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my visual aid for psych 150 report on Karen Horney
second semester,AY 2012-2013

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  • Her parents were of Dutch-Norwegian origins, and represented the typical European family which revered the principles and values of the Victorian times.Victorian era demanded total rendition to religious beliefs.Her father was a ship's captain, a religious man, and an authoritarian. His children called him "the Bible thrower," because, according to Horney, he did!As Karen recalled "He was a Bible thrower" because every time they misspelled a word or could not remember a particular passage, Berndt hit them on the head with the Bible (Rubins 1978:11).
  • she changed her approach to life, and became ambitious and even rebellious. She said "If I couldn't be pretty, I decided I would be smart," which is only unusual in that she actually was prettyShe associated whatever she was doing as the same thing as what her mother does to her father, as wife to husband. Karen loved profoundly, felt emotions profoundly and was devastated profoundly by rejection, whether real or conjured from within the depths of her exquisitely sensitive spirit (Rubins 1978:16).!
  • At 13: her mother was skeptical of this because higher education was only allowed to women who will be future educators. Her father disapprove of this because tuition at that time was too high and that Hamburg children 14+ did not go to higher education.In 1909: Oskar with PhD and worked for a coal company while Karen not yet with MD specialized with psychiatry
  • Earned md: she saw that women are not openly welcomed. Univ of berlin opened its doors to women for medicine because it is associated with caring and also women are demanding that males do not check them out (especially concerning their genitals)
  • Her father died of typhoid fever without being able to see her for the last time.Horney notes that she did not intervene, but rather considered the atmosphere good for her children and encouraging their independence. Only many years later did hindsight change her perspective on childrearing.Love affairs: search for right man (fill in her father’s shoes)
  • Same year: she had thoughts of committing suicide
  • 1913: Karl Muller-Braunschweig persuaded her. Muller-Braunschweig and Horney were classmates in the neuro-psychiatric clinic of Professor Herman Oppenheim where both students were extraordinarily interested in the relationship between neurosis and psychoanalysis
  • Karen horney

    1. 1. Psychoanalytic Social Theory “Life itself still remains a very effective therapist.” – K. Horney
    2. 2. ψ Born in Blankenese, small town near Hamburg, Germany as Karen Clementina Theodora Danielsen on September 15, 1885 ψ Only daughter of Berndt (Wackels) Danielsen, sea captain and Clothilda van Ronzelen Danielsen, who was 18-19 years his junior (also second wife) ψ Had five siblings: four from Berndt’s first marriage (all males) and one older brother (also named Berndt) ψ Felt hostility towards her father and regarded him as religious hypocrite but greatly favored her mother
    3. 3. ψ Felt deprived of affection because of her father’s preference of her older brother, Berndt ψ She was the acting housekeeper when her mother is not around which included keeping her brothers’ things organized. ψ At age nine, she developed a crush towards her brother but was turned down leading to her first bout with depression
    4. 4. ψ At 13, she wanted to become a physician (as well as the rest of her siblings but she was the only one who succeeded) much to his father’s opposition and society ψ In 1904, her parents divorced leaving Karen, 19 and Berndt, 23 ψ In 1906, she entered University of Freiburg where she met Oscar Horney, political science student ψ In 1909, they married and stayed in Berlin
    5. 5. ψ She became one of the boys because she saw that being girly would only lead to ridicule ψ Earned an MD in 1911 in University of Berlin (after Freiburg and Gottingen)
    6. 6. ψ Parents were divorced and died a year after the other ψ She gave birth to three daughters in five years (1910: Brigitte, 1913: Marianne, 1916: Renate) ψ Oskar was just like her father, Berndt, as predicted by Freud – harsh, authoritative disciplinarian ψ She had several love affairs
    7. 7. ψ In 1923, Oskar developed meningitis and lost his job and forced to live in Berlin ψ In the same year, Horney's brother died at age forty of pulmonary infection ψ In 1926, they separated but did not officially divorce until 1938
    8. 8. ψ In 1913, she began an analysis with Karl Abraham ψ In 1917, she wrote her first paper on psychoanalysis, “The Technique of Psychoanalytic Therapy” ψ In 1919, she began to take in patients at Berlin Psychoanalytic Clinic and Institute until 1932 ψ In 1932, she became associate director of Chicago Pychoanalytic Institute ψ In 1950, she published her most important work, Neurosis and Human Growth ψ In 1952, she established Karen Horney Clinic
    9. 9. ψ Freud’s ‘penis envy’ and ‘Oedipus complex’ concepts, instinct-driven people and Freud’s male chauvinism were the main reasons of Horney’s drifting away
    10. 10.  The Neurotic Personality of our Time (1937)  New Ways in Psychoanalysis (1939)  Self-Analysis (1942)  Our Inner Conflicts (1945)  Are You Considering Psychoanalysis? (1946)  Neurosis and Human Growth (1950)  The Collected Works of Karen Horney (1950)  The Adolescent Diaries of Karen Horney (1980)  The Unknown Karen Horney: Essays on Gender, Culture, and Psychoanalysis (2000)
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    12. 12. Mariah Sandrine M. Dating Yzea Ordas