Accelerating Innovation in a Hyperconnected World - Akamai at TiECON East


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Tom Leighton, the Chief Executive Officer of Akamai Technologies gave this presentation on Accelerating Innovation in a Hyperconnected World at TiECON East in May 2013.

TiECON East brings together entrepreneurs in Technology, Life Sciences, Education, Clean Tech and Startups to learn about the latest industry trends, get advice from entrepreneurs, and network with professionals.

The presentation gives viewers an overview of what is required to manage a state of the art web presence, an overview of Akamai, as well as the four megatrends in Akamai's current market. The presentation concludes with Tom Leighton's advice for new entrepreneurs.

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  • TiECON East brings together entrepreneurs in Technology, Life Sciences, Education, Clean Tech and Startups. Learn the latest industry trends, get advice from entrepreneurs with successful exits & network for your next big opportunity. The theme of the conference is “Empowering Entrepreneurs” Keynote speakers includeJonathan Kraft, President of the Kraft Group, Tom Leighton, CEO of Akamai, Brian Halligan, Founder & CEO of HubSpot, ManojSaxena, General Manager of IBM Watson, Ash Ashutosh, CEO of Acitfio, and Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn.Tom speaks for 25 minutes at 7:15pm-Cambridge Marriott-- followed by 20 minute audience Q&A
  • Spinning Globe Demo
  • As we go forward we’re focused on addressing four key megatrends driving the market today:MEDIA:“Over 90% of IP traffic will be video by 2015” (Cisco) Supporting stats: Consumers give up on an online video if it doesn’t load in two seconds. (UMASS & Akamai research) Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016 (Cisco); Over 60% Growth in Worldwide Over-the-top Video Revenue in 2012 (ABI Research) CLOUD:“Nearly 2/3 of application workloads will be cloud-based by 2016” (Cisco) Supporting stat: Public cloud services market to grow 18.5% in 2013 to $131B worldwide, up from $111B in 2012 (Gartner) MOBILE: “50 billion connected devices by 2020” (Ericsson)Supporting stats: 1 in 4 visits to a U.S. retail site today is from a smartphone (Source: IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark Study); Smartphones will account for over 50% of visits to a commerce site by 2014 (Branding Brand) M-commerce will nearly triple over the next 3 years (eMarketer) SECURITY:Cyber attacks have increased >50X since 2009 (McAfee) Supporting stats: Denial of service attacks growing 16% CAGR by 2016 (Source: Infonetics Research: DDoS prevention market to grow from $272M in 2012 to $485M in 2016); The number of attacks on Akamai customers increased from 14 in 2009 to over 700 (768) in 2012 (Source: Akamai C-Care-security incidents); Cyber attack downtime for large e-commerce site can exceed USD100,000 per minute (Internet Crime Complaint Center)
  • Key takeaways for entrepreneurs starting out… 
  • Accelerating Innovation in a Hyperconnected World - Akamai at TiECON East

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    9. 9. ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARDTMMedia over IPOver 90% of IP trafficwill be video by 20151Cloud AdoptionNearly 2/3 of applicationworkloads will becloud-based by 20161Megatrends Driving the MarketThe Challenge:Quality at ScaleSources: 1-Cisco, 2-Ericsson 3-McAfeeThe Challenge:Performance & CostMobile50 Billion connecteddevices by 20202The Challenge:Performance & CapacityCyber AttacksCyber attackshave increased>50X since 20093The Challenge:Availability & Data Integrity
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