewellers were dancing, singing and having fun. On the way to Astana, the Eurasian Youth Express passengers sang the EYEF anthem to the guitars. 55
  54. 54. I World Youth Economic Forum OpeningI World Youth Economic ForumOpeningFor the first time, I World Youth Economic Forum (WYEF) has beenheld as an autonomous youth forum and integral part of the VAstana Economic Forum.56
  55. 55. I World Youth Economic Forum OpeningThe WYEF founders are the Ural State 6. To accept the proposal to hold theUniversity of Economics, Eurasian World Youth Festival «Youth GlobalNational University named after L. Mind» in the spheres of culture, art andGumilyov and Kazakh Institute of sport in May 2013 in Ekaterinburg.Economics and Finance. 7. To approve of the concept of theAt the forum opening, Head of the IV Eurasian Youth Economic Forum:EYEF Youth Directorate Ivan Vozmilov Congress of young economists,presented the resolution of the III EYEF. Congress of young innovators, CongressIn the course of the competitions and of youth initiatives, and the World Youthcongress events, the participants of the Festival «Youth Global Mind».Eurasian Economic Youth Forum from 8. To support the initiative of establishingover 110 countries of the world agreed: the Eurasian Youth Parliament with the1. To promote the idea of Astana’s brand headquarters in Ekaterinburg and toas the world’s intellectual capital. hold the International conference of youth parliaments.2. To acknowledge Ekaterinburg theworld’s youth capital. 9. To set up the Eurasian Youth Economic Forum Association.3. Supporting the ideas of L. Gumilyov,to acknowledge the Eurasian 10. To set up the Stars of Eurasia ClubYouth Economic forum as an open consisting of the holders of the nameddiscussion platform for the dialogue of award.civilizations. 11. To adopt the Declaration of the4. To support and promote the holding Foreign Students in Russia Associationof the EXPO 2017 in Astana and the of 17 May 2012EXPO 2020 in Ekaterinburg.5. To support the initiative of establishingthe International Economist Day on 12October. 57
  56. 56. I World Youth Economic Forum Opening Robert Aumann, Nobel Prize winner in Economics in 2005, Professor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: – The youth forum is a great initiative which requires support and development. When I was young, my teachers did not prophesy my success in science and teaching, but I loved it and moved towards my dream. Young people should do what they really want to do and love doing and, thus contribute to their own countries’ development instead of emigrating. Berndt Hallier, Director of the International Institute of Retail, President of the European Association of Retail: – Young scientists ought to communicate and share experience. Backpacks on, they must move towards unattainable goals. They are able to change the world drastically. Future is in their hands. Lomonosov himself would be delighted about the Eurasian Youth Economic Forum!58
  57. 57. I World Youth Economic Forum Opening Gabriel Anisette Kochofa, President of the Foreign Students in Russia Association and Ambassador of Benin to Russia: – Our world is ever-changing. We need new ideas, successful initiatives and research. It is up to the young entirely. It is wonderful that young people get together at the forum and participate in discussing global issues. Patricio Alberto Chavez Zavala, Ambassador of Ecuador to Russia: – When I was younger, my senior leaders told me that the young are the future of Motherland. It filled us with hope that in the future we shall become the present of Motherland. Today, thanks to the Internet young people have more opportunities to make the world better and create unique things. 59