Sticky Wisdom: 14 Brilliant Ways to Communicate More Effectively


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Simple, powerful bits of wisdom to make your professional communications more impactful. For digital marketing, internal communications, social media, and anyone else who gets things done with words.

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Sticky Wisdom: 14 Brilliant Ways to Communicate More Effectively

  1. 1. Sticky Wisdom: 14 Brilliant Ways to Communicate More Effectively
 ! Jason Seiden
 @seiden • in/seiden
  2. 2. People are seeing your emails and texts and attachments on their smartphones. ! Notice I did not say “reading.” 
 Keep it short. ! ! @seiden • in/seiden
  3. 3. It’s easiest to shift peoples’ expectations before they have any. @seiden • in/seiden
  4. 4. A good title and clever concept are not the same as framing, and are never more important than good content. @seiden • in/seiden
  5. 5. Musicians don’t sell albums by telling everyone how passionate they are about singing, they sell albums by sharing their music. ! Stop talking about how great you are and show it. @seiden • in/seiden
  6. 6. Looks matter. ! Make your communication look like you care. ! @seiden • in/seiden
  7. 7. All in a days work: unreturned phone calls, email chains with no follow through, meetings that get delayed. ! Play through. @seiden • in/seiden
  8. 8. (See what I did there?) Actually, this is a perfect opportunity to follow the advice on the previous slide: decide that this slide is annoying, click next, and be done with it. @seiden • in/seiden
  9. 9. Spend enough time working, and friends, colleagues, coworkers, and competitors start to get mixed up. Social media speeds up the mixing process. ! ! @seiden • in/seiden
  10. 10. You’d be amazed at how much stuff I’ve gotten—or gotten away with—because I’ve smiled at people who were expecting me to scowl. Especially at airports. @seiden • in/seiden
  11. 11. Communication is just a set up for action… so plan for what happens after the talking is done. ! @seiden • in/seiden
  12. 12. If you’re not willing to engage in tough communication, you’re sunk. If you’re willing to engage but unable to do so without shaking, you’re still sunk. @seiden • in/seiden
  13. 13. The strengths and weakness you see in yourself may not be the ones other people see in you. ! @seiden • in/seiden
  14. 14. Each communication you have is pregnant with everything you’ve done leading up to it. @seiden • in/seiden
  15. 15. How long have your employees struggled to find the right words to explain what they do? ! Help them find the words to get their jobs done. ! More at @seiden • in/seiden