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Short, brief meaning towards Global Education.

Short, brief meaning towards Global Education.

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  • 1. • Defined by the United Nations Education, Science, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a goal to become aware of educational conditions (or lack of ) in developing countries worldwide and aim to educate all peoples to a certain world standard.• An idea of a curriculum that is international in scope and prepares today’s youth around the world to function in a one-world environment intellectually, professionally, and humanistically.
  • 2. • Plays an important role in inculcating the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in a multicultural society.
  • 3. • Enable students, individuals or communities who are engaged with the causing of poverty by increasing their knowledge of development issues & providing opportunities for informed and positive actions.• Enable learners to develop the critical faculties & skills, values & knowledge needed to interrogate received information & challenge unfair power relation.• Children able to learn various culture & cultural perspectives which makes them better and able to relate & function effectively within various groups.
  • 4. • Stimulating & motivating learners & educators to approach global issues through innovative teaching and pedagogy.• Developing learning communities, in which learners & educators are encouraged to work cooperatively on global issues.• Educating citizens in social justice & sustainable development.• introducing its own content and methodology.• Accepting otherness and interdependency and creating the conditions for others to express themselves and build behaviour of solidarity.
  • 5. • Differences in living standards caused a big gap between countries.