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A compilation of lit questions framed by me over the past year.

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  • Wordplay

    1. 1. Wordplay Lit Quiz Compilation
    2. 2. Absolut TalentThis is a series of paintings by writer and poet X. Description of each pic follows...
    3. 3. Vikram Seth
    4. 4. Which kingdom am I talking about?• The name was derived from Transylvania and Moldavia• Ran a successful space program in the area of Sbrodj in the 1950s• Their national dance is called the Blushtika (goat dance twisting)• Their biggest water body is Lake Pollishoff
    5. 5. The clichéd Tintin question• Kingdom of Syldavia
    6. 6. • A 19th century interpretation of X‘s most famous work Y.• The level of suffering and wickedness increases on the downward journey through the Y‘s nine layers.• No original copies of X‘s manuscript survive
    7. 7. X – Dante Alighieri, Y - Inferno
    8. 8. How do we know him better?• X was a practicing ophthalmologist, but not a very good one. In his autobiography he wrote that he didn‘t see a single patient. Who?
    9. 9. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    10. 10. • An English word for a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying their country. Named after Major Vidkun X (1887-1945), the Norwegian army officer and diplomat who rules Norway on behalf of the German forces.
    11. 11. Quisling
    12. 12. • Kerry Wendell Thornley is known as the founder of Discordianism. He is also known for his 1962 manuscript The Idle Warriors, which was based on the activities of his acquaintance X.• X, however will always be remembered for another event that happened 21 months later.
    13. 13. Lee Harvey Oswald• Assassination of John F. Kennedy
    14. 14. Non-exhaustive connect• Addiction • Hot-blooded• Arch-villain • Inaudible• Assassination • Ladybird• Bedazzled • Manager• Belongings • Multitudinous• Cold-blooded • New-fangled• Dishearten • Pageantry• Eventful • Scuffle• Eyeball • Swagger• Fashionable • Uncomfortable
    15. 15. Words invented by Shakespeare
    16. 16. Connect• Risico• The Hildebrand Rarity• The Property of a Lady• ____ in New York
    17. 17. The remaining original titles in the Bond Series• Sony has reported that they will be using an original title for Bond 24 and 25.• The stories are outdated anyway• Risico – Drug smuggling operations by Russians• The Hildebrand Rarity – Bond finds a fish for a millionaire who is subsequently murdered• The Property of a Lady – Bond visits Sotheby‘s to identify a KGB agent• 007 in New York – A female MI6 employee is with a KGB agent• Highly unlikely that any of it will be used again.
    18. 18. Silly funda behind what?• The common slang is to say "Holy X" instead of "Holy Mary"• The reason why X was chosen from a host of eligible candidates is because of its Dutch interpretation as a pimp. The word makelaar means broken or peddler which has now been adopted as a slang for pimp.
    19. 19. Holy Mackerel
    20. 20. • This phrase originated during the Vietnam War, a time when American troops spent extended periods of time in hot, humid jungles. Wearing tight-fitting undergarments reduced ventilation and increased the risk of fungal infections in the groin area.• What did they do? (It‘s probably the reason for the homosexuality in the US army)
    21. 21. Going commando
    22. 22. How is his legacy maintained even today?• X Hoag was a pimp and a thief in New York City in the 1840s. He would rob his wife Melindas ―customers‖ while she distracted them.• At first, the scheme worked like this: Melinda led a victim into a dark alley, where she picked his pockets. Then she embraced the victim and held her hand out behind him, where Hoag was hiding to grab the stolen goods. Inevitably, some of these men would go to the police to report the thefts. To protect himself and his wife from arrest, Hoag enlisted a couple of police officers by promising to split the stolen goods with them. But Hoags downfall came when he ran into some financial difficulties and couldnt give the officers their fair share.• Initially, he got away with this by operating a ―panel game‖ con. Melinda would bring the men back to her apartment—and then, according to George Wilkes, editor of the Subterranean (who met Hoag in prison while Wilkes was falsely imprisoned), ―Melinda would make her victim lay his clothes, as he took them off, upon a chair at the head of the bed near the secret panel, and then take him to her arms and closely draw the curtains of the bed. As soon as everything was right and the dupe not likely to heed outside noises, Melinda would give a cough, and the faithful Alec would slyly enter, rifle the pockets of every farthing or valuable thing, and finally disappear as mysteriously as he entered.‖ Sometime after that, Alec would bang on the door, and Melinda would make out that he was her husband who had returned early from some trip. The victims then would hastily grab their clothes and escape through the window.• The police soon discovered Hoag was cheating them out of their share by this new tactic and arrested Hoag and Melinda. Hoag promptly escaped from prison, with the help of his brother, but was eventually recaptured.
    23. 23. He was the original ‗Smart Alec‘• Alec Hoag was then given the nickname ―Smart Alec‖ by the police for being too smart for his own good. The thought is that the police then used this term when dealing with other criminals who seemed a little too smart for their own good, often thinking of ways around giving police their payoffs: ―Don‘t be a Smart Alec.‖• This term, as an expression, then took about 20 years to germinate and eventually found its way into print in 1865, and popular culture shortly thereafter.
    24. 24. Long Visual ConnectNon-exhaustive. There are plenty of books in this category.
    25. 25. De Profundis – Oscar Wilde
    26. 26. The Historie of the World Walter Raleigh
    27. 27. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus Ludwig Wittgenstein
    28. 28. The Travels of Marco Polo Rustichello de Pisa
    29. 29. Le Morte d‘Arthur Thomas Malory
    30. 30. The Consolation of Philosophy Boethius
    31. 31. Answer…
    32. 32. Books written from prison• http://listverse.com/2012/06/10/top-10-works-written-in-prison/
    33. 33. English words derived from Arabic
    34. 34. • X refers to a bundle of paper consisting of 480, 500, or 516 sheets. The original Arabic means package or bundle.
    35. 35. Ream
    36. 36. • The X came into western culture via the famous ―One Thousand and One Arabian Nights.‖ The X is a macabre demon who haunts burial areas and feasts on the dead. There is some debate as to whether this word is related to an ancient Mediterranean in demon ―Gallu.‖ The word ―X-ish‖ in English is used to describe an unsettling fascination with, or attitude toward, death. The word was rendered in the diminutive and used as title of the 1980s‘ ―Gremlins‖ rip-off ―X-ies.‖
    37. 37. Ghoul
    38. 38. • Probably coming to Europe with returning soldiers of the crusades, means, literally, ―prince of the sea.‖ Today X is the highest rank in the world‘s navies.
    39. 39. Admiral
    40. 40. • The Arabs ruled Spain from 711 AD until 1492 AD. Arabic culture has left an indelible mark on Spanish architecture, dance, and, of course, language. The word means ―dice,‖ which gave the Spanish word for risk ―azar,‖ ultimately coming to English as ―X.‖
    41. 41. Hazard
    42. 42. • The route of this word is enough to make one feel as if they had consumed a large quantity of the substance to which it lends its name. The word X refers to the dark eye-shadow used as a beauty accessory by women across the Near-East. Although Persian scientists were the first to identify Y in a scientific sense, westerners actually coined the term Y. Due to the similarities in the processes of sublimation for creating X and distillation for creating Y the later was adopted.
    43. 43. Kohl and Alcohol
    44. 44. Long Visual Connect A nearly exhaustive list
    45. 45. Reason
    46. 46. Answer…
    47. 47. Novels by Amitava Ghosh• Circle of reason• Shadow lines• Calcutta chromosome• Glass palace• Hungry tide• Sea of poppies• River of smoke