Sahana camp incident reporting exercise v3
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Sahana camp incident reporting exercise v3






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Sahana camp incident reporting exercise v3 Sahana camp incident reporting exercise v3 Document Transcript

  • 1st August 2010 SahanaCamp Exercise Incident Reporting Background Disasters are highly complex events, with many different things happening at the same time in different locations. One of the challenges for Disaster Managers is to gather all of this data and present the information in a way which can help make decisions on how best to respond. Exercise In this exercise you will design an Incident Reporting Module within Sahana Eden to help facilitate this process. Tasks In a group you will complete the following tasks it the given timeframes. After each task we will gather as a group to share our ideas before we move forward with the next task. 1. What data will you need to gather in the Incident Reporting Module? (5 min) 2. What screens will your Incident Reporting Module consist of? Consider: a. Making use of CRUD forms. b. Workflow c. How to present information to the user? (10 min) 3. Develop a detailed data model for the Incident Reporting Module. (10 min) Implement this design for the Incident Reporting Module in Sahana Eden. Consider: a. Menus b. Maps c. Joined Resources / Components (1 hour 30 min) 4. Present your Incident Reporting Module to the group. You will then vote on the best Incident Reporting Module to use in the following day’s simulation.
  • 1st August 2010 (5 min each group)
  • 1st August 2010 Notes (not to be distributed to participants) Data Model Should include: • Type of incident (icons?) • Location • Reported by • Verified by • Date (and time frame) • Urgency • Updates/Actions (as a component) • Photo Could include: • Change Log • Links to other modules (requests) If there is time then we will give them the opportunity to try and all add additional features to the winning module, but ONLY if there is time.