19 Dream-Killing Villains by FOS


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Here's a Quick List of 19 Villains that'll take you back to your childhood. Enjoy!

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19 Dream-Killing Villains by FOS

  1. 1. 19 DREAM-KILLING VILLAINS And some things they taught us!
  2. 2. JOKER, THE DARK KNIGHT I’ll be the first to admit that he is definitely one of the most awesome villains of all-time, but he’s still a villain. Good outweighs bad, always. Watch this movie if you haven’t. And if you find yourself rooting for the joker, it’s ok. We all have.
  3. 3. SCAR, LION KING Nothing needs to be said about this villain. Scar is definitely a top 5 villain in my book. Taught us that not all family can be trusted.
  4. 4. THE EVIL QUEEN, SNOW WHITE AND THE 7 DWARFS This stepmother was evil and so obsessed with being the most beautiful that she plotted against Snow White. Just atrocious. This is a lesson against narcissism and pride.
  5. 5. HENRY WATERNOOSE III, MONSTERS INC. This half-crab monster with 5 eyes is the CEO of Monsters, Inc. who that felt business reputation was more important than children’s lives smh. Nothing is more valuable than the life of a child.
  6. 6. LOTS-O-HUGGIN’ BEAR, TOY STORY 3 A ruthless warden who poses like a kind-hearted and wise caretaker. Not everything that glitters is gold. Remember that.
  7. 7. LORD VOLDEMORT, HARRY POTTER SERIES Voldermort (the t is silent), is your classic wimp in search of power who’s willing to harm anyone to get it. Watch out for them.
  8. 8. CAPTAIN HOOK, PETER PAN A bitter captain with an iron hook as a hand. He spent his life trying to exact revenge and got what he had coming to him. Sometimes its better to just let it go.
  9. 9. FREDDY KRUEGER, NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. Freddy is a wicked villain that attacked people in their dreams. How messed up is that? Unfortunately, there are plenty of Kruegers in the world who are big and bad when destroying your dream, but very vulnerable in real life.
  10. 10. MICHAEL MYERS, HALLOWEEN This dude is evil itself. He would never die and always found a way to pop up at the most random times. Sort of like evil itself, huh? See what the director did there?
  11. 11. DREAMKILLER, THE PROLOGUE We can’t help you fight all the villains so we go you the next best thing, a t-shirt. This design is a reminder to not let anyone, villain or otherwise, keep you from your chasing and eventually fulfilling your dreams.
  12. 12. JAFAR, ALADDIN A power-hungry villain who was willing to destroy relationships in order to achieve “success.” Little does he know, love conquers all.
  13. 13. KING CANDY, WRECK-IT RALPH Ruler of Sugar Rush, King Candy refuses to let Vanellope participate in the races. The classic case of the man trying keeping the people down. A must see.
  14. 14. THE HYENAS, THE LION KING Hyenas are your typical bullies. Constantly trying to bring others down, all the while having flaws of their own. They don’t have a backbone or a mind of their own either.
  15. 15. CRUELLA DE VIL, 101 DALMATIANS This villain is very wealthy and rude. She picks on people who aren’t as wealthy and uses them. She befriended Anita so she could buy the Dalmatians and make a fur coat out of them.
  16. 16. HANNIBAL LECTER, RED DRAGON Brilliant psychiatrist but cannibalistic serial killer. Hannibal is an example of a bright mind lacking a moral compass. He needed to be a little more well-rounded.
  17. 17. RINGMASTER, DUMBO The ringmaster wasn’t really evil but he was pretty mean, strict and arrogant. He also kept Mrs. Dumbo locked up and declared insane.
  18. 18. THE BIG BAD WOLF, THREE LITTLE PIGS This bad wolf had a thing for bacon and his greed led to his demise. He picked on the smaller pigs and was eventually outwitted. He got what he deserved.
  19. 19. URSULA, THE LITTLE MERMAID This antagonist wanted to become the new ruler of the seas, so she tried to manipulate love to make it happen. Her plan didn’t necessarily work out though. Be careful who give your heart to.
  20. 20. SID PHILLIPS, TOY STORY This hyperactive, 10 year old child is every toy’s worst nightmare. He likes to destroy his toys by taking them apart and doing hideous things to them. Essentially, picking on things that area defenseless and small. He needed more hugs from his parents.
  21. 21. DARTH VADER, STAR WARS SERIES The torn-prophet. At one point he was the chosen one, but then he fell to the dark side of the force. Friends don’t let friends become Darth.
  22. 22. BROUGHT TO YOU BY FOSLIFESTYLE.COM Until Next Time! Thanks for Reading.