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fedora Linux release event

fedora Linux release event

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  • Presentation Template Created by: Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira Brazilian Fedora Ambassador [email_address] www.projetofedora.org


  • 1. Fedora 12 Release Event
    • Ahmed Daoud
    • Fedora Ambassador
  • 2.
      • Fedora 12 Release Event
    • Intro to Opensource.
    • What is GNU/Linux?
    • Fedora 12
      • What is new?
      • Fedora Spins.
    • Ease of Use.
      • 15000 and more Applications.
      • Virtualization.
    • Moving from Windows to Linux
  • 3. Intro to Opensource
    • software whose source code is published and made available to the public, enabling anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the source code without paying royalties or fees.
    • The GPL License.
    • Benifits of using opensource.
    • FOSS Repositories.
    • The future of opensource.
  • 4. Opensource Achivments
    • Operating systems:
      • Linux – Opensolaris – Chrome OS.
    • Programming Languages:
      • PHP – Python – Java – Perl – C/C++.
    • Productivity tools.
      • OpenOffice.org – Koffice – GIMP ....etc.
    • Internet Browsers & Websites CMSs.
      • Firefox – Opera - Chrome.
      • Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal.
  • 5. What is GNU/Linux?
    • GNU/Linux is a free opensource operating system.
    • Linux is the kernel which was built by a student as an alternative for UNIX.
    • GNU is a set of tools and programs used with the kernel to form a full operating system.
    • Modern GNU/Linux = Linux + GNU + X.
    • Linux distros are versions released by Communities and companies.
  • 6. Fedora 12 Release
    • Fedora is a GNU/Linux distro released by fedora community and sponsered by Redhat.
    • New release every six months.
    • Free and open source applications only
    • Maintained by volunteers largely (~70%)
    • Nearly 15000 installable software packages.
  • 7. New in Feodra 12.
    • 20 second startup time, Plymouth improvements and Kernel Mode Support
    • Ext4 as default filesystem.
    • GDM and GNOME finger print integration.
    • Set Empathy as the default IM client.
    • Virtualization and Security enhancements.
    • Nouveau as the default driver for Nvidia cards ( No 3D support yet!).
    • Add full IPv6 support to NetworkManager..
    • Gnome 2.28, KDE 4.3, OpenOffice 3.1
  • 8. Fedora Spins
    • Fedora spins are alternate version of Fedora, tailored for various types of users via hand-picked application set or customizations.
    • Most Common Spins are
      • XFCE spin: well integrated XFCE desktop
      • Games: Showcase of best games on Fedora.
      • FEL: Fedora Electronic Lab.
    • Spins enable users to create their own ones.
  • 9. Ease of Use.
    • Fedora is easy to use.
    • Gnome or KDE each provides an easy to use GUI system (Demo).
    • OpenOffice.org is as easy as Microsoft Office (Demo).
    • All multimedia applications which you need are availabe.
    • Codecs are availabe on RPM-fushion repositories.
  • 10. Virtualization
    • Virtualization is fully supported on Fedora.
    • Fedora comes with high performance virtualization utilities such as KVM.
    • KVM is suitable for servers.
    • For personnel use it's better to use VirtualBox.
    • Wine is a good solution to run Windows Software on Linux.
  • 11. The Way To Linux
    • Prepare your USB Live Fedora stick
    • Get a good book (may be arabic one).
    • Start applying what you read on the Live system.
    • Participate at one of Linux communities. Ex: Linuxac
    • Use a small note book to write down what you learned every day.
    • Finally you will be a Linux user.
  • 12. Useful Websites
    • www.fedoraproject.org
    • Fedora Docs
      • http://docs.fedoraproject.org/
    • Fedora Spins
      • http://spins.fedoraproject.org/
    • مجتمع لينكس العربى
      • http://linuxac.org/
    • How to Forge