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  • 1. Adobe Photoshop Ahood Mhamed Al Salami 200915426
  • 2. Outline• What is Adobe Photoshop ?• The History of Adobe Photoshop• What is the uses of Photoshop ?• Who use Adobe Photoshop?• Advantages of Photoshop (purpose)• Disadvantages of Photoshop• How to download Photoshop (video)• Resources
  • 3. What is Adobe Photoshop ?Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor that is one of the most popularprograms for image manipulation. It is used widely by graphicsprofessionals for all sorts of tasks including website design and it isdeveloped and published by Adobe Systems Incorporated.
  • 4. The History of Adobe PhotoshopFounded in 1982 by two former Xerox employees, Charles Geschkeand John Warnock, Adobe was an early pioneer in the softwarefield. Adobe was located in Northern California in what is nowknown as Silicon Valley.
  • 5. What is the uses of Photoshop ?- Photograph manipulation- Painting + drawing- Graphic design + illustration + page layout- Typography- Animation cells, sprites, and gif animations- Web images
  • 6. Who use Adobe Photoshop?Organization and companies (managers & employees)Schools and universities (teachers/ faculty/students).
  • 7. Advantages of Photoshop(purpose)Photoshop is wonderful. The advantages can range anywherefrom helping someone improve the quality of a photograph, tobeing an assistant with artists, who rely on Photoshop to makeartwork. The more you learn how to use Photoshop, the more itcan improve your skills. Also this program help students to makean interesting presentation and creative projects.
  • 8. Disadvantages of PhotoshopIt takes time and patience with yourself in order to learn how touse each one correctly. Photoshop also takes up a large amount ofroom on your computer, but if youre willing, you can buymemory for your computer at a local media / electronic store.
  • 9. How to download Photoshop (video)
  • 10. Resources :
  • 11. Thank You