Vocabulary of marketing

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some vocabulary about marketing …

some vocabulary about marketing
(Chinese & English)

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  • 1. Chapter 1 Marketing Management<br />Definition<br />Marketing Management<br />Planning 规划<br />Executing =implementation=carry out 执行、实施、贯彻<br />Target buyer 目标客户<br />Exchange 交换<br />Conception 概念、理念;设计;(idea, notion[fantcy幻想、想入非非], thought)<br />Promotion 推销、促销<br />Satisfy 达到<br />Organization 组织<br />Customer消费者<br />Interest 利润<br />Production 生产<br />Product产品<br />Selling 销售<br />Marketing 市场(sale,selling)<br />Soeietal marketing 社会市场<br />Conduct organizational (conduct enterpris) 组织行为、企业行为<br />production-oriented organization 生产型企业<br />demand 需求<br />supply 供应<br />exceed 超过<br />cost 成本<br />prodution volume 生产量<br />improved production 提高生产力<br />quality 质量<br />performance 性能<br />feature 特点<br />marketing myopia 市场营销近视<br />distribution channels 分销渠道<br />Chapter 2 The Marketing cnvironment<br />Marketing environment 营销环境<br />Marketer  营销人员<br />Marketing 市场营销,营销活动<br />Actors 因素(行动者,参与者)<br />[actor &factor]<br />Target customer 目标顾客<br />marketing intermediaries中间商<br />competitoers竞争者<br />publics公众<br />Consists of 包括<br />Force 力量,因素<br />Demographic 人口统计学,人口统计的<br />Economic 经济<br />Natural 自然<br />Technological 技术<br />Political 政治<br />cultural forces 文化因素<br />marketing management 营销部门<br />marketing manager 营销部门<br />require vt.需要, 要求, 命令(取决于)<br />network  n.网络, 网状物, 广播网<br />value delivery network.(价值传递系统)<br />a network of railroads铁路网<br />internal environment (内部环境)<br />Top management 管理高层<br />Finance  财务部门<br />reserch and development(R&D)  研发部门<br />purchasing   采购部门<br />operations生产部门<br />accounting   会计部门<br />interrelate v.(使)相互关连<br />revenues and costs核算收支<br />measure cost 成本核算<br />supply availability  供应能力(有效性)<br />supply shortage or delays  供给的短缺或延误<br />in the long run/in the shot run  长期/短期<br />Reseller经销商<br />retailer 零售商<br />wholesaler 批发商<br />physical distribution firm货物储运公司<br />marketing services agency 营销服务机构<br />financial intermediary金融中介<br />marketing research firm营销调研机构<br />advertising agency, media firm媒介公司<br />marketing consulting firms 营销咨询公司<br />credit companies信贷公司<br />insurance companies保险公司<br />finance transactions  融资<br />create 创造<br />satisfaction 满意<br />Chapter 3 The Consumer Buyer Behavior<br />final consumer 最终消费者<br />personal comption 个人消费<br />consumer market 消费者市场<br />marketing stimuli 营销刺激<br />buyer’s black box 购买者黑箱<br />buyer responses 购买者反应<br />dealer 经销商, 商人<br />Purchase timing 购买时机<br />Purchase amount 购买数量<br />Buyer decision process 购买决策过程<br />Subculture 亚文化<br />Social class 社会文化<br />Reference groups 参照群体<br />Roles and status 角色和地位<br />Occupation 职业 <br />Personality 个性<br />self-concept自我观念<br />Motivation 动机<br />Perception 感知<br />Learning 学习<br />Beliefs信念<br />attitudes态度<br />dissonance 不一致, 不调和, 不谐和音<br />Variet-seeking buying behavior 寻求变化的购买行为<br />Habitual buying behavior 习惯性的购买行为<br />postpurchase dissonance 售后平衡<br />stimulate vt.刺激, 激励;v.刺激, 激励<br />trial n.试验, 考验, 审讯, 审判<br />minor n.未成年人, 副修科目<br />adj.较小的, 次要的, 二流的, 未成年的<br />vi.辅修<br />minor brand 其它品牌(除领导品牌之外)<br />Buyer Decision Process 消费者购买决策过程<br />problem recognition问题认识<br />perceiving a need发现需求<br />information search 搜集信息<br />evaluation of alternatives 评估比较<br />puchase decision 购买决策<br />postpurchase behaviour (购买后行为)购买感受<br />internal search 向内搜寻<br />experience sources:经验来源<br />Goods sources:商品来源<br />Personal sources:个人来源<br />Pubilc sources:公共来源<br />Buy now(立即买)<br />buy an extension(延期购买)<br />decided not to buy(决定不买)<br />Chapter 4 Segmentation<br /> <br />Segmentation<br />Targeting<br />Positioning<br />Needs 需求<br />Wants 欲望<br />Resources资源<br />Locations居住地<br />buying attitudes 购买态度<br />buying practices. 购买行为<br />Geographic 地理<br />Demographic 人口<br />Psychographic 心理<br />behavioral variables.行为<br />Segmenting consumer markets消费者市场细分<br />Segmenting business markets产业市场细分<br />segmenting international markets国际市场细分<br />requirements for effective segmentation.有效市场细分<br />Nations 国家<br />Regions地区<br />States州<br />Counties县<br />Cities城市<br />neighborhood.街区<br />age 年龄<br />gender性别<br />family size家庭人口<br />family life cycle家庭生活周期<br />income收入<br />occupation职业<br />education教育<br />religion宗教<br />race种族<br />generation 世代<br />nationality国籍<br />social class社会阶层<br />lifestyle生活方式<br />personality characteristics个性<br />nonuser非使用者<br />ex-users前使用者<br />potential users潜在使用者<br />first-time users首次使用者<br />regular users经常使用者<br />completely loyal绝对忠诚者<br />somewhat loyal一般忠诚者<br />Measurable(可测量性)<br />Accessible(可接近性)<br />Substantial(重要性)<br />Differentiable(可辨别性)<br />Actionable(可操作性)<br />Chapter 5 Target Marketing and Postioning<br />New words and Key terms<br />Target marketing 目标市场<br />Evaluating market segments目标市场评估<br />power of buyers 消费者购买力<br />Segment size and growth  细分市场的规模与增长特性<br />Segment structural attractiveness 细分市场结构优势  <br />Company objectives and resources 公司目标和资源的匹配性<br />segment sales  销售额<br />growth rates 增长率<br />expected profitability  期望利润<br />long-run objectives 长远目标<br />Undifferentiated (mass) marketing 无差异(大众)营销<br />Mass marketing 大众营销<br />Differentiated (segmented)  marketing 差异化(细分市场)营销<br />Concentrated  集中营销<br />niche marketing补缺市场<br />Micromarketing微市场营销<br />Local marketing 当地营销<br />Individual marketing 个人营销<br />potential substitute products 潜在的替代产品<br />specific stores专卖店<br />one-to-one marketing 一对一营销<br />mass customization声匿迹定制营销<br />markets-of-one marketing 单人市场营销<br />custom-configured  顾客要求<br />Channel’s coverage 渠道的覆盖<br />Expertise专业化<br />Performance绩效<br />Product differentiation产品差异化<br />Service differentiation服务差异化 <br />Channel differentiation 渠道差异化<br />People differentiation 人员差异化 <br />Important:重要性<br />Distinctive显著性<br />Superior优越性<br />Communicable沟通性<br />Preemptive专有性<br />Affordable经济性<br />Profitable赢利性<br />Important:重要性<br />Distinctive显著性<br />Superior优越性<br />Communicable沟通性<br />Preemptive专有性<br />Affordable经济性<br />Profitable赢利性:<br />The brand’s Value proposition 品牌的价值定位。<br />More and more 高质高价<br />More for the same 高质同价<br />The same for less同质低价<br />Less for much less 低质更低价<br />More for less 高质低价<br />Chapter 6 Branding Management<br />Product 产品<br />Attention注意<br />Acquisition 获取<br />Tangible goods 有形产品<br />Intangilbe goods 无形产品<br />Service 服务<br />5.1.2<br />Core benefit 核心利益<br />the actual product实体产品<br />augmented product扩展产品<br />5.1.3<br />Consumer product 消费品<br />Convenience product 便利品<br />Shopping product 选购品<br />Specialty product 特购品<br />Unsought product 非渴求品<br />Industrial product 产业用品<br />Materials and parts 材料和部件<br />Capital items 资本品<br />Supplies and services 辅助品和服务<br />Organizations  组织<br />Person 人员<br />Place 地点<br />Idea 观念<br />Branking Strategy 品牌策略<br />Packaging包装<br />Sales packaging销售包装<br />Promotion packaging营销包装<br />Grouped packaging成组包装<br />Shipping /Transport packaging运输包装<br />Primary packaging/ primary container内包装<br />Secondary packaging外包装<br />Containment承载<br />Communication交流,沟通<br />Protection保护<br />marketing tool营销工具<br />Lebeling 标签管理<br />Product support services 产品支持服务<br />assess估定,评定<br />Brand Equity  品牌资产<br />Brand positioning品牌定位<br />Brand Sponsorship 品牌持有<br />Brand Development 品牌开发<br />Line extensions 产品线延伸<br />Multibrands多品牌<br />New brands新品牌<br />