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Road construction equipment.pptx 2

  1. 1. Road Construction EquipmentMade by:1- Ahmed Negm 91044412- Mohamed Abuo el Magd 101091543- Ahmed Magdy 91039494- Abdelrahman Mohamed 91042865- Ahmed Mohamed Zanaty 91037106- Mohamed Khodary7- Ahmed YoussefTo view the presentation online :
  2. 2. What is Road ?Road construction is perhaps one of man’searliest forms of construction. Roads aredefined as routes or paths that begin at onedestination and lead to another. The modernday road is defined as a paved or easilyaccessible path, made so by the use ofmodern day road construction equipmentsuch as hydraulic excavators, motorgraders, asphalt pavers, wheelloaders and vibratory compactors.
  3. 3. What is the difference between Streets & Roads ?Roads that lead into cities and towns can also be referred toas streets, avenues, boulevards, and more. Any route thathas a navigable destination can be referred to as a road,including those that are unpaved or dirt.
  4. 4. Why shall choose the equipment suiting the job ?To win in the highly competitive world of construction,you need to maximize the productivity of every employeeand every machine on every job. You cant afford expensivedowntime. Reducing operating costs while increasingefficiency is critical to maintaining your competitive edge.
  5. 5. Equipment used in Road construction
  6. 6. The Crawler TractorA construction vehicle that moves ontracks instead of wheels. The tracksspread the vehicle’s weight over alarger surface area, enabling thetractor to exert a lower force per unitarea on the ground. This allows thetractor to safely traverse over moisterground. A variety of attachments canbe added to the crawler tractor thereby maximizing its usability. When adozer blade is attached to the front ofthe crawler tractor it is commonlyknown as a "bulldozer". With a loaderattachment, it becomes a crawlerloader.
  7. 7. The Hydraulic ExcavatorThe hydraulic excavator is mostcommonly used for digging rocksand soil, but with its manyattachments it can also be used forcutting steel, The hydraulicexcavator breaking concrete, drilling holes in the earth, laying gravelonto the road priorto paving, crushing rocks, steel, andconcrete, and even mowinglandscapes. Hydraulic excavatorshave an operating weight of 20,000pounds (9,072 kg) or higher.
  8. 8. Motor ScraperMotor scrapers, alsoknown as self-propelledscrapers, are largemotorized machinesused for digging,hauling and leveling outmaterials in a varietyof construction jobs.Running onmassive rubber tires,these machines quicklymove large quantities ofearth around aconstruction site.
  9. 9. The Wheel LoaderThe wheel loader, also known asa front end loader or bucketloader, is one of the most widelyused machinesin construction today and isnoted for its extreme versatilityand payload capacity to performmultiple tasks at a low cost.Wheel loaders are primarilyused in constructionapplications such as materialhandling, digging, load-and-carry, road building, and sitepreparation. Some models evencome in waste handlingversions. Top manufacturers ofwheel loaders by rankinclude Caterpillar, Deere &Co., Komatsu, and Volvo.
  10. 10. The Motor GraderA motor grader, known as patrol,or maintainer, is a piece of heavymachinery used to create a smooth,wide, flat surface. Traditionally, thegrader is used for road maintenance itsmain function is to flatten surfacesbefore the application of asphalt.Presently, these machines are alsocommonly used for fine grading,spreading, and earthmoving. They canbe used for clearing debris and brush,as well as for snow removal. A varietyof attachments convert the motorgrader into a more versatile machine,enabling the machine to do things suchas dig shallow holes
  11. 11. The RollersRollers are used to compactloose foundation, such as soil,gravel, asphalt,and bituminous materials andare primarily usedfor construction or agricultureapplications. The rollingprocess ensures thatfoundations are compactedthoroughly so the materialsare solid and do not comeloose.
  12. 12. The CompactorsCompactors are machinesfrequently used to compactmaterials such as soil in order toincrease its densityfor construction. In addition,compactors are utilized in landfilltasks. Common varieties are platetampers (also known asrammers), vibratory plates,compactors (also known as tampingfoot rollers), and vibratory pad footcompactors.
  13. 13. Asphalt Road PaverA paver is an engineeringvehicle used to lay asphalton roadways. It is normallyfed by a dump truck. Aseparate machine, a roller,is then used to press the hotasphalt mix, resulting asmooth, even surface. Thesub-base being prepared byuse of a grader to trimcrushed stone to profileafter rolling
  14. 14. Thank You