Tweet for Jobs!


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A short, simple how to presentation on how to launch a twitter account and use it to find jobs in your city. Originally presented in Montreal, Quebec at

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Tweet for Jobs!

  1. 1. Tweet for Jobs in Montreal (No, not Steve) Aimee Davison @OneHundredJobs
  2. 2. USERNAME • Pick a username that fits: You are selling yourself, so try for your real name; if your industry is modern and progressive, you can try a handle targeted to your desired industry (like @jacoutofthebox, for example). Shorter is better because when people @ reply to you, it will eat up Twitter’s 140 character limit. Use this username everywhere you can on the social web.
  3. 3. PHOTO • Use an attractive photo of yourself or an interesting image reflective of your username. The more professional your Twitter profile looks, the more respect from your peers and the better the offers you’ll get. (look @missrogue!)
  4. 4. NO.
  5. 5. YES. (@DianeBorque)
  6. 6. FRIEND and FOLLOW • Follow people in your field: Search for keywords and follow people tweeting about your profession, or search #hashtags of recent tech events and follow attendees. • Aggressively following people at first, initiating @reply conversations and retweeting (RT) is the ONLY way to build your account without attending live networking events and giving out your name or being famous (Bieber).
  7. 7. SHOW and TELL • You want to fit in your desired company’s culture, therefore tweet status updates, links, tips and quotations that fit the mood, tone, quality and interests of your future employer. • Censor yourself where necessary, but don’t be a robot. Share!
  8. 8. SEARCH • Never underestimate the search box: look for keywords or search for # hashtags like #job #jobs #montreal #emploi #tweetmyjobs #jobangels . You can also click on # in other people’s status updates to follow the stream and jump in on the conversation!
  9. 9. FOLLOW FOR JOBS • Some useful job search accounts: @mtltweetjobs @nextmontreal @Grenier_emplois @Montreal_tech @Isarta @gammajobs @artfox @Jobs_montreal @MichelPageCA @Quebec_jobs @montrealbizcaf @passerelle_ca • You can also subscribe to their RSS feeds for real time updates!
  10. 10. NETWORK in REAL TIME • Some useful Montreal Twitter accounts and #’s that link to in-person networking events: #startupdrinks #webcom #thirdtuesday @YULbiz, @YULblog, @MTLgirlgeeks, @thesocialwoman #wordpress #drinks
  11. 11. SPY AND APPLY • Follow your targeted company’s account for job postings as well, like @CBC, for instance • Follow those openly working at your desired company and politely ask if they are hiring. Work your network!
  12. 12. BROADCAST • Create a # for events you attend. Today, I created #lapasserelle. You can also stream the # on your blog with a widget or live onscreen with a service like It enables people to follow your event, find you and follow you!
  13. 13. SMART TWEET • Get a Smart phone and install a Twitter app. to keep in the conversation, maintain your network, and check for jobs on the go.
  14. 14. ASK • Include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your Twitter bio and remember to tell people that you are looking for a job! • You are what you TWEET! • @OneHundredJobs to follow me!