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8 software defined networking and traffic engineering partha narasimhan_ash chowdappa
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8 software defined networking and traffic engineering partha narasimhan_ash chowdappa



Published in Technology , Travel
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  • 1. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   #airheadsconf   So#ware  Defined  Networking  &     Traffic  Engineering     Partha  Narasimhan    &  Ash  Chowdappa   March  2013  
  • 2. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   -­‐  IntroducNon  to  SDN   -­‐  SDN  EvoluNon  &  Traffic  Engineering   -­‐  Wired  +  Wireless  SDN  Architecture   -­‐  SDN  Use  Cases   -­‐  Simplified  network  designs  with  SDN  ?   Agenda  
  • 3. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   #airheadsconf  3   IntroducNon  to  SDN  
  • 4. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   4   #airheadsconf   So#ware  Defined  Networking   •  SoWware-­‐defined  networking  decouples  network  control   (rouNng  and  switching  traffic)  from  the  physical  network   topology     •  Network  intelligence  and  state  are  centralized,    network   topology    is  abstracted  and  virtualized   •  Open  Networking  FoundaNon  consorNum    is  leading   standardizaNon  efforts     •               hps://   •  OpenFlow    is  a    protocol    that    facilitates  communicaNon   between  SDN  Controllers  and  SDN  capable  network   elements.  
  • 5. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   5   #airheadsconf   SDN  Logical  Architecture*   *  hps://­‐papers/wp-­‐sdn-­‐newnorm.pdf  
  • 6. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   6   #airheadsconf   SDN  &  OpenFlow  benefits*   *  hps://­‐papers/wp-­‐sdn-­‐newnorm.pdf   •  Centralized  management  and  control  of  networking  devices  from   mulNple  vendors     •  Increased  network  reliability,  security,  uniform  policy  enforcement,  and   fewer  configuraNon  errors   •  More  granular  network  control  with  the  ability  to  apply  comprehensive   and  wide-­‐ranging  policies  at  the  session,  user,  device,  and  applicaNon   levels   •  Beer  end-­‐user  experience  as  applicaNons  exploit  centralized  network   state  informaNon  to  seamlessly  adapt  network  behavior  to  user  needs.    
  • 7. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   #airheadsconf  7   SDN  EvoluNon  &  Traffic  Engineering   Home  vs  Enterprise  Networks  
  • 8. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   8   #airheadsconf   SDN  Categories     Datacenter/Core Infastructure Access Infrastructure
  • 9. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   9   #airheadsconf   Quest    to  simplify  end  user  experience  &     network  operaHons   Typical  “Home”  networks   •  Handful  of  personal  devices   •  Single  broadcast  domain  in  home  networks   Enterprise  networks   •  100’s  of    Broadcast  domains   •  Security  policies   •  1000’s  of  devices  
  • 10. ©  Copyright  2012.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   10   Aruba  SDN  Framework  EvoluHon   WLAN Infrastructure Virtualization WLAN + Services Virtualization Wireless + Wired 1.  Seamless  WLAN  overlay  deployment     2.  VLAN  “virtualizaNon”     3.  Broadcast/MulNcast  arbitraNon  for  WLANs   4.  Centralized  controller    based  flow  control     1.  “AirGroup”  mDNS  centralized  control  plane  –   services,  topology  virtualizaNon     2.  Abstract    underlying  L2/L3  network  topology   1.  Centralized  arbitraNon   point  for  network,  services   discovery  protocols     2.  Traffic  engineering    with   virtual    topology    
  • 11. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   11   #airheadsconf   Example  of  Network  VirtualizaHon     Virtual  VLANs  on  Wireless  LANs   User  VLANs  “virtualized”  i.e.  they  are  not  instanNated    on  the  edge  switches  that  the  APs  are  connected.  
  • 12. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   12   #airheadsconf   • Special  handling  for  ARP,  v6  ND,  DHCP   –  Drop  everything  else  (breaks  services  such  as  Bonjour)   • AirGroup  –  mDNS  protocol  specific  handling   –  Can  we  generalize  AirGroup  to  handle  any  generic  Bcast/Mcast  protocol  ?   –  Network  neighborhood  defined  by  policy  and  independent  of  physical   network  topology   • Need  good  BC/MC  handling  for  all  physical  network  designs   Example  of  Network  Services  VirtualizaHon   Special  Broadcast  /  Mul:cast  handling  
  • 13. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   #airheadsconf  13   Wired  +  Wireless  SDN  Architecture  
  • 14. CONFIDENTIAL  ©  Copyright  2012.   Aruba  Networks,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved   Personalized  Experience     User   Simplify  Network  Ops   IT   So#ware  Defined  Unified  Access   VPN   Access  Policy   Mobility  State   Performance   Management   LocaNon   Content   Network  Apps  AnalyNcs   Onboard  New  Apps,   BYOD  &  Guests   Flow  Awareness,   App  Services   Monitor  Wi-­‐Fi,  Wired   &  WAN    Controller   AirWave  ClearPass   SDN  Control  Plane    
  • 15. CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2013. Aruba Networks, Inc. All rights reserved 15 #airheadsconf Flow Steering with OpenFlow OF OF OF OF OF OF OF OF OF OF OF OF •  Virtual cut-through paths per user/app •  Unified access on multi-vendor network •  Stitching flows across roles OF
  • 16. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   #airheadsconf  16   Use  Cases:  PersonalizaNon    with   Dynamic  Topologies  
  • 17. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   17   #airheadsconf   So#ware  Defined  Personalized  Networks  
  • 18. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   18   #airheadsconf   Air  Services     Visibility  of  services   based  on  ownership,   locaNon  and  role   Branch  
  • 19. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   19   #airheadsconf   Aruba  AirGroup  Example:  Student  Mary   Personal   AirGroup   “Mary”   Shared  AirGroup   “Students”   Local  AirGroup   “Lab”   Mary’s     MacBook   Mary’s     iPad   Classroom   Apple  TV   For  teachers  only   Dormitory   Printer   Library   Printer   Lab   Apple  TV   Auditorium   Printer   For  teachers     only   Mary’s     Apple  TV   Mary’s     Friend   Mike   Mary’s     Friend  Jen  
  • 20. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   20   #airheadsconf   Per  User,  Device  Security   Branch   SSID:  Corporate     MulNple  user,  device   policies  under  the  same   SSID  
  • 21. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   21   #airheadsconf   200   Mbps   600   Mbps   Dynamic  RF  topology  based  on     applicaHon  QoS,  delivery  context     Best  Wi-­‐Fi  rates  for  each   mobile  device     Best  topology  (AP,   channel  selecNon)  is   driven  by  App  QoS   requirements   HQ   400   Mbps   108   Mbps   54   Mbps   36   Mbps  
  • 22. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   22   #airheadsconf   • SDN  may  present  an  opportunity    to  simplify  network  designs   –  With  special  Bcast/Mcast  handling  for  Wired/Wireless  the  size  of  broadcast   domain  may  not  maer   –  Dynamic  SDN  topologies  imply  physical  and  logical  L2/L3  topologies    are   less  relevant   • A    flat  L2  for  IPv6  only    (Wired)  ?   –  Keep  current  v4  design,  move  v6  traffic  into  an  overlay  VLAN   • “Solve”  L3  mobility  with  simplified  topology     Future  network  designs  with  SDN  
  • 23. CONFIDENTIAL       ©  Copyright  2013.  Aruba  Networks,  Inc.     All  rights  reserved   #airheadsconf   Thank  You