Ajax Workforce Marketing (Simplified Offerings)


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Quick overview of Ajax's primary offerings: an employee brand advocacy assessment & workforce marketing engagement.

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Ajax Workforce Marketing (Simplified Offerings)

  1. 1. April, 2014
  2. 2. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Ajax gets employees and employers working together on social media to tell a consistent company story.
  3. 3. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM This makes processes impacted by employee conversations—like talent acquisition, talent retention, and even sales— more efficient.
  4. 4. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM What differentiates Workforce Marketing from social media campaigns is a focus on resonance. Workforce Marketing Impact = Resonance x Reach Cost x Effort Making the brand meaningful to employees makes it easier for them to share the brand with their networks. Because employees are up to 6x more trusted than company spokespeople (2013 Edelman Trust Barometer), getting heard
 becomes easier. Reach without resonance? That’s spam. Resonance gets employees to self-identify with the message, making branding programs more sustainable and driving down overall costs.
  5. 5. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Case study: Oil & Gas 
 Why it works: Our opt-in approach modeled exactly how to use LinkedIn to solve a specific, important challenge for employees, with no distractions. Ajax was approached by a major oil and gas company to help it use LinkedIn to recruit more efficiently. Ajax assessed employee brand ambassadorship, across both recruiters and non-recruiters, and then implemented a 3-step program to engage employees. We achieved the following: • Voluntary use of brand messaging up 907% • Voluntary use of LinkedIn summaries/ current job descriptions up 268% • Voluntary use of keywords up 85% • Voluntary use of résumé jargon down 224% 0.0%$ 10.0%$ 20.0%$ 30.0%$ 40.0%$ 50.0%$ 60.0%$ Pre$ Post$ Average$ In$room$ Remote$ Not$in$session$
  6. 6. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Case study: eCommerce Our data showed employees why brand advocacy is important, and how it could help them day-to-day. Getting buy-in on suggestions on how to use and optimize their LinkedIn profiles—such as writing a client-focused summary—flowed naturally from the findings. Ajax worked with a major retailer to help it recruit technical talent in the Bay Area more effectively. Working with business leaders and technical staff across departments, Ajax: • Increased overall brand advocacy 67%, from 39% to 65%. • Increased voluntary use of company messaging nearly 300%, from 15% to 59%. Before Before&After
  7. 7. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Case Study: The Expert’s Experts We have repeatedly demonstrated an ability to drive behavioral change across all levels of employees and across all levels of social media savvy, from “newbies” to “gurus.” The following feedback is from a Fall 2013 program with certified LinkedIn Recruiter users and other social-savvy recruiters: • 97% of participants reported learning something actionable from Ajax’s brand advocacy assessment. • 94% of participants reported better understanding how to use LinkedIn and social media as a business tool. • 94% of participants reported having taken action or having a strong intent to act on what they learned. Our methodologies are rooted in decades of organizational science. We have been refining them for social business since 2010.
  8. 8. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Simplified Offerings ! The Brand Amplifier
 Measuring Employee Brand Advocacy ! What we do: • Assess brand advocacy across 200 employees. • Deliver concrete, actionable steps for amplifying the employer brand. ! What the client gets: • Quantified report on employee brand ambassadorship, with an analysis of results. • Individualized feedback for employees. • A 90 minute executive briefing with Ajax.
 ! How the client benefits: • Insights pinpoint opportunities in an actionable, scalable way. • Insights connect the dots between individual and organizational results. • Subscription opportunities allow the client to track improvement over time. ! ! Employer Brand On-boarding
 Optimizing Employee Advocacy ! What we do: • Assess employee brand advocacy, plus • Support internal and agency resources to get employees engaged with the brand ! What the client gets: • All output from the assessment. • A proven, 6-week program to increase employee brand advocacy. • All output and communications generated during the program. • Follow-up assessment to measure impact.
 ! How the client benefits: • All benefits from the assessment. • A turn key, proven model for driving change that can be used in the future. ! !
  9. 9. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Actionable Insights LinkedIn Profile Notes by Ajax Workforce Marketing February 7, 2014 About you: Your professional credibility The checklist below will help you project a professional image. If you don’t want your network to know you are updating your profile, be sure to “Turn off activity broadcasts” in your settings before making changes. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 3LinkedIn Profile Notes by Ajax Workforce Marketing BrandAdvocacyElements My peers Me Comfortable Do you have a photo? Ready Do you have a custom, “vanity” URL? Connected Do you have 500+ connections? Descriptive Do you have a summary + current job description? Present Do you avoid résumé jargon? Natural Is your profile written in the first person? Strategic Do you use multimedia to enhance your message? To-the-point Is your summary < 200 words? Community minded Have you activated the Volunteer & Civic Causes section? Skilled Do you list 7 or more job-related skills? Dedicated Is company messaging present on your profile? Thoughtful Have you gone beyond copying/pasting company messaging? 80% 34% 55% 27% 14% 17% 9% 60% 14% 80% 34% 17% February 7, 2014 ugh advocacy ages ! ! but our t to e: be if ly 4 “How do I look?!” Do you have a great profile photo? A bad one? Don’t worry, we won’t judge! What we want to know is, will your photo help you attract the right people? Will it get you closer to your goals? These are different criteria than most people use to assess a profile. And the results may surprise you… Our simple assessment tool makes it easy to take meaningful action, track progress, and measure impact. 0.0%$ 10.0%$ 20.0%$ 30.0%$ 40.0%$ 50.0%$ 60.0%$ Pre$ Post$ Average$ In$room$ Remote$ Not$in$session$
  10. 10. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM Thankyou Jason Seiden jason@ajaxwm.com workforcemarketing.com
  11. 11. WORKFORCEMARKETING.COM When people communicate well, amazing things happen. We work with clients to help them unleash the persuasive potential of all their professional employees. We identify the essence of what an enterprise stands for, work to make everyone in the company feel ownership of it, show employees how advocacy benefits them as individuals, and create a path for their aggregated efforts to benefit the organization upon whose profits they depend. In the end, employees are empowered to do more amazing things, and their efforts become the foundation for a more sustainable, effective, and strategic employer brand. Payroll is an investment you’ve already made. Be sure the return is all it can be. - Jason Seiden CEO, Ajax Workforce Marketing About Us