Market Research to determine the need of an online integrated fitness resource


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This project was to understand if there is a need for an online community website, that integrates all the resources in which fitness enthusiasts are interested, into one online resource.

The key objectives of market research were:
- Understand and fine tune our target market
- Determine the services most important to our target market
- Determine if there is a need for a fitness website that integrates fitness resources

- Secondary Research
- Primary Research - Qualitative and Quantitative

Online survey link:

Findings and Recommendations:
- Redefine the target market
- Develop an app for instant sharing
- Exclude features such as Forums from the website
- Emphasize on local fitness information

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Market Research to determine the need of an online integrated fitness resource

  1. 1. Fitopia Market  Research  Report   Akanksha  Jain  |  Julianne  Vaughn  |  Jennifer  Major  |     Isabel  Mengs  |  Tannis  Peterson
  2. 2. Agenda Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations Interpretation of Data & Findings 4 1 3 2 Background, Key Objectives & Secondary Research Target Market, Sample Plan & Survey Design
  3. 3. Background, Key Objectives & Secondary Research
  4. 4. Background We  are  a  group  of  fitness  enthusiasts  in  San   Francisco  and  Bay  Area  who  regularly  engage   in  fitness  ac:vi:es.   We  are  also  ac:ve  users  of  online  and  mobile   technology  to  support  our  fitness  goals.  
  5. 5. Concept        Is  there  a  need  for  an  online  community  website   that  integrates  all  the  resources  in  which  fitness   enthusiasts  are  interested  into  one  online   resource?   Meet  ups   Blog  and  Forum   Fitness  Events   Fitness  Informa:on  &   Resources  
  6. 6. Key Objectives: Understand  and  fine  tune  our  target  market       Determine  the  services  most  important  to  our   target  market   Determine  if  there  is  a  need  for  a  fitness  website     that  integrates  fitness  resources  
  7. 7. Key Questions: 1      What  are  our  target  customer’s  current   2 fitness  resources?  (30%)        What  are  the  behaviors  of  our  target   market?  (50%)               3      Would  a  website  that  aggregates  fitness   informaNon,  events  and  meet-­‐ups  be   something  they  would  parNcipate  in?  (20%)  
  8. 8. Methodology / Alternatives Secondary  Research:   PublicaNons  |  Industry  data  |  Online  resources   Primary  Research:     QualitaNve  and  quanNtaNve  online  survey  
  9. 9. Secondary Research Key  focus  of  research:   1 Demographics  of  our  target   market   2 ExisNng  local  fitness  web  sites           How  many  people  access/profiles?   Have  they  built  a  community?  
  10. 10. Key Questions for Secondary Research What data is there on our Target market? What are the existing local fitness web sites? o  How many people access/profiles o  Have they built a community
  11. 11. Secondary Research Why  the  Bay  Area  for  a  Target  Market?   •  44.50%    Work  in  Management,  professional  and   related   •  Median  household  income  is  $75,989   With  affluent  pockets  such  as  Palo  Alto   ($122,532)  and    Half  Moon  Bay  ($96,208)   •  65.5%  are  between  the  age  of     18  to  64  (4,682,837 ppl)   •  San  Francisco  ranked  as  the  4th   fidest  city  in  the  US  in  the  2012     American  Fitness  Index!  
  12. 12. Secondary Research What  are  the  most  popular  fitness  web  sites   currently  used?  10  million  people  signed   up,  95  000  local  meetup  groups   Provides  informaNon  and  inspiraNon   to  take  your  fitness  to  the  next  level     Local  Bay  Area  Fitness   and  Health  Events   InformaNon  to  live  a  healthy  and   acNve  life:  123  000  members  with   over  365  000  posts  
  13. 13. Primary Research        Online  survey  to  determine  audience,  interest  &  if   there's  a  gap,  what  is  it?   3  Main  Goals:   1.  Define  our  Target  Market   2.  Iden:fy  Fitness  Needs  and  Interests   3.  Determine  interest  in  an  online  community  
  14. 14. Target Market Sample Plan & Survey Design
  15. 15. Sample Population Age  25  -­‐  55   Professional  (mid  to  high  income)   Survey  was  open  for  30  days  through  the   month  of  March  (spring)   Ini:al  survey  sent  out  to  1000  par:cipants  in  the  San   Francisco  Bay  Area.  Survey  was  also  sent  out  to  email  lists   for  local  athle:c  stores,  yoga  studios,  gyms,  community   centres  and  personal  trainers.  
  16. 16. Survey Design FUNNEL #1 FUNNEL #2
  17. 17. Survey Design FUNNEL #2 FUNNEL #3
  18. 18. Survey Design
  19. 19. Interpretation of Data/Findings
  20. 20. Target Market Behaviors Interest  in  joining  other  people  for  local  fitness  acNviNes:   Open  to  the  idea  because  it   o  Keeps  you  inspired  and  mo:vated   o  Is  a  lot  of  fun   *Drawback:  difficult  for  people  to  find  common  Qme  schedules         Finding  aTer  Research:   Add  another  component  to  the  website  -­‐     an  app  that  allows  sharing  of  work-­‐out  schedules.  
  21. 21. Target Market Behaviors Current  Fitness  Communi:es:     Classes,  Personal  training,  and  Meetups   Online  Communi:es   •  •  Current  Engagement     Level:  
  22. 22. Target Market Behaviors Opinion  on  having  a  Fitness  Buddy:   63%  think  that  it  would  be  a  great  idea   to  have  a  fitness  buddy     Reasons:   o  Workouts  would  be  more  fun   o  Buddy  will  keep  them  mo:vated   o  Great  for  outdoor  ac:vi:es  
  23. 23. Target Market Behaviors        Online  Resources  and  Engagement:   Only  11%  people  say  that  they  would  engage  in   conversaNons/  dialogues  online.   *Prefer  to  get  informaQon  from  trusted  sources  such  as  gym  instructors,  personal   trainers,  and  friends.         Findings  from  Research:   Exclude  Forums  component  from  website,   because  it  is  not  of  much  interest  to  people.  
  24. 24. Target Market Behaviors        Opinion  on  CreaNng  a  Profile  and  Engaging  on  the  Website:   58%     people  said  that  they  would  join  such  a   website,  and  of  these,  81%  said  that  they   would  create  a  profile  on  our  website.     *Indicates  that  they  would  not  only  visit  but  also  engage  with  the  website.   55% people  said  that  they  would  love  to  meetup  with   people  who  share  similar  fitness  goals  and  acNviNes.  
  25. 25. Target Market      Proposed:   Age:  25-­‐40   Gender:  Male  and  Female   Income:  Middle  &  High  Income  Group   Fitness  level:  Medium  to  High                    Findings  amer  Research:   People  aged  41-­‐60  spend  3-­‐5  hours     per  week  in  fitness  acNviNes   This  is  a  larger  market   than  we  had  anNcipated  
  26. 26. Target Market Behaviors The top resources participants indicated they used for searching fitness information: 1&2 Classes & Gyms Mobile Apps 3&4 Online Publications Print Publications 5&6 Personal Trainers Events & Meet-ups
  27. 27. Findings, Conclusions & Recommendations
  28. 28. The Story        How  omen  do  you   search  for  fitness   informaNon  online?   Key Finding #1: As  predicted,  there  are  a  significant  number  of  people  who  look   for  fitness  informaQon  online  on  a  regular  basis.  
  29. 29. The Story        Would  you  like  to  see  a   website  that  included  all   your  fitness  resources  in   one  place?   Key Finding #2: As  predicted,  there  are  a  significant  number  of  people  who  would     like  a  website  that  consolidated  important  fitness  informaQon  in     one  place.    
  30. 30. The Story          If  this  website  existed,   what  resources  would   you  like  to  see   included?   Including:  gyms,  classes,  clubs,   farmers  markets,  local   produce,  health  services  and   sports  events     Key Finding #3: The  two  most  desired  resources  for  the  site  would  be  informaQon   about  local  events  and  services  and  the  ability  to  search  and  'meet-­‐ up'  with  other  people  for  fitness  acQviQes.    
  31. 31. Recommendations Follow  up  research  is  required  to   beder  understand  the  age  41-­‐60   market  who  are  frequently   parNcipate  in  fitness  acNviNes.      Segment  target  market  in  two  groups:   (1)  Interested  in  outdoor  sports  and  acNviNes   (2)  Interested  in  working  out  at  the  gym  /  weight   training  
  32. 32. Recommendations - cont'd Add  an  app  that  allows  to  schedule   sharing  and  comparing  people  with     the  same  schedule.          Exclude  Forums  component  from   website.  Data  did  not  report  high   interest  level.  
  33. 33. Conclusions Our  Research  suggests  that:   People  do  search  for  informaQon  online,  and  also  look  for   offline  informaQon  sources  such  as  gyms,  classes,  personal   trainers,  and  friends.         Resources  most  sought  amer  by  our  target  market:   Local  Events   Meet-­‐ups   Blogs  from  trusted  sources   such  as  gym  instructors   Shared  Work-­‐out  Scheduler  
  34. 34. Conclusions 1 2 There are a significant number of people who would like a website that consolidated important fitness information in one place. They would not only use but also engage with such an integrated website.
  35. 35. Our  Research  Project  has  successfully  shown  that there  is  room  in  the  market  for  FITOPIA  to   become  a  popular  local  fitness  website  
  36. 36. Appendices Survey Link: