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NOK Empire Environmental Services Inc
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  • 1. Nok Empire Environmental Services Remediation & Waste Management Water Treatment & Management Air Quality & Management Environmental Consulting Business Model & Services Growing the Business
  • 2. NOK Empire Environmental Services Ltd.
    • Executive Management Intro:
    • Akanni Jackson Director - Board Member
    • Kevin Leasure President & CEO
    • Ike Nnamani Business Affairs
    • Ken Bergstrom Chief Technical Officer
    • Robert Massey Director of Operations
    • Michel Ikhimokpa Geologist
  • 3. Nok Empire Environmental Services Remediation & Waste Management Site Characterization Remediation and Site Closure Remedial Design, Oversight Soil treatment/Remediation Groundwater Remediation Hazardous Waste Management Remedial Assessment Health & Ecological Risk Studies Sediment Management Underground Storage Tanks  Site Restoration Environmental Due Diligence Regulatory Assistance Brownfield Site Remediation Construction Management Operation and maintenance Vapor Intrusion Manufactured gas plant Industrial Waste Management  Municipal Waste Disposal Tire Recycling
  • 4. Nok Empire Environmental Services Water Treatment & Management Water supply Master Plans Water Treatment Plant Design Water distribution design Pump Station Design Storage tank design Corrosion Assessment/Control  Asset management Vulnerability Assessments Security Systems Reservoir Design Watershed Management Water Quality Assessments Toxicity and Risk Assessment Wastewater Permitting Dam Safety and Rehabilitation Storm Water Management Hydrology Modeling, Flood Studies and Control Sediment Management Erosion Control Coastal and Marine Studies. Spill Planning and Response Natural Resources Management. Ecological Studies
  • 5. Nok Empire Environmental Services Air Quality & Management Air Quality Permitting & Engineering Regulatory Analysis, Negotiation and Expert Testimony Compliance Monitoring, Recordkeeping and Reporting Risk Management Planning Atmospheric Dispersion Model Development Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring Emissions measurement system design, Emissions Measurement System Fabrication and Installation Air Toxics Laboratory
  • 6. Nok Empire Environmental Services Ecological Consulting Environmental Permitting and Compliance Environmental Planning Site Selection and Analyses Field Studies and Data Collection Environmental Impact Assessments Ecosystem Restoration Sustainable Solutions  Stakeholder/Public Involvement  Regulatory Compliance/Strategies Socioeconomic Analysis  Social and Environmental Reporting Agency Consultation and Negotiation Geographic Information Systems and Database Applications
  • 7. Nok Empire Environmental Services Biological Consulting Aquatic and terrestrial biological assessments Habitat management and biodiversity planning Conservation and land management Native habitat Endangered species Wetland delineation/assessment Regulatory compliance/strategies Agency consultation and negotiation Expert witness Habitat management and biodiversity planning
  • 8. ALPINE Environmental Tech. Nig. Ltd. Corporate Structure: N I G E R I A Soil Remediation Alpine Environmental Technologies Corp. USA. NOK Empire Environmental Services. A Subsidiary of NOK Empire. AFRICA
  • 9. ALPINE Environmental Tech. Nig. Ltd.
    • Business Partnership to grow the Business Smartly:
    • Alpine Environmental Technologies Nigeria Ltd. Technical partnership agreement with Alpine Environmental Tech USA., parent company for intellectual property & support services
    • Exclusive License agreement for distribution of product in Africa
    • Work with In-Country Partners, Federal Agencies & State Govt.
    • Set up Chemical Manufacturing Capabilities within Nigeria
    • Secure Contracts with Major Oil Companies & NGOs
    • Secure Contracts with Federal & Local State Governments
  • 10. EnviroGreen ™ EHCS Soil Remediation Process
    • The Product:
    • Deactivates and neutralizes petroleum based hydrocarbons
    • Converts crude & petroleum based hydrocarbons into water and elemental carbon
    • Post treated area supports healthy plant growth
  • 11. EnviroGreen ™ EHCS Soil Remediation Process
    • The Process: Not Bio Remediation, Oxidation or
    • Soil Washing……..
    • Separates mechanical bond that binds the hydrocarbon compounds to the soil
    • Three stage catalytic process to disassemble chemical structure of hydrocarbons back into basic solid, liquid & gas phase
    • Proprietary chemical reactors to break C-C & C-H bonds at nuclei level
  • 12. EnviroGreen ™ EHCS Soil Remediation Process
    • The Process: Not Bio Remediation, Oxidation or Soil Washing
    • Soil is agitated down to the level where contamination no longer exist, typically 18” or less.
    • Soil is treated with EnviroGreen EHCS 1870s substrate powder and mixed evenly.
    • Soil is evenly saturated with EnviroGreen™ EHCS 1870c liquid Catalyst
    • EnviroGreen™ EHCS 1870ta liquid Termination Agent is applied
  • 13. EnviroGreen ™ EHCS Soil Remediation Process
    • Why EnviroGreen™
    • Reduces liability related to off site disposal, no residual toxic by-products
    • Reduce treatment expense as result of elimination of haul off and backfilling requirements
    • Designed to be single pass application product
  • 14. EnviroGreen ™ EHCS Soil Remediation Process
    • Why EnviroGreen™
    • Soil is remediated in hours not days or weeks
    • EnviroGreen remediated soil complies with all U.S., state & federal regulatory cleanup guidelines
    • EnviroGreen offers safe, easy to use & cost effective solution
  • 15. EnviroGreen ™ EHCS Soil Remediation Process
    • Why Alpine:
    • Alpine has the 20 years of experience in the remediation and environmental business
    • EnviroGreen™ is a proven remediation technology and is safe for Human and wildlife.
    • Alpine has exclusive licensing Agreement for Africa
  • 16. EnviroGreen ™ EHCS Soil Remediation Process
    • Why Alpine:
    • Alpine will license production formula & trademarked process
    • Alpine will train client team for 12 month period on trademarked application process and chemical production
    • Alpine will provide detailed documentation on component chemicals and trademarked process
  • 17. EnviroGreen ™ EHCS Soil Remediation Process
    • Product Summary:
    • EnviroGreen™ is less expensive to manufacture and use than competition
    • EnviroGreen™ works faster and more efficient than competition
    • EnviroGreen™ is safe for human and wildlife , leaving no residual dangerous toxic by-products like many competitive products
    • EnviroGreen™ is a proven remediation product for more than 20 years
  • 18.
    • Product Summary:
    • Oxidation Process is dangerous during handling and application and the process “Ruins” the soil. Alpine product is safe and you can plant crops after the soil has been remediated
    • Soil washing is an incomplete process. Does not get the job done. Alpine guarantees 98% removal and is a single pass solution
    • Bio remediation is expensive because it requires a lot of equipment, takes a long time and requires constant attention and multiple passes. Alpine is fast, more cost affective and no expensive equipment
  • 19. NOK Empire Environmental Services Thank You