Seven layers of atmosphere


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Seven layers of atmosphere

  1. 1. SEVEN LAYERS OF ATMOSPHERE“It is He Who created everything on the earth for you and then directed His attentionup to heaven and arranged it into seven regular heavens. He has knowledge of allthings.” (The Quran, 2:29)“Then He turned to heaven when it was smoke. In two days He determined them asseven heavens and revealed, in every heaven, its own mandate. ” (The Quran, 41:12) One of most important facts regarding the earth and universe has been revealed inthe verses of Holy Quran. ALLAH ALMGHTY states in the Quran that he created “sevenregular heavens” and gave every heaven “its own mandate”. Now whenever the wordheaven comes in the Quran it is referred to the sky above the earth and the completeuniverse. In the 20th century an amazing discovery was made stating that the earthatmosphere which is surrounding it and protecting it from different types of dangers is madeup of 7 different layers. If we see the atmosphere around the earth surrounding us then wecome to know that the atmosphere of the earth is created of seven different layers of whichthe first layer which is 12-15 Km from the surface of the earth is Troposphere. The secondlayer is the Stratosphere which is about 25 Km from earth surface and the third layers isOzone layer also known as Ozonosphere which is the part of Stratosphere layer. The fourthlayer around the earth in the atmosphere is Mesosphere while the fifth layer isThermosphere. After this the sixth layer is Ionosphere and the last layer which is 50% of thecomplete atmosphere is exosphere. Now when we related this scientific invention with thewords of Holy Quran we come to know that ALLAH ALMIGHTY expressed the same words1400 years ago in QURAN. This is an amazing fact which has been proven by the divinewords of Holy Quran. It was not possible to mention such a scientific invention before 1400years without the help of any scientific tool. At that time when the Quran was revealed theexistence of Science on the planet was really struggling and the people of Arab were alsouneducated so it was not possible to state such words by any human at that time which
  2. 2. proves that these words are thedivine words revealed by thecreator of all, ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Now in the second verseALLAH ALMIGHT stated that he hasgiven every heaven “its ownmandate”. It means that ALLAHALMIGHTY has given every layer ofthe atmosphere its own mandate itsown purpose of existence. Nowwhen we see it scientifically thenwe come to know that every layerof atmosphere have its ownpurpose and function. It wasdiscovered in the 20th century hatevery atmospheric layer is distinctand has its own feature. It wasdiscovered by the help of sciencethat the function of Troposphere isto stop the flow of water vaporsand convert them into dense formof clouds for rain so that the watercould go back on the earth. Thesecond layer which is Stratosphereis relatively stable due to whichmany jets fly in this layer. Theozonosphere is meant to block the
  3. 3. ultraviolent rays and other harmful rays from entering the earth to protect life on earth.Mesosphere is meant to stop meteoroids from falling on the earth. The meteoroids cannotcross this layer due to which they do not fall on the surface of the earth. Thermosphere is thelayer where the space shuttle orbits around the earth. Ionosphere reflects the radio andtransmission waves from the one point of the earth to other parts of the earth so that we couldcommunicate with each other in this modern era of science.