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Energy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Classifications, sources, types and Applications
  • 2. • Known about 30000 years. • Reply his needsFire • Water irrigation • heating processesAnimals
  • 3. » Al Razy In forces and energy conversion calculation . » Al Jazari He used mechanics and water for converting energy from one form to another.
  • 4. » Gaber Ebn-Hayan Chemical energy analysis foundation and construct of its conversions. » Al-Haysam Electromagnetic energy analysis and light construction description.
  • 5. » Transitional Energy Energy in motion , across all system boundaries Ex: current, work and heat. » Stored Energy Exist as mass , position in force field and can transfer to transition form Ex: potential energy and hydraulic dames
  • 6. Energy Classification Mechanical Chemical Electro- magnetic Nuclear Heat Electrical
  • 7. » Internal motion of the atoms » Produced by friction. » Changes in temperature and phase of any matter.
  • 8. » Bond atoms together. » And when bonds are broken, energy is released. » Fuel and food are forms of stored chemical energy.
  • 9. » Light is a form of electromagnetic energy. » Rainbow effect. » X-rays, radio waves, and laser light.
  • 10. » The nucleus of an atom is the source of nuclear energy. » Fission and Fusion in atoms act and related with sun reactions.
  • 11. » When work is done to an object, it acquires energy. » Kicking a football, is a mechanical energy.
  • 12. Renewable Solar wind chemical Geothermal Non-renewable Fossil fuel Nuclear
  • 13. Animal & Plants Decay Oil , Natural gas , Coal Locomotives , rockets , planes Heating applications Fossil fuel
  • 14. Nuclear Fuel Requires a radioactive fuel. Mined uranium is used to fuel energy-generating nuclear reactors with fissionable uranium-238
  • 15. Thermal and Radiation Heating purposes and Generating electricity Solar cells , concentrators Solar Energy
  • 16. Two Applications • Uses Semiconductor which has free electrons liberated when photons falls on it and generate electricity. Solar cells • Solar rays are concentrated to a single area to heat water which converted into steam to generate energy. Solar concentrates
  • 17. » Chemical Heating Generating electricity RoboticsFuel cells Locomotives
  • 18. » Geothermal Generating energy and heating applications by using heated under ground water.
  • 19. » Wind Using the mechanical energy of the movable wind and convert it in electricity by wind turbines . Wind turbine has to types vertical and horizontal.
  • 20. Vertical Horizontal
  • 21. Energy