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  1. 1. PREPARATION PLANNER- AIM MDS The First Step- (First -2 months)· Concept Coverage: Virtual Classes and Back Reference· Start making stickys· Orientation : One MCQ book -- Full convereage( Basics + Clinicals), follow Marking pattern.· Speed : 75 MCQs- 200 MCQs Click here for Details The Main Prep zone- (Next 3-6 Months) · Concept Coverage: Virtual Classes and Back Reference continues · Notes and Stickys · MCQ practice : Add MCQ Books to the existing ones · Speed : 150- 300 MCQs · Extra Knowledge Zone: Pick up unknown topics/ Medical MCQ Books and make points Click here for Details The last Lap- (Last 3 months) · Concept Revision: Virtual Revision Classes and Video Bank, Recordings for basic subjects · Notes and Stickys: Review · MCQ Revision : Read the Marked MCQs · Paper wise Preparation: Pick Old papers , complete study paper wise · Speed : 400- 800 MCQs · Extra Knowledge Zone: Info from those new questions of old papers Click here for Details The Finish Line- (Last month and exam Day) · Notes and Stickys: Review · Paper wise Preparation: Pick Old papers , Read only Red marked · Extra Knowledge Zone: Don’t Read any new info. · DESTRESS.. Click here for Details Page 1
  2. 2. PREPARATION PLANNER- AIM MDS The First Step- (First -2 months)CONCENT COVERAGE This seems to be a daunting task, where to start ?? what to cover??, How can I read theory of 4 yearssubject in few months…. Yes all concerns are genuine !!! …..So here we go about it , Theory reading cover tocover is not advisable , it takes a lot of time and results in none other than frustration , but without knowing thebasic subjects solving just MCQS lands you in MUG UP.. Scenario , especially with basic subjects.. So how to goabout.. Here it comesDURING THE CLASS:So to cover concepts we advice , attend the theory classes (The virtual sessions) , Ask Questions in Class ,Repeat with Lecturer by typing in the chat-box, that helps instant grasping, Make running notes .. Even if youdon’t read them, because writing down needs focusing , and this will help you remember the key-points of theclass better.AFTER THE CLASS: Immediete RecapWe emphasize the concept of “Immediate Recap” .. This is to be done within 24 hours of the lecture sessionyou attended. You have two ways to do that1) watch the recording of the lecture. Keynotes2) Read the keynotes ( This will be more advisable at this point) Since its just few hours after the lecture , you still have the voice of the lecturer ringing in your ears , addup the visuals by glancing through the keynotes of the same topic. Cover all MCQs of the topic covered from allthe books .(Topic wise MCQ coverage), and if you come across something new in MCQ do a BACKREFERENCE.Back ReferenceORIENTATION:In the beginning days of preparation , What to read , how much to read , what can be skipped .. Answers tothese questions are bit obscure. The best way to go about this is , Read one MCQ book fully , (without Synopsis, without Explanations).. Now do you feel we are contradicting our first part .. Concept coverage ??? Let me clarify , we are going with the concepts .. Subject wise , but as we move on from one subject toanother , if we have more clear scenario of what is usually asked.. Our Important points picking up capabilityincreases.. And you will notice their your running notes of future classes are more precise ... So pick up one MCQ book read the MCQs without reading theory given in book , first guess your answer ,then see the actual answer, this will do two things1) Give you your baseline status2) Orient your preparationThe Best book to go ahead with Orientation is Dental Pulse , as it covers most MCQs that have been asked in MARK UP PATTERNprevious exams. Follow the MARKING UP PATTERN.. BACK TO PAGE ! Page 2
  3. 3. PREPARATION PLANNER- AIM MDS The Main Prep zone- (Next 3-6 months)MCQ PRACTICE REMAINS THE FOCUS· Till now we would have done one round of Dental Pulse , Now here is the time to add up Dentest , Prabhakar/ Bhatia· TheThe MarkSystem Needs to be genuinely followed. Marking Up· the Speed of reading MQSs should have been doubled by now· Start reading MCQs with Back-reference in this phase· Detail out the subjects that have been covered in Classes, by covering all MCQs associated with it.· Also introduce Medical MCQs in Subject wise pattern here .STICKY AND KEYNOTES:· Make the note of important points , specially authors, Values etc in sticky notes/ Key notes· Have these sticky notes stuck on the wall.· Allot a reference time for the sticky notes : the Best time is while drinking Tea or Coffee.TIME DIVISION:· This zone needs real time planning· The Available time needs to be divided in three parts1) Part 1: Read the MCQ books- Subjects wise in sync with upcoming test with back-reference, includingMedical question2) Part 2: continue reading MCQ’s from MCQ books without back-reference (Just read explanation) andfollow marking pattern3) Theory Recap : Only twice a week within 24 hours after theory classFLEXIBILITY· Above is the gross guidelines, then while making a short term plan , keep buffer hours, buffer days, to cover of backlogs during progress BACK TO PAGE 1 Page 3
  4. 4. PREPARATION PLANNER- AIM MDS THE LAST LAP- (Last 3 months)MCQ BECOMES THE ONLY FOCUS· Now the Revision rounds of MCQ books start· We have to Aim towards as Many rounds as Possible , so our Mark Up System which we haved genuinely followed becomes important, Divide the time – allot it to books – and read the most tough/ forgotten MCQs first – then follow sequentially towards least forgotten.· If you run out of time before you reach the least forgotten , don’t linger switch the books as decided.STICKYS AND KEYPOINTS.· Follow the Tea/ Coffee / Snacking reading of Sticky· Change the position of sticky (This helps by forming new links to the facts)· Don’t hesitate to make new stickys at this time as well,· Discard Stickys that you now feel easy , this will be most commonly your Opath sticky’s, Keep value based stickysOLD PAPERS and NBDE.· This is the time to Read MCQs Paper wise· Read One – two sets of NBDE Daily· Read Medical questions , now paper wise (do not read subject wise)(In any paper start from Latest – Backwards), Do not refer back if you feel the answer seems logical, referback if in doubt, your knowledge of concepts till now should help you decide that.TIME DIVISION.· Available Time / 31) Part 1: MQC books rounds2) Part 2: Old Paper Dental3) Part 3: NBDE and Medical papers BACK TO PAGE ! Page 4
  5. 5. PREPARATION PLANNER- AIM MDS The FINISH LINE (Last Month and Exam Day)PAPER WISE:· Paper wise preparation is the focus is last month· Already till now we would have read most of the papers , at least the recent years lot and mark up would have done· Now revise only the Red or tough marked ones, don’t look at the easy ones, you will anyways do them right.· Sticky reference is Important , refer the Value based ones especially.EXAM DAY:· Take Adequate Sleep (MOST IMPORTANT)· Eat good Breakfast before exam (Less fat , more in protein and Carbs)· Reach Before time or On time· Don’t get into Arguments , Stay away from people who talk a lot.· Don’t Talk Negative, All will be good , if you feel it will be!!· Don’t try to recall things , that creates stress.· If you feel comfortable , you can keep your Keypoints handy with you, but stop reading at least 30 min before examDURING EXAM:· If you feel Paper is tough , it is for everyone , so Just relax and Answer with patience.· Answer the Paper in rounds.· Ensure that you are marking in a right row.· Do not break rules in exam hall.· If the paper is easy that what you expected , THEN BE EXTRA CAREFULL in marking , Don’t get hasty. BACK TO PAGE ! Page 5
  6. 6. PREPARATION PLANNER- AIM MDS THE MARK UP PROCESS While Reading MCQ books Proper Marking pattern helps you in saving time and increasing therounds of revision. So before we Sit down to read , Have Pencils and colored pens handy with you.FIRST ROUNDUse pencil in your first round of reading , do not mark anything if you got the answer right and you know theconcept, but if you had a slightest doubt, or you were confused between two choices , mark the question ,just on the left side of the question no . Preferably this mark should be a “ solid DOT”-- “ • ”Note DO NOT EVER MARK THE CORRECT ANSWER till the end of your preparation.SECOND ROUNDIn Your Second round of reading, You although read the whole book but you pay attention to your dots moreThere are two things to be marked in second round1) The ones which you mage wrong again --- A yellow or Blue star2) The ones which you feel have wrong answers give or are controversial – A red CrossThe Red Cross needs to be handled now, Refer textbook, put up in forums / to the faculty for clarification,the once which are clarifies – correct the answer in your MCQ book and make a green circle around thatcross. The once which are still a controversy remain red cross without Green Circles.THIRD ROUND AND SUBSEQUET ROUNDS• Read the Blue and yellow starts and Red crosses only.• Remark those which you make wrong again in RED STARS• These RED STARTS are to be revised till end, no more segregating. These are the questions that you madewrong the third time , and that is a danger alarm and these MCQs need real focus and revision.• Analyze why you are making it wrong , if the concept is unclear , refer text or if it’s a value – MAKE ASTICKY. BACK TO PAGE ! Page 6
  7. 7. PREPARATION PLANNER- AIM MDS THE IMMIDIETE RECAPTHE RECAP· It is well known that things are forgotten over time· And this forgetting amount is maximum in first two days· That is where Immediate Recap comes into play. After you Read a particular portion : Theory/ MCQs, give a 15 % time for a recap , ie If you have Read for 60 Minutes at Least 10 minutes , think back what you read , make a summary sketch of it , or note down the important points.· Even turning back the pages help.THE IMMEDIETE DELAYED RECAP· This is a revision that is needed within 24- 48 hours of Reading something very new.· This specially hold true for Revision after a theory Lecture class. BACK TO PAGE ! Page 7
  8. 8. PREPARATION PLANNER- AIM MDS THE BACK REFERENCETHEORYHow Much Theory to read has always been a controversy !! Reading Books Cover to Cover is not advisable,But Reading MCQs without having concepts clear is rather worst.So Back-reference becomes the Best way1) when you come across an unknown concept in MCQ book , open up the texbook and refer the Index atthe back , and jump directly to the topic where the MCQ is from. Read just enough to have your doubtcleared and gather some related tits-bits and move on.2) If you have ebooks it becomes even more easy with Contl + F ( The Find/ Search command)3) You can also look into google books for a quick reference. But you need to get used to this before you trythis, especially this is tricky with value based reference wherein Standard textbooks are Preferred options.MAINTAIN A KEY POINTS BOOK1) You got a good info, its not worth to lose it, write it down in your key-points book, or you can make a notein the space given in your Keynotes. BACK TO PAGE ! Page 8
  9. 9. PREPARATION PLANNER- AIM MDS CONCLUSION CONCLUSION: There is no short cut to successSo stop searching Google with keyword – Easy way to crack entrance, Shortcut to MDS, Best Book to crackentrance exam. Get on your Toes , Its not unachievable with a proper planning and Proper execution of the plan. ALL THE BEST TEAM AIM MDS Aim MDS Offers Visit Us at: www.aimmds.org1) LIVE ONLINE – Virtual Classes Key Notes – A Handy Approach to Theory3) Online Test Series Contact :4) All India Ranking Email: info@aimmds.net5) A dedicated Support Team Ph no: 9945106051 BACK TO PAGE ! Page 9