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Ajax Social Business Guidelines 1 Sheet

  1. 1. The Ajax GuidelinesThe question is not whether you are representing Ajax or not, because in today’s world, you’re always representing the company… just like you’re always representing your family or your alma mater. The question is, does this situation require a professional protocol or a personal one? And how should you adjust? The following should help: When a professional protocol applies When a personal protocol applies Be all things to all people? Probably a Again, trying to be all things to all bad idea. If you find yourself caught people? Bad idea. One of the things between multiple audiences, prioritize that makes Ajax great is the diversity people who “own” the brand (or of personality within our walls. Be Audience employer brand) for their company. true to yourself and “Let your freak In terms of industries, media, financial flag fly,” as Joe Gerstandt would say. services, staffing/recruiting, and (Worth looking him up, btw.) software/tech get first dibs. You’re a part of a bigger whole. Follow The person you are was good enough the Ajax voice so we can leverage to get you hired, so keep it going! Be Personality one another. When in doubt, be you. Follow nobody. straightforward. We’ll make ‘em, we’ll own ‘em. Just Your mistakes are just about the only remember that it’s me on the line at the thing you will ever create that others end of the day. If you make a mistake won’t try to take credit for. Make them, Mistakes trying to do what’s right for Ajax, I’ve learn from them, apologize for them, got your back. If you put yourself above and move forward. the company and get caught, I won’t have your sleepless night. We’ve got a plan and we stick to it. Having Use Buffer. Don’t send edgy content a designated individual coordinating like “This city is boring” on the heels and facilitating posts ensures that we of an airport check in. And really can be nimble, responsive and inclusive watch yourself during work hours. Timing without getting sidetracked from our One former employee rescheduled message. So if you’ve got something to a client call and then tweeted from say, let’s get your message queued up! a hair salon during the original call One thing, though: bring your best. time. The client was pissed. So was I. This is big dog country. She’s not here anymore. Ajax speaks about Workforce Marketing. You make movies? Play drums? This includes subtopics of branding/ Entertain? Volunteer at your local pet messaging, change management, shelter? Bring the awesome, let’s hear alignment, internal communications, about it! You love your work at Ajax? Content marketing, sales, recruiting, HR, org Then get profersonal™ and share that, design, and framing. too! If it’s a part of who you are, then share it! If work is a minor subplot in your life, then don’t! Whoever you are, be the whole you!
  2. 2. When a professional protocol applies When a personal protocol applies Never. Better safe than sorry! The commercial about the woman who’s friends ostracize her for posting Tagging photos from their Vegas trip? Dead on. others Make people look good. There should be events in your life you wish you could post about… but don’t. Politics. Religion. Sex. Negativity. Keep in mind that it’s very difficult Profile photos with alcohol (album to “unhear” certain messages. IfVerboten photos OK, just don’t tag them). you share anything that impairs Jokes at others’ expense. Narcissism. your ability to be taken seriously by clients, that’s something the company has to consider. Demonstrate expertise. Introduce To paraphrase Chuck D: stand for people to Workforce Marketing. Make something, lest you fall for anything. others feel good about themselves. I’ll stand behind you. I’ll help you amplify your brand. Not because I like Goals you, which I probably do if you work here. But because a better you is better for Ajax, better for your coworkers, and mostly better for yourself. And I’ll always stand for people working to make themselves and others better. Fight no one. There’s no upside in Fight no one. There’s no upside inAddressing arguing. Remember: “Never wrestle a arguing. Remember: “Never wrestle a problems pig. You both get muddy and the pig pig. You both get muddy and the pig enjoys it.” enjoys it.” The bottom line: I want you to set yourself up for success. When you look good, we all look good. ©2013 Ajax Workforce Marketing