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  • A principle with which most people would agree.
  • 2013_Workshop_Ground_Handling_JOSE_SABATE - INFORM_GMH_B

    1. 1. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.20131
    2. 2. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.20132José Carlos M. SabatéINFORM GmbH
    3. 3. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.20133WORKSHOP DEGROUND HANDLING BRASILEIROO papel das empresas de Ground Handling na aviação brasileira22 de maio de 2013PAINEL 2Como garantir a colaboração entre as empresas para executar aoperação diária comsucesso de forma a garantir a agilidade e a tranquilidade do passageiro
    4. 4. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.20134„Aviation Starts on the Ground“
    5. 5. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.20135A Single goal:Efficient, Safe and Secure TurnaroundMultiple players:AirportAirlinesGround Handling Service Providers
    6. 6. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.20136Airline auto-handlingThird-party service providers
    7. 7. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.20137Normally, no single Ground Handling company provides all of themyriad of different services required for an aircraft turnaround.Some specialize in services on the Ramp. Some provide servicesin the Terminal. Some specialize in a single type of service(security, assistance to passengers with reduced mobility,cleaning).
    8. 8. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.20138Cooperation and coordination among the ground handling serviceproviders , and among these and the airline and airport, areessential to guarantee safe, secure, on-time and cost efficientoperations on the ground.Only technology can provide the foundation on which to buildand maintain that cooperation and coordination.
    9. 9. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.20139Full Situational AwarenessIdentification of potential or actual bottlenecks affecting aparticular flight, an area of business or a certain class of activity.Providing of early notice so that delays can be avoided orminimizedAnalyzing dependencies amongthe various processesCalculating time estimates toinform other areas or playersThe Solution
    10. 10. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201310Several cutting-edge technology companies have developed inrecent years so-called„Turnaround Management Sytems“designed to monitor all of the events, tasks and processesassociated to a flight arrival and the subsequent departure.
    11. 11. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201311IncludingBusiness Inteligence Tools
    12. 12. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201312However, awareness is not enough if it is not supported by thetools needed to provideOperational ReadinessNeed of powerfuloptimization algorithmsto efficientlydeployresources andquickly react tooperational changes ...
    13. 13. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201313... with the appropriatemobility means to conveydecisions and propagateinformation timely andaccurately...
    14. 14. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201314... the use of passenger and baggage transfer managementsystems that identify and resolve misconnections, overbooking andthe impact of canceled flights...
    15. 15. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201315... and GPS-based localization and control of assets andgraphical representations of the field.
    16. 16. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201316Turnaround Management Systems are thus instrumental in thecoordination of the operation of multiple ground handlingcompanies and the airlines they provide their services to.With a clear end-benefitiary: the Passenger.
    17. 17. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201317ATCAirport AirlinesGround HandlingBut the players are not only the ground handling companies and the airlines...
    18. 18. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201318Turnaround Management Systems have also become the foundationof the every-day more present Airport Collaborative Decision Makingapproach or A-CDM.Flight Plan Submission1CFMU Slot Allocation (CTOT)2Take Off from Outstation (ATOT)3FIR Entry/Local Radar Data4Final Approach5Actual Landing (ALDT)6Target Start-Up Approval (TSAT)10Actual In-Block (AIBT)7Target Off-Block Estimation (TOBT)9Boarding (ASBT)11Aircraft Ready (ARDT)12Actual Start Up Request (ASRT)13Actual Start UpApproval (ASAT)1416 Actual Take Off (ATOT)15 Actual Off-Block (AOBT)8 Actual Ground Handling Start (ACGT)InboundTurn-AroundOutbound
    19. 19. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201319Solutions that exist in the market, with proven results andthat help the players at the airport to improve their dailyoperation and, as a consequence, guarantee a much betterPassenger Experience
    20. 20. Airport Infra ExpoSão Paulo , 22.05.201320José Carlos M. SabatéINFORM GmbHMuito Obrigado