Ajay Khaitan owned MCS Apparel sign partnership agreement with Apatchworks


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The Ajay Khaitan owned MCS apparel have announced an international partnership with an American non-profit organization. Apatchworks aim to mobilize the creativity of children that have cancer and also children that require medical aid. With the help of MCS, apatchworks will be able to fundraise and finance more artistic projects by becoming more deeply involved through the organization of several massive events throughout the year.

MCS is a boutique brand that can be found in over 40 different countries, they have a strong presence in the men’s fashion market and are following in the footsteps of many other Ajay Khaitan owned brands, by opening new boutiques in France, Italy and China. Apatchworks is a non-profit that is inspired by quilt patchworks, which have long been a family tradition of their founder Stacey Wilson-McMahon.

MCS will design T CELL night shirts that are to be handed in welcome packs for children of the paediatric oncology wards of several hospitals and family centres in France. They will also launch T-Cell Onesies that are an adult all-in-one pyjama. The sale of these will directly support apatchworks. In Spring 2015, there will be an auction of an original Ford Mustang/MCS, children from several French hospitals will create designs that will be used to customize the car, and the proceeds from the auction will go to apatchworks.

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Ajay Khaitan owned MCS Apparel sign partnership agreement with Apatchworks

  1. 1. MCS partnership goes international with apatchworks© Changing the lives of children “one patch at a time” MCS apparel signs partnership agreement with non-profit organization apatchworks© Paris, 2 October 2014 - MCS announced today its new international partnership with apatchworks©, an American 501c(3) non-profit organization which mobilizes the creativity of children hospitalized with cancer and children in need. MCS is committing to fundraise and finance artistic projects devised by apatchworks© by getting involved deeper, organizing several events throughout the year and engaging its boutiques in 40 countries worldwide. December 2014 Welcome packs for children of the pediatric oncology wards of several hospitals & family centers in France. Included in the pack MCS will design T CELL night shirts, in reference to the lymphocyte responsible for the immune response, February 4, 2015, World Cancer Day they will launch: - “T-Cell Onesies” - an adult all-in-one pyjama – whose sales profits will directly support apatchworks©… Ready for Spring 2015: - Auction of an original “Ford Mustang/MCS” –children from several hospitals in France and other countries will create designs that will be used to customize a Ford Mustang, the proceeds from the auction will go to apatchworks© . Andy Rigg – marketing director - is enthusiastic: “Stacey Wilson-McMahon has the talent to stimultate talent, which gives new meaning to life for all of us. We are proud to be partners with apatchworks© - and brand our vision of social responsibility with creativity.” Stacey Wilson-McMahon; founder & director, is thankful: “MCS has shown leadership, especially by getting involved on many levels, stimulating their own creative processes to ally action and fashion in new ways. Children with cancer need to have meaningful experiences and the opportunity for art. Thanks to MCS, this is going to be possible...” * * * MCS is a brand inspired by the American West. With more than 200 boutiques in 40 countries, MCS is expanding its presence in the men’s fashion market. After the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps in Paris, MCS is opening new boutiques in France, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Russia and China. As Moto GP partner, MCS is launching the Ford Mustang in France this year. http://www.mcsapparel.com/fr/corporate/ apatchworks© is an American non-profit organization 501c3 inspired by quilted patchworks, a family tradition for its founder Stacey Wilson-McMahon. Translating apatch as: “actively providing art to children in hospitals”, its mission is to help children with cancer and children in need through fun and artistic projects which open their lives up to the outside world and their own self-expression. Whether coordinating with schools or community youth groups, its creative approach is thus both individual and collective, and the hospital and patient are transformed on a daily basis. www.apatchworks.org