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  • Facebook has been making some great changes to its analytics, allowing us to better understand how we are engaging with the Facebook audience.
    Over the past few weeks, the Faurecia NA Facebook account has reached 109 likes, up 11.22 percent! According to Facebook Insights, this extends our updates to 26,250 people through the friends of the pages fans, up 17.49 percent.  There is also a new measurement called “talking about this.” This goal of this tool is to help us better understand engagement. Currently 27 people are talking about the Faurecia North America page, meaning they have either liked, commented or shared the posting. This is up from one (1250 percent growth) before the LA Auto Show.  In total, our weekly total outreach is at 250, up 262.32 percent.
    I have included some of the graphs below that are now available to us. You will see that we can now see which of our posts are clicked on and view the most as well as those that draw more engagement. Currently, the CNET video on GPSFit has received the most engagement.
    Activity on Twitter was also high around the LA Auto Show, gaining 17 new followers which brings the Faurecia NA handle up to 252 followers. Engagement was also high, with 22 people retweeting our content and 141 new Faurecia mentions.
    In total we were able to post five new videos to the YouTube channel, including great third party endorsements from Robert Steele, Creative Director with EWI Worldwide, and David Lyon, Executive Director of Interior Design at GM.  Combined the videos have received 348 views with the Design LA video receiving the most views (144). We will be able to use this content on social media throughout the year.
  • Social Media B2B for PRSA Detroit

    1. 1. Social Media for B2B Tonja Deegan and Deana Goodrich Jan. 31, 2012
    2. 2. What’s Being Measured
    3. 3. What Should be Measured? • What are you trying to accomplish? – Leads/Sales • Track data from social media to website/action – Tools: Website metrics, social traffic, lead forms – Brand Awareness/Share of Voice • Measure amount/sentiment of mentions – Tools: Visible Technologies, Sysomos, Radian6, etc. – Customer Satisfaction • Track sentiment, referrals and repeat sales – Tools: Website metrics, customer surveys, referral tracking – Employee Relations • Measure employee satisfaction – Tools: Employee surveys
    4. 4. Faurecia Social Media • Selling in a B2B social media program – Demonstrate value • Monitor for company mentions • Leverage personal social media channels to build relationships – Start small and grow • e.g. – Create a social media channel for a specific campaign – Effectively communicate success • Use social media to – Share industry news and insights – Make your own news – Engage employees, customers and media – Give your business a personality
    5. 5. Social Media Measurement Engagement Twitter - RT, @Replies Facebook -Post views -Post feedback Influence - RT, @replies, post feedback from top followers/fans - Change Twitter profile from passive “explorer” to influential Action -Drive traffic back to the company’s website -In-person activities: Booth traffic, WOM mentions - Social media survey on
    6. 6. Success at LA Auto Show
    7. 7. @airfoilpr
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