2009 State of the City Address


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Mayor Linda Bruce's annual State of the City Address presentation delivered to members of the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce, June 2009

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2009 State of the City Address

  1. 1. City of Airdrie State of the City Address
  2. 2. The Airdrie  Chamber of  Commerce had  another amazing  year growing  business in our  community
  3. 3. City of Airdrie Strategic Priorities •Growth Management •Infrastructure Management •Community Well‐Being •Collaborative Relationships •Organizational Excellence •Environment
  4. 4. From April to August, 2008 over 300 Airdrie residents participated in an enVision Airdrie  survey. Based on the survey results, a community vision was created. Airdrie’s new  community vision is: Airdrie is a vibrant, caring community rich in  urban amenities and opportunities for everyone.   We value a healthy, sustainable environment connecting people and places.
  5. 5. Airdrie’s Centennial
  6. 6. •Airdrie Centennial Book on sale now! •Centennial merchandise  on sale now! •Posters and Postcards •Homecoming Weekend:  September 10 – 13, 2009 •Centennial Concert Series
  7. 7. Growth Despite economic downturn, this year was  full of growth and development
  8. 8. Population Growth Population grew to 34,116, at a rate of 8.26 per cent.
  9. 9. Airdrie Facts Airdrie 30-Year Growth Projections • Population = 34,116  – 7.5% avg. annual growth  over 5 years • Median Family Income is  $83,271 (2006) – Calgary=$77,658 • Business Growth = 12% – 2314 Business Licenses • 250 business‐related  inquiries in 2008
  10. 10. Business Growth 12% increase in number of business licenses Airdrie Business Licenses by Category, 2008 # of Business % of all % of all Airdrie- Category Licenses Issued Businesses based Businesses Commercial or Industrial Business 607 26 43 Home-Based Business 760 33 54 Massage Therapist Practitioner 48 2 3 Non-resident (out-of-town) business 899 39 n/a Total 2314 100 100 Source: C ity of Airdrie Business Licensing
  11. 11. Airdrie Economic  Indicators  2005 ‐ 2008
  12. 12. Inventory of Major Airdrie Projects Cost in Construction Project Sector/Company Name Project Description Millions Schedule Renascence Developments Corp 'The Edge' Apartment Complex $30.0 2008-2010 Genesis Place (formerly East Lake City of Airdrie Recreation and Wellness Centre (ELRWC)) $28.2 2008-2009 Phase 2 The Tarjan Group Two Apartment Buildings $25.5 2008-2009 First Capital Realty Redevelopment of Towerlane Mall $20.0 2008-2009 Alberta Infrastructure Elementary School (K to Grade 6) $14.5 2008-2009 'Copperstone Village' Residential / Jade Developments $11.8 2008-2009 Commercial Building 'Chinook Winds' Regional Waste City of Airdrie Management Facility, Park and Operations $11.4 Centre City of Airdrie New West Side AES Station $10.8 2009 Focus Hotels $6.5 2008-2009 McArthur Fine Furniture New Store $5.2 2008-2009 Alberta Transportation Yankee Valley Blvd / Highway Interchange $5.2 2008-2010 Source: Alberta Finance & Enterprise The inventory lists construction projects in Airdrie valued at $5 million or greater that are planned, underway or have recently been completed
  13. 13. On‐line permit and license  information system
  14. 14. Celebrating  Business  Excellence
  15. 15. City Roads 2008 completed road projects:  • Paving of 8 street  • Urbanized north side of Veterans Blvd  – QEII Interchange to Main St  • Urbanized south side of Yankee Valley  Boulevard – 8th street to Coopers • Completed roadway rehabilitation on  many other roads • Begun improvements at the south  underpass
  16. 16. City Parks 2008 Highlights •Installed a Central Irrigation System •New playgrounds  •Over 200 trees planted in Airdrie – increasing the number of trees planed annually by the City and developers        (10,000 city trees) •4 new ball diamonds added to Chinook  Winds •Participated in Nose Creek Park   Rehabilitation •East Lake Enhancement project:  improving storm water quality and   beautifying the park  •Using bio‐engineered berms vegetated  with deep root species along Nose Creek •Bio‐swales in industrial parks to reduce run‐off volume and improve water quality •75% completion of trail “ring road” around  the city to allow for greater walking/cycling 
  17. 17. Parks 2009 •New playgrounds •Historical markers and   interpretive signs •New tree plantings •Upgrading pathways •Fletcher Park  improvements •Continuation of East  Lake Enhancement  Project •Chinook Winds Park  Project
  18. 18. Chinook Winds Park Project • First‐class recreation   destination •Skateboard park •Trails •Playgrounds •Other recreational  amenities
  19. 19. Developing Community • Twinning Program • Affordable Housing Airdrie Housing Ltd. • Youth
  20. 20. Volunteer of the Year  This spring, we honoured  Airdrie’s volunteers: •Leader of Tomorrow Award:  Shani Schierholtz •Ambassador Award:  Effrossini Tzigalanis •Soul of Airdrie Award:  Jennifer Ingram •Volunteer Advocate Award:  Citizens on Patrol 
  21. 21. Community Safety • Anti‐Vandalism  committee  • Airdrie Emergency  Services • Municipal Enforcement  
  22. 22. Environment & Sustainability • Recycling in Airdrie 2,437 metric tonnes of material were recycled,  which is equal to: ‐ 1,291 passenger vehicles off the road ‐ Over 3 million litres of gas consumed ‐ Electricity use of 978 homes in one   year • Alberta Waste and Recycling  ‐ contracted to run the transfer site  • Integrated Solid Waste Management  Strategy 
  23. 23. Youth Environmental Stewardship Award R.J. Hawkey Elementary School  Grade 4 Tree Huggers