Reason for makkah being most peacful place


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Reason for makkah being most peacful place

  1. 1. REASON FOR MAKKAH BEING MOST PEACFUL PLACE Makkah Mukarmah is the most sacred place for Muslims in the world including Madina Shareef.These both cities are located in Saudi Arabia. They are very much important for all the Muslims aroundthe world. All Muslims come to Makkah to perform their religious obligations like Hajj, Tawaf, Umrah.Muslims consider this place the most important and the most peaceful place for them. Every muslimwho is the capability to go there must go there once in hisher life to perform Hajj once in this life whichis compulsory for him. This is a compulsion made by Allah Almighty. It a noticed fact that most of thepeople after coming back from Makkah says that they feel very much Light there and feel a lot of peaceduring their visit to Makkah. Some people mention that during their visit to Makkah they felt as theywere very much closer to ALLAH SUBHAN’A’TALLAH. Some people express their feelings by saying thatMakkah is the most holy place on land. Some says that they haven’t seen such peace anywhere around
  2. 2. the world which they noticed there in Makkah. Now there is a proper scientific explanation to thesefeelings. These feelings are not just the part of our religious belief but they can also be traced followingthe footsteps of science. Science has explained why people feel peaceful during their stay in Makkah.The explanation for these feelings can be started right from the time when Neil Armstrong landed onthe moon for the first time in the history of mankind. When he landed there at the Moon he saw thatthin rays of lights emitting from Kabah Shareef situated in the Holy city of Makkah. These beam of lightwas having a very Short-Wavelength and were unknown to human beings. According to the scientists,this light possessed some very different and significant Characteristics. They also took the pictures fromMars and saw the light even from there. This information is totally authenticated because thisinformation was uploaded on the official site of NASA but was removed after 21 days due toconspiracies. This beam of light was travelling straight in the upward direction and was extendinginfinitely in the upward direction. According to Hadees Shareef, Bait-al-Mamour is located right aboveKabah. So, Muslims believe of Bait-al-Mamour is proved even by Science that this light directly goes toBait-al-Mamour, where Angels perform Tawaf. Now According to the most famous Golden Ratio Makkahis considered the center of the Earth. At the center of anything all the forces cancel each other andbecome zero. There are many magnetic and gravitational forces acting in our environment. But when wetalk about Makkah, as it is the center point of the earth that is why all the forces acting in ourenvironment cancel out each other at this central mean point of earth leaving the environment to “ZeroMagnetic Zone” or “Magnetic Equilibrium Zone”. Let’s take an example that on north and South Pole wehave different magnetic forces acting on each pole and when we stand in between these poles then thismiddle point is known as “Zero Magnetic Zone” or “Magnetic Equilibrium Zone” because here the forcescancel out each other and becomes Zero. This is the main reason due to which most of us feel peacefulthere and feels as if our souls are literally flying in the air. Makkah is the Golden mean point of the earthmeans it is the center of the earth and here all the forces acting in our nature becomes zero leaving noharmful effects in the region. This is the reason for the on the basis of which we can say that the peopleliving there have healthier lives and lives peacefully. Most of them have long lives because due to ZeroMagnetic Zone, there body is not affected by any type of force. Due to the cancellation of the forces,people living there or staying there are not affected by any king of Magnetic and Gravitational forces.By M.Ahmed Shahid,Student,UCP (FOC).