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Chen abc book

  1. 1. I am hardly bothered by anything, but one thing that bugs meout of my mind is not knowing things. Whenever I hear part of a story Iwant to know the rest. This can be an advantage because if I don’tknow things I will find out myself instead of waiting for others to explain tome. However, it can also be a disadvantage because sometimes I don’tget the answers and I get very bothered, hence having a hard timefalling asleep at night. Also, I often overthink things and either becomevery nervous because I keep thinking about things that are very unlikelyto happen or I get a headache from thinking so much. B-Bother
  2. 2. C-Collection I don’t collect anything but if I was able to own a collection I wouldcollect Fabergé eggs. Fabergé eggs are jeweled eggs made in the House ofFabergé between 1885 to 1917. Many of them were miniature and used forgifts as pendants.
  3. 3. D-don’t “don’t look at me like that.”“don’t yell at me!” i hear thiseveryday from my sister. Haha, this is what I hear from myWell, if you actually friends a lot. When I want to knowbehaved, i wouldn’t yell at something, and they wouldn’t tellyou! me, I would stare at them with a face that says “you know you want to tell me,” and i would often achieve my goal and get the information I want. “don’t be late again!” this is often addressed to me from my parents. I often stay up late at night reading books and have a hard time getting up the next morning.
  4. 4. E-Eat I am a food lover, and I enjoy all kinds of food. However, if I had topick a favorite, I would pick cake.Favorite food and why
  5. 5. H-HeroWho is the bravest person you can think of an why
  6. 6. If I were only an inch tall, Iwould be able to do so many thingsthat I wouldn’t be able to do right now.I can travel all over the world inpeople’s suitcases and they wouldn’t I-Ifeven notice! If there are places thatpeople don’t travel to, I can simplyhop onto a bird for a free ride. Also, Iwould be the best at playing hide-and-seek because no one will be able tofind me with my new size. Finally, Ican also have “tons” of food! If I weresmall, a small amount of food wouldsatisfy me for days and I’ll be able toenjoy them longer than anyone else.
  7. 7. J-Jealous• Name something/someone that makes you feel jealous• Explain why in detail
  8. 8. K-Kite If I could lie down on the grass while flying a kite, just looking at thebeautiful sky and trees around me, I would probably think about the human mind andhow it works. I like analyzing how people think and why they think that way. It’s veryfun when you can deduct what your friend is going to say next or what your neighborthinks of you because you understand their logic and reasoning. When you analyzeothers, you can also learn more about yourself. You will understand the way that youthink and know of your virtues and faults and change them so you can become abetter person.
  9. 9. L-Love Someone that I love very much is my friend Joyce. Although we are verydifferent, we are tied together by our differences. Like me, Joyce simply adores food. We bothare the kind of people that start eating the moment we get home. However, this could be adisadvantage for our friends as we are often the reason they have no food in their cabinets bythe time we leave their houses. Joyce has also been there during the ups and downs of my life.Even if she doesn’t help (as I dislike it anyways), her presence is enough to make me feelbetter.
  10. 10. M-Magic If I were a magician and could change myself into anything, I would change myself into a cat. I want to be a cat because cats are independent like myself and are able to survive on their own. Cats are also very free because they don’t need to always stay at one place.
  11. 11. N-Noise• What kinds of noises bother you? What kinds of noises or sounds do you enjoy?
  12. 12. O-Only If I could keep only one for my current possessions, I would keep mycomputer.If you could keep only one of your current possessions, what would It be and why?
  13. 13. P-Proud My artistic and mathematic abilities are my biggest prides. I have taken art classes starting from 1st grade all the way throughout 6th and I have discovered my interest in math as soon as I could count. There are many mathematical competitions that I have entered and placed in such as the CBA Math Contest last October. Most people that know me also recognize me for these skills. I am proud when people acknowledge me for my strengths and compliment me for my achievements.
  14. 14. Q-Question Before I die (hopefully not in the near future), I would like to answer some questionfor myself in this world. First of all, I would like to know whWhat are some quesitons you would like to answer for yourself in this worl?
  15. 15. R-RulesParents are always making rules for their children, but how would they feel if theyhad to follow rules themselves made by their children?1. No taking things out on me- You shouldn’t take things out on me when I’m not the cause of the problem.2. Get me a computer!- If you’re not going to get me one then stop complaining when I use yours to do my homework!3. Explain “Why?”- Why can’t you just stop saying “Because I said so?” It’s annoying!4. Don’t sing in public- Yes, I do understand you have “beautiful” voices, but we don’t really want to hear you sing. 5. Acknowledge me when I do something nice for you- Don’t just pretend like it was all expected of me when I step out of my way to do something that was originally your responsibility, and lecture me when I don’t do it a second time.
  16. 16. S-Surprise• What is the greatest surprise you have ever had? What surprise thing would you like to do for someone else?
  17. 17. T-Title• If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why? If I could change my name, I would change it to Ai Suigetsu.
  18. 18. U-Ugh• What things make you say “UGH!” when you see them or have to do them?
  19. 19. V-Vitamin If I could invent a new vitamin for people to take, I would invent avitaminIf you could invent a new vitamin for people to take, what would it do forhuman health?
  20. 20. W-Wishes• What are some wishes you would like to have come true?Some wishes that I would like to have come true are to have a huge library, to
  21. 21. X-X-ray• You have just been given x-ray eyes! What are some things you can see now that you were not able to see before?
  22. 22. Y-Yell• Tell about a time you really yelled at someone. What did you scream at him/her for? Why were you so angry? What did he/she do that was so awful?
  23. 23. Z-Zligmur• LUCKY YOU!! Someone just gave you a zligmur as a gift. What in the world is it? Describe it in detail and draw a picture of it• I am so happy that I received a zligmur today! It is a