Pen Project for US and Sierra Leone Students


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This year, Khadarlis Global is starting a pen pal project called "Classroom to Classroom."

This is an opportunity for students from Sierra Leone and the United States to connect with one another through letters.

Not only would this be wonderful for students in Jimmi (a place in Sierra Leone) to find friends here in the US, but it would be great to create cultural exchange. Through a simple letter, children and teens thousands of miles apart will reach each other through one of the oldest communication tools possible.

Our hope is to create students who are globally aware about others, and not just about themselves and to practice basic communication skills.

For Sierra Leonean children, letters may still be one of the ways they are able to reach out (cost effectively) to the world.

At the end of the year, we also want to create a class donation drive where pen pals in the US can donate backpacks or school supplies to their pen pals in Sierra Leone.

If your class is interested, please contact Khadarlis at We are a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to alleviating social inequality and poverty world wide.

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Pen Project for US and Sierra Leone Students

  1. 1. ❧ ❧ Classroom to classroom Pen pals project Khadarlis For Sierra Leone
  2. 2. Sierra leone ❧ Located in West Africa, north of the Equator ❧ Eastern region is mountainous ❧ West has 250 miles of coastline giving it marine resources, followed by Mangrove swamps, rainforest plains and farmland, and to the east there is a mountainous plateau.
  3. 3. General Facts ❧ Population = 5,485,998 ❧ Monetary unit= leone ❧ Portuguese gave Sierra Leone its name meaning “lion mountains” ❧ Government= constitutional democracy ❧ Literacy Rate= 35.1% ❧ Capital= Freetown, located on coastal peninsula, next to worlds 3rd largest natural harbor making it the center of trade and colonial administration ❧ Rice is staple food eaten at almost every meal
  4. 4. NATIONAL FLAG Agriculture and natural resources Justice Freetown’s Harbor
  5. 5. More facts ❧ Climate: tropical ❧ Favorite sport: Soccer ❧ Motto: Unity, Freedom, Justice ❧ Official language: English ❧ Most spoken language: Krio
  6. 6. SEASONS OF SIERRA LEONE 2 seasons: Rainy season from May- November, Dry season from November to May,
  7. 7. CULTURE & TRADITIONS ❧ Dance and music ❧ Dances for every occasion ❧ People carve masks in animal and human figures ❧ At ceremonial occasions (weddings, funerals, initiations, ..) there are large platters of rice given to guests until they are full
  8. 8. ETHNICITY AND RACE ❧ 20 Native African tribes make up 90% of population ❧ 10% made up of refugees from Liberia(after their civil war) ❧ small amounts of Europeans, Lebanese, Pakistanis and Indians
  9. 9. Religion ❧60% Islam, ❧30% indigenous ❧10% Christian
  10. 10. Civil war ❧ Rebellion to overthrow corrupt government began on March 23rd, 1991 ❧ The war lasted from 1991 to 2002 ❧ 50,000 people died in the war ❧ Government allowed economic collapse. They could not even pay teachers, which caused the education system to fail
  11. 11. Education in sierra leone ❧ About 25–30 percent of primary- school-aged children (more than 240,000) are currently not in school. ❧ Most schools very poor classroom conditions ,still do not have enough learning materials and underqualified teachers. ❧ Very large class sizes, overcrowded classrooms (more than 60 students per classroom)
  12. 12. EDUCATION (CONT.) ❧ Attendance of primary school is free, but there are the hidden costs of travel and uniforms, ❧ Children could also be working to support their family instead ❧ Early marriage is often encouraged, resulting in girls not attending school.
  13. 13. Education compared to u.s. There are not enough schools, so some classes are taught underneath trees and huts. American schools usually have extra supplies, whereas Sierra Leone schools rarely have enough Classes are almost doubled in size in Sierra Leone compared to American classes. All children legally have to attend school in the United States. It is considered a privilege in Sierra Leone
  14. 14. CHILDREN IN SIERRA LEONE ❧ Some children have to work to support their families ❧ Others have to spend their mornings and afternoons retrieving water, traveling miles to find it. ❧ 20-30 percent of elementary school-aged children do not attend school
  15. 15. WATER WELLS 70 percent of Sierra Leoneans are unable to meet their basic needs in terms of safe water and sanitation Children can’t attend school because they spend entire days getting water for their families Most still-water such as ponds and unprotected wells contain contaminated water, containing parasites and diseases.
  16. 16. KHADARLIS FOR SIERRA LEONE Khadarlis For Sierra Leone is an organization located in Providence, RI. They work hard to fix all of the problems we have mentioned. o They send supplies and workers to rebuild roads, schools, homes, and water wells in Sierra Leone. oThey also help homeless and low income families in Rhode Island by providing the essentials needed when they move into a new apartment and find a job.
  17. 17. How does it work? ❧ Pen pals write letters back and forth to each other. ❧ You can tell each other about your life, your school, your favorite hobbies. ❧ You get to learn about what life is like for children in Sierra Leone, and they get to learn about you! ❧ This friendship can last a life time depending on YOU! ❧ Love someone from a distance
  18. 18. WHAT TO INCLUDE ❧ Include your name, age, where you are from. ❧ Talk about school. What do you study? What is your favorite subject? What is your school day like? ❧ Tell them things about you. What is your favorite color? Do you have any pets? Talk about your favorite foods and activities. What do you like to do? ❧ Tell them about your family and family traditions. ❧ Ask questions about your pen pal! ❧ At the end of your school year ❧ Donate your used book bag and ❧ Supplies to be shipped to her/him
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?
  20. 20. REFERENCES ❧ References: ml Leone.html leone/culture-of-sierra- leone.html ure urces/278200-1099079877269/547664- 1099508849130/39166_Edu_Sierra_Leone.pdfhttp://the