Mnemonic learning Y11 - 12 good parts of hitler's rule
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Mnemonic learning Y11 - 12 good parts of hitler's rule






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Mnemonic learning Y11 - 12 good parts of hitler's rule Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Mnemonic Learning XIINazi Germany
    What were the benefits of Nazi rule?
  • 2. HELP ACTS
    H - Hitler Youth
    E - Employment
    L - Law & Order
    P - Propaganda
    A - Autobahns
    C - Ceremonies
    T - Trust in the Government
    S - Self-belief
  • 3. H - Hitler Youth
    The HJ provided exciting activities for young boys.   
    The HJ and the BDM treated young men and women as though they were special, and told then they had knew more then their parents.   
    Many parents were frightened that their children would turn them into the Gestapo, which gave young people a power that they enjoyed.
    E - Employment
    • Full employment gave prosperity and financial security.
    • 4. Many observers stated that there seemed to be no poverty in Germany.
    • 5. ‘Strength through Joy’ - was a large state-controlled leisure organisation.
  • L – Law and order
    The Nazis kept the streets safe for ordinary Germans and few people needed to lock their doors.
    P - Propaganda
    • All the propaganda that the German people were exposed gave them a sense of hope and that the future would be better.
  • A – Autobahns
    The Autobahns (motorways) not only improved transport in Germany but also created lots of jobs building them.
    C - Ceremonies
    • The frequent ceremonies, rallies, colour and excitement, of the Nazi party made it an exciting time to live in for most Germans.
  • T – Trust in the Government
    Many Germans welcomed the fact that Hitler got rid of his political opponents because it brought political stability after the Weimar years. It made people trust Hitler.  
    S – Self-belief
    • The Nazi racial philosophy gave people self-belief and made them proud to be German.