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Cmctar2012 2

  1. 1. 1ST International Conference ON “Cloud and Mobile Computing - Theory,Applications and Research” CMCTAR 2012 ON Jan 12 , 2012 AT Sir Padampat Singhania University Bhatewar , Udaipur-313601,Rajasthan,India Organized by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, School of Engineering Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur
  2. 2. 1. A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF SIR PADAMPAT SINGHANIA UNIVERSITYSir Padampat Singhania University became a University by an Act passed by the Legislative Assembly of theGovernment of Rajasthan. Since its inception , the University has committed itself to providing a high classeducation that prepares students academically , personally and professionally for successful careers in theirchosen fields. The website link is THEME OF THE CONFERENCE - Cloud and Mobile Computing : AFuture Prospected Computing Platform"Cloud Computing" is a technology buzzword thats tossed around a lot these days to describe the direction inwhich information infrastructure seems to be moving. The term usually refers to programs that run over theInternet rather than locally on a user’s computer. Cloud computing is often used to sort through enormousamounts of data. The concept, quite simply, is that vast computing resources will reside somewhere out there inthe ether (rather than in your computer room) and well connect to them and use them as needed. Cloudcomputing is a computing paradigm in which tasks are assigned to a combination of connections, software andservices accessed over a network. Cloud computing has also been described as "on-demand computing."Nowadays, “mobile” word has taken the huge command over the market. It has covered almost all the fields.Mobile devices and mobile computing devices are widely available. The field of Networking and Computing isdoing tremendous growth with the introduction of new mobile-centric products every month. Everywherepeople are carrying mobile Equipments, such as Mobile phones, Smart Phone, Tablet PC. The availability ofmobile communication networks has made a huge impact to various applications, including commerce.Consequently, there is a strong relationship between mobile computing and commerce, known as M-Commerce.As a final note, the “Mobile Computing” covers a broad range of aspects pertaining to mobile computing,mobile communication, mobile devices, and various mobile applications. These technologies and applicationswill shape mobile computing and commerce into a new era of the 21st century whereby mobile devices are notonly pervasive and ubiquitous, but also widely accepted as the main tool in commerce.3. CONFERENCE PROGRAMME SCHEDULEINAUGURAL SESSION:Inaugural address by the conference convenorSpeech by the President , Sir Padampat Singhania UniversitySpeech by the chief guest ( keynote speaker )Vote of thanks by the Vice Chancellor , Sir Padampat Singhania UniversityTEA BREAKTECHNICAL SESSION I (CLOUD COMPUTING)Session Chairman will introduce the speakers and also summarize the topics.Speaker 1- Invited speech by a foreign university professorSpeaker 2- Invited speech by an industry delegateSpeaker 3- Invited speech by an university professor from IndiaSpeaker 4-8 Authors of best 5 selected papers on cloud computing
  3. 3. Question and Answer sessionConcluding remarks by the session ChairmanLUNCH BREAKTECHNICAL SESSION II (MOBILE COMPUTING)Session Chairman will introduce the speakers and also summarize the topics.Speaker 1- Invited speech by a foreign university professorSpeaker 2- Invited speech by an industry delegateSpeaker 3- Invited speech by an university professor from IndiaSpeaker 4-8 Authors of best 5 selected papers on mobile computingQuestion and Answer sessionConcluding remarks by the session ChairmanVOTE OF THANKS ( BY THE ORGANISOR OF CMCTAR 2012)TEA BREAKObjective of the sessions - Cloud and Mobile Computing are one of the latest research issues in thenetworking domain. The conference will therefore enlighten the audience regarding the recent trends ofCloud and Mobile computing in both academics and industry. The audience will comprise of theacademicians , industry delegates , research scholars and university students.4.CONFERENCE ORGANIZATION –Conference Chief Patron - Mr.Y.Singhania ,the Chairman , SPSUConference Patrons- Mr.A.Ghosh , President ,SPSU Mr.R.Ghosh , Vice-President ,SPSUAdvisory Committee- Prof.P.C.Deka , Vice-Chancellor , SPSU Prof.K.K.Sud , Dean – School of Engineering , SPSU Prof.S.Lalwani , Dean – School of Management , SPSUCore Committee- Dr.P.Chakrabarti , Convenor of CMCTAR 2012 Prof.J.Wassberg Dr.K.LakhtariaOrganizing Committee - Dr.P.Chakrabarti , HOD(CSE/IT) Prof.J.Wassberg Dr.K.Lakhtaria Mr.A.Gupta Mr.A,Jain Mr.A.Prasad Mr.A.Kumar Mr.A.Singh Mrs.N.Fulmare Mr.S.Guha Neogi Mr.A.Sharma
  4. 4. Mrs.P.Saini Mr.S.Chaurasia Mr.A.Panwar Mr.H.Tiwari Mr.P.Srivastava Mrs.S.Mondal Mr.D.Ghosh Mr.Viswakarma5. PAPER SUBMISSION -A brief abstract (not exceeding 250 words) should be submitted online at withinNovember 01 , 2011.• Notification of acceptance of the abstract shall be communicated by email within November 10, 2011.• The deadline for submission of full paper in IEEE format ( maximum 6 pages) is November 20, 2011( hard deadline)..• Notification of acceptance of the full paper shall be communicated by email within November 30, 2011.6.REGISTRATION FEES -The conference registration deadline is December 10, 2011.The registration fees are as follows-Keynote and Invited Speakers / Authors of best 10 papers - FreeIndustry Delegate- 3000 INRAcademician – 2000 INR*Research Scholar / University Student / Listener– 500 INR* Research Scholar and university student must show proper identification cardREGISTRATION FEE INCLUDES:• Participation in the technical program• Lunch• Badge• Conference bag and/or conference accessories• Conference document (proceedings on book)• Coffee breaks• Welcome receptionOnly the ten best papers will be included in the conference proceedings and they hence will form thebackground paper of the conference.All Correspondence should be addressed to:Dr. Prasun ChakrabartiConvenor , ICTR 2011&Associate Professor and HeadDepartment of Computer Science and EngineeringSir Padampat Singhania UniversityUdaipur, 313601,Rajasthanemail: ,