Perfumes of prophet mohammed biography (eng.)


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This is a short biography of prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.
I hobe our non-Arbic speaking brothers would benefit from and teach their children our Prophet's Seara.

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Perfumes of prophet mohammed biography (eng.)

  1. 1. ”Perfumes of Prophet Mohamed Seerah “Life” Translation for Sheikh Khalild Al-Shayei’s Lecture
  2. 2. “In the name of Allah, the most mercyful, Most gracious and Peace and Blessings be Upon our Prophet Mohamed. I thought It would be beneficial to translate this text for our non-Arab speaking brothers to help them know better the Sunnah of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), his life and conduct… etc. PLS Don’t forget to pray for me and the Sheikh. JAZAK ALLAHU KAHIRAN.
  3. 3. Prophet’s high & honored parentage Prophet Mohamed’s Parentage is the most high and honored on the face of earth. He was born of pure ancestry which is far a way from adultery and similar… Allah has protected all Prophets’ parentages from such low deeds from father and mother sides.
  4. 4. His honored parentate… (PBUH) He is Mohamed Bin Abdullah Bin Abdulmutalib Bin Hashim Bin Abdumanaf, Bin Qussai Bin Kelab, Bin Murrah, Bin Kaab, Bin Luai, Bin Ghaleb, Bin Fihr, Bin Malik Bin Al-Nadr, Bin Kinanah, Bin Khuzaima, Bin Mudrikah, Bin Elias Bin Modar Bin Ma’ad Bin Adnan.
  5. 5. His Mother (PBUH)… As we can see her parentage meets with his own PBUH. AMINA Bint wahb bin abd manaf bin zuhra bin kelab bin mura bin ka’ab bin luai bin ghalib
  6. 6. His birth (PBUH),, He was born in Mecca, on Monday of Rabei Al- Awal, Elephant Year.
  7. 7. Alla’s Care of him… When he was born light filled the house. His father died while he was in the womb of his mother. His mother died after four years of his birth. The wisdom behind his parents death while he in that age might be to show Allah’s care of him..
  8. 8. His Breast Mothers.. He was breast fed by two honored women: 1)Thowayba (Abu Lahab’s Servent) 2) Haleemah Al-Saddyiah (May Allah be pleased with her)
  9. 9. His chest was opened … First Time: Gabriel came to him playing with the kids. He took him, opened his chest and brings out the heart, took out a black clot and said to him this is the Satan’s lot of you. He cleaned his heart with Zamzam water, put it back in place and closed the chest.
  10. 10. 2nd time: Before receiving the message. His chest was opened …
  11. 11. 3nd time: Before ascending to the sky. His chest was opened …
  12. 12. In his immigration he was accompanied by Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq a long with Abu Bakr’s Servent “Fohayra” and a road guide named Abdullah Bin Al-Oraiqit Allaithy. His immigration … (PBUH)
  13. 13. Prophet’s Pure & honored life.. Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) spent in this life 63 honored years during which he spread God’s message faithfully and comprehensively. He moved people from darkness to lightness and to the right path that leads to Allah.
  14. 14. Prophet’s children… He had: Three boys Four girls
  15. 15. Prophet’s boys.. Al-Kassim By him the Prophet was nicknamed. Born in Mecca and died of almost 2 years age.
  16. 16. Born in Medinah 8 years from Hijran and died after almost 18 months.. Ebrahim Called also the Pure since he was born after the message. Abdullah Prophet’s boys. continues
  17. 17. His daughters (PBUH).. Zainab Married to her cousin Hani Bin Al-A’as Bin Al-Rabei. Born to him Ali (died as baby) and Omamah. Then married to Ali Bin Abu Taleb after Fatimah died. Left no decedents. Married to Ali Bin Abu Taleb (MBPH). Born to him Al- Hassan and Al-Hussain. Fatimah
  18. 18. Ruqayah His daughters continue.. Married by Othman Bin Affan (MPBH) Married by Othman (MPBH) after her sister Ruqayah died. Um Kulthoom
  19. 19. His boys and girls arrangement… Al-Kassim Zainab Ruqayah Fatimah Before the Message Um Kulthoom All born in Mecca
  20. 20. All of them were born by Khadeejah except Ebrahim whose mother is Mariya Al-Qibtiyah. Abdullah Born in Mecca Ebrahim Born in Medinah After the Message His boys and girls arrangement…
  21. 21. Prophet’s Uncles… Eleven Uncles.. Qutham Al-Harith Al-Zubair Hamzah Abu Lahab Al-Abbash Al-Ghaidaq Hajl Abdul Ka’aba Dhirar Abu Taleb
  22. 22. Prophet witnessed of them… Hamzah accepted Islam Abu Taleb did not accept Islam Al-Abbas accepted Islam Abu Lahab did not accept Islam
  23. 23. Prophet’s aunts… Arwa Some scholars said she accepted Islam. Safiya Bin Abdulmutalib Accepted Islam Omayma Accepted Islam as some mentioned Barrah Did not witness the message Um Hakeem Hopefully she accepted Islam.
  24. 24. Prophet Mohamed married eleven wives who were selected by Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala. They will also be his wives in Paradise. Prophet’s wives (mothers of Muslims).. Prophet Mohamed is the only male of his followers who is allowed to have more than 4 wives at once.
  25. 25. Having many wives by the Prophet has many wisdoms behind, such as conveying all happening in Prophet’s house, spreading knowledge of Islam and caring for these women and their children… etc. They conveyed to the Umah great knowledge mainly Aysha May Allah be please with her. Many wisdoms behind having many wives..
  26. 26. Mothers of Muslims… Khadeeja Bint Khuwailed Married her before he was sent She spent with the prophet (PBUH) for 25 years She died of 65 years old three years before immigration. Aysha Bin Abu Bakr The only virgin he married (PBUH)
  27. 27. Mothers of Muslims… Sauda Bint Zima’ah She lived with him for 4 yrs He married her after her husband died “Um Salamah" Hind Bin Abi Omaya He married her after her husband died Um Habibah “Ramlah Bin Abi Sufyan” He married her after her husband left Islam on their way to Al-Habasah
  28. 28. Hafsa Bint Omer Bin Al-Khatab Prophet married her after her husband’s death Allah said: “So when Zaid had accomplished his desire from her (i.e. divorced her), We gave her to you in marriage” Zainab Bint Jahsh Daughter of his Aunt Omaymah. God married him to her from the sky without marriage contract. Mothers of Muslims…
  29. 29. Mothers of Mulsims … Zainab Bint Khuzayma Al-Hilaliyah The Prophet married her after her husband’s death in Ohod. She died after two months. Juwayriyah Bint Al-Hareth He married her from bani Al-Mustalaq
  30. 30. Mothers of Muslims… Safiya Bint Huyay Bin Akhtab Al- Nadriya Yes her grandfather is Haroun, Moses is her Uncle and Mohamed is her husband The Last he married. Maymounah Bint Al-Hareth He married her after her husband “Kinana’s” death in Khaibar The Prophet praised her being a daughter of a Prophet, a Prophet uncle and a wife to our prophet Mohamed.
  31. 31. Prophet’s Moazens (Prayer callers).. Bilal Al-Habashi (In Medinah) Ibn Om Maktoom (In Medinah) Abu Mahthoura (In Mecca) Saad Al-Kurab (In Quiba)
  32. 32. ‫وسلم‬ ‫عليه‬ ‫ا‬ ‫صلى‬ ‫تتبته‬َ‫تب‬ ‫ك‬َ‫تب‬ ،،،، ‫دقيق‬ّ‫قي‬‫ص‬ِ‫د‬ ‫ال‬ ‫بكر‬ ‫أبو‬ ‫الخطاب‬ ‫بن‬ ‫عمر‬ ‫عفان‬ ‫بن‬ ‫عثمان‬ ‫طالب‬ ‫أبي‬ ‫بن‬ ‫علي‬ ‫عنهم‬ ‫ال‬ ‫رضي‬ ‫الربعة‬ ‫الخلفاء‬
  33. 33. His Clerks… Mouawya Bin Abi Sufyan Abdullah Bin Al-Arkam Al-Azhari Zaid Bin Thabit Amer Bin Fuhayra Obai Bin Kaab Hanzalah Bin Rabei Al-Asdy Thabit Bin Qays Bin Shamas Khalid Bin Saed Bin Al-Aas Shurahbeel Bin Hasanah
  34. 34. Prophet’s Ambassadors .. ٍSent to Al-Najashi and accepted Islam Abdullah Bin Huthafa Al-Sahmi To Hercules but did not embrace Islam. Amr Bin Omaya Al-Tamri Lehya Bin Khaleefa Al-Kalbi To the King of Persia, he torn the book
  35. 35. Prophet’s Ambassadors… Amro Bin Al-Aas Hateb Bin Abi Balta’a Allakhmi Saleet Bin Amr Al-Aameri To Almokawqis, King of Alexandria but did not embrace Islam. To Both Omani Kings who accepted Islam To Hootha Bin Ali Al-Hanafi. Did not accept Islam
  36. 36. Shuja’a Bin Wahb Al-Asdy To Al-Harith Bin Shaml Al-Ghassani. Did not accept Islam Prophet’s Ambassadors.. Al-Muhajir Bin Abi Omaya Al-Makhzoumi To Al-Harith Al-Hemyari, Yemeni King. Did not accept Islam Al-Ala’a Bin Al-Hadrami To Munthir Bin Sawa Al-Absi, Bahrain King. Accepted d Islam
  37. 37. Prophet’s Ambassadors… Abu Musa Al-Ashari and Mua’ath Bin Jabal To all Yemeni people. They all accepted Islam.
  38. 38. Prophet’s servants…. Anas Bin Malik Hind & Asma’a Oqba bin Amer Al-JahniBilal Bin Rabah Rabei’a Bin Kaab Al-Aslami Abdullah Bin Masoud
  39. 39. From slavery he freed… Zaid Bin Haritha Thawban Bin Hujdud Abu Mowayhibah Safeena Osama Bin Zaid Bin Haritha Abu Rafei
  40. 40. Prophet’s raids… Armies and companies he sent out were about 50 The Prophet (PBUH) lead 25 raids and fought in 9 of them only.
  41. 41. His Animals… Al-Sakb Al-Mortajaz Al-Darb Alluhayh Sabha Lizaz His horses: His Mule (Aldoldul) His filly (Al-Shaqra)
  42. 42. ‫حة‬َ‫ة‬ ‫لحق‬َ‫ة‬‫بردة‬ُ‫ر‬ ‫تسمى‬ ‫العضباء‬ ‫ناقته‬(‫عاء‬َ‫ة‬ ‫د‬ْ‫َع‬ ‫ج‬َ‫ة‬ ‫وال‬ ‫صواء‬ْ‫َع‬ ‫لحق‬َ‫ة‬‫ا‬ ‫ا‬ً ‫أقيض‬ ‫)وتسمى‬ :‫منائح‬‫الغنم‬ ‫من‬ ‫سبع‬ ،،،،‫وسلم‬ ‫عليه‬ ‫ا‬ ‫صلى‬ ‫ه‬ُ ‫لص‬ ‫ب‬ُّ ‫دوا‬
  43. 43. Prophet’s weapons… His sword: Dulfaqar Three Bows Three arrows Three Swords won from Bani Qaynukah
  44. 44. Of his miracles (PBUH) The Holey Quran Moon Split He saw the eastern and western parts of earth where his religion spread. Water springs from among his fingers He informed of the killing of Kisra (persian king) He iform ed Thabit Bin Qays that he will be killed as a M artyr and that what happened. He infromed of the killing of Al- Aswad Al-Ansi in Yemen the night he was killed. He informed Othman of his calamity to come. Then he was killed.
  45. 45. Prophet’s death… (PBUH) The Prophet died Monday morning, 12th of Rabie Al- Awal, Eleventh year of Al- Hijra. Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him
  46. 46. His bathing and dressing… The Prophet was bathed by Ali Bin Abi Taleb, his uncle Al- Abbas, Al-Fadl Bin Al-Abbas, Qutham Bin Al-Abbas, Osama Bin Zaid and Shukran. He was dressed in three white pieces of cloth.
  47. 47. Salat Al-Janazat.. Muslims prayed Janazat on the Prophet one by one due to their love and respect for the him May Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him.
  48. 48. Prophet’s Burial (PBUH) The Prophet’s was laid in his tomb by Al-Abbas, Ali, Al-Fadl, Qutham and Shukran and covered by nine bricks then by covered with sand. Prophet’s grave was made humpy not more than a hand span high.
  49. 49. The Prophet was buried on Wednesday night in the place where he died next to his mattress. His grave was excavated in the south western corner of Aysha’s room. Prophet’s place of burial (PBUH)
  50. 50. Prophet’s death is the biggest calamity for Muslims Prophet’s death is the biggest calamity for Muslims. No one will face a calamity bigger than his death PBUH as he said in one hadith.
  51. 51. Every Muslim must care for Prophet’s Sunnah to be able to follow him with knowledge and understanding. It is really sad when hear that some Muslim know about celebrities and memorize their words, but they are ignorant of everything related to the Prophet Mohamed PBUH. What did we do for Sunnah?
  52. 52. Prophet Mohamed informed that some of his followers who will come later on after his death will scarifies all they have just to see him May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be Upon Him. Do you love Prophet Mohamed?
  53. 53. Finally PLS do not forget to pray honesty for the one who prepared & translated these slides, for Sheikh Khalid and for those who spread it among Muslims. Subhan Allah wabehamih