Ajax Workforce Marketing- Social Business Guidelines


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This is how Ajax guides it's brand on social media, and what Ajax expects from its employees. It's about what you CAN say, not what you can't.

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Ajax Workforce Marketing- Social Business Guidelines

  1. 1. Our Social Business Guidelines
  2. 2. Hi, team.
  3. 3. Overlapping, transparent online networks mean that your friends,clients, and coworkers are mixing up, at least a little bit;Given that...
  4. 4. You own your personal identity while I own mine;The Ajax voice is a common thread that unites all of us;When it comes to the Ajax voice, what one of us does reflects on all of us;
  5. 5. Ajax will not be a lifetime job for all of us, but we share ourAjax experiences until the end of our careers;A strong, reputable alumni network helps us as a companyand as individuals for as long as we continue to be part of it;Success speaks with action;
  6. 6. People in the know don’t seek opportunities to prove it;Ajax advocates for more genuine and natural business communications;As people, we are no better than anyone else,just more focused in the area of Workforce Marketing;andKnowledge alone has far less value than knowledge coupled with execution;
  7. 7. I am asking that the entire Ajax Army ofAwesome adhere to a set of guidelineswhen engaged in social business.
  8. 8. This will help us:o Act judiciously.o Create predictability for one another and engender trust amongstteam members.o Advocate Workforce Marketingo Demonstrate the power of being profersonal™ to clients and others.o Ensure consistent delivery of our own messages to the world.o Help us maintain awareness of our own voices, both as individualsand as members of the team.o Onboard new Army of Awesome members.o Exercise discipline with our brand.o Raise the caliber of opportunity we attract into our orbits.
  9. 9. The Ajax Archetype
  10. 10. Our guidelines begin not with a set of rules, but with an archetype. Ajax, personified.If you’re part of the Army of Awesome, you should be familiar with our Brand Profile.When in doubt, use this archetype to make the best decision possible:If Ajax were a person, he would be your confident, competent older brother or sister—the one who tells you what you need to hear even when you don’t want to hear it. Heknows the ropes and, more importantly, knows how to share what he knows to makeyou comfortable with what you’re facing. He so obviously wants you at your best thateven when pushing you out of your comfort zone, you feel assured that he is usinghis expertise and sense of humor to build you up.
  11. 11. The Ajax GuidelinesThe question is not whether you are representing Ajax or not, because intoday’s world, you’re always representing the company… just like you’realways representing your family or your alma mater. The question is,does this situation require a professional protocol or a personal one?And how should you adjust? The following should help:
  12. 12. When a professional protocol appliesBe all things to all people? Probably abad idea. If you find yourself caughtbetween multiple audiences, prioritizepeople who “own” the brand (oremployer brand) for their company.In terms of industries, media, financialservices, staffing/recruiting, andsoftware/tech get first dibs.When a personal protocol appliesAgain, trying to be all things to allpeople? Bad idea. One of the thingsthat makes Ajax great is the diversityof personality within our walls. Betrue to yourself and “Let your freakflag fly,” as Joe Gerstandt would say.(Worth looking him up, btw.)Audience
  13. 13. When a professional protocol appliesYou’re a part of a bigger whole. Followthe Ajax voice so we can leverageone another. When in doubt, bestraightforward.When a personal protocol appliesThe person you are was good enoughto get you hired, so keep it going! Beyou. Follow nobody.Personality
  14. 14. When a professional protocol appliesWe’ll make ‘em, we’ll own ‘em. Justremember that it’s me on the lineat the end of the day. If you make amistake trying to do what’s right forAjax, I’ve got your back. If you putyourself above the company and getcaught, I won’t have your sleeplessnight.When a personal protocol appliesYour mistakes are just about the onlything you will ever create that otherswon’t try to take credit for. Make them,learn from them, apologize for them,and move forward.Mistakes
  15. 15. When a professional protocol appliesWe’ve got a plan and we stick to it. Havinga designated individual coordinatingand facilitating posts ensures that wecan be nimble, responsive and inclusivewithout getting sidetracked from ourmessage. So if you’ve got something tosay, let’s get your message queued up!One thing, though: bring your best.This is big dog country.When a personal protocol appliesUse Buffer. Don’t send edgy contentlike “This city is boring” on the heelsof an airport check in. And really watchyourself during work hours. One formeremployee rescheduled a client call andthen tweeted from a hair salon duringthe original call time. The client waspissed. So was I. She’s not here anymore.Timing
  16. 16. When a professional protocol appliesAjax speaks about Workforce Marketing.This includes subtopics of branding/messaging, change management,alignment, internal communications,marketing, sales, recruiting, HR, orgdesign, and framing.When a personal protocol appliesYou make movies? Play drums? Entertain?Volunteer at your local pet shelter? Bringthe awesome, let’s hear about it! You loveyour work at Ajax? Then get profersonal™and share that, too! If it’s a part of whoyou are, then share it! If work is a minorsubplot in your life, then don’t! Whoeveryou are, be the whole you!Content
  17. 17. When a professional protocol appliesNever. Better safe than sorry!When a personal protocol appliesThe commercial about the womanwho’s friends ostracize her for postingphotos from their Vegas trip? Dead on.Make people look good. There shouldbe events in your life you wish youcould post about… but don’t.Tagging others
  18. 18. When a professional protocol appliesPolitics. Religion. Sex. Negativity.Profile photos with alcohol (albumphotos OK, just don’t tag them).Jokes at others’ expense. Narcissism.When a personal protocol appliesKeep in mind that it’s very difficult to“unhear” certain messages. If you shareanything that impairs your ability tobe taken seriously by clients, that’ssomething the company has to consider.Verboten
  19. 19. When a professional protocol appliesDemonstrate expertise. Introducepeople to Workforce Marketing. Makeothers feel good about themselves.When a personal protocol appliesTo paraphrase Chuck D: stand forsomething, lest you fall for anything. I’llstand behind you. I’ll help you amplifyyour brand. Not because I like you, which Iprobably do if you work here. But because abetter you is better for Ajax, better for yourcoworkers, and mostly better for yourself.And I’ll always stand for people working tomake themselves and others better.Goals
  20. 20. When a professional protocol appliesFight no one. There’s no upside inarguing. Remember: “Never wrestle apig. You both get muddy and the pigenjoys it.”When a personal protocol appliesFight no one. There’s no upside inarguing. Remember: “Never wrestle apig. You both get muddy and the pigenjoys it.”Addressing problems
  21. 21. The bottom line: I want you to setyourself up for success. When youlook good, we all look good.
  22. 22. ConsequencesEverything we do online has consequences—either positiveor negative. (Don’t kid yourself about being “neutral”… peoplerarely assume “neutral” intent in others.) These guidelinesare designed to help you engage online in a way that triggerspositive consequences for both you and for Ajax.
  23. 23. This is not a policy document. I’ve always appreciated flexible environments inwhich I had space to exercise judgment, so that’s what I’ve set up at Ajax. That said,flexibility does not mean impunity. If you take an action online that impacts yourability to do your job, or negatively impacts Ajax’s reputation, or raises our cost ofdoing business, then the consequences may be job-ending. Consequences will beaddressed on a case-by-case basis though, so the facts and circumstances of theevent can be fully understood before action is taken. I trust the people I hire.
  24. 24. Why is this document written in the first person?Because business is profersonal.™ This isn’t just a job for me, it’s areflection of who I am. We’re changing the world, and we’re doing ittogether. That’s pretty damn personal, if you ask me.
  25. 25. Thank you.I appreciate all that you do. It’s been a helluva ride…and I can’t wait to see where we go next!Forward together,Jason