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Social media marketing






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Social media marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Social Media Marketing Fall 12 { Akari Hayama
  • 2. Overview① Showcasing my blog② Facebook (favorite)③ Twitter (least favorite)④Closing thoughts
  • 3. ① Showcasing my blog< Blog >・9 final posts・ 0 comment・the post that got the most views was selfintroduction video.BECAUSE….. Easy to understand !!!* I don’t think I will keep up a blog because itis hard to keep up every time something newcomes up!
  • 4. < Video >・ it was more difficult than I imagined, but it wasalso fun ! BECAUSE… hard to remember what I speak in English did not know where to look at it took me about 3 hours to finish recording the first experience・ I had 9 viewers.・ the missing point after I watched others’ video… I should have mentioned the studying in the USA.・ To make it different, I would speak about why I am takingthis class.
  • 5. ② Facebook* What I learned…・ It is not just a communication tool, butmarketing tool. → pages, ads, and groups !!* how effective…I think it is so effective because informationspread through friends immediately.
  • 6. * My Facebook ・friends → 721 ・brands & groups → 170★ I will continue to useBECAUSE… I can keep in touch with friends. I can get information easily from pages & groups.
  • 7. ③ Twitter*what I follow on Twitter・Maybelline New York it is a worldwide brand, and I want to know what is new.・ Forever 21 same reasons as Maybelline New York・ Ian Somerhalder He is in “LOST” and “The Vampire Diaries”.
  • 8. * Sterengths ・brief ness ・timely news* Weakness ・complicated ・hard to read tweets★ I will not continue to use Twitter BECAUSE… it is complicated. I don’t like to write with the limited words. I have to put reply marks and group names.
  • 9. ④ Clothing thoughts* My thoughts ・new experience ・findings* The challenging part ・how to handle new skills/websites ・to think about how we can use socialmedia for the marketing
  • 10. Thank You ☺ 5/ Dec/ 2012