E-entrepreneurship in Engineering and Management Colleges and Universities


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E-entrepreneurship in India has a market scope of more than USD 800 Cr.. The student at engineering and management college can begun earning money in 1st year of Management course or 2nd year or 3rd year of B.Tech. course and have opportunity to earn money while working form home /hostels and put his time to constructive use. Also be a experienced entrepreneur with his small team by the time he is ready to leave the college and not looking for the job but giving the job to fellow students.

The concept is simple to implement having ampule scope with out investments. The initial funds are given by the DSTE to budding entrepreneurs having good ideas.

Also funds up to 5 Cr. available for Entrepreneurship incubation center.College who are interested may ask for more details.
Ajay Singh

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E-entrepreneurship in Engineering and Management Colleges and Universities

  1. 1. E- Entrepreneurship ProposalForManagement and EngineeringColleges/Universities
  2. 2. What is E- Entrepreneur?• Definition– An e-business is a company operating via theInternet. This business can have off-linecounterparts, or be a stand-alone enterpriseconsisting entirely of Internet operations.– The person or persons who conceptualizeand run such business enterprise are callede- entrepreneur.•5/13/2013 2
  3. 3. What it can do ?• Capabilities– E-businesses can fill a number of roles, fromthe buying and selling of goods to providingvarious services. In addition, e-businessescan also provide customer service andsupport for real-world firms, and collaboratewith business partners.5/13/2013 3
  4. 4. Some Famous Companies inE-Businesses• While many companies have an e-business component, some enterprisesare well-known for operating almostexclusively on the Internet. Popularexamples include eBay, Google,Amazon, and iTunes etc. are some wellknown multibillion Global e- enterprises.•5/13/2013 4
  5. 5. Students in Professional Colleges• Are tech savvy• Spending 2-8 hours every day on theinternet• Dreaming to do big• Willing to go in computer application areai.e. development, application, automationetc.• Full of energy and enthusiasm• Smart enough to adopt new concept and5/13/2013 5
  6. 6. What is the value addition ofE–Business to the students• Can begin working while in college• No capital or heavy investments arerequired• Helps in building team work spirit• Enhanced Confidence to beat competitionand prove capabilities• Motivate to do self study and be selflearner• Pride of being the owner and employer5/13/2013 6
  7. 7. Worlds youngest CEO Gopinath5/13/2013 7Suhas Gopinath whoseclimbto fame is being theyoungestCEO of the world. That was12 years ago and today heis only 26 years old.Gopinath said he sacrificed his student daysjust to be an entrepreneur. He went on tonarrate the story of his life and how hedeveloped the passion to build up an ITcompany of his own.
  8. 8. The story..• "A person should have practicalknowledge instead of theoretical," saidGopinath, adding none of the members ofhis company "have had any formalcomputer education".• He laid emphasis on team work."Development of any enterprise is not aone-man show," said Gopinath whilestressing on motivating oneself. "I learnthow to turn rejection into acceptance."5/13/2013 8
  9. 9. Launch of E- enterprise• Gopinath, who belongs to a middle-classfamily with his father being an air forceofficer, then narrated how he developed awebsite at a tender age. "I had noknowledge of the Internet. But, when I wasbrowsing in a cyber cafe I was fascinatedand thought long and hard. I soonlaunched my own website,www.coolhindustan.com he said.5/13/2013 9
  10. 10. What it takes to be anE- entrepreneur• A brilliant idea• A team• PCs or Laptops• Internet connection• Few Thousand Rupees• Working space, may begin from hostelroom or incubation centre5/13/2013 12
  11. 11. Well Known Indian e-enterprises• Naukri.com• Flipkart.com• Indiamart.com• Indiatimes.com• Makemytrip.com• ibibo.com• 0lx.in• Quikr.com5/13/2013 13
  12. 12. Some Indian e- entrepreneurs•Freecharge.in is an onlinerecharge service for prepaidmobiles.• The service is unique as it alsogives you retail coupons ofequal amount for free.•The coupons would be ofretailers like Barista,McDonald’s, Baskin Robbin’s,PVR etc.•The company has tied-up withalmost all the telecom operatorsin India and adding newretailers as well.5/13/2013 14
  13. 13. Some Indian e- entrepreneursAbhinandan Kumar - Founder ofEntrancezone.com• Started in 2006 at Jaipur• The site targets students in high school who are ready to take theplunge.•Pages for those aspiring for admission to law, engineering,medical, and commerce/MBA and architecture institutes.• Each subject has a dedicated page with sub sections. Thisincludes course details, exam information, discussion forums,resources• A section called “my zone”, which has a profile page, friends list,groups you have joined, videos and photos5/13/2013 15
  14. 14. Some Indian e- entrepreneurs•Owner of the Websitehttp://www.ShareUrJoy.com, India’s1st Gift Registry Portal•Wish lists can be made for variousoccasions like Wedding, Birthday,Anniversary, Engagement, New bornbaby, New House Warming party,Graduation, Retirement, festivalslike Diwali or any special days likeValentine’s Day, Father’s day,Mother’s day or absolutely nooccasion at all (Forever Wishlist).•The friends and relative willing togift can see who is giving what andgift as per wish list of the reciver5/13/2013 16
  15. 15. Story does not stop here5/13/2013 17One of Yahoo’s newest employees is a17-year-old high school student in Britain.As of now, he is one of its richest, too.That student, Nick D’Aloisio, a programming whizwho wasn’t even born when Yahoo was foundedin 1994, sold his news-reading app, Summarily,to the company for a sum said to be in the tens ofmillions of dollars.
  16. 16. The Story of Face book5/13/2013 18Mark Elliot Zuckerberg anInternet Entrepreneur one ofthe most known of 5 founders of Facbook was born 14 May1984 . Net worth USD 13.3BillionTogether with his collegeroommates and fellow HarvardUniversity students EduardoSaverin, Andrew McCollum,Dustin Moskovitz and ChrisHughes, Zuckerberg launchedFacebook from Harvardsdormitory rooms
  17. 17. So What are our offerings forE- Entrepreneurship program• Training• Mentoring• Hand holding• Arranging funds for the project with goodpotentials.• Commercialization of the project5/13/2013 19
  18. 18. How to begin• Step 1– Organize one day workshop in college– Four workshop of 2 day each to be conductedin college campus• Expected Out come– Awareness among the students about theopportunities in this arena– Working skills for doing the beginnersprojects5/13/2013 20
  19. 19. What is the cost• Step 1:– One day seminar in college for 100 studentsRs.25000– Four two day Workshop Rs. 8000 perparticipant Number of students in eachworkshop 25 (+-) 55/13/2013 21
  20. 20. How to begin• Step 2– 1day Simulation based training to thestudents– Further 12 days training through webinar 2hours each– E-Consultation to the students for One year• Expected Out come– Students gets working knowledge of usingsimulation based software to create differentbusiness situation and practice it– The students gets courage to en-cash5/13/2013 22
  21. 21. What is the cost• Step 2:– One day training in class room 25 studentsRs.25,000 one time Cost of softwareRs.25000.– 12 day 2 Hours Webinars Rs.6000 eachstudent. E consultation Rs.4000 each studentfor one year.5/13/2013 23
  22. 22. How to begin• Step 3– Mentoring of the students for one year– E-assistance for taking the project forward– One year Membership for entrepreneurshipforum for discussion and motivation– E-Books on the subject– Case studies• Expected Out come– The students should come out with successfulbeginning and launch of e-projects5/13/2013 24
  23. 23. What is the cost• Step 3:– Rs.12,000 each students for one year. OrRs.50,000 for one year if 5 or more studentsare working in a project5/13/2013 25
  24. 24. What out come to be expected• The students get exposed to theopportunities• Students get courage to do the beginningof e-projects before the studies arecompleted.• Few project may begin in one year time.• Development of confidence which shallplay important role in future forEntrepreneurship and in interview if goingfor the job.5/13/2013 26
  25. 25. Following Steps to be discussedafter MOU is signed• Hand holding• Arranging funds for the project withgood potentials.• Commercialization of the project5/13/2013 27
  26. 26. We also offer• Preparation of course syllabus for PGDMand other course in Entrepreneurship• Arrangement of Permanent and visitingfaculty for the teaching• Training on the software for decisionmaking in business, Entrepreneurship• Organizing workshop and seminars onthe Entrepreneurship• Thanks5/13/2013 28
  27. 27. We also offer• Arrangement of finance up to Rs.5 Cr. foropening of incubation centre in theCampus. As per Scheme of MSME.• Arrange seed money up to Rs. 100,000for the entrepreneurs as per Scheme ofDST.• Terms of the services may be discussedwith the organizations willing to avail theservices.5/13/2013 29
  28. 28. ContactAjay SinghSuccessMantraMobile:9811113345Email:as@successmantra.netWeb site:successmantra.net• © This presentation has been created to guide the students and collegemanagement. The copy should not be made with out prior permission and beacknowledged. Commercial use is prohibited.5/13/2013 30