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Prospectus University of lahore 2012-13 Prospectus University of lahore 2012-13 Document Transcript

  • VisionTo be a prestigious, internationally recognized university offering innovative and highquality education with a focus on research excellence, ethics, diversity and equalityfor all: cultural advancement, positive partnerships and collaboration in order toproduce world-class leaders in the fields of Science, Technology and the Arts, whileemphasizing strong moral and ethical values thus creating professionals imbued withthe resources and moral fiber to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
  • M A Raoof Prof. Dr. M. H. Qazi Chairman Board of Governors Vice ChancellorThe University of Lahore was established in 1999 with a vision to build a world class prestigious institution In this period of intense scientific activity it has become mandatory that Institutions of Higher Educationoffering innovative and high quality education, unique learning environment, state of the art facilities and establish centers for delivery of curricula and for undertaking advanced research. The University of Lahoreinfrastructure. The University was granted degree awarding status by Government of the Punjab in 2002. Since taking cognizance of this imperative has set up facilities for teaching and research under the umbrella ofits inception as Chartered University, dedicated efforts of the Board of Governors, Ibadat Educational Trust, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. The Institute covers such diverse fields as Biochemistry,teaching faculty and University management brought it to the level of an internationally recognized university Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Environmental Science. It is providing trained manpowerin Pakistan. The University of Lahore has been ranked among the top 550-600 universities of the world and who could contribute to the economic development of the country. The research portfolio of the Institute171-180 in Asian University (QS & Times Higher Education Supplement). Moreover Regulatory Bodies of the attracts a large number of students for MPhil and PhD studies. I am certain that with the passage of time thisGovernment of Pakistan that is Medical and Dental Council, Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan Nursing Institute, established by a private sector University in the year 2002 will rise to such levels of excellence whichCouncil and Pharmacy Council of Pakistan have accredited its professional programs. could be easily measured on the touchstone of international standards. It is my desire that high quality faculty of the Institute should contribute extensively to advancement of research and development. The managementI firmly believe that the role of universities in the twenty-first century in Pakistan must respond to phenomenal of this University is keen and prepared to make substantial expenditure on research activities of our staffchanges unleashed by rapid advancement in Science and technology for the economic development of the members through a fund set aside for this purpose. The Institute is collaborating with several national andcountry as well as the challenge posed by globalization. We are already visualizing about the future of higher international institutions for improvement of quality of in the next millennium and making efforts for this purpose. I am confident that our University willacquire this prime objective with professional competence, commitment and dedication of management and I am glad that our teachers are using both semiotic and interactive methods for transmission of knowledge. It ishighly qualified teaching faculty. my hope that our faculty will consistently improve the teaching learning process for the benefit of students. The establishment of Centre for Research in Molecular Medicine as an adjunct of Institute of Molecular Biology andThe University of Lahore is playing a significant role in the lives of thousands of young students and graduates Biotechnology is meant to provide research facilities to our MPhil/PhD students and faculty. I am sure that ourof Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Allied Health Science, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Bio-chemistry, faculty will work hard to emulate the mission and objectives of this Institute.Environmental Science, Business Studies, Information Technology, Computer Sciences, Art and Social Sciences.I am glad that Researchers and scholars of the University are working as a team for contributing towardsbuilding up a positive social capital for the benefit of our civil society. We do this by creating best ideas andpractices for dissemination amongst students in classrooms and laboratories.I welcome knowledge seekers and professionals to experience the enjoyable and congenial learningenvironment at UoL. I am sure that you will find desired values in our programs.
  • Brig. ( R ) Muhammad Ajaib Prof. Dr. Saleem Shuja President RectorThe roots of the University of Lahore can be traced back to 1999, when its first Campus was established at The University of Lahore is widely recognized as a premier university at national and international levelIslamabad with a vision to build a university. This vision was fulfilled in 2002, when the charter was granted to imparting quality education with diverse disciplines ranging from Medicine, Dentistry, Allied Health Sciencesthe University. and Engineering to the Arts and Social Sciences. The high quality education with a focus on research excellence, state of the art infrastructure and facilities at the University has originated international recognition to theIn pursuit of excellence, the University developed its original core values at Islamabad Campus. Led by its University. I commend the vision of the Trustees of Ibadat Educational Trust which founded the University ofexperienced and competent faculty and supported by latest infrastructure and dedicated staff, at purpose Lahore in 1999 and gained its charter from the Government of Punjab in 2002. The University of Lahore hasbuilt Islamabad Campus the higher education is imparted in management, pharmacy, engineering, information been recognized as ‘W’ Category University by the Higher Educational Commission (HEC) Pakistan within a shorttechnology and computer sciences in a conducive and professional environment. The University is fully period of five years.committed to further expand this Campus both in its size and educational activities. Technical and professional education is the instrument of growth & development of any country’s economy, At our newly built Campus, which is located in the scenic surroundings of Islamabad, students are provided The University of Lahore has, therefore, special focus on such disciplines. Medical and Dentistry, Public Health,congenial and professionally conducive environment to pursue their educational goals. Students are guided and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Pharm-D and Nursing Programmes equippedhelped by experienced and dedicated faculty. At the Campus, recreational and sporting facilities are provided with modern laboratories have been duly accredited by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council(PMDC), Pakistanto encourage students to organize and engage in extracurricular activities while maintaining a strong focus on Engineering Council (PEC), Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and Nursing Council respectively. The programmeslearning and research. of Allied Health Sciences, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Biochemistry, IT & Computer Sciences and Management Sciences (grown as Lahore Business School-LBS) have also earned their name at national level.I extend my warmest welcome to all students and members of the faculty who join us at Islamabad Campus. On behalf of the University of Lahore I welcome all future students to visit and be part of the fastest growing multidiscipline charted University in the private sector of Pakistan. With best wishes for your bright future.
  • Prospectus ContentsThe University Engineering Science Lahore Businessof lahore School Introduction Electrical Engg Institute of Molecular 150 - 173 02 16 - 23 Biology and Biotechnology School of University Life Mechanical Engg 72 - 101 Creative Arts 04 24 - 29 174 - 187 Centre for Research in University Sports Civil Engg Molecular Medicine 05 30 - 35 102 - 107 Social Science & Humanities University Campuses Technology Pharmacy English Language & 06 36 - 47 108 - 119 Literature 190 - 195 Student Services 08 14 - 47 70 - 119 188 - 195 International Students 10 Information Allied Health College of Law Technology Sciences UoL Relief Computer Science & IT Lahore School of Nursing 196 - 205 12 50 - 61 122 - 133 University Rules Electronics Radiological Sciences & Policies 62 - 69 & Medical Imaging02 - 13 48 - 69 206 - 225 Technology 134 - 147 FEE STRUCTURE Public Health 148 - 149 226 Physiotherapy 148 - 149 Medical Lab Technology 148 - 149 Diet & Nutritional Sciences 148 - 149 120 - 149
  • The University of Lahore Fact FileFounded in 1999 by Mr. M A Raoof, under the auspices of the Ibadat Educational Trust, the University of Lahorehas created its name in the field of higher education and is regarded as one of the premier private sector generalUniversity in Pakistan with diverse disciplines ranging from Medicine & dentistry and Engineering to the Arts and University of Lahore chartered in 2002 Student Body: 15,986Social Sciences. Our strong emphasis on balanced progress and focus on human capital has allowed us to grow Established under the auspices of Ibadat Education Trustto a student body of 15000 across four ‘purpose built’ campuses at Lahore and Islamabad with seven diverse Faculty: 800 Programs Approved byfaculties. The quality of teaching facility and research excellence has also granted international recognition placingthe University amongst the top 550-600 Universities of the world (QS & Times Higher Education Supplement). The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) Staff & Support: 709Higher education commission has also elevated the University of Lahore to its highest “W” category of Universitiesreserved for those institutions that fulfill all criterions of an international quality University. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) 7 Faculties, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) 23 DepartmentsStrong linkages with the industry are of paramount importance for any Higher education institution and TheUniversity of Lahore enjoys excellent links with international Universities. We also have a range of knowledge Pharmacy Council of Pakistan 2 Research Centerssharing and human resource development programs with major multinationals of Pakistan. Students at the Pakistan Nursing CouncilUniversity can expect excellent internship and skill development programs during the course of their education 2 Technology Parksand upon completion of our new student center; students will be able to take full advantage of job placement, Total covered area of Lahore Campuses: 100 acrescareer counseling and support services. Total covered area of Islamabad Campus: 80 KanalsThe University of Lahore has also invested in a number of Technology park projects such as the Media TechnologyPark: The Creative Village, a premier facility for professional media content, an Agri Technology park and a Bio World University Ranking 2011 600+Technology park which are central to the growth of a progressive development of our students and the country’seconomy as a whole. The University of Lahore also pays strong emphasis on research as evident by the research World Art & Humanities 2010 351-400grants available to various departments within the University and its investments into dedicated researchprojects and facilities such as CRIMM (Center for Research in Molecular Medicine) Asian University Ranking 2011 171-180specializing in Cancer research. This prospectus is International meant to give you Rankings Asian University Ranking 2011 144 Here at the University of Lahore, we recognize that the years spent in higher Arts and Humanities in Asiaeducation are some of the most formative of an individual’s life and must be an understanding The Higher Educationenriched by activities and experiences inside and outside the classroom. TheUniversity emphasizes healthy sports and co curricular activities. With a vibrant of what to expect Commission of Pakistan Asian University Ranking 2011 153 Life Sciences and Biomedicine in Asiaculture of student societies and participation through debates and dramatics, the when you take a also places the UniversityUniversity fosters the growth of leadership and social skills. The students are alsoimbued with a sense of community service through the Universities extensive program of study of Lahore in its highest, Asian University Ranking 2011 164 Natural Sciences in Asiadisaster relief Program: UOL Relief programme where students voluntarily at The University of ‘W’ Categoryparticipate in providing aid and facilitation to disaster affected areas of Pakistan. Lahore Asian University Ranking 2011 174 Social Sciences in Asia Asian University Ranking 2011 190 IT and engineering in Asia 2 3
  • The University The UniversityLife & ActivitiesProspective students have a lot to look forward with their experience at the University of Lahore. Not only do sports & athletics The University of Lahore has won numerous accolades in various sports activities with recentwe provide an exceptionally conducive and learning environment with spacious air-conditioned classrooms notable achievements:and lecture halls equipped with the latest multimedia, state of the art laboratories and IT facilitates along withexcellent library facilities but also pay special emphasis on the career and personal development of a student. • Winner National Fist Ball Championship 2011In leisure time, students can take part in sports and co curricular activities around the campus through various • Winner National Rugby Championship 2011societies or just relax with friends at the student center. The University also encourages its students to participate • Runner-Up National Touch Ball Championship 2012in voluntary community service activities through ‘UOL Relief’. • Runner-Up Interdepartmental Touch Ball Championship 2011Key Academic Co Curricular Activities • Winner CM Punjab Sports Festival (University Round) Volley Ball Championship 2012Achievements The University of Lahore pays special emphasis on co curricular and growth of students, The University currently has four official clubs: • Winner in All Pakistan Intervarsity Rugby Championship ‘2011-12’ • Winner in All Pakistan Intervarsity rowing Championship ‘2011-12’The University has achieved substantiallyin the field of academics in the decade The Debaters within the debates society have participated both • Winner in All Pakistan Intervarsity Table Tennis Championship ‘2011-12’following its inception. We pride locally and nationally and have won accolades in major inter • 2nd Position in All Pakistan Intervarsity Ski Championship ‘2011-12’ourselves on the extensive scholarship University debating competitions such as the model United Nations. • 2nd Position in All Pakistan Intervarsity Bodybuilding championship ‘2011-12’program which ensures that deservingmeritous students are able to receive Charisma film and theatre society has performed skits and • 2nd Position in All Pakistan Intervarsity Basketball championship ‘2011-12’the same quality education as more short plays within the University which have included a mime • 2nd Position in All Pakistan Intervarsity Cycling Championship ‘2011-12’privileged peers. The University also presentation on the plights of the IDP’s of Swat to performances • 3nd Position in All Pakistan Intervarsity Taekwondo championship ‘2011-12’encourages its faculty to conduct raising awareness on issues of environmentalism.original and extensive research and • 3nd Position in All Pakistan Intervarsity Football Championship ‘2011-12’publish research papers. With over Adventure club has arranged a number of camping and hiking • 3nd Position in All Pakistan Intervarsity Mountaineering championship ‘2011-12’seventy full time PhD’s and numerous expeditions to various parts of Pakistan. • 3nd Position in All Pakistan Intervarsity Handball Championship ‘2011-12’foreign qualified faculty, the Universitydeserves its position as one of the top Sports Club arranges sports activities both within campus and inter • 3nd Position in All Pakistan Intervarsity Baseball Championship ‘2011-12’600 Universities of the world. University sports competitions. 4 5
  • The University Islamabad CampusCampusesLahore Campus The University of Lahore was established by Ibadat Educational Trust in the year 1999 at Lahore and Islamabad simultaneously. Student Activities We strive hard to groom future leadership in a manner that apart from education, the students are encouraged to take part in co-curricular activities. They are made to organize various functions like seminars, carry Punjab Government awarded out public speaking, involve themselves in group discussions, make andThe University’s Defence Road Campus is built near the prime defence road charter to The University of present their projects and participate in sports competitions.area just off raiwind road and consists of a purpose built facility spanning100 acres which houses the University College of Medicine & Dentistry, The University of Lahore in 2002. The objective of imparting quality and state of Boarding & LodgingPharmacy department, Lahore Business School, Institute of MolecularBiology and Biotechnology, Bio-chemistry , Environmental Science ,Faculty Lahore has THREE the art technical and professional The university has hostel facilities near to New Campus at main Islamabad highway. Separate hostels for male and female students are being provided. education has not only beenof Allied Health Sciences, Nursing School and School of Creative Arts. Thefacility features a lush park with fountains and flower gardens and an inner Campuses in Lahore maintained by the professionals Strict security arrangements have been created An administration block has been designed separate from two training blocks for smooth running of serving at the university butcourtyard, which provides ample space for students to rest and recuperate. and ONE Campus in measures for continuous the UOL Islamabad campus. We endeavor to provide all possible facilitiesAdditional facilities include a four floor student center, a purpose built to students and staff for research and development in various fields oflibrary, on premises hostels with concierge and laundry and spacious Islamabad. improvements are consistently taken. The Islamabad campuses educationauditoriums. The premise also encompasses two technology parks, the have spread in its educationalAgri technology park and the biotechnology (CRIMM) is also based here. Transportation fields and now provide wideThe Development of a mosque and a comprehensive sports complex are The Islamabad Campus has an independent bus & coasters fleet to facilitate variety of curriculums includingcurrently underway. the Students Presently buses and coasters ply at Islamabad & within twin Management Sciences, Information cities for the purpose. technology, Pharmacy andThe Campus on Raiwind Road spans 72 canals and houses the Engineering, technology and computer science, Electrical Engineering, CivilUniversity College of Dentistry and English Literature & Language. The facility features a comprehensive library, a Engineering, Accounting & Finance.spacious cafeteria and fully equipped laboratories and IT infrastructure. Planning for launching additional fields remains an ongoing process.The City Campus houses the school of Accountancy and Finance and is based in the posh Gulberg area. New Campus The New campus at main Islamabad highway is spread over 125 kanals of area. The facilities like library, student’s auditorium, class rooms, laboratories, mosque, canteen, dispensary, Playgrounds, faculty offices have all been catered at the new campus. An administration block has been designed separate from two training blocks for smooth running of the UOL Islamabad campus. We endeavor to provide all possible facilities to students and staff for research and development in various fields of education. 6 7
  • Student Services Hostels/Accommodation The New Campus of the University of Lahore at Defence Road features in facility of hostels for about 750 studentsFrom lush gardens and quite (female), a Separate boys hostel is also being completed. The Facility features 24libraries to bustling cafes and hours security seven days a week, meeting rooms, social spaces and TV room alongstate of the Art laboratories, with cafeteria and laundry facility. Highthe University of Lahore has speed internet and wifi are also available. University wardens and residentialspared no expense in ensuring mentors manage the facility. Additional housing and accommodation is available inthat students receive access to the vicinity of the campus on Defence road and Raiwind road and is managed by theinternational quality facilities University hostels department. Finance &Transport Sports Facilities IT facilities Scholarships The University boasts excellent IT facilities with dedicated PC and Mac Ibadat Educational Trust offersThe University of Lahore has At the University of Lahore, we firmly believe that a healthy body is a key labs on premises. 16MB/s internet is also available to students in labs liberal scholarships for the benefita fleet of buses, which allows to a healthy mind. In this regard, the UOL has invested in purpose built as well as the new wireless service on the Defence road campus. of needy and meritorious students.pick and drop facility to its sports and recreational facilities, which include spaces for, table tennis, These include discounted fees, full-various campuses and around swimming, cricket and football. A FIFA grade football field and track are also All University students receive a dedicated University email address. fee scholarships, and maintenancethe city. The University provides in development along with separate Gymnasiums for both male & female Student information is stored and accessed via sophisticated University allowances.transport facilities to the students. Sports at the University are managed by a dedicated department management system thus making the UOL a forerunner in modernizingteaching faculty and staff. of sports. student data management services within Pakistan. Note: Further information can be obtained from the finance office. Library Facilities Catering & Cafeteria The University of Lahore currently houses four well The University houses dedicated student center, four floors of self service cafeteria serving delicious continental cuisine as well as equipped libraries with cumulatively snacks through kiosks at defence rood campus. A coffee bar and more than 31000 books catering to a wide range of independent faculty dining area is also present within the facility subjects. The University also has access to 2 mbit PERN along with adjunct services such as internet café and bookshops facility as well as International online libraries and journals etc. The Raiwind Road Campus, Islamabad Campus and Lahore City Campus also have dedicated University managed cafeteria facilities. have access to 2 mbit PERN facility as well as International online libraries and journals. 8 9
  • International StudentsThe University Cambridge University UKof Lahore Wayne State University USA Western Michigan University USAenjoys Yeditepe University Istanbulexcellent Imperial College London UKlinks and University of Tabriz Iranpartnerships University of Mosul / Iraq Eastern Mediterranean University Northern Cyprusin various HITIT University, Turkeyareas of University of FIRAT, Turkeyknowledge Sudan University of Science and Technology , Khartoumand resource National College Khartoum , Sudan National Rabat University, Khartoum , Sudansharing University of Simon Kimbangu, Congowith some Mashal Institute of Higher Education Kabul , Afghanistanof the most Institute of Advance Dental Science & research (IADSR) Pakistanprestigious Sargodha University, Pakistan Lahore College for Women University, PakistanUniversities of National Center for Physics, Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistanthe world. AFRO, Asia Institute of University Science & Medical Imaging (AIRSMI)The University welcomes International students from friendly countries and has in therecent years attracted students from Istanbul, Palastine, Oman, Dubai and Ugandaamongst others. Special foreign seats are available in programs such as Medicine ,Dentistry and Engineering .Welcome WeekAt the start of the university you will be invited to a practical five day programmedesigned to introduce you to customs & culture, life in Lahore, transport, facilities,campus life as well as giving you a chance to meet other international students. 10 11
  • uOL ReliefThe University of Lahore (UoL) was established in 1999 as a private university bythe Ibadat Educational Trust. It is accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council(PEC), Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and The Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.The university is the only private sector university to be ranked in the Times HigherEducational Supplement University Rankings as in the top 500 in the world from 2005-2008 and in top 700 in 2009 & 2010The University of Lahore is spread over two campuses with approximately 12,000students on its roll.University of Lahore’s Community ServiceCommunity service is not new to The University of Lahore (UOL). It has been at the forefront of providingemergency relief and rehabilitation during times of natural disasters since 2005. During the earthquake in 2005and during the IDP crisis in 2009, UOL team with the help of hundreds of student-volunteers started a muchneeded aid plan. We played a constructive relief and rehabilitation role for 2005 earthquake victims in Balakot aswell as for the IDPs of Swat. The rehabilitation and rebuilding role is still being carried out in those areas and UOLis supporting some schools as well as providing community health-care over there. The University of Lahore notonly provided food and medicines to the affected people then, but also successfully helped in rebuilding homesfor the earthquake victims. During the floods of 2010 which were declared the ‘flood of the millennia’, Universityof Lahore kept up with its past tradition and started a Flood Relief Campaign within a few days after the disaster.They undertook a preliminary assessment of the situation by surveying different areas. The team then workedround the clock to formulate a plan of action to facilitate the flood victims. The University itself allocated 5 millionrupees for the purpose of relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims.It was felt that the time was ripe to launch the relief program under a separate department to do all thephilanthropic work and to execute the required relief plan. Thus UOL Relief came into being as a project of theUniversity of Lahore. Headed by the Pro Rector Mr. Nasir Mahmood, UOL Relief has been able to reach millionsof people in far flung areas ever since. We feel proud to say that the effort of UOL Relief is purely voluntary. TheUniversity of Lahore staff and students assist UOL Relief by volunteering their time, presence and logistics for theaid work. The University Of Lahore (UOL) has the services of hundreds of student-volunteers for the executionof its aid plan. These students are young and energetic and can access unreachable far-flung areas. Unlike manyNGOs, our volunteers do not ask for any compensation and work as philanthropists. This enables us to focus theefforts and 100 % of the funds for the relief work. This collective effort has made it possible for us to help thecommunity in times of disaster. 12 13
  • Faculty ofEngineeringElectrical civilEngineering EngineeringMechanicalEngineering Technology
  • Electrical EngineeringDepartment ofElectrical EngineeringFaculty of EngineeringMission STATEMENT latest technology give students a creative and stimulating learning Courses OfferedThe mission of the environment.Department of Electrical Bachelor of Science inEngineering is to provide All students have access to a wide Electrical Engineeringexcellent education in the range of standard computing (BSEE)field of electrical engineering facilities supported by studentboth at graduate and Information Systems Services (SIS). Master of Science in Electricalundergraduate levels. SIS is also being utilized for an Engineering (MSEE) on-line complaints & suggestionINTRODUCTION system, student attendance records and an online enrollmentThe department of Electrical facility.Engineering was launched inOctober 1999. Today, it offers Students of our department utilizeundergraduate and graduate the Transport and sport facilities ofelectrical engineering programmes the University.which follow the curriculumformulated by the HEC.The department places themaximum emphasis on lab workand project work backed byindustrial visits designed to helpdevelop concepts of theory taughtin the courses.We have a highly qualified,capable and devoted facultyconsisting of a good blend ofProfessors, Assistant Professors,lecturers and lab engineersaccording to the rules laid downby the of PEC . Facilities, includingaudio visual aids and massiveparallel processing researchlaboratories equipped with the 16 Electrical Engineering 17
  • Electrical EngineeringOur FacultyLt-Col-(R) Salamatullah S.M Raza Irfan Ahmad Khan MS.Rida Zainab Shahzad Ahmed Irfan NaseemHead of Department Assistant professor Assistant Professor Lecturer Lecturer LecturerMSEE MSCS MSEE Electrical Power Engineering B.SC Electrical Engineering BS Electrical Engineering BS Electrical EngineeringDr Inam Elahi Rana Muhammd Nawaz Abdul Rehman Yasin MS.Anum Javed Muhammad Imtiaz SalahudinProfessor Assistant Professor Assistant professor Lecturer Lecturer LecturerPhD M.Sc Electrical Engineering MSEE Electrical & Communication B.Sc Electrical Engineering BS.c. BS Electrical EngineeringDr.Muhammad Sarwar Ehsan Athar Haanif Muhammad Bilal Saqib MS.Onaiza Yousaf Waqas Khalid M Usman AsadfAssociate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer Lecturer LecturerPHD Electrical Engineering PHD Electrical Engineering M.Sc Embedded System BS.c Electrical Engineering B.SC Electronics & Communication BS Electrical Engineering Engineering EngDr. Musharraf Ahmed Hanif Naeem UD Din Zia MS.Rabia Arshad Arbab Mahmood Khan Assistant Professor Awais Yousaf Lecturer Nasir Mehmood LAB EngineerAssociate Professor Ms Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor B.Sc Computer Engineering Lecturer BS.c Electrical EngineeringPh.D. Electrical Engineering MSEE BSEE Syed Naveed Bukhari Hassan Bin Ahmad Aqib GhafoorMuhammad Ilyas Khan Assistant Professor Ijlal Haider Lecturer Waqas Sharif Lab EngineerAssociate Professor MSEE Lecturer MSEC Lecturer BS.c Electrical EngineeringMS.c Satellite CommunicationEngineering MS Electrical Control Engineering B.Sc Electrical EngineeringMS.c Computer Engineering Zahid Shakoor MS.Sadia Rashid Kashif Mehmood Assistant Professor Nazim Siddique Lecturer Muhammad Hamza Humayun Lab Engineer M.Sc Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor MSCS Lecturer B.Sc Electrical EngineeringIrshad Ahmad GorayaAssistant Professor MS Electrical Engineering M.SC Electrical EngineeringMS Electrical Engineering M.Zulfiqar MS.Sobia Bashir Faizan Rashid Assistant Professor Usman Shahid Lecturer Daud Mustafa Minhas Lab Engineer MSEE Assistant Professor MSCS Lecturer BSEEZahid IrfanAssistant Professor MSEE MS Electrical Engineering Adel SaleemMS Rashid Javed Salman Azhar Shaikh Lab Engineer Assistant Professor Muhammad Rashad Lecturer Sibghat Ullah Nauman BSEEFahad Islam Cheema Communication Assistant professor MS Electrical Engineering LecturerAssistant Professor Ms Electrical BS Electrical EngineringMS CE Zaffar Ur Rehman Engineering Muhammad Adeel Afzal Assistant Professor Lecturer M Salman FakharAnwar Ul Haq MS Electrical Engineering Salman Rashid MS Electrical Engineering LecturerAssistant Professor Assistant Professor BS Electrical EngineeringM. Phil Physics Naveed Ashraf MSCS Bilal Ashfaq Ahmed Assistant Professor Lecturer M. Umer Arshad MSEE M.Sc Computer Engineering Lecturer BS Electrical Engineering 18 electrical Engineering 19
  • Electrical EngineeringBachelor of Science in CoursesElectrical Engineering (BSEE) Core Courses • Applied Calculus • Circuits Analysis - I • Microprocessor Based Embedded Systems • Digital Signal Processing • Digital Control Systems • Control Of AC & DC Drives • Telecom System Analysis & Design • Probability & Stochasitic Processes • Telecom Switching • Communication SkillsIntroduction hypothesis testing, solution verification and implementation. Course FACTS • Introduction To Computing • Communication Systems • Numerical Analysis • Filter Theory & Design • Data StructuresThe undergraduate electrical • Islamic & Pakistan Studies • Engineering Economics & • Digital Electronicsengineering program is based on a Program Length • Mechanical Engineering Workshop Managementsolid foundation in Mathematics,Physical Sciences and Computer Career Prospects Full-time, 4 Years • Basic Mechanical Engineering • Computer Programming • Instrumentation & Measurement Electrical engineers are in • Control Systems • Electrical Material & Devicesprogramming to ensure the Entry Requirements • Power Electronics demand with employers both • Linear Algebrasuccessful completion of the (Math, Physics and chemistry), • ECE Design Project in Pakistan and overseas. Within • Differential Equationsprogramme and to equip the OR Equalent DAE Telecom, DAE electrical engineering the main • Circuits Analysis - IIstudents with future professional employment areas include Instrumentation, DAE Electrical with • Applied Thermodynamics Electives Coursesskills, rational reasoning and Minimum 60%, Entrance Test. • Complex Variables & Transforms • Power Systems electrical power generation, supply • Power System Analysisanalytical skills. The programme • Computer Aided Drawing and distribution, power systems, • Power System Operations & Controlprovides a broad engineering Location • Electrical Engineering Workshop the installation and design of • Power System Protectioncore competence which enables Raiwind Road Campus • Logic Design & Switching Theory electrical machinery and mobile • Power Plantsstudents to communicate & • Network Analysis communication companies. • DC & AC Machines • High Voltage Engineeringinteract effectively with engineersin different specialist areas and Recognised by • Digital Design Lab • Introduction To Signal Processing • Electrical Machines Design • Data Structuresto make technical decisions Higher Education Commission • Microprocessor & Computerwith confidence. On successful Pakistan Engineering Council Architecture Electronic &completion the student will • Solid State Geometry & Multivariate Communication Electivespossess the ability to perform Calculus • Data & Computer Communicationintegrated problem solving, • Electronic Devices & Circuits • Mobile Communicationproblem identification, analysis, • Electromagnetic Field Theory • Wireless Communication • Integrated Circuits & Systems • Advanced Network • Embedded Systems DesignRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Applied Calculus 3 Basic Mechanical Engineering 3 Applied Thermodynamics 3 DC & AC Machines 4 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3 Communication Systems 3 Control Systems 3 Technical Elective 3 Circuits Analysis - I Computer Programming Complex Variables & Digital Design Lab Integrated Circuits & Systems 4 Technical Elective Power Electronics Technical Elective 4 4 Transforms 3 2 3 4 3 Communication Skills Electrical Material & Devices Computer Aided Drawing Introduction to Signal Microprocessor Based Technical Elective Technical Elective ECE Design Project 3 3 2 Processing 4 Embedded Systems 4 3 3 6 Introduction To Computing Linear Algebra Electrical Engineering Microprocessor & Computer Digital Signal Processing Numerical Analysis Technical Elective 3 3 Workshop 1 Architecture 3 4 3 3 Islamic & Pakistan Studies Differential Equations Logic Design & Switching Solid State Geometry & Probability & Stochasitic Engineering Economics & 3 3 Theory 4 Multivariate Calculus 3 Processes 3 Management 3 Mechanical Engineering Circuits Analysis - II Network Analysis Electronic Devices & Circuits Instrumentation & Workshop 1 4 4 4 Measurement 4 20 electrical Engineering 21
  • Electrical EngineeringMaster of Science inElectrical Engineering (MSEE)Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTS Learn Professional TechniquesThe program is structured around This program has been designed Program Lengtha core of knowledge related for professionals working Full-time, 2 Yearsto analytical and management under the umbrella of Electricaltools, supplemented by advanced Engineering who wish to enhance Entry Requirementstechnical electives in the area their technical skills for career BS (Electrical Engg, Electronics Engg,of microwave engineering, advancement. Students will gain an Telecom Engg, Computer Engg, Com-power engineering, electronics ability to use advance mathematics munication Engg) from PEC recognizedengineering and communication and stochastic processes for the University with min 2.5 CGPA (Semes-engineering. The students will analysis of engineering problems, ter Sys) or 60% (Annual Sys). Interviewhave to study eight subjects of 3 an understanding and appreciation & Entry test & GAT arranged by NTScredit hours each. In addition he / of concepts related to quality,she will submit a research thesis information management and the Locationof 6 credit hours. The detail of the ability to synthesize knowledge Raiwind Road Campusprogram is given in the curriculum. gained in course work to a research project. This program not only enhances the strength of the students in the area of their own Recognised by choice but also makes them feel Higher Education Commission better prepared to compete in higher academic pursuits such as PhD programsCoursesCore Course • Power System Quality, Reliability & Planning Pre Requisite Courses• Digital Communication System • Power System• Advance Stochastic Processes • Computational Power system Analysis• Advance Digital Signal Processing Electives Courses • Microwave Engineering-1• Advance Computer Networks • Transients in Power system • Microwave Engineering-2• Mathematical Methods for Engineers • Insulation Coordination • Introduction to Communication• Analysis & Design of RF Circuits & • Advance Machines Theory Systems Systems • Power Electronics Application • Stochastic Process• Non Linear Microwave & RF Circuits • Alternative Energy Sources• Advance Engineering Electrodynamics • Microwave Semiconductor devices• Antenna Theory & Design • Theory & Design of Microwave Filters• Advance Power System Protection • Digital Speech Processing• Advance High Voltage Engineering • Fiber Optic System Design• Power Circuit Breaker & Substations 22 electrical Engineering 23
  • Mechanical EngineeringDepartment ofMechanical Engineering Learn Mechanical EngineeringFaculty of EngineeringMission STATEMENT application in engineering for lifelong learning and a successful Courses OfferedThe Mechanical Engineering career in solving the engineeringDepartment at the University problems of the real world. Bachelor of Science inof Lahore offers a diverse Mechanical Engineeringrange of challenges and Experienced and subject specialist (BSME)opportunities which staff provide quality educationalrecognise the requirements materials and prepare the studentof the 21st Century. The to achieve the following objectivesdepartment is committed in the Mechanical Engineeringto preparing graduates who Programme.can work cooperatively andprofessionally with other 1. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science andscientists and engineers to engineering.develop innovative solutionsto complex problems in the 2. An ability to design and conductfield of engineering. experiments well as to analyze and interpret data.Introduction 3. An ability to identify, formulateThe Department of Mechanical and solve engineering problemsEngineering at the University 4. An understanding ofof Lahore will provide a professional and ethicalsound foundation in science, responsibilities.computational skills andmathematics to solve 5. An ability to use techniques,engineering problems in areas skills and modern engineeringsuch as thermodynamics, fluid tools necessary for engineeringmechanics, applied mechanics,, manufacturing systems,engineering management and 6. An ability to communicateeconomics. effectively and an understanding of engineering solutions in a globalThe curriculum includes and social context.analytical tools, creative thought,communication skills and their 24 mechanical Engineering 25
  • Mechanical EngineeringOur FacultyProf. Dr. Amjad Parvez Sheikh Mr. Adeel Nizami, Assistant Mr. Khurram Hameed Mughal Mr. Muhammad Sohaib Hanif Mr. Muhammad Usman Mr. Nazir AhmadHOD Professor Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lab. EngineerPh.D , University of Birmingham, M.Sc, KIAST, Korea, 2011 M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress M.Sc, Linnaeus University, Sweden, B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 1980UK, 1972 B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2003 B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2008 B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 2010M.Sc , University of Birmingham, B.Sc, UET, Taxila, 2008 Mr. Mansoor Ali ZaheerUK, 1969 Mr. Aatif Irshad, Assistant Mr. Adeel Munir Mr. Tariq Mahmood Butt, LecturerB.Sc, UET, Lahore, 1967 Professor Lecturer Lecturer Miss Romeeza Majeed M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress M.Sc, KARLSSTAD, Sweden , 2011 M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2008 Lecturer B.Sc, BZU, Lahore, 2011Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nazir B.Sc, NUST, Islamabad, 2006 B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2008 M.Sc, NUST, Islamabad, In ProgressProfessor Mr. Ghulam Hassan B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 Miss Munim ShoukatPh.D , University of Stratheclyde, Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Mr. Khalid Saifullah Lecturer Lab. EngineerUK, 1972 Rafique Lecturer M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress Miss Riffat Hasnain B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2011B.Sc (Hons.), London University, B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 Lecturer Assistant Professor B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2008UK, 1963 M.Sc, Greenwhich University of M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress Mr. Aqeel Abbas London, UK, 2011 Miss Azeen Farooq B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2004 Lab. Engineer Mr. Raees AhmadMr. Hassan Farid Khan B.Sc, UET, Taxila, 2007 M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress Lecturer LecturerAssistant Professor B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2010 M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress Miss Namra SheikhM.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 Mr. Naeem Yousaf B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 Lecturer B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2001 Assistant Professor B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 Khawaja Muhammad Ashraf M.Sc, Dalarna University, Sweden, Workshop Incharge Mr. Sermad Ali Mr. Mian MuhammadMr. Khalid Mehmood, 2010 5 Years Licienciate Advance Lecturer Misbahuddin Mr. Muhammad Adeel Butt Training courseAssistant Professor B.Sc, UET, Taxila, 2008 M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress Lecturer LecturerM.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2002 Teacher’s Training Course B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In ProgressB.Sc, UET, Lahore, 1986 Mr. Muhammad Usman Butt B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2008 Lecturer Mr. Atif IlyasMr. Inamullah, Assistant M.Sc, Lebniz University, Germany, Miss Asifa Rasheed Mr. Salman Abubakar Bugvi LecturerProfessor 2009 M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress Lecturer LecturerM.Sc, NUST, Islamabad, 2006 B.Sc, Mannheim University, M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 1997 Germany, 2007 B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2010 B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2000E-mail: Mr. Sheeraz Ali Mr. Muhammad Umer Ilyas Mr. Uman Ahmad Mr. Tahir Asif LecturerMr. Imran Afzal Mughal, Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In ProgressAssistant Professor B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009M.Sc, Coventry University, UK, B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2001 B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 20112003 Mr. Muhammad Punhal SahtoB.Sc, GIKI, Swabi, 1997 Mr. Muhammad Anas Rasool Lecturer Miss Nudrat Fatima Lecturer M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress Lecturer B.Sc, QUEST, Nawabshah, 2006 M.Sc, UET, Lahore, In Progress B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2009 B.Sc, UET, Lahore, 2001 26 mechanical Engineering 27
  • Mechanical EngineeringBachelor of Science in CoursesMechanical Engineering (BSME) Core Courses • CAD/CAM Laboratory • Machine Design • Applied Mathematics - I • Machine Design – II • Computer System & Programming • Business & Entrepreneurship • Engineering Drawing & Graphics • Mechanics of Machines – IIIntroduction part of the world. In Pakistan different kinds of industries and Course FACTS • Applied Physics • English • Measurement & InstrumentationBSME at the University of Lahore • Applied Mathematics – II • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning organizations need mechanical • Industrial Management & Economicsconcentrates on Thermal Sciences, Program Length • Engineering Dynamics engineers abundantly e.g. Heavy • Internal Combustion EnginesManufacturing & Production Full-time, 4 Years • Pakistan Studies Mechanical Complex, NDC, • Mechanical VibrationsEngineering, Mechanics, Design • Islamic Studies Suparco, PMO, Pakistan Air Force, • Quality Engineering& Vibrations, Fluid Mechanics, Entry Requirements • Thermodynamics – I Pakistan Army, PIA, Nuclear Energy • ProjectControl Engineering, Power, Energy F.Sc, DAE (Mechanical), A-Level or • Workshop Practice Commission and many industries • Applied Mathematics – III • Technical Report Writingand Quality Control. It offers Equivalent (Minimum 60% Marks) • Control Engineering in the private sector. • Electrical Engineeringstudents an opportunity to study • Heat And Mass Transfer • Engineering Materialsin a wide variety of subjects with Location • Environmental Engineering • Fluid Mechanics – Ipractical training. Raiwind Road Campus • Psychology & Human Behavior • Mechanics Of Materials - I Elective Courses • Refrigeration and Air ConditioningCareer Prospects Recognised by • Electronics • Fluid Mechanics – II • Internal Combustion EnginesMechanical Engineering has a • Machine Design I • Finite Element Analysisdiversity of applications in almost Pakistan Engineering Council • Manufacturing Processes - I • Maintenance Engineering • Renewable Energy Technologyall industries like, Manufacturing, Higher Education Commission • Applied Mathematics – IV • Power Plant EngineeringPower Plants, Design of Static & • Mechanics of Machines - I • Engineering Statistics • Mechanical Engineering Design AnalysisDynamic equipment etc. in any • Total Quality Management • Manufacturing Processes - II • Mechanics of Materials – II • Operations Management • Technical Writing & Presentation Skills • Project Management • Thermodynamics – II • Safety, Health & EnvironmentRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Applied Mathematics - I 3 Applied Mathematics – II 3 Applied Mathematics – III 3 Electronics 3 Manufacturing Processes - I 3 CAD/CAM Laboratory 2 Heat And Mass Transfer 4 Control Engineering 3 Computer System & Islamic Studies Electrical Engineering Thermodynamics - II Applied Mathematics – IV Machine Design Mechanical Vibrations Technical Elective - II Programming 3 2 3 4 3 3 4 4 Engineering Drawing & Engineering Statics Engineering Dynamics Engineering Statistics Mechanics Of Machines - II Manufacturing Processes - II Project Technical Elective - III Graphics 4 4 3 2 4 4 3 3 Applied Physics Thermodynamics – I Pakistan Studies Fluid Mechanics - I Measurement And Mechanics Of Materials - II Technical Report Writing Management Elective – I 3 4 2 4 Instrumentation 3 3 3 3 English Engineering Materials Mechanics of Materials - I Psychology & Human Fluid Mechanics - II Business & Entrepreneurship Technical Elective - I Project 3 3 4 Behavior 2 4 3 3 3 Workshop Practice Technical Writing and Mechanics of Machines - I Industrial Management and 2 Presentation Skills 2 3 Economics 3 28 mechanical Engineering 29
  • Civil EngineeringDepartment ofCivil EngineeringFaculty of EngineeringMission STATEMENT various roles as client, consultant, contractor and related fields. Courses OfferedThe Department of CivilEngineering was established The Department of civil Bachelor of Science in Civilto train students to become engineering is providing excellence Engineeringcompetent professionals to its students by improving (BSCE)and researchers through competencies in novel techniquesits eminent faculty, state and methods to fulfill the needs ofof the art laboratories a sustainable built environment.and infrastructure. The This diverse platform has beenpromotion of research established to provide qualityactivities to find innovative engineering education which willsolutions of pragmatic allow its students to acquire the most advanced problems byusing research facilities of Civil Engineering is a challenginginternational standards. profession which requires knowledge of mathematics,Introduction applied sciences and computation skills to solve civil engineeringCivil engineering deals withdevelopment in terms of problems. The curriculum isconceiving, planning, designing, designed to nurture studentsexecuting, managing, maintaining to latent capabilities. Advancedand rehabilitating infrastructure engineering theoretical constructsand building facilities. This is and skills are instilled in studentsa diversified discipline which by utilizing state of the artdeals with all types of human lab equipment to learn theendeavors related to the growth engineering profession and utiliseof civilization in the shape of it in the development of thebuildings, transportation systems, society.industry, power systems, waterresources, environment and geo Professionalsciences. Civil Engineers play a vital Techniquesrole to execute the visualizationand routinely face multi-faceted,dynamic challenges on projects in 30 Civil Engineering 31
  • Civil EngineeringOur FacultyDr. Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali Engr. Shakeel Hassan Engineering, UET, Lahore. Pakistan Engr. Azhar Shahzad Engr.Muhammad Ibrahim Engr. Abid AliKhan Assistant Professor Lecturer Lecturer/Lab Engineer Lab EngineerProfessor/HOD M.Sc (Water Resources) Engr. Tariq Ali M.Sc (Continue) (Geotechnical M.Sc (Continue) (Hydraulics), UET, B.Sc. Civil Engineering (BZU-Ph.D (Environmental Engineering) Sweden Lecturer Engineering) UET, Lahore. Pakistan Lahore. Pakistan Multan)Virginia, U.S.A. M.Sc (Continue) (Structural Engr. Akhtar Abbas Engineering, UET, Lahore. Pakistan Engr. Muhammad Faheem Engr.Ammaila RashidDr.Mahboob Ali Chaudhry Assistant Professor Haider Lecturer/Lab EngineerProfessor/DEAN M.Sc (Infrastructures Engineering) Engr.Zeeshan Ullah Lecturer M.Sc (Continue) (StructuralPh.D (Structures) (Russia) Sweden Lecturer M.Sc (Continue) (Geotechnical Engineering), UET, Lahore. Pakistan M.Sc (Continue) (Structural Engineering UET, Lahore. PakistanDr. Nazir Ahmad Hawary Engr.Muhammad Ali Khan Engineering, UET, Lahore. Pakistan Engr.Fatima MehvishProfessor Assistant Professor Engr.Tahir Saleem Lecturer/Lab EngineerPh.D (Water Resources) (USA) M.Sc (Structural Engineering) Engr. Ussama Waseem Lecturer M.Sc (Continue) (Structural (Germany) Lecturer M.Sc (Continue) (Structural Engineering), UET, Lahore. PakistanDr. Muhammad Hanif M.Sc (Continue) (Transportation Engineering, UET, Lahore. PakistanProfessor Engr. Muhammad Nasir Engineering, UET, Lahore. Pakistan Engr.Maryam AdnanPh.D (Rock Mechanics) (U.K) Khurshid Engr.Muhammad Safdar Lecturer/Lab Engineer Assistant Professor Engr. Zahoor Ahmad Khan Lecturer/Lab Engineer M.Sc (Continue) (StructuralEngr. Ch. Karamat Ali M.Sc (Geotechnical Engineering) Lecturer M.Sc (Continue) (Structural Engineering), UET, Lahore. PakistanAssistant Professor Pakistan M.Sc Computer Sciences) Engineering, UET, Lahore. PakistanM.Sc. Hydraulics Engineering (UK) United Kingdom Engr.Iram Shahzadi Engr.Rehan Masood Engr. Shahid Naseem Lecturer/Lab EngineerEngr. Wasif Ali Assistant Professor Engr. Shahid Naseem Lecturer M.Sc (Continue) (StructuralAssistant Professor M.Sc (Construction Engineering Lecturer M.Phil Engineering), UET, Lahore. PakistanPh.D. Environmental Engineering and Management) M.Phil (Computer Sciences),Pakistan(in progress)UET Lahore (Computer Sciences),Pakistan Engr.Amer YaqubM.Sc. Enviornmental Engineering Engr. Rana Muhammad Sajid Engr.Muhammad Asim Shoaib Lecturer/Lab Engineer(UET-Lahore Imran Engr.Iram Shahzadi Lecturer/Lab Engineer Lecturer/Lab Engineer Lecturer Lecturer M.Sc (Continue) (Hydraulics), UET, M.Sc (Continue) (StructuralDr. Muhammad Khurram M.Sc (Infrastructure Engineering) M.Sc (Computer Sciences) Lahore. Pakistan Engineering), UET, Lahore. PakistanShahzad SwedenAssistant Professor Engr. Omer Altaf Engr.Muhammad Asad Engr.Rabia Yaseen BhattiPh.D (Water Resource) (Germany) Engr. Muhammad Umer Farooq Lecturer Shaheen Lecturer Lecturer M.Sc (Continue) (Geotechnical Lecturer/Lab Engineer M.Sc (Continue) (GeotechnicalEngr. Muhammad Ahmad M.Sc (Continue) (Structural Engineering, UET, Lahore. Pakistan M.Sc (Continue) (Structural Engineering), UET, Lahore. PakistanAdnan Engineering, UET, Lahore. Pakistan Engineering), UET, Lahore. PakistanAssistant Professor Engr. Usman Haider Engr.Sadia KalsoomPh.D (Continue-USA) Engr. Muhammad Ahmad Lecturer Engr.Muhammad Ramzan Lab Engineer(Structural Engineering Lecturer M.Sc (Continue) (Structural Lecturer/Lab Engineer M.Sc (Continue) (Structural M.Sc (Continue) (Structural Engineering, UET, Lahore. Pakistan M.Sc (Continue) (Geotechnical Engineering), UET, Lahore. Pakistan Engineering), UET, Lahore. Pakistan 32 Civil Engineering 33
  • Civil EngineeringBachelor of Science in CoursesCivil Engineering (BSCE) Pre-Req Courses • Transportation Engineering • Soil Mechanics Elective Courses • Highway & Traffic Engineering • Pavement & Foundation EngineeringIntroduction quality testing laboratories or housing societies. Civil research and take up teaching or they can open their own • Plain & Reinforced Concrete – I • Advanced Fluid Mechanics • Plain & Reinforced Concrete – II • Hydraulic Engineering The Civil Engineering discipline lays Engineers have good prospects independent firms for consultancy • Hydrology & Water management • Irrigation & Drainage Engineeringemphasis on a basic knowledge • Environmental Engineering – I • Environmental Engineering – II of finding a job in Government or construction services.of mathematics, applied sciences • Social Sciences – I • Social Sciences – II departments, private and publicand computation skills. Thisprogram will help students to sector industries, research and Course FACTS Core Courses • Design Structure • Irrigation & Hydraulic Engineering teaching institutions etc. Civilapply their knowledge in the fields Program Length • Engineering Mechanics Engineers will always be neededof Civil Engineering to identify, Full-time, 4 Years • Engineering Surveying to maintain and repair existingformulate, and solve open-ended • Engineering Drawing facilities and structures and to • Civil Engineering Materials & ConstructionCivil Engineering problems. It Entry Requirements construct new ones in the fields of • Civil Engineering Drawing & Graphicsoffers students an opportunity to Minimum 60 % Marks in F.Sc (Pre- coastal, environmental, structural, • Advanced Engineering Surveyingstudy a wide variety of subjects Engineering)/A-Levels/ Diploma in transport, urban and water • Mechanics of Solids – Iwith practical training and Associate Engineering (DAE-Civil) resources engineering. • Fluid Mechanicsunderstanding of the professional, • Quantity Surveying & Estimationethical and social responsibilities Location • Structural Analysis Civil Engineers are employed inneeded for Civil Engineering Raiwind Road Campus • Soil Mechanics all major construction projectsPractice. • Advanced Fluid Mechanics carried out by the municipalities, • Plain & Reinforced Concrete – I city governments, provincialCareer Prospects or central government, private Recognised by • Environmental Engineering – I • Transportation Planning & Management construction companies, military, • Hydrology and Water ManagementThe Civil Engineering graduate Higher Education Commission engineering services and project • Construction Managementcan look for jobs in road projects, management. Civil Engineering Pakistan Engineering Council • Architecture & Town Planningbuilding work, consultancy firms, graduates can also go in forRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr CrSemester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 HrComputer Programming Engineering Surveying Engineering Geology Quantity Surveying & Probability Method in Plain & Reinforced Concrete-I 4 Architecture & Town Planning 3 Technical Elective-III 3 4 3 Estimation 3 Engineering Math (IV) 3 3Engineering Mechanics Civil Engineering Materials & Civil Engineering Drawing & Structural Analysis Advanced Fluid Mechanics Mechanics of Solids-II Structural Engineering Technical Elective-IV 4 Construction 4 Graphics 3 3 4 3 3 3English Language Skills Basic Electro Mechanical Advanced Engineering Soil Mechanics Communication Skills & Transportation Planning & Technical Elective-I Technical Elective-V 3 Engineering 4 Surveying 4 4 Technical Writing 2 Management 4 3 3Applied Calculus (Math-I) Engineering Drawing Mechanics of Solids-I Hydrology and Water Environmental Engineering-I Structural Analysis-II Technical Elective-II Project 3 4 4 Management 4 4 3 3 3Islamic & Pak Studies Differential Equation (Math- Fluid Mechanics Numerical Analysis Steel Structures Construction Management Project Disaster Management 3 II) 3 4 3 3 3 3 2 Social Sciences-I 2 Geo Informatics 234 Civil Engineering 35
  • TechnologyDepartment ofTechnologyFaculty of EngineeringMission Statement and catering for the needs of talented engineers. The intention for evaluation by the selected body from the faculty in order toThe Technology Department is to contribute toward better earn credit hours. The ultimateenvisages catering for the production of quality goods in a benefit of such an industrialfuture needs of an ever competitive market. The design exposure program is the likelihoodexpanding industrial sector of these courses is more oriented of many students being offeredwhilst creating the vision towards learning skills. It has a jobs in industry itself.and potential to produce the built in mechanism to promoteTechnologists needed in the better & high quality products. Graduates of Technology are thefuture. Our courses are blends of general future architects of the economic subjects like English, Maths, development of the country. TheIntroduction Applied Physics etc, which help University understands theseEngineering disciplines have students gradually enter different challenges, and will strive tocome a long way in developing engineering disciplines. provide the skills for Technologycountries, to the level that we can graduates to fit into all thenow see in our own surroundings. The University has remodeled its Industrial & Design requirementsAt first, Civil, Mechanical & curriculum, enhanced workshop of tomorrow.Electrical engineering were facilities and hired better qualifiedthe main technologies beingoffered in all engineering setups. and more experienced faculty. Seeking to emphasise the impact Courses OfferedAs development progressed, of a better qualified Engineer Bachelor of Science intechnology changed and on the overall improvement Mechanical Technologyservices had to be provided of products and services; theto a growing population, new University has brought a new (BS Tech Mechanical)and more productive methods trend into its learning processbecame the need of the time. by providing exclusive Industrial Bachelor of Science in CivilInnovation and new ideas became training. This is underlined Technology (BS Tech Civil)research models. This brought by Industrial visits to variousin specializations which needed Industries and engineering set ups Bachelor of Science inmore productive machines & for our students. In this context Electrical Technologymethods. In order to achieve these the academic calendar has been (BS Tech Electrical)objectives, new technologies remodelled. Annual and Semesterwere introduced to cope with new system students will go to variousdemand pattern. The BSc-Tech Industries for two months ofprogramme is an off shoot of training during July and August.General Engineering in Electrical, This program will be monitored byMechanical, Civil, & Electronics Faculty on a regular basis. Studentsand is geared toward production will prepare their progress report 36 Technology 37
  • TechnologyOur FacultyEngr. Uzair Raoof System) In progress Engr. Naveed Us Salam Engr. Maryam Noor Engineering) University KarachiDeputy Executive Director BS TE (Electrical & Electronics Lecturer LecturerMSEE Engineering) BS Electrical Engineering B.Sc Civil Engineering Engr. Rizwan Zafar Asif MahmoodBSEE Lecturer Lecturer Engr. Jumshed Akhtar Engr. Yasir Dawood Engr. Nayab Azhar M.Sc Manufacturing Engineering M.Phil (EnvironmentalCol (R) Zaka Ur Rehman Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer (Continue) Management & Science) B. Ed.Head of Department B.Sc Electrical Engineering. (UET) M.Sc Engineering Management B.Sc. Architectural B.Sc Industrial Engineering &MSC Communication Security B.Sc Electrical Engineering Management Hafiz Usama HashmatB.Sc Telecommunication Engr. Muhammad Usman Gull Engr. Hafiz Muhammad Shoaib LecturerEngineering Lecturer Engr. Adnan Samad Lecturer Engr. Naveed Akram B.Sc Mechanical Engineering B.Sc Electrical Engineering (UOL) Lecturer B.Sc. Civil Engineering LecturerDr. Muhammad Sharif Assi B.Sc. Electrical Engineering B.Sc Mechanical Engineering Adnan AsgharHead of Social Science Division Engr. Nasir Nauman Engr. M. Junaid Butt LecturerPh.D Education Lecturer Engr. Hisham Khalil Lecturer Engr. Qasim Ali M.Sc Mathematics, B.ScM.A LLB BS Electronics and Communication Lecturer B.Sc Civil Engineeing Lecturer M.Sc Electronics (Continue) M.Sc Mechanical Design Zulqarnain Sajid Engr. Waqas Amin Sheikh B.Sc Electronics & Communication Engr. Muhammad Haider Khan Engineering (Continue) LecturerEngr. Muhammad Usman B.Sc Mechanical Lecturer Lecturer M.Phill Petroleum GeologyLecturerM.Sc Electrical Engg BE (Electrical Engineering) Engr. Abid Iqbal Khan M.S Hydraulics & Irrigation (In progress) Lecturer Engineering Engr. Mehroz Sana B.Sc. Hons Applied Geology(In progress) Engr. Adeel Ahmad B.Sc Electronics Engineering B.Sc Civil Engineering LecturerB.Sc Electrical Engg Lecturer B.Sc Mechanical Engineering Muhammad Tahir M.Sc Computer Engineering Engr. Muhammad Imran Javed Engr. Fahad Mazhar LecturerEngr. Syed Adnan Raza B.Sc. Electrical Engineering Lecturer Engr. Anum Azam Durrani M.Sc Physics LecturerLecturer MSEE (in progress) Lecturer B.Sc Physics B.Sc Civil EngineeringB.Sc Mechanical Engineering M.Sc Mechanical Engineeing Engr. Muhammad Junaid Tahir BE (Electrical Engineering) Lecturer Engr. Amir Mehmood (In progress) Muhammad ShahzadEngr. Waseem Shahid M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (In Engr. Adil Naseem Lecturer B.Sc Mechanical Engineering LecturerLecturer progress) Lecturer B.Sc Civil Engineering MS Computer ScienceB.Sc Civil Engineering B.Sc Electrical Engineering BS Electrical Engineering Engr. Anum Butt Engr. Sajid Ali Lecturer Engr. Muhammad HassanEngr. Muhammad Arshad Ch. Capt. (R) Faraz Ullah Khan Engr. Maria Idrees Lecturer B.Sc Mechanical Engineering RehmanLecturer Lecturer Lecturer M. Tech. E (Gold Medalist) LecturerM.Sc Metallurgical & Materials MCS (NUST) M.S Civil Engineering B. Tech (Hons) Mechanical Arif Nazir MSC Hydrology EngineeringEngineering B.Sc (Electronics & B.Sc Architectural Engineering Technology (UET) Lecturer B.SC Civil EngineeringMBA Allama Iqbal Open University Telecommunication (UET) PhD. in ProgressIslamabad Engr. Humaira Kanwal M. Phil. Chemistry Engr. Mubashra Javaid Muhammad Atif Sultan Engr. Mian Usman Zahid Lecturer Lecturer LecturerEngr. Adnan Warraich Lecturer B.Sc Architectural Engineering MSC Manufacturing Engineering Engr. Masood Ahmad M.Phil High Energy PhysicsLecturer BE (Electrical Engineering) (In progress) Lecturer B.Sc (Hons) PhysicsMS (Electronics & Electrical BSC (Industrial & Manufacturing M.E Telecommunication, Hamdard 38 Technology 39
  • TechnologyOur FacultyTasawar Shahzad Ahmad Syed Sibte HassanLecturer LecturerM.Phil High Energy Physics M.Sc MathematiesM.Sc Physics B.Sc Mathematies (PU Lahore)Manzar EhsanLecturerM.A. Islamic StudiesB.A. University of the PunjabZubair AhmadLecturerM.Phil MathematicsMuhammad YaseenLecturerM.Phil (UET)B.Sc. BZU MultanMuhammad Haris NadeemLecturerMS Applied LinguisticsM.A. English LinguisticsAmnah MogheesLecturerM.Phil Applied LinguisticsPGD LinnguisticsSaima SidduqiLecturerM.Phil Mathematics (In progres)MSC Mathematics (In progres)Nadeem GhouriLecturerM.Phil MathematicsZeeshan AfzalLecturerM.Phil Mathematics 40 Technology 41
  • TechnologyBachelor of Science inmechanical Technology(BS-Tech mechanical)Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTSThe mechanical development and This course is designed toprogress of a country are directly prepare students for a career as Program Lengthproportional to the well being and chartered technologists within a Full-time, 4 Yearsliving standard of a society. With broad range of mechanical andthe ever increasing complexity of manufacturing industries, as Entry Requirementstechnologies, the present world is well as covering areas as diverse 2nd Division, F.Sc (Pre-Engg.), / DAEfacing an acute shortage of able as robotics and the health care (Mechanical) ICS (Math, Phy.) / FAtechnicians. environment. Employers of our (Math, Phy.) graduates include highly specialistThe BSc Tech Mechanical provides analysis consultancy services, Locationa sound grounding in the principles small enterprise companies, Raiwind Road Campusand fundamentals of mechanics large utilities and large volumethrough practical work and manufacturers.problem solving activities. We Recognised byprovide our students a blend of Higher Education Commissiontechnical and managerial skillscoupled with tips for maximumeffectiveness in mechanicalproductivity. This added skill hascertainly enhanced the confidencelevel of our students.Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr English Comprehension 3 Communication Skills 3 Applied Mathematics III 3 Industrial Electronics 3 Engineering Economics 3 Hydraulic Machinery 3 Material Handling 3 Heat Transfer 3 Engineering Drawing I Engineering Drawing II Computer Programming Mechanics of Machines I Machine Design II Introduction to Mechatronics 3 Metal Cutting & Machinery Power Plant Engineering & 3 3 3 3 3 Tools 3 Energy Resources 3 Applied Chemistry Applied Mechanics Industrial Materials Fluid Mechanics Advance Thermodynamics Installation Testing & IC Engines Environmental Technology 3 3 3 3 3 Maintenance of Machine 3 3 for Industries 3 Applied Physics Applied Thermodynamics Auto Cad Applied Mathematics IV Mechanical Vibration Refigeration & Air Automation & Control Islamic & Pak Studies 3 3 3 3 3 Conditioning 3 3 3 Applied Mathematics I Applied Mathematics II Mechanics of Materials Machining Process Industrial Management Quality Control & Assurance Project Occupational Health Safety & 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Environment 3 Computer Application I 3 Machine Design I 3 Training Programme I 4 Training Programme II 4 42 Technology 43
  • TechnologyBachelor of Science inCivil Technology (BS-Tech civil)Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTSThe Department of Technology BSc-Tech students are trainedin The University of Lahore is as technologists to face all the Program Lengthoffering a BSc Technology Civil challenges of industry. The Full-time, 4 YearsProgramme. The main emphasis students are provided basicof this programme is to provide techniques, skills and use of Entry Requirementsthe students with a basic modern tools to as technologists 2nd Division, F.Sc (Pre-Engg.) / DAEgrounding of mathematics and in the projects. They are in a (Civil), ICS (Math, Phy.) / FA (Math)other sciences and to utilise them position to utilise their knowledgein solving problems of Structure, in modern surveying methods for LocationHydraulics, Geotech, Highways and land measurement, construction Raiwind Road Campusenvironmental engineering. Also layouts and to prepare designto know about the operation and documents. These are consideredmaintenance of Civil Engineeringprojects. It gives students on-the- the most important components of construction technology. Recognised byjob training to enable them to Higher Education Commissionwork independently on projectsand to arrange and organize allrepairs, set up tools, machines andother equipment required for CivilEngineering works.Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Computer Applications I Applied Mathematics II Repair & Maintenance of Structural Mechanics Water Supply & Waste Hydrology Irrigation & Hydraulic Traffic Engineering 3 3 Structures 3 3 Management 3 4 Structures 4 3 Materials & Methods of Engineering Geology Fluid Mechanics Soil Mechanics Steel Structures Engineering Economics Total Quality Management Foundation & Pavement Construction 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 Technology 4 Engineering Drawing Communication Skills Applied Mathematics III Applied Mathematics IV Application of GIS in Civil Architecture & Town Planning 3 Pre Stressed & Pre Cast Computer Aided Analysis & 3 3 3 3 Technology 3 Concrete Technology 4 Design 3 English Comprehension Mechanics of Materials Islamic / Pak. Studies Cost Estimates & Contract Concrete Technology I Concrete Technology II Highway & Transportation Training Programme II 3 4 3 Documents 3 3 3 Technology 4 4 Applied Mathematics I 3 Construction Surveying 4 Computer Programming 3 Technical Report 3 Environment Management 3 Project Management 3 Final Year Project 3 Training Programme I 4 44 Technology 45
  • TechnologyBachelor of Science inElectrical Technology(BS-Tech Electrical)Introduction will possess the ability to perform integrated problem Electrical Technologists are in demand with employers within Course FACTSThe undergraduate BSc-Tech solving, problem identification, Pakistan and overseas. Within Program LengthElectrical program is based on a analysis, hypothesis testing, electrical technology, the main Full-time, 4 Yearssolid foundation in mathematics, solution verification and its employment areas includephysical sciences,computer implementation. Electrical Power Generation Entry Requirementsprogramming and electrical power Supply and Distribution, Power 2nd Division, F.Sc (Pre-Engg.) / DAEcourses to ensure a successfulcompletion of the program and Career Prospects Systems, Installation and Design of Electrical Machinery (Electrical) ICS (Math, Phy.) / FA (Math,to equip students with the ability This program is designed to Phy.) and Communication / Mobileto grow as professionals, rational prepare our students for a career companies, Internet Service Locationreasoning and analytical skills. as a technologist. It is suited to Providers, Network Operators, TV Raiwind Road CampusThe program provides a broad those wishing to pursue a career channels, Radio channels, Researchtechnological core competence in the communication and power and Development organisations,which enables students to industries, power system and Inspection and Testing, Quality Recognised bycommunicate and interact electric drives. In addition to the Control, Instrumentation & Higher Education Commissioneffectively with engineers in technical and practical expertise Control, Automation industries.different areas of specialization that students will gain fromand to make technical decisions electrical technology, studentswith confidence. will discover that our degrees are designed to provide opportunitiesOn successful completion of to learn and develop transferablethe programme, the student skills.Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Applied Calculus Linear Algebra & Differential Complex Variables & Solid State Geometry & Data & Computer Communication Systems I Communication System II Substation Technology 3 Equations 3 Transforms 3 Multivariate Calculus 3 Communication 3 3 3 3 Computer Fundamentals Network Analysis I Computer Programming Microprocessor Theory & Electromagnetic Field Industrial Electronics Power Electronics Control Technology 3 3 3 Interfacing 3 3 3 4 4 Linear Circuit Analysis Engineering Drawing Digital Electronics Electronics Devices & Circuits 3 Advance Electronics Power Transmission & Switch Gear & Protective Engineering Economics 3 3 4 3 Distribution 3 Devices 3 3 Applied Physics Basic Mechanical Technology 3 Network Analysis II Measuring Instruments & Power Generation & Total Quality Management High Voltage Technology Training Programme II 3 3 Measurements 3 Utilization 3 3 3 4 English Comprehension Communication Skills Introduction to Solid State Hydraulic & Hydraulic Electrical Machines Occupational Health Safety & Final Year Project 3 3 Devices 3 Machine 3 4 Environment 3 3 Islamic / Pak. Studies 3 Foundations of Engineering 3 Training Programme I 4 46 Technology 47
  • Faculty ofInformationTechnologyComputerScience &InformationTechnology Electronics
  • Computer Science & Information TechnologyDepartment ofComputer Science &Information TechnologyFaculty of Information TechnologyMission STATEMENT technical challengesOurnational & Courses Offered international level. at curriculumOur mission is to provide focuses on computationaloutstanding education to its thinking, examining the strengths Bachelor of Science inundergraduate and graduate and limitations of computers in Computer Sciencestudents in accordance terms of what can be computed, (BSCS)with the principles of the developing programmingUniversity mission. We strive knowledge & skills and enhancing Master in Computer Sciencefor excellence in creating, the understanding of computer (MCS) Hands on Technicalapplying, and imparting based problem solving techniques. Experienceknowledge in Computer Secondly, we are very close to Master in Science andScience & Information achieving our goal towards the Information TechnologyTechnology through establishment of a research centre for PhD students at our (MSc-IT)comprehensive educational department. The initial areas ofprograms and research research are Artificial Intelligence Master of Science inbased teaching. We expect / Combinatorial Optimization, Data Computer Scienceour graduates to provide Mining and Software Engineering (MSCS)a service to professional but more topics will be added associeties, the community, & we go along. The future of thisthe nation. centre will be in promoting novel research areas and enablingIntroduction postgraduate students to proveOur department is committed their effectiveness in academiato offer high-tech courses with and industries. We make sure thatresearch based teaching. We our students have acquired thebelieve that our well-structured necessary skills and knowledgeand carefully planned courses to produce computer-basedenable students to improve optimal solutions to problemstheir skills and places them from areas such as Computerin competitive positions in the Science, Artificial Intelligence,market. Moreover, we believe that Management, Engineering,students acquire true knowledge Telecommunication, Networking,with intelligence which gives them Transportation etc.the leadership skills to take-on the 50 Computer Science & Information Technology 51
  • Computer Science & Information TechnologyOur FacultyDr. Zahid Hussain Science (UCP) Lahore Pakistan Atif Ikram and Technology Sadaf Abrar MSCS (Software Engineering) Professor Masters of Business Administration Lecturer BS(CS) National University Of Lecturer LCWU (Lahore College for WomenPost-Doctoral Fellowship Leeds (MBA) M.S (Quality Management) Computer and Emerging Sciences M.A (ELTL) University of Lahore University)University, UK Human Resource Management Superior University, Lahore M.A Social work University ofPhD (Computer Science) (HRM) University of Pelita Harapan M.S (Computer Science) Beenish Abid Peshawar Muhammad NadeemUniversity of Huddersfield, UK (UPH) Jakarta, Indonesia University of South Asia, Lahore Lecturer BSc. College of Home economics LecturerM.Sc.(Embedded Systems BCS-Hons, PICS - Lahore B.S. (Computer Science) BSc Computer Engineering MSc. Computer Science, PU LahoreEngineering) University of University of South Asia, Lahore UET Lahore Muhammad Adrees BSc Double Computer & Math,Huddersfield, UK Muhammad Tayyab Lecturer BZU MulatnM.Sc.(Computer Science) UET, Lhr Lecturer Khuram Shahzad Muhammad Bilal Masood MS Networks University ofBSc. (Math. & stat.) BSCS, UCP, Lahore, Pakistan Lecturer Lecturer Sunderland, England. Usman JavedGovt. College, Sahiwal - Pakistan M.Sc. Computational Logic BS-CSHamdard University Karachi, M. Phil (Mathematics) MCS University of Management Lecturer Dresden University of Technology, Fsd Campus, MS-CSNational University of Engineering and and Technology (UMT) M. Phil (Mathematics) Dr. Muhammad Salman Khan Dresden, Germany University FAST, Lahore Technology, Lahore Graduation University of Punjab University of Engineering andAssistant Professor M.Sc. (Mathematics) Technology, LahorePh.D. in Computer Science Graz Hamna Malik University of Engineering and Adeel Ashraf Cheema M.Sc. (Mathematics)UET, Lahore Abdul WahabUniversity of Technology, Austria Lecturer Technology, Lahore Lecturer B. Sc. (Mathematics)Govt. Islamia LecturerM.Sc. in Computer Science Bachelors of Science in Computer B. Sc. (Mathematics) Govt. College MS (Computer Sciences) NUCES- College Civil Lines Lahore BSCS University of Central PunjabUniversity of the Punjab Science (BSCS) Lahore College for MSCS University of Central Punjab of Science, Lahore. FAST Islamabad Women University, Lahore BS (Computer Sciences) Ayesha KhalidNaveed Ahmed Khan Masters of Science in Computer Hafiz Mutee Ur Rehman International Islamic University Lecturer Muhammad Saeed Akhtar M.Phil. (Applied Linguistics) Assistant Professor Science (MS-CS) Lahore College Lecturer Islamabad LecturerPhD (in progress) University of for Women University, Lahore MS (Mathematics) Minhaj International University MSCS The University of Lahore,Central Punjab (UCP) University of the Punjab, Lahore. M.A ( English Literature ) Punjab Lahore BSCS AIOU Islamabad, Muhammad AqeelMSCS University of Management Toqir Ahmad Rana BS (Mathematics) University PGD ( English Language LecturerTechnology (UMT) Lecturer University of the Punjab, Lahore. and Teaching ) PU B.ED Allama Muhammad Waseem Iqbal M.Sc in Electrical and ElectronicsMCS Hamdard University Karachi MSCS, UCP, Lahore Iqbal Open University B.A Queen Lecturer Engineering, University of BSCS, UCP, Lahore Mary College (PU) MSc Computer Science Punjab Nadia Mushtaq Bradford, UKSikandar Shujah Toor University BSc Islamia University Junior Lecturer Bachelor in Computer System Hashim Awais Butt BSc (Hons.)Computer Science Muhammad Sohail SaqibAssistant Professor Bahawalpur Engineering, GIKI Lecturer Govt. College University Of Lahore Junior LecturerMSc Computer Science Quaid- Master of Business Administration BIT - NUST, Islamabade-Azam University, Islamabad Shahid Yousaf Imran HashimMBA Industrial Management (MBA) University of Central Punjab Sadia Kanwal Lecturer LecturerPacific State University, Los (UCP) (B. Com) Punjab University Lecturer MSc (Mathematics) MSCS University of Central Punjab,Angeles, CA, USA Lahore M.A (Eng.) B Z U, Multan. University of The Punjab, LahoreSoftware Project Management Muhammad Ijaz Nazir Mehrr BSCS University of Central Punjab, B.Ed. University of Education, BSc (Mathematics Physics) FAST-NU, Lahore Lecturer Lahore Lahore. F.C.C Lahore BSCS, Institute of Management B.A B Z, Multan.Yasir Mahmood Sciences (Pak-Aims), Lahore. Shoukat Ali Iram NoreenAssistant Professor Lecturer LecturerMasters of Science in Computer MS(CS) University of Management BSCS The University of Lahore 52 Computer Science & Information Technology 53
  • Computer Science & Information TechnologyBachelor of Science in CoursesComputer Science (BSCS) Core Courses • Introduction to Computing • Programming Fundamentals • Linear Algebra • Artificial Intelligence • Calculus and Analytical Geometry Elective CoursesIntroduction analyse real life problems and transform them into a suitable Course FACTS • English-I (Functional English) • Computing IIThe Bachelor of Science in • Multivariable Calculus • Programming Fundamentals II abstract model, design an optimal • Web programmingComputer Science is the first Program Length • English-II (Technical and Report Writing) algorithm and successfully • Digital Logic and Design • Software Testing and Implementationprofessional degree aimed at Full-time, 4 Years implement them on the computer. • Object Oriented Programming • Introduction to Heuristic Techniqueproducing undergraduates for the • Probability and Statistics • Distributed Database Systemsjob market as Software Engineers, Career Prospects Entry Requirements • Human Resource Management • English-III (Communication Skills)IT Administrators, entrepreneurs, Intermediate, FA / FSc / ICS / I.Com, • Database Operations and Maintenance • Electromagnetismacademic professionals and the The typical jobs for BSc Computer A-Levels, DAE or equivalent (Minimum • Discrete Structures • Software Project Managementlike. This programme is tailored Science graduates include 45%) • Operating Systems • Mobile Application Developmentto introduce, prepare, develop software engineering, database • Data Structures and Algorithms • Java Software Paradigmand ingrain the understanding design and administration, web Location • Introduction to Software Engineering • Software Quality Managementand discipline of computing development, quality assurance • Computer Organization and Assembly Language • Prolog Defence Road Campusin students. We offer market and testing, IT consultants and • Computer Communication and Networksoriented courses (as indicated computer professionals in the Recognised by • Theory of Automata & Formal Languagesin the programme course entertainment industry and in a • Introduction to Database Systemsdescription) to achieve the variety of government or private • Differential Equations Higher Education Commission • Computer Architectureobjective of producing highly organizations. • Compiler Constructiontalented computer professionals. • Design and Analysis of AlgorithmOur programme inculcates in the • Numerical Computingstudents problem-solving abilities • Human Computer Interactionfor industrial and government • Software Design Projectsectors. It enables students to • Professional Practices • Pakistan Studies and Islamic StudiesRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Introduction to Computing University Elective-I Digital Logic and Design Operating Systems Computer Communication Compiler Construction Software Design Project University Elective-III 4 3 3 4 and Networks 3 3 6 3 Programming Fundamentals CS Elective-I Object Oriented Data Structures and Theory of Automata & CS Elective-V Professional Practices CS Elective-VIII 4 3 Programming 3 Algorithms 3 Formal Languages 3 3 3 3 Calculus and Analytical CS Elective-II Probability and Statistics Introduction to Software CS Elective-IV Numerical Computing University Elective-II Pakistan Studies and Islamic Geometry 3 3 3 Engineering 3 3 3 3 Studies 3 English-III (Communication Computer Organization and Introduction to Database English-I (Functional English) 3 Multivariable Calculus 3 3 3 Systems 4 Human Computer Interaction 3 CS Elective-VII 3 University Elective-IV 3 Skills) Assembly Language English-II (Technical and Electromagnetism Linear Algebra Differential Equations CS Elective VI Artificial Intelligence Report Writing) 3 3 3 3 3 3 Discrete Structures CS Elective-III Computer Architecture Design and Analysis of 3 3 3 Algorithm 3 54 Computer Science & Information Technology 55
  • Computer Science & Information TechnologyMaster in CoursesComputer Science (MCS) Core Courses • Fundamentals of Algorithms • Introduction to Computer ProgrammingIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTS • Database SystemsThis programme is designed to Job opportunities for our • English Comprehensionproduce graduates with specialised graduates vary. They may work • Discrete Structures Program Lengthtraining in the core subjects as software engineers, systems • Web Programming Full-time, 2 Years • Object Oriented Programmingof computer science. These analysts, database designers and • Data Structures & Analysis of Algorithmsspecialised fields include software administrator, network analyst Entry Requirements • Theory of Automataengineering, database, design & and administrators, e-commerce & Bachelors with 14 Years Education, BA • Computer Organization & Assemblyanalysis of algorithms, artificial web developers and IT consultants / B. Com / BSc or equivalent (Minimum • Visual Programmingintelligence, web development in various government or private 45%) • Software Engineeringand networking. The graduates are organizations. • Advanced Object Oriented Programmingskilled to identify the computing Location • Operating Systemneeds of society and supply Defence Road Campus • Computer Networkseffective and optimal solutions for • Distributed Database Systemsthem. Successful graduates of this • Advanced Software Engineeringprogram who wish to pursue theircareers in academia can join the Recognised by • Computer Architecture • System Programming Higher Education Commission • Programming Languages ConceptMSc program. Those preferring • Artificial Intelligenceto join industry will possess • Compiler Constructionsufficient knowledge and skills • Final projectwhich will enable them to competefor any such positions availablein government and private sectororganizations.Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Fundamentals of Algorithms Object Oriented Advanced Object Oriented System Programming 3 Programming 3 Programming 3 3 Introduction to Computer Data Structures & Analysis of Operating System Programming Languages Programming 3 Algorithms 3 3 Concept 3 Database Systems 3 Theory of Automata 3 Computer Networks 3 Artificial Intelligence 3 English Comprehension Computer Organization & Distributed Database Systems 3 Compiler Construction State of the art 3 Assembly 3 3 Computer Advanced Software Labs Discrete Structures 3 Visual Programming 3 Engineering 3 Final project 6 Web Programming 3 Software Engineering 3 Computer Architecture 3 56 Computer Science & Information Technology 57
  • Computer Science & Information TechnologyMaster of Science in CoursesInformation Technology (MSc-IT) Core Courses • Fundamentals of Algorithms • Introduction to Computer Programming • Database SystemsIntroduction of Information Technology which Course FACTS • English Comprehension • Software Engineering shall enable him or her to succeedThis program is designed • Web Programming in any business or government Program Lengthto produce graduates with • Object Oriented Programming organisations. Full-Time, 2 Yearsspecialised training in different • Data Structures & Analysis of Algorithmsfields of Information Technology. • Theory of Automata Entry RequirementsThe graduating student shallpossess knowledge l including Career Prospects Bachelors with 14 Years Education, BA • Distributed Database Systems • Visual Programming Typical careers for these graduates / B. Com / BSc or equivalent (Minimum • Electronic Commercethe technical, business and could be IT Managers, systems 45%) • Data Communicationcommunication skills necessary to & business analysts, database • Operating Systemsucceed in his or her professional designers & administrator, Location • Principles of Marketinglife. The program’s concentration is • Principles of Management network analysts & administrators, Defence Road Campuson the development of theoretical • Principles of Accounting e-commerce & web developmentand practical technological skills • Computer Architecture and IT consultants in a varietynecessary for the student to of business or government Recognised by • Computer Networksconduct information systems • Human Resource Management organizations. Higher Education Commissionanalysis, design and development • Organizational Behaviourthrough the use of modern • Management Information Systemdevelopment tools. The graduate’s • Final projecttechnical background is a balancedmix of basic business knowledgealong with detailed knowledgeRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Fundamentals of Algorithms Object Oriented Data Communication Computer Networks 3 Programming 3 3 3 Introduction to Computer Data Structures & Analysis of Operating System Human Resource Programming 3 Algorithms 3 3 Management 3 Database Systems 3 Theory of Automata 3 Principles of Marketing 3 Organizational Behaviour 3 English Comprehension Distributed Database Systems 3 Principles of Management Management Information 3 3 System 3 Software Engineering 3 Visual Programming 3 Principles of Accounting 3 Final project 6 Web Programming 3 Electronic Commerce 3 Computer Architecture 3 58 Computer Science & Information Technology 59
  • Computer Science & Information TechnologyMaster of Science in CoursesComputer Science (MSCS) Core Courses • Advanced Algorithm Analysis • Advanced Software EngineeringIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTS • Advanced Computer ArchitectureThis program is designed to The successful graduates have the • Research Methodsproduce graduates with specialised option of serving in industry as • Advanced Operating Systems Program Lengthknowledge in Computer Science. well as joining academia. While in • Advanced Theory of Computation Full-Time, 2 Years • Thesis – ITherefore the masters programme academia they can transfer their • Thesis – IIin Advanced Computer Sciences knowledge to youngsters and Entry Requirementscover the major topics in Computer continue their studies towards aScience. The course work is PhD degree. They can also become BScCS (min 130 credit Hours), MCS, Elective Courses MSc-IT, MSc (CS), Masters with 16 • Software System Design & Architecture the right mix of theoretical and a useful resource for industry as Years Science Education, BCS-3 • Topics in Software Engineering practical work aimed at providing software engineers, database year degree program (complete the • Object Oriented Software Engineering its graduates the necessary skills administrators and designers, deficiency of difference of total earned • Software Quality Assurancein Computer Sciences to excel e-commerce specialists, network credit hours and 130 Cr. Hrs.)Equivalent • Advance Computer Networks in their professional lives. It is specialists, and software project (2.5 CGPA & GAT General) • Network Security & Cryptographyour mission that the department managers • Internet Technologies & Protocols serve a wide stream of students, • Advanced Databases Locationwhich will undoubtedly be arriving • Object Oriented Databases Defence Road Campus • Data Mining with varying backgrounds andobjectives. For this reason, theprogramme proposed hereinhas been stretched out to Recognised bycover most of the important Higher Education Commissionareas of computer scienceincluding Software Engineering,Computer Networks, DatabaseSystems, Advanced Algorithms,Programming Languages,Computer Graphics, ArtificialIntelligence and ResearchMethodologies.Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Advanced Algorithm Analysis 3 Research Methods 3 Elective – I 3 Elective – II 3 Advanced Software Advanced Operating Systems 3 thesis – I Thesis – II Engineering 3 3 6 Advanced Computer Advanced Theory of Architecture 3 Computation 3 60 Computer Science & Information Technology 61
  • ElectronicsDepartment ofElectronicsFaculty of Information Technology Hands onMission STATEMENT INTRODUCTION Courses Offered Technical ExperienceIn partnership with our This Department is one of thestudents, the mission of our primary departments of the Bachelor of Science indepartment is to: University of Lahore. Its initial Electronics & Electrical setup was laid when this University SystemsProvide quality course opened its gates for students to learn & grow. (BSEES)and lab work that meetsinternational educational The course work here is based Master of Science instandards. upon the latest technologies Electronics & Electrical and learning tools. Students are Systems (MSEES)Provide an environment directed towards research andwhere students feel innovation. Our top-notch facultyfree to gain knowledge is well-versed in their respectivewithout gender and racial fields and our teaching methodsdiscrimination under the comply with internationalumbrella of the ethics of standards.Islam.Critically examine and refineknowledge to transfer it inpractice through electronicsand electrical systems.Provide a learningenvironment that motivatesstudents for research anddevelopment (R&D). 62 Electronics 63
  • ElectronicsOur FacultyWaseem Nazar Ashfaq Ahmad MS Electrical Engineering (In progress)Assistant Professor (Acting Head Lecturer progress) BSc Electrical Engineeringof Department) MS Electronics & Communication BS Electrical EngineeringMS Computer Science BS Electronics & Communication Hammad RashidMBA, MS Electronics & Ali Salman Rana LecturerCommunication Asim Anwar Lecturer BSc Electrical Engineering(Course work completed) Lecturer MS Electrical Engineering (InBS Electrical & Electronic M.Phil. Electronics progress) Asma RafiqueEngineering MSc Electronics BS Electrical Engineering LecturerBSc Technical Education (Power BBA (Hons)System) MS Kiran Fatima Saqib MaqboolBSc Physics, Math Lecturer Lecturer Bilal Naseer MS Electrical Engineering MS Computer Engineering (In LecturerAftab Farrukh BS Telecom Engineering progress) MS Electrical Engineering (InLecturer BS Electrical Engineering progress)M.Phil. (Microelectronic Asim Maqsood BS Electrical EngineeringEngineering & Semiconductor Lecturer Bilal NaseerPhysics) MS Electronics & Communication Lecturer Salman MazharMSc Applied Physics (in progress) MS Electrical Engineering (In Lecturer BS Electronics & Communication progress) BSc Electrical EngineeringMS Amber Sultan BS Electrical EngineeringLecturer Muhammad Aamer Imran ul HassanM.Phil. (Microelectronic Lecturer Ghulam Shabbir LecturerEngineering & Semiconductor MS Computer Engineering Lecturer BS Electrical EngineeringPhysics) (In progress) Computer Engineering (InMSc Applied Physics BS Computer Engineering progress) Hasan Rafiq BE Electronic Engineering LecturerMS Amber Sultan Abdul Malik BS Electrical EngineeringLecturer Lecturer Salman SiddiqMS Telecom Engineering MS Computer Engineering Lecturer Muhamad AtherBS Electronics & Communication (In progress) BS Industrial & Manufacturing Lab Engineer BS Computer Engineering Engineering BS Electrical EngineeringSyed Baqar HussainLecturer Hafiz Kashif Iqbal Asim Mukhtar Mohsin AnwarMS Telecom Engineering Lecturer Lecturer Lab EngineerBS Electronics & Communication MS Electrical Engineering (In MS Electrical Engineering (In BS Electronics & Communication progress) progress)MS Ayesha Tariq BSc Electronics Engineering BS Electrical Engineering Muhammad Wajahat HassanLecturer Lab EngineerMSc Wireless Networks Muhammad Fawad Baig Ameer Ahmed BS Electronics & CommunicationBSc Telecom Engineering Lecturer Lecturer MSc Computer Engineering (In 64 Electronics 65
  • ElectronicsBachelor of Science in CoursesElectronics & Electrical Systems Core Courses • Calculus • Systems • Numerical Analysis • Mobile Communication • Wireless Communication(BSEES) • Circuit Analysis - I • Introduction to Computing • Probability and Stochasitic Processes • Business Management • Advanced Network • Embedded System DesignIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTS • Communication Skills • Islamic and Pakistan Studies • Communication Systems I • Data and Computer Communication • Laser & Applied Optics • Optical Fiber CommunicationIn order to keep pace with the After completion of this degree • Digital Signal Processing • Telecom System Analysis & Design Program Length • Linear Algebra & Differential • Microelectronics II • Antenna Engineeringrapid changes in an ever-growing program the graduating Equations Full-time, 4 Years • Power Electronics • Electromagnetic Compatibilityindustry, this program is designed students could develop careers • Mechanics • Control Systems • Microwave Engineering Ito equip students with state-of-art in communication technology, • Introduction to Solid State Devices • Digital System Design • Microwave Engineering II Entry Requirementsskills. The program also enables electronics, automation, power • Computer Programming 45% marks in FS.c, ICS, DAE (Elec- • ECE Design Projectstudents to understand the basic systems or even in RF engineering. • Computer Aided Drawing tronics, Electrical), A-Level, and Inter- • Data Structuresconcepts and to handle practical mediate or equivalent degree • Complex Variables And Transforms Elective Coursesissues in related fields through • Circuit Analysis II (Power Systems)comprehensive teaching based • Digital Logic Design • Power Systems Locationon solving open ended problems • Economics • Power System Protection Raiwind Road Campususing software as well as hardware • Electrical Engineering Workshop • Power System Analysisexperiments in the lab. • Instrumentation And Measurement • Power PlantsThe Department has qualified and Recognised by • Introduction to Electrical Machines • Microprocessor & Computer • High Voltage Engineering • Applied Thermodynamicsskilled permanent faculty and fully Higher Education Commission Architectureequipped laboratories. • Multivariate Calculus Elective Courses • Signals and Systems (Communication) • Electromagnetic Field Theory • Digital Communication • Microelectronics I • Telecom Switching • Microprocessor Based Embedded • Introduction to Telecom SystemsRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Calculus Linear Algebra and Data Structures Instrumentation & Electromagnetic Field Theory 3 Business Management Power Electronics ECE Design Project 4 Differential Equations 4 4 Measurement 4 3 4 6 Circuit Analysis-l Mechanics Complex Variables And Introduction to Electrical Microelectronics I Communication Systems I Control Systems Technical Elective 4 4 Transforms 4 Machines 4 4 3 4 3 Introduction to Computing Introduction to Solid State Circuit Analysis II Microprocessor & Computer Microprocessor Based Data and Computer Digital System Design Technical Elective 4 Devices 3 4 Architecture 3 Embedded Systems 4 Communication 3 2 3 Communication Skills 3 Computer Programming 4 Digital Logic Design 4 Multivariate Calculus 4 Numerical Analysis 3 Digital Signal Processing 4 Technical Elective 3 Technical Elective 3 Islamic and Pakistan Studies Computer Aided Drawing Economics Signals and Systems Probability and Stochasitic Microelectronics II 3 2 3 4 Processes 3 4 Electrical Engineering Workshop 1 66 Electronics 67
  • ElectronicsMaster of Science in CoursesElectronics & Electrical Systems Communication Specialization(MSEES) Core Courses Cr Hr Elective Course Cr HrIntroduction manufacture and deliver a working Course FACTS Mathematical Methods for Engineers 3 Advanced Communication Networks 3 product that meets these industryThe MSEES program offered at Stochastic Processes 3 Telecom Networks Planning 3 standards. Program Length and Economicsthe University of Lahore has been Full-time, 2 Yearsdesigned for professionals working Digital Communication Career Prospects System 3 Next Generation Networks 3in the industry willing to enhance Entry Requirementstheir technical skills and knowledge After completing the degree, Advanced Digital Signal 3 Information Theory & Source 3 BS Electronics/BSEES/BS Telecom/ Processing Codingfor career advancement. It students can work with Mobile M.Sc. Physics/ B.Tech (Hons)/BSprepares individuals to apply Services Providers, Internet Research Thesis 6 Communication Methods for 3 Computer Science. HEC recognized Engineersadvanced Mathematical and Service Providers, Network University min 2.5 CGPA or 60% marksScientific principles to the Operators, R.F Planning anddesign, development and Optimisation, TV Channels, (Annual system). Interview & Entry Test High Frequency Electronics Design SPECIALIZATION & GAT arranged by NTSoperational evaluation of Research and Development Cr Crelectronics and communication Organisations. Core Courses Hr Elective Course Hr Locationsystems. The degree program Mathematical Methods for Advanced Engineering Electro Raiwind Road Campus Engineers 3 Dynamics 3focuses on developing the skillsrequired to design electronics & Analysis And Design of Rf Stochastic Processes Circuits And Systems 3 3communication solutions thatmeet industrial, military and Recognised by Non Linear Microwave and Theory And Design Of Rf Circuits 3 Microwave Filters 3international technical standards. Higher Education CommissionStudents are required to design, Antenna Theory And Design Fundamentals of Radar Signal 3 Processing 3 Research Thesis Electromagnetic 6 Compatibility 3 Power Systems Specialization Cr Cr Core Courses Hr Elective Course Hr Power Circuit Breakers and Advanced High Voltage Substations 3 Engineering 3 Power System Quality,Realibilty and 3 Transients In Power 3 Planning Advanced Power System Insulation Coordination Protection 3 3 Mathematical Methods for Communication Systems Engineers 3 3 Research Thesis 6 Load Flow Stability Analysis 3 Renewable Energyresources 3 68 Electronics 69
  • Faculty ofScienceInstitute of Centre forMolecular Research inBiology & MolecularBiotechnology MedicinePharmacy
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyInstitute ofMolecular Biology &BiotechnologyFaculty of ScienceMission STATEMENT of curricula. The semiotic method is combined with interactive The Department encourages students through exhaustiveIMBB & CRiMM have been teaching to enhance the learning studies to imbibe new knowledgeespecially developed to process. The major focus is to in their fields of research. CRiMMprovide facilities for teaching impart technologies which could & IMBB are issued with up-to-date& research at the frontier of be used gainfully by graduates equipment to undertake researchknowledge to students from for employment or for further for which the students opt in theirall rungs of society without education. Research programmes 3rd & 4th semesters by HEC andany distinction of caste, of the department are based PMDC. We are highly equippedcolor & creed or financial on recent developments at the with facilities for researchstatus. Our Mission is to frontiers of knowledge. Some of students which enable them topromote learning for the the areas of research include: cell produce high quality manpowerdevelopment of innovative signaling in normal & in cancer in the field of molecular biology &techniques, creation of cells, alternate remedies for the biotechnology & all other fields.knowledge & gainful treatment of cancer (for example,employment in market.Along with this we provide natural products, micro RNAs & Courses Offered Oncolytic viruses among others) BS in Biochemistry,a congenial atmosphere recombinant DNA technologies,for the promotion of the Biotechnology, Microbiology metabolic disorders, cancerco-curricular abilities of markers, genetic disorders, agri- Molecular Biology,students. technology, gene manipulation Environmental sciencesIntroduction in plants, hydroponics, stress MSc in Biochemistry,IMBB was established in the year induced by various heavy metals Biotechnology, Microbiology2004. It offers under graduate in plants of economic importance, Molecular Biologyand graduate degree programs purification of proteins of M.Phil/MS in Biochemistryin the subjects of Biochemistry, economic importance and many Biotechnology, Microbiology,Molecular Biology, Physiology, related problems in areas of Molecular Biology,Biotechnology, Microbiology and molecular endocrinology, clinical Environmental sciencesEnvironmental Science. It is the biochemistry & microbes of M.Phil leading to PhD infirst Institute of its kind in the medical biology. Special MPhil Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Hands onprivate sector. The curricula for programs in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Technicalthe degree program are designed Microbiology, Physiology & Ultra Experienceto prepare the manpower needed Sound Technology, especially Biology, Physiologyfor the economic development of designed for MBBS Doctors are PhD in Biochemistry,the country. IMBB employs highly also offered. These programs are Biotechnology, Microbiologyqualified faculty for the delivery conducted by senior PhD faculty. Molecular Biology, Physiology 72 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 73
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyOur FacultyProf.Dr.M.H.Qazi Dr. Rana Amjad Ms Fozia Noreen Ms. Noureen ZahraVice Chancellor ,UOL Assistant Professor, IMBB Lecturer, IMBB Lecturer, IMBBDirector, IMBB / CRIMM PhD. Molecular Biology, PU M.Phil. (Microbiology) UVAS M.Sc (Molecular Biology), UOLPhD. Wisconsin, USA Ms. Ruquyya Gul Mr. Abid Sarwer Ms. Madiha NeelamProf. Dr. Sh. Riaz ud Din Assistant Professor, IMBB Lecturer, IMBB Lecturer, IMBBProfessor, IMBB PhD (SBS,PU) M.Phil. Microbiology MA (English),PUPhD BiochemistryUniversity of Reading (UK) Mr. Imran Raiz Malik Ms. Qurrat-ul-Ain Ahmad Mr. Asif Saleem Lecturer, IMBB Lecturer, IMBB Lecturer, IMBBProf. Dr. Mushtaq A. Saleem PhD(Molecular Biology),NBGE MS Biochemistry, PU M.Phil. BotanyProfessor, IMBBPhD (PU), Post doc (UK) Ms. Kalsoom Ms. Ammarah Shahid Rizvi Mr. Muhammad Azam Assistant Professor, IMBB Lecturer, IMBB Lecturer, IMBBProf. Dr. AM Cheema M.Phil. (Biochemistry) UOL MPhil (Biotechnology), BZU, M.SC (Biochemistry), UOLProfessor, IMBB MultanPhD Physiology (UK) MS. Farheen Ansary Lecturer. IMBB Ms. Abeer JunjuaProf.Dr.Javed Mirza M.Phil. (Microbiology) Karachi Lecturer, IMBBProfessor,IMBB University M.Phil. (Biochemistry), PUPhD (Aberdeen, UK), Post-doc(Bologna, Italy) Ms. Neelam Saba Ms. Kiran Butt Lecturer. IMBB Lecturer, IMBBDr. Arif Malik MS ( Biochemistry), PU M.SC Biochemistry, PUAssociate Professor, IMBB Mr. Qadoos-ul-Haq MuqaddosiPhD, (Botany), UAF, Pakistan. Ms. Ruqayya Suliman Lecturer, IMBB Lecturer, IMBB M.Phil. (Biotechnology) NIBGE,Mr. Shahzad Bhatti M.Phil. (Botany) PU PIEAS.Assistant Professor, IMBBM.Phil (Molecular Biology), CEMB, Mr. Khawar Ali Shahzad Ms Rabail AlamPU Lecturer, IMBB Lecturer, IMBB M.Phil. (Microbiology) UVAS M.Sc (Biostatistics), PUDr. Riffat MehboobAssistant Professor, IMBB Mr. Sohail Mehmood Ms. Asia PerveenPhD Neuropathology Lecturer, IMBB Lecturer, IMBB M.Phil. (Biotechnology)NBGE M.Sc Biochemistry ,UAFDr. Naveed WasifAssistant Professor, IMBB Ms. Uzma Sahar Ms. Amna MehmoodPhD. Molecular Biology, QU Lecturer, IMBB Lecturer, IMBB M.Phil. (Molecular Biology) M.Sc (Biochemistry), UOL 74 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 75
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyBachelor of Science in CoursesBiochemistry & Biotechnology (BBCH) • Introduction to Biochemistry • Cell & Molecular Biology I • Biochemistry of macromolecules • Microbial Biochemistry • Neuromuscular physiology • Body fluids and function • Physiology of peptide hormone • Recombinant DNA Technology • Stress physiology • Cell & Molecular Biology II • Biochemistry of hormones • Environmental BiochemistryIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTS • Enzymology • Plant Biochemistry • Systemic Physiology • Toxicology • Techniques in Biochemistry • Advances in BiochemistryThe program after completion is Industrial, Agricultural, • Metabolism of nutrient • Immunochemistry • Plant Cell & Tissue Cultureequivalent to an MSc since the Educational, Research & Program Length • Proteins Structure & Function • Medical Biochemistry • Biostatisticsdegree is awarded on successful Development and Health Full-time, 4 Years • Introductory Genetics • Expression and Transmission of • Research Methodologycompletion of 16 years of Organizations: • Body homeostasis Genetic Information • Bioinformatics and System biologyeducation after Higher Secondary Entry Requirements • Membrane Biochemistry • Food MicrobiologySchool Education. 12 years of education (Higher Secondary School Certificate/The Degree program fulfils all the Intermediate) with at least secondcurriculum requirements for BS DivisionDegree recommended by HigherEducation Commission consisting Locationof compulsory, core and allied Defence Road Campuscourses.The basic training of research work Recognised byis also imparted. Higher Education CommissionRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Introduction to Biochemistry Biochemistry of Plant Biochemistry Body homeostasis Biochemistry of hormones Expression and transmission Stress physiology Advances in Biochemistry 4 macromolecules 4 3 3 4 of genetic information 3 3 4 Cell & Molecular Biology I 3 Cell & Molecular Biology II 3 Metabolism of nutrient 3 Membrane Biochemistry 3 Systemic Physiology 3 Food Microbiology 3 Environmental Biochemistry 3 Plant Cell & Tissue Culture 3 Introduction to Computers Enzymology Proteins Structure & Function 4 Microbial Biochemistry Toxicology Physiology of peptide Techniques in Biochemistry Bioinformatics and System 3 3 4 3 hormone 3 3 biology 3 Foundation of English Biomathematics Introductory Genetics Neuromuscular physiology Immunochemistry Recombinant DNA Research Methodology Seminar on Review 3 3 3 4 4 Technology 3 3 1 Mathematics English Technical Writing and Communication Skill Body fluids and function Medical Biochemistry Biostatistics Special Problem *Review Report 3 comprehension 3 3 3 3 3 1 3 Islamic Studies 2 Pakistan Studies 2 *Review Report 3 76 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 77
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyBachelor of Science in CoursesMolecular Biology & Biotechnology • Introduction to Biochemistry • Cell & Molecular Biology I • Cell Signaling & Transduction • Genetic Disorders(BSML) • Introduction to Computers • Biochemistry of Macromolecules • Molecular Basis of Cancer • Physiology of peptide hormoneIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTS • Cell & Molecular Biology II • Enzymology • Recombinant DNA Technology • BiostatisticsThe program after completion Industrial, Agricultural, • Fundamentals of Biotechnology • Transgenicity & Cloningis equivalent to MSc since the Educational, Research & Program Length • General Microbiology • Environmental Biotechnologydegree is awarded on successful Development and Health Full-time, 4 Years • Protein Structure & Function • Techniques in Molecular Biologycompletion of 16 years of Organizations. • Introductory genetics • Research Methodologyeducation after Higher Secondary Entry Requirements • Molecular Genetics • Advances in Molecular BiologySchool Education. 12 years of education (Higher • Membrane Biochemistry • Plant Cell & Tissue Culture Secondary School Certificate/ • Microbial Biochemistry • Bioinformatics and System BiologyThe Degree program fulfils all the Intermediate) with at least second • Biological Diversitycurriculum requirements for a • Body fluids and functions DivisionBS Degree recommended by the • EndocrinologyHigher Education Commission • Microbial Genetics Location • General Virologyconsisting of compulsory, core and Defence Road Campus • Immunologyallied courses. The basic training ofresearch work is also imparted. Recognised by Higher Education CommissionRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Introduction to Biochemistry Biochemistry of Fundamentals of Molecular Genetics Endocrinology Genetic Disorders Transgenicity & Cloning Advances in Molecular 4 macromolecules 4 Biotechnology 3 3 3 3 3 Biology 4 Cell & Molecular Biology I Cell & Molecular Biology II General Microbiology Membrane Biochemistry Microbial Genetics Molecular Basis of Cancer Environmental Plant Cell & Tissue Culture 3 3 3 3 4 3 Biotechnology 3 3 Introduction to Computers Enzymology Protein Structure & Function Microbial Biochemistry General Virology Physiology of peptide Techniques in Molecular Bioinformatics and System 3 3 4 4 3 hormone 3 Biology 3 biology 3 Foundation of English Biomathematics Introductory genetics Biological Diversity Immunology Recombinant DNA Research Methodology * Review Report 3 3 3 4 4 Technology 3 3 4 Mathematics English Technical Writing and Communication Skill Body fluids and functions Cell Signaling & Transduction Biostatistics *Review Report 3 Comprehension 3 3 3 3 3 4 Islamic Studies 2 Pakistan Studies 2 78 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 79
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyBachelor of Science in CoursesBiotechnology (BSBT) • Physical Chemistry • Plant Diversity. • Cell Biology • Bioinformatics and System biology • Health Biotechnology. • Recombinant DNA Technology • Biomathematics • Skill Enhancement.Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTS • Inorganic Chemistry • Animal Diversity • Metabolomics, Proteomics and GenomicsThe programme after completion Industrial, Agricultural, • Genetics. • Environment equivalent to MSc since the Educational, Research Program Length • Organic Chemistry • Down Stream Technologydegree is awarded on successful Development and Health Full-time, 4 Years • Plant Biotechnology • Bio-safety & Bioethicscompletion of 16 years of Organizations. • Biochemistry Ieducation after Higher SecondarySchool Education. Entry Requirements 12 years of education (Higher • Microbiology • Ecosystem & Environment Elective COURSES • Industrial Biotechnology Secondary School Certificate/ • Plant Biotechnology • Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyThe degree programme fulfills all Intermediate) with at least second • Analytical Chemistry & • Plant Biotechnologythe curriculum requirements for BS Instrumentation Division(Pre Medical/Pre Engg or equiv) • Animal Biotechnologydegree recommended by Higher • Biochemistry II • Fungal BiotechnologyEducation Commission consisting • Mol. Biology I Location • Waste Management • Biostatistics.of compulsory, core and allied Defence Road Campus • Water and Waste Water Treatment • • Bioremediation • Mol. Biology II • Bio-fuel and Bio refinery • Principles of Biochemical Engineering.The basic training of research workis also imparted. Recognised by • Cell and Tissue Culture. • Elements of Biotechnology • Diagnostics • Bioelectronics & Biosensor Higher Education Commission • Radiology • Genetic resources & Conservation • Biomaterial • Microbial Biotechnology • Marine Biotechnology • Agriculture Biotechnology. • Nano biotechnology • Food Biotechnology.Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Foundation of English English Technical Writing & Pakistan Studies Ecosystem & Environment Biostatistics. Genetic resources & Health Biotechnology. Elective-III 3 Comprehensive 3 3 3 3 Conservation 3 3 3 Islamic Studies Cell Biology Organic Chemistry Plant Biotechnology Immunology. Microbial Biotechnology Recombinant DNA Environment Biotechnology. 2 3 3 3 3 3 Technology 3 3 Mathematics Biomathematics Plant Biotechnology Analytical Chemistry & Mol. Biology II Agriculture Biotechnology. Skill Enhancement. Down Stream Technology 3 3 3 Instrumentation. 3 3 3 1 1 Physical Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Biochemistry I Biochemistry II Principles of Biochemical Food Biotechnology. Metabolomics, Proteomics Bio-safety & Bioethics 3 3 3 3 Engineering. 3 3 and Genomics 2 1 Plant Diversity. Animal Diversity Microbiology Mol. Biology I Cell and Tissue Culture. Bioinformatics and System Elective-I Elective-IV 3 3 3 3 3 biology 3 3 3 Introduction to Computer Genetics Communication Skill Elements of Biotechnology Elective-II Review Science 3 3 3 2 3 3 Review 3 80 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 81
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyBachelor of Science in CoursesMicrobiology & Biotechnology (BSM) • Introduction to Biochemistry • Cell & Molecular Biology I • Biochemistry of macromolecules • Research Methodology • Advances in Microbiology • Plant Cell & Tissue Culture • Cell & Molecular Biology II • Bioinformatics and System BiologyIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTS • Enzymology • General MicrobiologyThe program after completion Industrial, Agricultural, • Microbial Biotechnologyis equivalent to MSc since the Educational, Research & Program Length • Protein Structure & Functiondegree is awarded on successful Development and Health Full-time, 4 Years • Introductory Geneticscompletion of 16 years of Organizations • General Bacteriologyeducation after Higher Secondary Entry Requirements • Membrane BiochemistrySchool Education. 12 years of education (Higher • Microbial Biochemistry Secondary School Certificate/ • Biological DiversityThe degree program fulfils all the Intermediate) with at least second • Body fluids and functioncurriculum requirements for BS Division • General Mycologydegree recommended by Higher • Microbial GeneticsEducation Commission consisting • General Virology Location • Immunologyof compulsory, core and allied Defence Road Campus • Cell Signaling & Transductioncourses. • Microbial Biotechnology Recognised by • Food MicrobiologyThe basic training of research work • Industrial Microbiologyis also imparted. • Recombinant DNA Technology Higher Education Commission • Biostatistics • Transgenicity & Cloning • Environmental Microbiology • Techniques in MicrobiologyRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Introduction to Biochemistry Biochemistry of General Microbiology General Bacteriology General Mycology Microbial Biotechnology Transgenicity & Cloning Advances in Microbiology 4 Macromolecules 4 3 3 3 3 3 4 Cell & Molecular Biology I 3 Cell & Molecular Biology II 3 Microbial Biotechnology 3 Membrane Biochemistry 3 Microbial Genetics 4 Food Microbiology 3 Environmental Microbiology 3 Plant Cell & Tissue Culture 3 Introduction to Computers Enzymology Protein Structure & Function Microbial Biochemistry General Virology Industrial Microbiology Techniques in Microbiology Bioinformatics and System 3 3 4 4 3 3 3 Biology 3 Foundation of English Biomathematics Introductory Genetics Biological Diversity Immunology Recombinant DNA Research Methodology Seminar on Review 3 3 3 4 4 Technology 3 3 1 Mathematics English Technical Writing and Communication Skill Body fluids and function Cell Signaling & Transduction Biostatistics Special Problem *Review Report 3 comprehension 3 3 2 3 3 1 4 Islamic Studies 2 Pakistan Studies 2 * Review Report 3 82 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 83
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyBachelor of Science in CoursesEnvironmental Sciences (BSES) • Introduction to Environmental Science • Biology –I • Agro-ecology • Climate Change • Introduction to Earth Science • Environmental Impact AssessmentIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTS • Biology –II • Basic Chemistry • Natural Resource Management • Research Methods in Environmental ScienceThe programme after completion Industrial, Agricultural, • Anthropology • Disaster managementis equivalent to an MSc since the Educational, Research Program Length • Environmental Chemistry • Environmental Laws & policiesdegree is awarded on successful Development and Health Full-time, 4 Years • Environmental Physics • Health and Environmentcompletion of 16 years of Organizations. • Environmental Economics • Pollution control Technologieseducation after Higher Secondary Entry Requirements • PhilosophySchool Education. The degree 12 years of education (Higher • Fundamentals of Ecologyprogram fulfils all the curriculum Secondary School Certificate/ • Environmental Microbiologyrequirements for a BS Degree • Environmental Pollution Intermediate) with at least secondrecommended by the Higher • Climatology divisionEducation Commission consisting • Psychology • Applied Ecologyof compulsory, core and allied Location • Environmental toxicologycourses. The basic training of Defence Road Campus • Environmental Profile of Pakistanresearch work is also imparted. • Biostatistics Recognised by • Analytical techniques in Environmental Science • Introduction to biochemistry Higher Education Commission • Environmental Biotechnology • GIS & Remote Sensing • Environmental Management Systems • Biodiversity & Conservation • Environmental MonitoringRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Introduction to Introduction to Earth Science 3 Pakistan Studies Fundamentals of Ecology Applied Ecology Environmental Biotechnology 3 Climate Change Environmental Laws & Environmental Science 3 2 3 3 3 policies 3 Biology –I* Biology –II* Environmental Chemistry Environmental Microbiology Environmental toxicology GIS & Remote Sensing Environmental Impact Health and Environment 3 3 3 3 3 4 Assessment 3 3 Introduction to Computer Basic Chemistry* Environmental Physics Environmental Pollution Environmental Profile of Environmental Management Natural Resource Pollution control Sciences 3 3 3 3 Pakistan 3 Systems 3 Management 3 Technologies 3 Mathematics Biomathematics Environmental Economics Climatology* Biostatistics Biodiversity & Conservation Research Methods in Review Report 3 3 3 3 3 3 Environmental Science 3 3 Foundation of English Anthropology Communication Skill Psychology* Analytical techniques in Environmental Monitoring Disaster management 3 2 3 3 Environmental Science 3 3 3 Islamic Studies English Technical Writing & Philosophy* Introduction to biochemistry 3 Agro-ecology Review Report 2 Comprehensive 3 2 3 3 84 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 85
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyMaster of Science in Master of Science inBiochemistry & Biotechnology (MBC) Molecular Biology& Biotechnology (MMB)Introduction Courses Course FACTS Introduction Courses Course FACTSThe programme after completion • Principles of Biochemistry The programme after completion • Principles of Biochemistryis equivalent to an MSc since the • Introduction to Physiology Program Length is equivalent to an MSc since the • Introduction to Physiology Program Lengthdegree is awarded on successful • Introduction to Molecular Two-Years Full Time degree is awarded on successful • Introduction to Molecular Biology Two-Years Full Timecompletion of 16 years of Biology& Biotechnology completion of 16 years of & Biotechnologyeducation after Higher Secondary • Instrumentation and analytical Entry Requirements education after Higher Secondary • Instrumentation and Analytical Entry RequirementsSchool Education. The degree techniques 14 years of education (BSc or School Education. The degree Techniques 14 years of education (BSc orprogram fulfills all the curriculum • Biochemistry & Diseases Equivalent) with at least 2nd division program fulfills all the curriculum • Use of MBB in disease diagnosis Equivalent) at least 2nd division requirements for a BS Degree • Protein structure, function & Certificate/Intermediate) requirements for a BS Degree • Mol.Bio & Recombinant DNA Certificate/Intermediate)recommended by the Higher synthesis recommended by the Higher • ImmunologyEducation Commission consisting • Immunology Location Education Commission consisting • Principles of statistics Locationof compulsory, core and allied • Principles of statistics Defence Road Campus of compulsory, core and allied • Molecular Pathogenesis Defence Road Campuscourses. The basic training of • Hormones in human Life courses. The basic training of • Environmental Biotechnologyresearch work is also imparted. • Recent advances in Biochemistry research work is also imparted. • Cell structure and function • Cell structure and function Recognised by • Special Problem Recognised byCareer Prospects • Special Problem • Research & thesis/Review Higher Education Commission Career Prospects • Research & thesis/Review • Bioinformatics and System Higher Education CommissionIndustrial, Agricultural, Industrial, Agricultural, • Bioinformatics and System BiologyEducational, Research Educational, Research Biology • Seminar on thesis topicDevelopment and Health Development and Health • Seminar on thesis topicOrganizations Organizations.Road Map Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Principles of Biochemistry Biochemistry & Diseases Recent Advances in Bioinformatics and System Principles of Biochemistry Use of MBB in disease Molecular Pathogenesis Bioinformatics and System 4 4 Biochemistry 4 Biology 4 4 diagnosis 4 4 Biology 4 Introduction to Physiology Protein structure, function & Hormones in human Life Seminar on thesis topic Introduction to Physiology Mol.Bio & Recombinant DNA 4 Environmental Biotechnology 2 Seminar on thesis topic 4 synthesis 4 2 1 4 1 Introduction to Molecular Immunology Cell structure and function Research & thesis/Review Introduction to Molecular Immunology Cell structure and function Research & thesis/Review Biology & Biotechnology 4 4 4 6 Biology & Biotechnology 4 4 4 6 Instrumentation and Principles of statistics Special Problem Instrumentation and Principles of statistics Special Problem analytical techniques 4 4 1 analytical techniques 4 4 1 Research & thesis/Review 6 Research & thesis/Review 6 86 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 87
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyMaster of Science in Master of Science inBiotechnology (MBT) Microbiology & Biotechnology Course FACTS (MMC)Introduction Courses Program Length Introduction Courses Course FACTSThe programme after completion • Biostatistics The programme after completion • Principles of Biochemistry Two-Years Full Timeis equivalent to a MSc since the • Immunology is equivalent to an MSc since the • Introduction to Physiology Program Lengthdegree is awarded on successful • Molecular Biology degree is awarded on successful • Introduction to Molecular Biology Two-Years Full Time Entry Requirementscompletion of 16 years of • Principles of Biochemical completion of 16 years of & Biotechnology 14 years of education (BSc oreducation after Higher Secondary Engineering education after Higher Secondary • Instrumentation and analytical Entry Requirements Equivalent) with at least 2nd division School Education. The degree • Cell and Tissue Culture School Education. The degree Techniques 14 years of education (BSc or Certificate/Intermediate)program fulfills all the curriculum • Elements of Biotechnology program fulfills all the curriculum • General Microbiology Equivalent) with at least 2nd division requirements for a BS Degree • Genetic Resources & requirements for a BS Degree • Medical Microbiology Certificate/Intermediate) Locationrecommended by the Higher Conservation recommended by the Higher • Immunology Defence Road CampusEducation Commission consisting • Microbial Biotechnology Education Commission consisting • Principles of statistics Locationof compulsory, core and allied • Agricultural Biotechnology of compulsory, core and allied • Microbial taxonomy Defence Road Campuscourses. The basic training of • Food Biotechnology courses. The basic training of • General Virologyresearch work is also imparted. • Bioinformatics Recognised by research work is also imparted. • General Bacteriology • Special Problem Recognised by • Environmental BiotechnologyCareer Prospects Career Prospects Higher Education Commission • Research & thesis Higher Education Commission • Biosafety & Bioethics • Health Biotechnology • Bioinformatics & System BiologyIndustrial, Agricultural, Industrial, Agricultural, • Recombinant DNA Technology • Seminar on thesis topicEducational, Research Educational, Research • Metabolomics, Proteomics &development and Health development and HealthOrganizations. Genomics Organizations • Down Stream TechnologyRoad Map Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Biostatistics Genetic Resources & Health Biotechnology Down Stream Technology Principles of Biochemistry General Microbiology Microbial taxonomy Bioinformatics & System 3 Conservation 3 3 1 4 4 4 Biology 4 Immunology Microbial Biotechnology Recombinant DNA Research & Thesis Introduction to Physiology Medical Microbiology General Virology Seminar on thesis topic 3 3 Technology 3 6 4 4 2 1 Molecular Biology Agricultural Biotechnology Research & Thesis Introduction to Molecular Immunology General Bacteriology Research & thesis 4 3 6 Biology & Biotechnology 4 4 4 6 Principles of Biochemical Food Biotechnology Metabolomics, Proteomics & Instrumentation and Principles of statistics Special Problem Engineering 3 3 Genomics 3 analytical techniques 4 4 1 Cell and Tissue Culture 3 Bioinformatics 2 Research & thesis 6 Elements of Biotechnology 2 Environmental Biotechnology 3 Biosafety & Bio Ethics 3 88 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 89
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyM.Phil in M.Phil inBiochemistry (PBC) Molecular Biology (PML)Introduction conducted by National Testing Service (NTS). Admission test will Course FACTS Introduction conducted by National Testing Service (NTS). Admission test will Course FACTSThe program of study is equivalent The program of study is equivalent be held by the Institute. be held by the M.Phil. since the degree is Program Length to M.Phil. since the degree is Program Lengthawarded on successful completion awarded on successful completion Career Prospects Two-Year’s Full Time Two-Year’s Full Timeof 16 years of education afterthe award of BS degree of 4 Career Prospects Entry Requirements of 16 years of education after the award of BS degree of 4 Industrial, Agricultural, Entry Requirements Industrial, Agricultural,years duration or MSc degree 16 years of education (BS/MSc/MBBS/ years duration or MSc degree Educational, Research and 16 years of education (BS/MSc/MBBS/ Educational, Researchof 2 years duration. The Degree BDS/BPharm) with at least 2nd division. of 2 years duration. The Degree development and Health BDS/BPharm)Certificate/Intermediate) Development and Healthprogram fulfils all the curriculum Certificate/Intermediate) program fulfils all the curriculum Organizations. Organizations.requirements for MPhil Degree requirements for MPhil Degree Locationprograms as recommended byHigher Education Commission, Elective courses Location Defence Road Campus programs as recommended by Higher Education Commission, Elective courses Defence Road Campus • Molecular Biology of Cellconsisting of compulsory, core • Recent trends in Immunology consisting of compulsory, core • Molecular Biology & Biomedicineand allied courses. The students • Advances in Clinical Biochemistry and allied courses. The studentsare required to complete 24 • Biochemistry of Metabolic Recognised by are required to complete 24 • Molecular basis of Genetic Recognised by Disorderscredit hours of courses in the Disorders Higher Education Commission credit hours of courses in the Higher Education Commission • Molecular Geneticsfirst 2 semesters and conduct • Enzymes in Biological systems first 2 semesters and conductresearch & remaining 12 credit • Toxicology research & remaining 12 credithours complete in the next • Biochemistry of Medicinal Plants hours complete in the next2 semesters. Before starting (CAM) 2 semesters. Before startingresearch, the students have to research, the students have topass Comprehensive Exam as pass Comprehensive Exam asrequired by HEC. All students are required by HEC. All students arerequired to pass GAT examination required to pass GAT examinationRoad Map Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Advances in Biochemistry Biochemistry of Cell Signal Research and thesis Research & thesis Advanced Biochemistry Recent Advances in Cancer Biology Research & thesis 4 Transduction & Regulations 3 6 6 3 Molecular Biology 3 3 6 Biochemistry of vitamins and Techniques in Biochemistry Fundamentals of Molecular Techniques in Molecular Research and thesis hormones 4 3 Biology & Biotechnology 3 Biology & Biotechnology 1 6 *optional course in 1st Biostatistics and Biostatistics & Bioinformatics 3 Recombinant DNA Semester 4 bioinformatics 3 Technology 2 * Optional course in 2nd * Optional course in 1st * Optional course in 2nd Semester 3 Semester 3 Semester 3 90 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 91
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyM.Phill of in M.Phill of inBiotechnology (PBB) Microbiology (PMC)Introduction Service (NTS). Admission test will be held by the Institute. Course FACTS Introduction Service (NTS). Admission test will be held by the Institute. Course FACTSThe program of study is equivalent The program of study is equivalentto M.Phil. since the degree is Program Length to M.Phil. since the degree is Career Prospects Career Prospects Program Lengthawarded on successful completion Two-Year s Full Time awarded on successful completion Two-Year s Full Timeof 16 years of education after Industrial, Agricultural, of 16 years of education after Industrial, Agricultural,the award of BS degree of 4 Educational, Research and Entry Requirements the award of BS degree of 4 Educational, Research Entry Requirementsyears duration or MSc degree development and Health 16 years of education (BS/MSc/MBBS/ years duration or MSc degree development and Health 16 years of education (BS/MSc/MBBS/of 2 years duration. The Degree Organizations. BDS/BPharm) of 2 years duration. The Degree Organizations. BDS/BPharm) with at least 2nd division program fulfils all the curriculum Certificate/Intermediate) program fulfils all the curriculum Certificate/Intermediate)requirements for MPhil Degreeprograms as recommended by Elective courses Location requirements for MPhil Degree programs as recommended by courses Location • Plant Tissue Culture • Optional for 1st SemesterHigher Education Commission, Defence Road Campus Higher Education Commission, • Cell Culture Techniques Defence Road Campus • Animal Tissue Cultureconsisting of compulsory, core consisting of compulsory, core • Medical Microbiology • Biodiesel Technologyand allied courses. The students and allied courses. The students • Vaccinology • Medicinal Plant Biotechnologyare required to complete 24credit hours of courses in the • Agricultural Biotechnology Recognised by are required to complete 24 credit hours of courses in the • Optional for 2nd Semester • Food Microbiology Recognised by • Health Biotechnology Higher Education Commissionfirst 2 semesters and conduct first 2 semesters and conduct • Therapeutics and infectious diseases Higher Education Commission • Seed Science & Technologyresearch & remaining 12 credit research & remaining 12 credit • General Virology • Transgenic Plantshours complete in the next hours complete in the next2 semesters. Before starting 2 semesters. Before startingresearch, the students have to research, the students have topass Comprehensive Exam as pass Comprehensive Exam asrequired by HEC. All students are required by HEC. All students arerequired to pass GAT examination required to pass GAT examinationconducted by National Testing conducted by National TestingRoad Map Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Biostatistics Bioinformatics Research & thesis Research & thesis General Microbiology Microbial Biochemistry and Research and thesis Research & thesis 4 4 6 6 4 Physiology 4 6 6 General Biotechnology Advanced Recombinant DNA Microbial Genetics and Microbial techniques 4 Technology 4 diseases 4 2 Techniques in Biotechnology Elective course *optional course in 1st Biostatistics and 4 4 Semester 4 bioinformatics 3 *optional course in 2nd Semester 3 92 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 93
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyM.Phil / MS in M.Phil inEnvironmental Science (PES) Physiology (PPS)Introduction required to pass GAT examination conducted by National Testing Course FACTS Introduction required to pass GAT examination conducted by National Testing Course FACTSThe program of study is equivalent The program of study is equivalent Service (NTS). Admission test will Service (NTS). Admission test willto M.Phil. since the degree is to M.Phil. since the degree is be held by the Institute. Program Length be held by the Institute.awarded on successful completion awarded on successful completion Program Lengthof 16 years of education after Two-Year s Full Time of 16 years of education after Two-Year s Full Timethe award of BS degree of 4 Career Prospects the award of BS degree of 4 coursesyears duration or MSc degree Industrial, Agricultural, Entry Requirements years duration or MSc degree • Optional for 1st Semester Entry Requirementsof 2 years duration. The Degree Educational, Research 16 years of education (BS/MSc/MBBS/ of 2 years duration. The Degree • Neuroendocrinology 16 years of education (BS/MSc/MBBS/program fulfils all the curriculum development and Health BDS/BPharm) with at least 2nd division program fulfils all the curriculum • Systemic Physiology and Diseases BDS/BPharm) with at least 2nd division requirements for MPhil Degree Organizations. Certificate/Intermediate) requirements for MPhil Degree • Cancer Biology Certificate/Intermediate)programs as recommended by programs as recommended by • Optional for 2nd SemesterHigher Education Commission, Location Higher Education Commission, • Cell Physiology Locationconsisting of compulsory, core Defence Road Campus consisting of compulsory, core • Cell and Tissue Culture Defence Road Campusand allied courses. The students and allied courses. The students • Genetic Disordersare required to complete 24 are required to complete 24 • Applications of stem cell incredit hours of courses in the Recognised by credit hours of courses in the Physiology Recognised byfirst 2 semesters and conduct Higher Education Commission first 2 semesters and conduct Higher Education Commissionresearch & remaining 12 credit research & remaining 12 credithours complete in the next hours complete in the next2 semesters. Before starting 2 semesters. Before startingresearch, the students have to research, the students have topass Comprehensive Exam as pass Comprehensive Exam asrequired by HEC. All students are required by HEC. All students areRoad Map Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Environmental Governance Environmental Impact Research and Thesis Research and thesis Advanced Physiology Physiology of Reproduction Research and thesis Research & thesis 3 Assessment 3 6 6 4 3 6 6 Environmental Analytical Environmental Management Physiology of vitamins and Physiological Techniques Techniques 3 Systems 3 hormones 4 3 Environmental Chemistry Environmental Biotechnology 3 *optional course in 1st Biostatistics and 3 Semester 4 bioinformatics 3 Applied Environmental l Advances in Plant Ecology *optional course in 2nd Microbiology 3 3 Semester 3 94 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 95
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyM.Phil leading to Ph.D / Ph.D CoursesThe candidates for M.Phil. leading to PhD will first complete the course work requirement for M.Phil. and then Molecular Biology coursesthey will take up PhD courses subject to satisfactory performance. Introduction to molecular biology & biotechnology 4 (3-1)For PhD 18 Credit Hours and a list of courses is enclosed from where the supervisory committee will select the Advancements in protein relationship with structure & function 4 (3-1)student discipline. Recent developments in biotechnology 3 (2-1) Recent advances in molecular biology 3 (2-1)Biochemistry courses Nucleic acid structure and function 2 (2-0) Molecular basis of cancer 2 (2-0)Introduction to biochemistry; molecules,)cells & organisms 4(3-1) Molecular biology of genetic disorders 3 (2-1)Advancements in protein relationship with structure & function 4(3-1) Gene expression and regulation 4 (3-1)Advances in energy homeostasis 4(3-1) Stem cell research 2 (2-0)Advanced microbial genetics 4 (4-0) Chromosomal mapping & its applications 4 (3-1)Classification and metabolism of proteins 3 (2-1) Techniques in molecular biology & biotechnology 3 (1-3)Classification and metabolism of lipids & carbohydrates 4 (3-1) Molecular immunology 3 (2-1)Classification and metabolism of nucleic acids 4 (3-1) Principles and applications of biotechnology 3 (3-0)DNA synthesis and genetic disorders 4 (3-1) Recent advancements in industrial enzymology 3 (3-0)Biochemical basis of gene expression and regulation 2 (2-0) Molecular biology and pedigree identification 3 (2-1)Recent advancements in recombinant DNA technology 4 (3-1) Environmental biotechnology 2 (2-0)Biochemical basis of cell signaling & signal transudation cascades 3 (3-0) Agricultural waste biotechnology 3 (2-1)Biochemical basis of cancer 3 (3-0) Genetic engineering; methods & applications 4 (3-1)Recent advancements in immunology 4 (2-1) Recombinant technology 2 (2-0)Recent advancements in enzymology 2 (2-0) Applications of biotechnology in medicine 2 (2-0)Advanced endocrinology 3 (3-0) Recent developments in molecular biomedicine 3 (3-0)Bioenergetics & Oxidative Phosphorylation 2 (2-0) Applications of Biostatistics in biological science 3 (2-1)Nutrition & dietetics 4 (3-1) Special problem 1 (1-0)Techniques in biochemistry 3 (1-2) Seminar on thesis topic 1 (1-0)Biochemical basis of diseases 3 (3-0) Research and thesis M.Phil 20 (0-20)Biochemistry of blood 3 (2-1) Ph.D 30 (0-30)Applications of Biostatistics in biological science 3 (2-1)Special problem 1 (1-0)Seminar on thesis topic 1 (1-0)Research and thesis 20 (0-20) 96 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 97
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyM.Phil leading to Ph.D / Ph.D CoursesPhysiology courses Microbiology coursesGeneral physiology 4 (3-1) Gen. Microbiology 3 (2-1)Advances in energy homeostasis 4 (3-1) Gen. Immunology 3 (2-1)Advances in nervous system physiology 3 (2-1) Advancements in protein structure function relationships 4 (3-1)Physiology of digestion 3 (2-1) Microbial Taxonomy 3 (3-0)Physiology of nerve and muscle 3 (2-1) Gen.Virology 3 (2-1)General endocrinology & pituitary hormones 4 (3-1) Cell Biology-I 3 (2-1)Physiology of adrenals, pancreatic, thyroid parathyroid hormones 4 (3-1) Mycology 3 (3-0)Respiratory & space physiology 2 (2-0) Research Methodology 3 (2-1)Physiological technique 3 (1-3) Cell Biology-II 4(3-1)Reproductive physiology 2 (1-1) Microbial Anatomy & Physiology 4(3-1)Physiology of liver & reticulo-endothelial system 3 (3-0) Fresh Water Microbiology 2(2-0)Renal physiology & body fluids 4 (2-1) Bacterial Genetics 3(3-0)Physiology of skin & thermoregulation 2 (2-0) Clinical Bacteriology 4(3-1)Advanced physiology of blood 3 (2-1) Soil Microbiology 3 (2-1)Recent advances in physiology 2 (2-0) Epidemiology 3 (3-0)Physiology of special senses 3 (2-1) Environment Biotechnology 3 (2-1)Physiology of body defense mechanisms 2 (2-0) Molecular Mechanism of 3 (3-0)Physiological basis of molecular biology 3 (3-0) Antimicrobiogical Drugs 3 (3-0)Applications of Biostatistics in biological science 3 (2-1) Genetic Engineering 3(3-0)Special problem 1 (1-0) Medical microbiology 3(3-0)Seminar on thesis topic 1 (1-0) Immunobiology 3(3-0)Research and thesis M. Phil 20 (0-20) Applications of Biostatistics in Biological Sciences. 3(2-1)Ph. D 30 (0-30) Techniques in Microbiology 3 (1-2) cell signaling and transduction 3(3-0) Special problem 1 (1-0) Seminar on thesis topic 1 (1-0) Research and thesis M. Phil 20 (0-20) Ph.D 30 (0-30) 98 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 99
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyM.Phil leading to Ph.D / Ph.DBiotechnology coursesElements of Biotechnology 2(2+0)Agriculture Biotechnology 4(3-1)Health Biotechnology 4(3+1)Environment Biotechnology 3(2+1)Food Biotechnology 3(3+0)Microbial Biotechnology 3(2+1)Advanced Recombinant DNA Technology 3(3-0)Cell and Tissue Culture 3(3+0) Bioinformatics 4(3+1)Down Stream Technology 3(2+1)Bio-safety & Bioethics 2(0+2)Techniques In Molecular Biology 2(0+2)cell signaling and transduction 3(3-0)Principles and application of Biotechnology 3(3-0)Recent Advancements in industrial enzymology 3 (3-0)Application of Biotechnology 3 (3-0)Recent developments in molecular biomedicine 3(3-0)Applications of biostatistics in biological sciences 3(2-1)Advances in Plant Biotechnology 3(2-1)Biotechnology of Renewable Resources 3(3-0)Special problem 1(1-0)Seminar on thesis topic 1(1-0)Research and thesis 20 (0-20)M. Phil leading to Ph. D.M.Phil. Credit Hours 36Course work 18Research and thesis 30 = 84Ph.D. 18 (course work) + 30 (research and thesis) = 48Note1. The courses are assigned to PhD students (18 credit hours of course work according to individual specialty)100 Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 101
  • Centre of Research in Molecular MedicineCentre ofResearch in MolecularMedicine(CRiMM)Mission STATEMENT and diagnostic tools in medical molecular medicine and related practice. disciplines with strong relevance toThe Centre aims at conducting high human health in the local context.quality research and postgraduate In line with the policy of thetraining in biomedical sciences university to develop high • To provide research trainingwith strong relevance to current quality expertise & manpower of postgraduate students inissues of human health in the in emerging areas of biomedical biomedical sciences, leading tolocal and regional context. The sciences, a Centre for Research PhD degrees.Centre has a strong integrative in Molecular Medicine wasand multidisciplinary approach initiated in April 2009. The Centre • To firm up research linkagesto carrying out basic and represents a major investment and and interactive cooperationclinically oriented research and a bold initiative by the University with national and internationalpostgraduate training on specific in the field of life sciences and institutions conducting similarproblems ranging from molecular human health. A covered area of epidemiological levels. To approximately 9,000 sq. feet wasaccomplish these goals the allocated to the Centre at the • To attract scientists andCRiMM strives to bring together University’s new campus adjacent physicians for short term trainingyoung scientists and physicians to the University College of in molecular medicine techniquesunder a common roof to interact Medicine, to develop purpose-built and invite foreign and local expertsand resolve problems related to teaching and research laboratories for lectures and in a researchhealth and disease with a holistic with state-of-the-art facilities. advisory capacity.approach. The Centre draws resourcesIntroduction from other academic units of the University as well, such as the • To publish scientific articles based on research conductedDuring the last three decades Institute of Molecular Biology and at the Centre in peer reviewedthe discipline of molecular and Biotechnology, Department of international journals.cellular biology has expanded Pharmacy, the University Collegephenomenally in scope and in of Medicine and the Department • To generate high qualitydepth. New knowledge in the of Information Technology. The manpower to meet the demandfield, mainly acquired through a Centre also has close collaboration for qualified faculty and scientists,multidisciplinary approach and in relevant areas with other in institutions both educationalexperimental research, has made it reputable institutions within & and research, and in industry.possible not only to unravel living outside the country.processes in health and disease • To provide an open, stimulatingfrom molecular to organismallevel but also to introduce novel Objectives and nurturing environment for training and career development inand more effective therapeutic • To conduct quality research in biomedical sciences.102 Centre of Research in Molecular Medicine 103
  • Centre of Research in Molecular MedicineOur Faculty Collaborative InstitutionsM.H. Qazi, PhD, SI Dr Javed Iqbal Mirza A. Nasim, PhD International NationalProfessor and Director CRiMM Professor Advisor COMSTECH Islamabad, Pakistan University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine The Children’s HospitalI. Ahsan, FRCS Dr Ruqayia Gull CRRP, Department of Physiology and Cell Biology Department of Paediatric Endocrinology Pittsburgh, PA, USA and Institute of Child Health,Professor, University College of Assistant Professor M Aslam LahoreMedicine (Co-opted) Professor University of Muenster Dr Imran R Malik Shifa College of Medicine Centre of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology National Institute of BiotechnologyDr Mushtaq A Saleem Assistant Professor Islamabad, Pakistan (CeRA) and Genetic Engineering,Professor Muenster, Germany Faisalabad Zeeshan Gilani, MS W. Akhtar Assistant Professor PhD, FPAS, SI Imperial College London Institute of Nuclear Medicine and OncologyDr. Samina Kausar University of the Punjab Department of Genomics of Common Diseases LahoreAssistant Professor Hammersmith Hospital CampusPhD Biochemistry Mehwish Anwer, M.Phil Lahore, Pakistan London, UK LecturerDr M Shoaib AR ShakooriAssistant Professor ProfessorBDS / PhD M Shoaib, MSc Research Assistant University of the Punjab Academics & Research Lahore, Pakistan Postgraduate Programmes: The Centre for Research in Molecular Medicine attempts to integrate molecular,Maria Fareed Siddiqui M. Asad, MSc cellular and systems approaches and focuses on carrying out goal-oriented research and delivering postgraduateAssistant Professor Research Assistant Masood Shams programmes of the highest possible quality. The Centre offers postgraduate programmes for medical and sciencePharm-D, MPhil Harvard University, candidates, leading to MPhil and PhD degrees. Advisory Harvard, MA, USAQurat-ul-Ain CommitteeLecturer Visiting Scientists E. Nieschlag, PhD, FRCPSumaira Shaheen, MSc Professor A. Ali, PhDResearch Assistant University of Muenster University of Sargodha Muenster, Germany Sargodha, PakistanAfeefa Kiran, MScTechnical Assistant AS Sheikh, M Arslan Professor MPhil BZ UniversityN.A. Aasi, FRCS FC College University Multan, PakistanProfessor, University College of LahoreMedicine (Co-opted) S. Naz, PhD LCW University, T.A. Butt, FRCP Lahore, PakistanT. Jamil, MPC Path Institute of Child Health andProfessor, University College of Children Hospital LahoreMedicine (Co-opted) S. Saeed, MPhilUniversity of Cambridge Cambridge, UK104 Centre of Research in Molecular Medicine 105
  • Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Centre of Research in Molecular MedicinePostgraduate ProgramsThe Centre offers MPhil/MS and MPhil/MS leading to PhD programmes, inthe following disciplines: Course FACTSMolecular Biology and Biochemistry Programme Length M.Phil (MS): 2-4 YearsResearch specializations: Breast cancer and tumor research; molecular MS leading to PhD: 4-6 Yearsbiomarkers of disease; proteomics; cell signaling; recombinant DNA PhD: 3-4 Yearstechnology; tissue culture; immunobiology.Physiology Entry Requirements Min 2nd division or 2.5 CGPA inResearch specializations: Molecular and clinical endocrinology; MBBS/DVM/B.Pharm or Pharm Dmetabolism; biochemistry and molecular biology of metabolic diseases; MS/M.Phil.* or MSc* or 4-yr BSc inandrology; genetics of idiopathic infertility; comparative reproductive biological sciences disciplines.biology. (*MPhil /MS degree holders joining the PhDBiochemistry programme will be allowed exemption in some courses. Detailed regulation for MPhil/PhD are placed at annexure III)Research specializations: Biochemistry of growth and development;biochemical spectrum of metabolic syndromes and clinical biochemistry Evaluationand diagnostics; biochemical markers of metabolic diseases, molecular Stage I: Short listing on the basis ofbasis of cardiovascular disease; drug research using animal models. academic records, work experience, andMicrobiology the results of the Admission Test Stage II: Interviews of short listedResearch specialization in bacteriology; virology; microbial candidatesbiotechnology (in collaboration with the Institute of Molecular Biologyof the University of Lahore). Course Work Course work is scheduled during theRadiological Sciences first 9 months, while the following yearsSpecialization in Diagnostic Radiography, Ultrasonography, Nuclear are mainly for research, thesis writingMedicine and Radiation Therapy & taking advanced level courses. In addition to lectures, tutorials & laboratory exercises, students are trained in protocol writing, paper presentation, data collection & finally conducting a research study in which the faculty members provide all possible support and guidance as advisors. Location Defence Road Campus Recognized by Higher Education Commission106 Centre of Research in Molecular Medicine 107
  • PharmacyDepartment ofPharmacyFaculty of Health SciencesMission STATEMENT consisting of over 100 employees. They are responsible for providing Courses Offered State of the Art LaboratoriesThe mission of The comprehensive programs andDepartment Of Pharmacy, services across the health care Doctor of PharmacyThe University Of Lahore is continuum. (Pharm. D)to improve the health andwell-being of society at large Our vision is to be recognized Master of Philosophyby educating students and nationally and internationally (Pharmaceutics,practitioners into providing for innovation and excellence Pharmaceuticaloptimal pharmaceutical care; in pharmacy education, Chemistry, Pharmacology,conducting vital research pharmaceutical and health related Pharmacognosy)that advances scientific research, and for its contributionknowledge, pharmacy to advancing pharmacy practice.practice, and economic The department is a leader indevelopment; and providing pharmacy education with adirect and supportive curriculum designed to prepareservices to patients, Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D)the community and the and Master of Philosophy (M. Phil)profession. graduates and post graduates for dynamic careers in pharmacy,The students in the pharmaceutical research, healthDepartment of Pharmacy outcomes research and relatedaccept their responsibility to fields.improve the health of theircommunities. They are the Our graduates and post graduates are prepared to play a key roleleaders of tomorrow and in improving the health of thisare recognised consistently country by providing unrivalledfor their commitment to patient health care.improve the health of theircommunities.INTRODUCTIONThe Department Of Pharmacyat University Of Lahore Is a hightouch, high tech enterprise,108 Pharmacy 109
  • PharmacyOur FacultyMohammad Ashraf Romeeza Ashraf Sherjeel Adnan Nadia Shanawar Rabia Hassan Shahzada Khurram SyedDirector Administration Lecturer Asset Professor Lecturer Lecturer Asst. Professor M.Phil.(Pharmacology) M.Phil.(Pharmaceutics) M.Phil.(Biotechnology) Pharm-D M.Phil.(Pharmacology)Javed IqbalHead of Department Sameera Khurshid Zeeshan Masood Amir Rashid Sadaf Waheed Nasir Ali Lecturer Asst Professor Lecturer Lecturer LectuerKhawaja Tahir Mahmood M.Phil.(Pharmacology) M.Phil.(Pharmaceutical Chemistry) M.Phil.(Pharmacology) Pharm-D M.Sc(Mathematics)ProfessorB.Pharm,M.Pharm,M. Tahir Ali Chohan Muhammad Hanif KB Shamsul Hassan Muhammad Zaman Sadia MushtaqPhil,PhD,LLB,DITL-WTO Lecturer Asst Professor Lecturer Lecturer Lectuer PhD Scholar M.Phil.(Pharmaceutical Chemistry) PhD Scholar Pharm-D MSMohammad IjazAssociate Professor Maryam Shabber Malik Saad Ullah Waqas Ahmad Saiqa Munir Farah AbidM.Phil.(Pharmaceutics) Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lectuer Asst Professor Pharm-D M.Phil.(Pharmacology) Pharm-D M.Phil.(Pharmacology) M.Phil.(Pharmaceutical Chemistry)Dr. Riaz AhmadAssociate Professor Azeema Tayyab Moosa Raza Sh. Muhammad Sorosh Muhammad Azam Tahir Lecturer Shabbir AhmedMBBS Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Pharm-D Asst. Professor M.Phil.(Pharmaceutical Chemistry) M.Phil.(Pharmaceutics) Pharm-D PhD ScholarAtiq-ur-RehmanAssociate Professor Sajid Ali Muhammad Farooq Lecturer Usman Saleem Zeeshan Akber Zunaira NawazM.Phil.(Pharmaceutical Chemistry) Lecturer Pharm-D Asst. Professor Lecturer Lectuer M.Phil.(Pharmaceutics) Pharm-D Pharm-DFarooq Saleem M.Phil.(Pharmaceutics) Asst Professor Nazia Aslam Rashida Manzoor Lecturer Muhammad Sarfraz Muhammad Asad Saeed Fouzia LatifM.Phil.(Pharmaceutical Chemistry) Lecturer Pharm-D Asst. Professor Asst. Professor Lectuer M.Phil.(Pharmacology) M.Phil.(Pharmaceutical Chemistry) Pharm-DMueen Ahmad Ch. M.Phil.(Pharmaceutics)Lecturer Faryal Masood Lecturer Muhammad Azeem Muhammad Shafeeq-Ur- Sana HanifM.Phil.(Pharmacology) Attia Afzal Pharm-D Lectuer Rehman Lectuer Asst. Professor Pharm-DMuhammad Tariq M.Phil.(Pharmaceutics) M.Phil.(Pharmacology) Pharm-DLecturer Faiza Qamar Lecturer Saima Najm Irfan HamidM.Phil.(Biochemistry) Muhammad Usman Bhatti Kanwal Shahzadi Pharm-D Lecturer Asst. Professor Lecturer Asst. Professor Pharm-D M.Phil.(Pharmacology) Pharm-DMasood-Ur-Rehman Arabi M.Phil.(Pharmacognosy)Lecturer Ayesha Aslam Lecturer Sarah Daud Imran Waheed Nighat BatoolM.Phil.(Pharmaceutics) Naila Abrar Pharm-D Lecturer Asst. Professor Lecturer Lecturer Pharm-D M.Phil.(Pharmacognosy) Pharm-D M.Phil.(Biochemistry)110 Pharmacy 111
  • PharmacyOur FacultyShumaila Arshad Ishrat ImranLecturer LectuerPharm-D B-PharmacyShoaib AhmedLecturerPharm-DKhurram AmmirLecturerPharm-DAbdul MananLecturerPharm-DNadia KanwalLecturerPharm-DNausheen Saba KhalidLecturerPharm-DUmbreen ZahraLecturerPharm-DTaimoor Ali ShakooriLecturerPharm-DSaleha Javed MughalLecturerM.ScGhullam ShabbirLecturerMA112 Pharmacy 113
  • PharmacyDoctor of CoursesPharmacy (Pharm.D)Introduction (Pharm.D) curriculum has been member of multidisciplinary health Semester 1 Cr Hr Semester 2 Cr Hr Semester 3 Cr Hr Semester 4 Cr Hr designed / formulated to prepare care team. Pharmaceutical Chemistry - 1 Pharmaceutical Chemistry - II Pharmaceutics- Pharmaceutics-IVThe objective is to train pharmacy (Organic-1) 4 (Organic-2) 4 III(Pharmaceutical 4 (Pharmaceutical Preparation- 4 Quality Pharmacists who will Preparation-I) II)practitioners to possess leadership have the capacity, up to date Keeping stakeholders the Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Pharmacology & Pharmacology &qualities, advanced expertise and - 1 (Biochem-1) 4 - II (Biochem-II) 4 Therapeutics-I (General-I) 4 Therapeutics-II (General-II) 4 knowledge, strong ethical values, pharmaceutical sector up to dateclinical experience that enable behavior, communication, writing on the implications of WTO TRIPS Pharmaceutices - 1 (Physical Pharmaceutices - II (Physicalthem to be at the forefront of Pharmacy-1) 4 Pharmacy-II) 4 Pharmacognosy-I 4 Pharmacognosy-II 4 and social skills that will enablethe pharmacy profession andhealth care in a variety of settings; them to pursue careers in: Course FACTS Physiology & Histology - I 4 Physiology & Histology - II 4 Pharmaceutical Microbiology-I 4 Pharmaceutical Microbiology-II 4institutional, community practice, Pharmaceutical care in Programme Lengthgovernment, academia, and Anatomy-1 3 Biostatistics 4 Pakistan Studies 3 Islamic Studies 3 health systems & community Full-time, 5 Yearsindustry and drug development. environments where appropriate Pharmaceutical Mathematics 2 medication usage and patient’s Entry RequirementsThe curriculum emphasized a safety is paramount. First Division FSc.(Premedical / A-Levelpatient centred course of study equivalent to 60% of FSc. Cr Cr Cr Crand involves a structure that will Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr The Pharmaceutical Industry andenable students to develop into its quality systems: Location Pathology The Computer & its Pharmaceutics-VII (Hospital Pharmaceutics-VII(Hospitalreflective practitioners with skills 4 Application in Pharmacy 4 Pharmacy-I) 3 Pharmacy-II) 3 Defence Road Campus, Lahoreand attitudes to evaluate critically Pharmacology & Pharmacology & Pharmacovigilance/Patient safety Islamabad Campus Therapeutics III (Systemic Therapeutics-IV ( Systemic Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clinical Pharmaceutics-VIII(Clinicaland modify practices in a timely 4 4 Pharmacy-I) 4 Pharmacy-II) 4 and safe medication usage in Pharmacology-I) Pharmacology-II)and effective manner. community & health care systems Academia and Research. Recognised by Pharmacognosy-III 4 Pharmacognosy-IV 4 Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-I) 4 Pharmaceutics-IX(Industrial Pharmacy-II) 4Career Prospects Pharmacy Council of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III (Instrumentation-I) 4 Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV (Instrumentation-II) 4 Pharmaceutics-X (Biopharmaceutics-I) 4 Pharmaceutics- X(Biopharmaceutics-II) 4The approved Doctor of Pharmacy Managed Patient Care as a Higher Education Commission Pharmaceutics-V (Dispensing Pharmaceutics-IV Pharmaceutics- Pharmaceutics-Pre-Req Courses Pharmacy) 3 (Community Pharmacy) 4 XI(Pharmaceutical Quality & 4 XI(Pharmaceutical Quality & 4 Management-I) Management-II)• Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II(Organic-2) • Pharmacutics-IV (Community Pharmacy)• Pharmaceutical Biochemistry-II(Biochem-II) • Pharmaceutics-VIII (Clicical Pharmacy-I) Cr Cr Semester 9 Hr Semester 10 Hr• Pharmaceutices-II (Physical Pharmacy-II) • Pharmaceutics-IX (Industrial Pharmacy-I)• Physiology & Histology-II • Pharmaceutics-XI(Pharmaceutical Quality & Management-I) Pharmaceutical Chemistry- 4 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V 4 V(Medicinal Chemistry-I) (Medicinal Chemistry-II)• Pharmaceutics-III(Pharmaceutical Preparation-I) • Pharmaceutics-VII(Hospital Pharmacy-II)• Pharmacology & Therapeutics-I (General-I) • Pharmaceutics-VIII(Clincial Pharmacy-II) Pharmaceutics-XVII(Clinical Pharmaceutics-XVII (Clinical Pharmacy-III) 4 Pharmacy-IV) 4• Pharmacetuics-IV (Pharmaceutical Preparation-II) • Pharmaceutics-IX(Industrial Pharmcy-II)• Pharmacology & Therapeutics-II (General-II) • Pharmaceutics-X(Biopharmaceutics-II) Pharmaceutics- Pharmaceutics-XVIII• Pharmacognosy-II • Pharmaceutics-XI(Pharmaceutical Quality & Management-II) XVIII(Pharmaceutical 4 (Pharmaceutical Technology- 4 Technology-I) II)• Pharmaceutical Microbiology-II • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V(Medicinal Chemistry-I) Pharmaceutics-XIX(Forensic Pharmaceutics-XIV (Forensic• Pathology • Pharmaceutics-XVII(Clincial Pharmacy-III) Pharmacy-I) 3 Pharmacy-II) 3• Pharmacology & Therapeutics III (Systemic •Pharmacology-I) • Pharmaceutics-XVIII(Pharmaceutical Technology-I) Pharmaceutics-XX ( Pharmaceutics-XX (Pharma• Pharmacoghosy-III • Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V(medicinal Chemistry-II) Pharmaceutical Management 3 & Marketing-I) Management & Marketing-II) 3• Pharmacology & Therapeutics-IV (Systemic Pharmacology-II) • Pharmaceutics-XVII(Clinical Pharmacy-IV)• Pharmacognosy-IV • Pharmaceutics-XVIII(Pharmaceutical Technology-II)• Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV (Instrumentation-II) • Pharmaceutics-XIX(Forensic Pharmacy-II) • Pharmaceutics-XX(Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing_II)114 Pharmacy 115
  • PharmacyMaster of PHARMACEUTICSPhilosophy Road MapIntroduction key challenges (a) Quality, (b) Access & (c) Relevance to ensure Course FACTS Cr Cr CrEvolutionary as well as Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 & 4 Hr innovative teaching, service andrevolutionary changes are visible Program Length quality research, with the aim of Advanced Pharmaceutics 3 Formulation and Product 3 Research Work and Thesis 25and experienced all over the world Full-time, 2 Years [Theory] Development [Theory] becoming a premier Departmentin the field of pharmacy education of Pharmacy awarding M.Phil. Advanced Pharmaceutics 1 Formulation and Product 1and research. The need, desire and Entry Requirements [Practicals] Development [Practicals.] degrees.significance of knowledge, skills Pharm.D or B.Pharmacy Pharmacy Practice [Clinical Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacy & Pharmaceuticaland new techniques are reshaping Pharmacokinetics [Theory] 3 3education in pharmacy. In this Career Prospects Location Biopharmaceutics & care,] [Theory] Pharmacy Practiceera of globalisation, there is a High quality higher pharmacy Defence Road Campus Pharmacokinetics [Practicals.] 1 [Practicals.] 1dire need to take the full benefits education delivered in a safe, Microbiology & Molecular Biostatistics [Theory]from recent advances as well as professional and easy environment Biology [Theory] 3 3developments taking place in more at the Department of Pharmacy, Recognised by Microbiology & Molecular 1 Research Methodology and 1developed countries offering high The University of Lahore will Biology [Practicals.] Special Problems Higher Education Commissionquality education in pharmacy. produce high quality, problem solving pharmacy professionals Seminars 1The Department of Pharmacy, well equipped with theUniversity of Lahore, believes in knowledge, skills and abilitiesthe notion “Think Globally, Act to deliver appropriate, effectiveLocally”. and efficient pharmacy services for improving patient care and PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRYThe post graduate M.Phil. quality of life by offering workableprogramme has been launchedby the Department of Pharmacy solutions to problems / major issues in the Health Care System, Road Mapin four disciplines, namely, the Pharmaceutical Industry and Semester 1 Cr Semester 2 Cr Semester 3 & 4 Cr Hr Hr HrPharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical its Quality Systems, Academia andChemistry, Pharmacology, and Research in the Pharmaceutical Drug Design & Development Combinatorial Chemistry Research Work and Thesis [Theory] 3 [Theory] 3 25Pharmacognosy, with the main Sector.aim of working in line with the Drug Design & Development Combinatorial Chemistry [Practicals.] 1 [Practicals.] 1mission of the Higher Education Stability of Drugs and Advance Medicinal ChemistryCommission (HEC): Pharmaceutical Analytical 3 [Theory] 3 Techniques [Theory] Stability of Drugs and Advance Medicinal Chemistry“To facilitate institutions of higher Pharmaceutical Analytical 1 [Practicals.] 1education to serve as an engine Techniques [Practicals] Chemistry of Naturalof growth for the socio-economic Products And Phytochemistry 3 Biostatistics [Theory] 3development of Pakistan”. [Theory] Chemistry of Natural Research Methodology and Products And Phytochemistry 3 Special Problems 1The DOP University of Lahore is [Practicals.]fully capable of meeting the three Seminars 1116 Pharmacy 117
  • PharmacyPHARMACOGNOSYRoad Map Cr Cr CrSemester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 & 4 HrAdvances in Pharmacognosy Phytochemicals of Natural[Theory] 3 3 Research Work and Thesis 25 Origin [Theory] Advances in Pharmacognosy Phytochemicals of Natural[Practicals.] 1 Origin [Practicals.] 1Bio Synthesis and CAM (ComplementaryBiotechnology [Theory] 3 and Alternate Medicine ). 3 [Theory] Bio Synthesis and CAM (ComplementaryBiotechnology [Practicals.] 1 and Alternate Medicine) 1 [Practicals.]Analytical Techniques in Research Methodology andPharmacognosy [Theory] 3 Special Problems 1Analytical Techniques inPharmacognosy [Practicals] 1Seminar 1PHARMACOLOGYRoad Map Cr Cr CrSemester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 & 4 HrPharmacology & Pharmacology & Research Work and ThesisTherapeutics [Theory] 3 Therapeutics-IV [Theory] 3 25Pharmacology & Pharmacology &Therapeutics-I [Practicals.] 1 Therapeutics-IV [Practicals.] 1Pharmacology & Pharmacology &Therapeutics-II [Theory] 3 Therapeutics-V [Theory] 3Pharmacology & Pharmacology &Therapeutics-II [Practicals.] 1 Therapeutics. V [Practicals.] 1Pharmacology & Biostatistics [Theory]Therapeutics-III [Theory] 3 3Pharmacology & Research Methodology andTherapeutics-III [Practicals.] 1 Special Problems 1Seminars 1118 Pharmacy 119
  • Faculty ofAllied HealthSciences University Institute of RadiologicalLahore Sciences &School of Medical ImagingNursing TechnologyUNIVERSITY UNIVERSITYINSTITUTE OF INSTITUTE OFPUBLIC HEALTH PHYSIOTHERAPY UNIVERSITYUNIVERSITY INSTITUTEINSTITUTE OF OF DIET &MechanicalMEDICAL LAB Mechanical NUTRITIONALEngineeringTECHNOLOGY Engineering SCIENCES
  • Lahore School of NursingLahore School of NursingFaculty of Health Sciences Our Faculty Muhammad Afzal Principal Ms. Firdous Hameed InstructorMission STATEMENT Introduction Courses Offered MSc Nursing, MBA Health Management, BSc NursingTo produce health-oriented By the grace of Allah, beginning MSc Haematology, Ms. Saba Naznurses rather than disease- the BSc. Nursing Programme in Four-Year BSc Nursing Degree BSc Nursing (Post RN), Instructororiented nurses by utilising the University of Lahore is a great Program BSc Microbiology BSc Nursinga need based, learning achievement for the Nursing (BScN) BA Psychologybased and community based Profession. We hope the first step will be a milestone of the Ms. Asiya Khanumcurriculum. Inculcate an Two-Year BSc Nursing Degree Instructor Ms. Fozia Andleeb era for the Nursing professionoutlook that is conducive Program BSc Nursing (Post RN) Instructor in Punjab. It is Two-Years (Postto critical thinking, problem RN) and Four-Years BSc N degree (BScN - Post RN) Diploma in Midwifery BSc Nursingsolving, and is a step ladder programme to prepare competent Diploma in General Nursing BA Educationto building a research culture nurses who will develop innovative Bachelor of Science in Nursing practical solutions to complex (Fast Track) (1-Year BScN) Muhammad Hussain Ms. Hina Arshad health problems from the scientific Lecturer Instructor perspective. Bachelor of Science in BSc Nursing (Post RN) BSc Nursing (Post RN) Midwifery (4-Year BScM) BHMS (Federal Urdu University) Diploma in Midwifery Diploma in General Nursing Diploma in General Nursing Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN’s) Syeda Kanwal Fatima Ms. Kousar Perveen Lecturer Instructor Community Midwifery (CMW) MA, ELTL BSc Nursing BA Humanities Critical Care Nursing (CCN) Ms. Farzana Iqbal Paediatric Nursing (Paeds) Instructor BSc Nursing (Post RN) Diploma in Midwifery Operation Theatre Nursing Diploma in General Nursing (OT Nursing) Ms. Sadia Jabeen Lecturer MA Education BA Sociology122 Lahore School of Nursing 123
  • Lahore School of NursingBachelor of Science in Road MapNursing (BScN) Semester 1 Cr Hr Semester 2 Cr Hr Semester 3 Cr Hr Semester 4 Cr HrIntroduction communication in interpersonal and professional interactions with Course FACTS Fundamental of Nursing-I 4 Fundamental of Nursing-II 4 Adult Health Nursing-I 8 Adult Health Nursing-II 8This programme consists of 135 peers, clients, families, and othercredit hours with 44 courses. After Program Length Microbiology 3 Anatomy and Physiology-II 3 Pathophysiology-I 2 Pathophysiology-II 3 professionals.completion of the four year BSc Full-time, 4 Years e) Develop leadership skills toNursing degree, students will be Anatomy and Physiology-I 3 Community Health Nursing-I 3 Health Assessment-I 2 Health Assessment-II 2 promote the development of theable to: Entry Requirements profession. 2nd Division FSc (Pre-Medical) Biochemistry for Nurses 3 Applied Nutrition 1 Pharmacology-I 2 Developmental Psychology 2a) Utilise the nursing process toprovide safe, competent, and Career Prospects Location English-I 2 English-II 2 Mathematics 1 Pharmacology-II 2holistic nursing care to patients/ Graduate (BScN) nurses can work Defence Road Campusclients in a variety of settings. in a variety of practice settings Computer Skills 1 Islamiat 2 English-III 2 English-IV 2b) Utilise effective critical thinking such as hospitals, long-term careand problem solving skills in their facilities, community and public Recognised by Pak. Studies 2 Nursing Ethics 1professional practice. health agencies, ambulatory care Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC)c) Utilise scholarly skills and centers, Public Health Service, Higher Education Commission Cr Cr Cr Crthe use of scientific methods in military services, Administration Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8 Hr Hr Hr Hrcritiquing and applying existing of Medical centers and in anynursing theories and research setting where health care services Paediatric Health Nursing 7 Mental Health Nursing 6 Critical Care Nursing 7 Community Health Nursing-III 5findings in selected practice are needed. It includes operationsettings. room, critical care and emergency Community Health Nursing-II 6 Introduction to Biostatistics Introduction to Nursing Nursing Seminar / Role 3 Theories 2 Transition 2d) Utilise effective oral and written departments as well. Teaching / Learning: Behavioral Psychology Leadership and Management Clinical Practicum (elective) Principles and Practices 3 3 in Nursing 3Courses• Fundamental of Nursing-I • Adult Health Nursing-II • Introduction to Nursing Theories English-V 2 Epidemiology 2 Nursing Research 3 Accident and Emergency 5• Microbiology • Pathophysiology-II • Leadership and Management in Nursing• Anatomy and Physiology-I • Health Assessment-II • Nursing Research English-VI 2 English-VII 2 Community Health Nursing 5• Biochemistry for Nurses • Developmental Psychology • English-VII• English-I • Pharmacology-II • Community Health Nursing-III Culture, Health, and Society Paediatric Nursing 2 5• Computer Skills • English-IV • Nursing Seminar / Role Transition• Fundamental of Nursing-II • Nursing Ethics Dental Health Nursing 5• Anatomy and Physiology-II• Community Health Nursing-I • Pediatric Health Nursing • Community Health Nursing-II Elective courses• Applied Nutrition • Teaching / Learning: Principles & • Accident and Emergency Education 5• English-II Practices • Community Health Nursing• Islamiat • English-V • Critical Nursing Management 5• Pak. Studies • Mental Health Nursing • Dental Health Nursing• Adult Health Nursing-I • Introduction to Biostatistics • Education Mental Health Nursing 5• Pathophysiology-I • Behavioral Psychology • Management• Health Assessment-I • Epidemiology • Mental Health Nursing• Pharmacology-I • English-VI • Operation Theatre Nursing• Mathematics • Culture, Health, and Society • Paediatric Nursing• English-III • Critical Care Nursing124 Lahore School of Nursing 125
  • Lahore School of NursingBachelor of Science in Bachelor of Science inNursing Post RN (BScN Post RN) Nursing (Fast Track) (1-Year BScN)Introduction and professional interactions with peers, clients, families, and other Course FACTS Introduction interpersonal and professional interactions with peers, clients, Course FACTSThis programme consists of 68 This programme consists of 45 professionals. families, and other hours with 21 courses. After Program Length credit hours with 8 courses. Program Length e) Develop leadership skills to e) Developing leadership skillscompletion of the two year BSc Full-time, 2 Years After completion of One Year BSc Full-time, 1 Year promote the development of the to promote development of theNursing, students will be able to: Nursing students will be able to: profession. profession. Entry Requirements a) Utilizing the nursing process Entry Requirementsa) Utilise the nursing process to to provide safe, competent, and Career Prospects Career Prospects Three Years General Nursing Diploma, Diploma in RN & RM with minimum of 3provide safe, competent, and One Year Midwifery / One Year holistic nursing care to patients/ years of clinical experience DWA & DTAholistic nursing care to patients/ Graduate (BScN) nurses can work Specialization clients in variety of settings. Graduate (BScN) nurses can work with min 5 yrs Teaching experienceclients in variety of settings. in a variety of practice settings b) Utilizing effective critical in a variety of practice settings after DTA & DWA Valid / Active PNCb) Utilise effective critical thinking such as hospitals, long-term care Location thinking and problem solving in such as hospitals, long-term care license. Age limit is 45 yearsand problem solving in their facilities, community and public Defence Road Campus their professional practiced. facilities, community and publicprofessional practice. health agencies, ambulatory care c) Utilizing scholarly skills and health agencies, ambulatory care Locationc) Utilisescholarly skills and the use centers, Public Health Service, the use of scientific methods in centers, Public Health Service,of scientific methods in critiquing military services, Administration Recognised by critiquing and applying existing military services, Administration Defence Road Campusand applying existing nursing of Medical centers and in any Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) nursing theories and research Medical centers and in any settingtheories and research findings in setting where health care services findings in selected practice where health care services are Higher Education Commissionselected practice settings. are needed. It includes operation settings. needed. It includes operationd) Utilise effective oral and written room, critical care and emergency d) Utilizing effective oral and room, critical care and emergencycommunication in interpersonal departments as well. written communication in departments as well.Road Map Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Advance Concept in Clinical Advance Concept in Clinical Advanced Concept in Advanced Concept in Educational methodologies Nursing-I 5 Nursing-II 5 Community Health Nursing 6 Academic Writing (English) 2 Advance concept in Nursing I 10 Community Health Nursing 8 / Introduction to health 12 professional education Communication Skill (English) 2 Introduction to Biostatistics Applied Nutrition Advanced Concept in Mental Health Assessment Academic English 3 1 Health Nursing 6 4 3 Computer Skills Nursing Research Ethical & Professional Electives Functional English Nursing Research 3 Development in Health Care 3 2 3 Leadership and Management Accident and Emergency 7 Health Assessment 3 Pathophysiology 4 in Nursing 3 Introduction to Biostatistics 3 Community Health Nursing 7 Microbiology 3 Writing for Research (English) 3 Professional Writing (English) 3 Paediatric Nursing 7 Dental Health Nursing 7 Physics & Biochemistry 3 Reproductive Health 1 Education 7 Teaching & Learning, Management 7 Principles and Practices 2 Mental Health Nursing 7126 Lahore School of Nursing 127
  • Lahore School of NursingBachelor of Science in Midwifery (4-Year BScM) Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN’s)Introduction needed for delivery by herself & by mother to ensure clean & safe delivery Course FACTS Introduction dealing with peers, patients, families, communities and other professionals. Course FACTSProgramme consists of 131 credit This 2 years programme consists ofhours with 45 courses. After the Career Prospects Program Length 1740 hours with 13 courses. After d) Participate in screening, case identification and management of Program Lengthdegree students will be able to: Graduate midwives can work in a completion of 2 Yr Licensed Practical common minor illness and injuries Full-time, 4 Years Full-time, 2 Yearsa) Recognize signs of pregnancy variety of practice settings such as Nursing students will be able to:b) Examine a woman & determine the hospitals, long-term care facilities, Entry Requirements 2nd Division FSc (Pre-Medical) a) Integrate evidence based science Career Prospects Entry Requirements Matric Sc.2nd Div (Females) FSc / FAprogress of pregnancy community and public health and art of nursing into clinical practice LPN can work in a variety of practicec) Define her role in provision of care agencies, ambulatory care centers, Location to provide holistic care for the settings such as hospitals, long-term Locationto woman during her maternity cycle Public Health Service, military Defence Road Campus individuals, families and communities. care facilities, community & public Defence Road Campusd) Manage minor discomforts of services, Administration Medical b) Meet the future challenges of health agencies, ambulatory carepregnancy centers and in any setting where changes and technology confronting centers, Public Health Service, militarye) Determine when a woman is in true health care services are needed. It health care in the 21st century. services, Administration Medicallabour includes operation room, critical care c) Utilize effective interpersonal centers & in any setting where healthf) Prepare the environment, material and emergency departments as well. and communication skills, while care services are needed. It includes operation room, critical care &Road Map Road Map emergency departments as well. Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Year 1 Hrs Microbiology 20 Year 2 Hrs Medical Surgical Nursing 400 Introduction to Midwifery Midwifery Practice and Paediatric Health Sexual & Reproductive Health English Behavior Sciences English 4 Normal Birth 5 5 in Midwifery 2 100 40 100 Pediatric Nursing 210 Microbiology Anatomy and Physiology Pathophysiology-I Pathophysiology-II FON /Ethics/ history of Islamiat / Ethics Community Health Nursing/ 3 (Embryology) 3 2 3 nursing 680 60 Nutrituion 100 Pak Studies 40 Anatomy and Physiology-I 3 Sociology and Health 2 Health Assessment 3 Care of the Neonate 2 Anatomy & Physiology 100 Computer Skills 50 Pharmacology/ Math 40 Biochemistry for Nurses & Applied Nutrition Pharmacology for Nurses & Family Planning Midwives 3 1 Midwives 2 2 English-I 3 English-II 2 Mathematics 1 Developmental Psychology 2 Computer Skills 2 Islamiat 2 English-III 2 English-IV 2 Teaching & Learning, Pak. Studies Pregnancy and Child Birth Ethical & Professional Principles and Practices 1 2 2 Development in Health Care 3 Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Midwifery and Public Health Introduction to Biostatistics Promoting, Supporting & Midwifery Sphere of Practice 4 3 Protecting Breast Feeding 2 and Model of Care 2 Complicated Child Bearing Leadership and Management Obstetric and Neonate 3 Behavioral Psychology 3 in Midwives 3 Evidence Based Project (EBP) 4 Management English-VI English-VI Research for Nurses and Clinical Placement 3 2 Midwives 3 10 Gynae (Obstetric) Disorders Nursing and Midwifery & English-VII 3 the Law 3 2 Health Management Clinical Placement Information System (HMIS) 2 6 Evidence Based Project (EBP) 4128 Lahore School of Nursing 129
  • Lahore School of NursingCommunity Midwifery (CMW) Critical Care Nursing (Ccn)Introduction decision c) Care to normal & premature Course FACTS Introduction f) Review literature & acquire new information from appropriate sources ill patients are found — intensive care units, pediatric ICUs, neonatal ICUs,This programme consists of 16 weeks neonate This programme consists of 3 g) Communicate effectively with cardiac care units, cardiac catheter labs,preliminary training, 44 weeks class d) Respecting at all times women’s Program Length modules. After completion of training patients, families and healthcare telemetry units, progressive care units,room study / clinical, 8 weeks self right to life and health, & contributing 18 Months Full Time nurses will be able to: providers, comprehending the value emergency departments and recoverystudy, 4 weeks annual leave & 4 towards the attainment of these rights Entry Requirements a) Prioritize activities (A,B,C,D,E), of teamwork (pharmacy, nursing, rooms. Increasingly, critical care nursesweeks examination. After completion procedures for resuscitation and respiratory therapy), compassion and work in healthcare, organizations, Matric Science 40% (Females)students will be able to: stabilization and the relationshipa) Identify and management of normal Career Prospects Location Defence Road Campus between treatment intensity and clarity in the ICU setting h) Assess illness severity and nursing schools, outpatient surgery centers and clinics.and complications of pregnancy, CMW can work in, community health clinical benefit appropriate patient dispositionlabour and puerperium in the hospital, centre, maternal and child health b) Recognize common clinical patternsthe health center, and at home, inurban and rural settings centre, basic health unit and public and how they indicate impending cardiopulmonary arrest, circulatory i) Recognize personal limitations and request appropriate consultations Course FACTS health agencies, where health cares j) Evaluate a patient’s response tob) Early detection of abnormalities services are needed. shock, respiratory failure and need for critical care interventions to generate Program Lengththroughout maternity cycle, taking resuscitation new hypotheses and diagnostic/ 1 Year, Full Timedecisions for required action in each c) Organize the patient data treatment strategies. Entry Requirementsindividual case & implementing for diagnostic or therapeutic Diploma in General Nursing, PNC Reg interventions.Road Map d) Protect patients’ rights, privacy, Career Prospects Location Defence Road Campus dignity and respect Critical care nurse can work in a Preliminary Training e) Evaluate ethical aspects of care and hospital setting, wherever critically Session (16 Weeks) Hrs Pharmacology 26 Evaluation & self study 122 Year 1 Hrs end of life issues Orientation 72 First aid 30 Midwifery 1600 Road Map Projects/books/reports/ Anatomy & Physiology 60 Fundamental of nursing 210 demonstrations 96 Foundation (2 Weeks) Hrs Orientation 10 Year 1 Clinical Microbiology 26 Leadership & management 20 Evaluation 104 Anatomy & Physiology 60 Critical care (Theory) Evaluation130 Lahore School of Nursing 131
  • Lahore School of NursingPaediatric Nursing (Paeds) Operation Theatre Nursing(OT Nursing)Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTS Introduction h) Administer drugs oral, sublingual, intravenous, intradermal, subcutaneous,This programme consists of 3 Paediatric Nurse can work in a This programme consists of 3 intramuscular, intratracheal, intracranial etcmodules. After completion of training healthcare setting that serves modules. After completion of training i) Administer drugs & fluids via infusion Program Lengthnurses will be able to: pediatric patients. This setting could nurses will be able to: pumpsa) Generate appropriate differentialdiagnoses for acutely ill patients. be a primary care and acute care services. 1 Year, Full Time Entry Requirements a) Assess physical, psychological and psychosocial needs of the client in the Course FACTSb) Recognize and treat respiratory Diploma in General Nursing, PNC Reg operation theatre environment Career Prospects Program Lengthdistress, altered mental status, Location b) Monitor vital sign of client Operation Theatre Nurse can work in a 1 Year, Full Time& hemodynamic deterioration in Defence Road Campus c) Marinate patent airway, performing hospital setting, wherever critically ill Entry Requirementspediatric patients. tracheal, oral & nasal suctioning as patients are found - intensive care units,c) Prioritize patient care required Diploma in General Nursing, PNC Reg pediatric theatre, neonatal theatre, cardiacresponsibilities appropriately. d) Adequate chest physiotherapy to theatre, emergency theatre and recovery Locationd) Actively participate in patient care mobilize the secretions rooms. Defence Road Campusand attending rounds. e) Administer oxygene) Coordinate care for inpatient f) Monitor fluid electrolyte balancepediatric patients with consultants & intravenous canalization, administerancillary services. intravenous fluid.f) Efficiently prepare & accept sign- g) Monitor and record of intake andouts for patients on his/her service. output of patientRoad Map Road Map Foundation (2 Weeks) Hrs Orientation 10 Year 1 Clinical Foundation (2 Weeks) Hrs Orientation 10 Year 1 Clinical Anatomy & Physiology 60 Paediatric Nursing (Theory) Evaluation Anatomy & Physiology 60 Paediatric Nursing (Theory) Evaluation132 Lahore School of Nursing 133
  • Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging TechnologyUniversity Institute ofRadiological Sciences &Medical Imaging Technology(UIRSMIT) Faculty of Allied Health SciencesMission STATEMENT examination and qualify for regional licensure. and the BSc & MSc in Medical Ultrasound Technology. Ina) Enable students to develop February 2012 with more thanthe cognitive, effective and f) Demonstrate a high degree of student success within 100 registered students, thispsychomotor skills needed by institute was merged into thean entry level radiographer/ the curriculum, as evidenced main University campus. In thesonographer/sonologist, as by low attrition & high near future, we will introduceprescribed in the professional graduation rates. PhD programs in the fields ofcurriculum. Ultrasound and Radiology.b) Provide a liberal arts INTRODUCTIONand sciences component 13 years ago, we started the Courses Offeredwhich will broaden the Afro-Asian Institute of Medical BSc in Medical Ultrasoundstudent’s knowledge and Sciences with a view to providing international level education in Technology, Medical Imagingunderstanding into areas Technologybeyond the Radiology the field of Ultrasound. The Afro- Asian Institute has more thanCurriculum. MSc in Medical Ultrasound 25 branches all over the world.c) Provide an opportunity The main courses offered by this Technology, Medical Imagingfor students to achieve a Institute were the MSc and PhD in Technologyhigh degree of information Ultrasound and the ARDMS.literacy, including the ability In April 2011, we began work as a M.Phil in Ultrasoundto seek and use information separate campus of the university, PhD in Ultrasoundresources for problem- based at Shadman, Lahore.solving, critical thinking 6 Months Certificate inand professional values, We offered basic courses in Medical Ultrasound Technologysuch as those outlined in Ultrasound, a Post Graduatethe American Society of Diploma in Ultrasound and an M.Phil. in 5 parallel tracks in 1 Year Diploma in MedicalRadiologists. Ultrasound Technology Ultrasound for the MBBS in thed) Practice set standards first phase under the umbrellafor Medical Imaging and of the University of Lahore. We 6 Months Post GraduateRadiology. later introduced the BSc, MSc Diploma in Medical Diagnostice) Prepare students to pass in Medical Imaging Technology Ultrasoundthe national certification as well as Certification, Diploma134 Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging Technology 135
  • Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging TechnologyOur FacultyProf. Dr. Syed Amir GilaniDean Sobia Sajjad Khan Lecturer Dr. Zahoor Ahmed MBBS (Pb) International Dr. Nasir Hameed MBBS (Pb)MBBS, PhD in Ultrasound (Sudan), MBBS, RDMS (USA) DMRD (Pb) Visiting Faculty M. Phil (Radiology)PhD in Ultrasound (Swiss) MCPS (Radiology) Radiology Department, Islamabad, Pakistan Prof. Lubos Hrazdira Leicester University Hospitals, Leicester UKDr. Abdul QayyumDirector Academic Affairs Local Visiting Dr. Syed Wadood Ahsan M.D, PhD, University of Brno, Czech RepublicMBBS, MBBS (Pb)M.Phil in Ultrasound Prof. Dr. M. H. Bokhari DRMRD (Punjab) Dr. Khawaja Iftikhar Consultant Pathologist, Consultant Radiologist, Ahsan MBBS (Pb) KEMU, Lahore MBBS (Pb) Hospital DMRD (Punjab)Name: Dr. Tauqeer Ahmad FCPS (Pathology) MCPS (Radiology)Abbasi PhD (Pathology) FCPS (Radiology)Sr. LecturerMBBS, Dr. Fazeel U Zaman Alvi Consultant RadiologistPGD in Ultrasound (Canada), MBBS (Pb) Military Hospital, AbuDhabi, UAEM.Sc Ultrasound (Sudan), RDMS Dr. Shahzad Karim Bhatti MCPS (FM)(USA) Consultant Radiologist DU (PK), City Ultrasound, Prof. Guido C Robotti MBBS (Pb) Abbotabad M.D (Radiology) MCPS (Radiology) Consultant RadiologistDr. Tauseef QamarSr. Lecturer Dr. Nazia Fazal Regional Hospital Lugano,MBBS Dr Mazhar Mushtaq MBBS (Pb) Switzerland. MD (Hungary) M.Phil M.Sc (Ultrasound) (Biochemistry) RDMS (USA) Prof. Dr Dana FodarDr. Muhammad Usman PhD (Korea) Associate Prof. Department of Radiology M.D (Rheumatology),Assistant Professor Biochemistry Queen Elizebath Hospital, PhD Consultant RheumatologistMBBS (Pb)FCPS (Radiology) Woolwich Cluj Napoca University, Romania,FRCR (II-B) Dr. Mussarat Hasan University of Brno, Czech Republic. MBBS (Pb) SMAIUM (USA) Consultant Sonologist Dr. Mukhtar Alam AnsariDr. Naela Faisal Khan Institute of Ultrasound Training, MBBS (Pb)Lecturer Karachi.MBBS, MD (Radiology)PDD in Ultrasound PhD (Japan) Dr Muhammad Nafees Consultant Radiologist MBBS (Pb) University of Kathmandu, NepalDr. Meena Sultan Choudry MCPS (Radiology)Lecturer DMRDMBBS, Dr. M. Awadulla Musa Consultant Radiology Karachi M.Sc, PhD (Swiss)RDMS (USA) Head of Radiology Alghad International College of Applied Medical Science, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.136 Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging Technology 137
  • Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging TechnologyBachelor of Science in Master of Science inMedical Ultrasound Technology Medical Ultrasound Technology(BScMUT) (MScMUT)Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTS Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTSThis programme is introduced This professional programme aims This programme is introduced This professional programme aimsfor the first time in Pakistan. It to provide the student community Program Length for the first time in Pakistan. It to provide the student community Program Lengthis designed with the needs of with the latest techniques in the 2 Years is designed with the needs of with the latest techniques in the 2 Yearshealthcare institutes in mind. This field of Ultrasound from around healthcare institutes in mind. This field of Ultrasound from aroundcourse will enable students to the world. Entry Requirements course will enable students to the world. Entry Requirementscope with the rapid advancements For FSc or Equivalent cope with the rapid advancements For BSc or Equivalentin the field of Ultrasound. After completing this programme, in the field of Ultrasound. After completing this program, students can move onto the Location students can move onto the Location Masters in Ultrasound Technology Raiwind Road Campus M.Phil. in Ultrasound/Radiology Raiwind Road Campus or can work as an Assistant to or they can get jobs in a Radiology a Radiologist in the Radiology department as a “Technologist”. Department of a Hospital. Recognised by Recognised by Higher Education Commission Higher Education CommissionRoad Map Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 (16 week) Hr Semester 2 (16 week) Hr Semester 3 (16 week) Hr Semester 4 (16 week) Hr Semester 1 (16 week) Hr Semester 2 (16 week) Hr Semester 3 (16 week) Hr Semester 4 (16 week) Hr Basic Anatomy Obstetrical Ultrasound Medical Ethics. Advances in Ultrasound Ultrasound Physics & Obstetrical Ultrasound Research M. & Statistics. Research 4 6 2 5 Instrumentation 5 5 5 12 Applied Anatomy 3 Abdominal Ultrasound 6 Small Parts Ultrasound 3 Interventional Ultrasound 4 Applied Anatomy 4 Applied Pathology 4 Research 7 Ultrasound Physics & Gynaecological Ultrasound Doppler Ultrasound Fetal Medicine Ultrasound Applied Physiology Instrumentation 4 5 3 5 4 Applied Doppler 4 Basic Physiology 2 Vascular Ultrasound 5 Pak.Studies & Islamiyat 3 Abdominal Ultrasound 4 Vascular Ultrasound 4 Applied Physiology 2 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 4 Small Parts Ultrasound 2 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 2 Applied Pathology 2 Gynaecological Ultrasound 4 Advances in Ultrasound 4138 Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging Technology 139
  • Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging TechnologyBachelor of Science inMedical imaging Technology (BSMIT)Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTSThis programme is introduced This professional programme aimsfor the first time in Pakistan. It to provide the student community Program Lengthis designed with the needs of with the latest techniques in the 2 Yearshealthcare institutes in mind. This field of Ultrasound from aroundcourse will enable students to the world. Entry Requirementscope with the rapid advancements After completing this programme, FSc or Equivalentin the field of Ultrasound. students can move onto the Masters in Ultrasound Technology Location or can work as an Assistant to Raiwind Road Campus a Radiologist in the Radiology Department of a Hospital. Recognised by Higher Education CommissionRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 (16 week) Hr Semester 2 (16 week) Hr Semester 3 (16 week) Hr Semester 4 (16 week) Hr Semester 5 (16 week) Hr Semester 6 (16 week) Hr Semester 7 (16 week) Hr Semester 8 (16 week) Hr Basic Anatomy Medical Ethics. Gynaecological Ultrasound Radiation Sciences and Applied Medicine Computed Tomography (CT) Magnetic Resonance Imaging Nuclear Medicine 4 5 5 Technology 3 3 7 (MRI). 6 3 Applied Anatomy Applied Physiology Musculoskeletal Ultrasound General Radiology Applied Surgery Mammography Special Medical Imaging in Advances in Radiology 3 4 3 4 3 Radiological Techniques 7 Emergency Medicine 2 4 Medical Imaging Physics & Obstetrical Ultrasound Basics of Doppler Ultrasound Interventional Radiology Applied Pathology Angiography and Cardiac Vascular Ultrasound Research Methodology and Instrumentation 4 8 3 5 3 Imaging 3 4 Statistic 5 Basic Physiology 2 Abdominal Ultrasound 4 Small parts Ultrasound 5 Clinical Pharmacology 3 Behavioural Sciences 3 Research Project 5 Basic Biochemistry 2 Computer Education 2 Echocardiography 3 Islamiyat & Pakistan studies 2 Basic Pathology 2 Patient Care 2140 Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging Technology 141
  • Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging TechnologyMasters inMedical imaging Technology (MSMIT) PhD Degrees Course FACTS Program Length Introduction Four Years, Morning/Afternoon SessionIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTS This is 4 Years full time PhD program as detailed below: Entry RequirementsThis programme is equal to a M. This professional programme aims • PhD Ultrasound Technology (Course Work) - Pakistani Nationals M.Sc or equivalentPhil. This course was introduced to provide the student community Program Length • PhD Ultrasound Technology (Course Work) - Foreign Studentsfor the first time in Pakistan in with the latest techniques in the 2 Years • PhD Ultrasound Technology (Sandwich Program) - Pakistani Nationals Location2006. It was designed with the field of Ultrasound from around • PhD Ultrasound Technology (Sandwich Program) - Foreign Students Raiwind Road Campusneeds healthcare institutes’ the world. • PhD Medical Imaging Technology (Course Work) - Pakistani Nationals Recognised by Entry RequirementsRadiology Departments in mind. BS or Equivalent • PhD Medical Imaging Technology (Course Work) - Foreign StudentsThe course will enable students After completing this programme, • PhD Medical Imaging Technology (Sandwich Program) - Pakistani Nationals Higher Education Commissionto cope with rapid advancement students can move onto the PhD Location • PhD Medical Imaging Technology (Sandwich Program) - Foreign Studentsin the field of Medical Imaging in Radiology or can work in a Raiwind Road CampusTechnology e.g. CT, MRI, Radiology department as a “SeniorUltrasound etc. Technologist”. Recognised by Higher Education CommissionRoad Map Cr Cr Cr CrSemester 1 (16 week) Hr Semester 2 (16 week) Hr Semester 3 (16 week) Hr Semester 4 (16 week) HrMedical Imaging Physics & Obstetrical Ultrasound Research Methods. & ResearchInstrumentation 2 5 Statistics. 2 17Applied Anatomy 2 Applied Pathology 4 Medical Ethics 3Applied Physiology 2 Applied Doppler 8 Research 12Abdominal Ultrasound 2 Vascular Ultrasound 5Small Parts Ultrasound 1 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 4Gynaecological Ultrasound 2 Angiography 8Conventional Radiography 2 Interventional Radiology 5Basics of CT 2 Brain CT & MRI 4Basics of MRI 2 Chest CT & MRI 8 Abdominal CT & MRI 5 Locomotors System CT and MRI 4 Neuroradiology 8142 Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging Technology 143
  • Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging TechnologyCertificate in Diploma inMedical Ultrasound Technology Medical Ultrasound Technology(CMUT) (DMUT)Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTS Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTSThis programme is introduced This professional programme is for This programme is introduced This professional programme Program Length Program Lengthfor the first time in Pakistan. It the community of Non-Physicians for the first time in Pakistan. It is for the community of Non- 6 Months 1 Yearis designed with the needs of who have their own clinics or is designed with the needs of Physicians who have their ownhealthcare institutes in mind. This private set-ups and want to healthcare institutes in mind. clinics or private set-ups and want Entry Requirements Entry Requirementscourse will enable students to improve their skills in the field of to improve their skills in the field DHMS, LHV, NURSES, FA, FSc or DHMS, LHV, NURSES, FA, FSc orcope with the rapid advancements Ultrasound. This course will fulfill The course will enable students to of Ultrasound. It will fulfill that Equivalent Equivalentin the field of Ultrasound. that requirement and provide cope with rapid advancements in requirement and provide students students with the latest techniques the field of Ultrasound. with the latest techniques in the Location Location in the field of Ultrasound field of Ultrasound from around Raiwind Road Campus Raiwind Road Campus from around the world. After the world. After completing the completing the course, they will course they will be able to scan be able to scan their own private Recognised by their own private patients. Recognised by patients. Higher Education Commission Higher Education CommissionRoad Map Cr Semester 1 (16 week) Hr Ultrasound Physics & 2 Road Map Instrumentation Cr Cr Obstetrical Ultrasound Semester 1 (16 week) Hr Semester 2 (16 week) Hr 4 Ultrasound physics & Medical Ethics. instrumentation 4 2 Abdominal Ultrasound 3 Obstetrical Ultrasound 5 Small Parts Ultrasound 3 Gynaecological Ultrasound 3 Abdominal Ultrasound 4 Doppler Ultrasound 4 Small Parts Ultrasound 2 Gynaecological Ultrasound 4 Vascular Ultrasound 4 Basics of Doppler Ultrasound 2 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 4 Basics of Vascular Ultrasound 2 Basics of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 2144 Radiological Sciences & Medical Imaging Technology 145
  • Allied Health SciencesCentre of Research in Molecular Medicine(CRiMM) PhD Degrees Course FACTSRadiological Research Introduction Program Length Four Years, Morning/Afternoon Sessioncentre (RRC) This is 4 Years full time PhD program as detailed below: Entry Requirements M.Phil / FCPS, or equivalent • PhD Diagnostic Ultrasound (Course Work) - Pakistani NationalsHead of Department • PhD Diagnostic Ultrasound (Course Work) - Foreign Students • PhD Diagnostic Ultrasound (Sandwich Program) - Pakistani Nationals Location Raiwind Road CampusProf. Dr. Nawaz Anjum • PhD Diagnostic Ultrasound (Sandwich Program) - Foreign StudentsMBBS, Diplomate of American Board Recognised byM.Phil in Higher Education Commission Course FACTSDiagnostic Radiology Program Length Two Years, Morning / Afternoon SessionIntroduction Entry RequirementsThis is 2 Years full time M.Phil degree in diagnostic radiology running MBBS / MD or equivalent & 18 CHRunder supervision of renowned radiologist Prof. Dr. Nawaz Anjum. Course in basics of Radiology Location Raiwind Road Campus Recognised by Post Graduate Diploma MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC (PGDU) Higher Education CommissionM.Phil in Course FACTS Introduction Road Map Course FACTSUltrasound Program Length Two Years, Morning / Afternoon Session This is 6 Months full time Post Graduate Diploma in medical diagnostic ultrasound. Semester 1 Ultrasound Physics & Cr Hr Program Length 6 MonthsIntroduction Entry Requirements Instrumentation 4This is 2 Years full time M.Phil in medical diagnostic ultrasound in 5 Entry Requirements Physicians (MBBS / MD or equivalent) Abdominal Ultrasound 3Parallel Tracks which are: MBBS/MD or EquivalentM.Phil in General Ultrasound (M.Phil-GU) Location Obstetrical Ultrasound 4 LocationM.Phil in Obstetrical and Gynecological Ultrasound (M.Phil-OGU) Raiwind Road Campus Raiwind Road CampusM.Phil in Fetal Medicine Ultrasound (M.Phil-FMU) Gynaecological Ultrasound 3M.Phil in Vascular Ultrasound (M.Phil-VU)M.Phil in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (M.Phil-MU) Recognised by Small Parts Ultrasound Recognised by 3 Higher Education Commission Higher Education Commission146 Allied Health Sciences 147
  • Allied Health SciencesUniversity Institute of University Institute ofPUBLIC HEALTHFaculty of Allied Health Sciences DIET & NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES Faculty of Allied Health SciencesINTRODUCTION Course FACTS INTRODUCTIONWe are offering two Programms of two year duration each: We are offering four year degree program: Course FACTS Entry Requirements• Master Of International Health Entry Requirements • BS Diet & Nutritional Sciences MBBS/ BDS or Equivalent FA / FSc or Equivalent (MIH) Recognised by• Master Of Public Health (MPH) Higher Education Commission Pakistan Medical & Dental CouncilUniversity Institute of University Institute ofPHYSIOTHERAPYFaculty of Allied Health Sciences MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY Faculty of Allied Health SciencesINTRODUCTION Course FACTS INTRODUCTION Course FACTSWe are offering five year degree program: We are offering four year degree program: Entry Requirements Entry Requirements• Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) FSc (Pre Medical) • BS Medical Lab Technology FSc (Pre Medical)148 Allied Health Sciences 149
  • Lahore BusinessLahore Business School School
  • Lahore Business SchoolLahore Business SchoolFaculty of Management SciencesMission STATEMENT Introduction perform better at a personal level. It is this approach that has allowed people and resources, and write and implement business plans. Courses Offered Courses OfferedLBS will become the centre The Faculty of Management us to develop our own unique Students can also take part inof excellence in business Sciences, Lahore Business School Post Graduate Diploma in Master of Business Admin. style of teaching, which inspires Enterprise, Innovation & Researcheducation, research and has served the students of Business Admin. - Evening (MBA 2 Yr) our students to make their dreams (EIR) events, to help themcase study development. Business Administration for the become reality. develop key skills for business (PG Dip. Bus. Admin)Our experience of over ten last 10 years. Our undergraduate, post graduate and research management. Students get all the Master of Business Adminyears in offering business Supportive Learning Environment help they need from the staff at Bachelor of Business Admin (MBA Executive) - Evening degrees are very popular amongeducation, research students who wish to develop a Learning happens best in a LBS to help them make their ideas (BBA-Hons)and successful graduate supportive environment, and at reality. Alternatively, students may Master of Business Admin of professional career. Our aim isplacement profiles, gives LBS, we aim to provide students opt for further studies. LBS has Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management to develop competent managersus the confidence and with that friendly and supportive a number of programmes from and business leaders with Economics (MBA Health 2 Yr) - Eveningmotivation to offer our environment. That is why our staff Bachelors to Research Degrees. creative direction through our were classed as friendly, accessible Our specialisation portfolio (BSc-Hons)education services to an ever programmes. LBS is a creative hub M. Phil in Management and supportive in our recent includes a wide range of courseswider audience. of management thinking and an student survey. The LBS campus that build specialized skills for Master of Business Admin. Sciences - Evening inspirational place to study where (MBA 3 Yr) (M. Phil Management Sc) has purpose built, air conditioned industry. Our research degrees areLBS will offer industry students are encouraged and class rooms. The LBS library has designed to develop enquiry andrelevant business education motivated to find and achieve their over 8000 titles, 20 international research skills, before students Master of Business Admin.that will benefit both potential. We employ a modern and highly creative curriculum to journals and magazines in a embark upon research in their (MBA 1.5 Yr)students and industry. comfortable environment for chosen subject area. suite the aspirations and strengths learning and research. The state of of our students’ future employers.We will pursue quality the art student café building andeducation and serve our facility offers an impressive range Our graduate professionals arecustomers to the best of of food, beverages and seating.. able to make a direct impactour abilities. We understand not just on the businesses or Opportunities for Career, athe significance of academic consumers they serve, but also Business or Further Studies& industry liaison, and will to society in general. Students Our degree programs are notensure that this cooperation are able to develop a creative yet generic; they have been designedis maintained to benefit our critical thinking approach, inspire to prepare students for a careerstudents. people, be decisive and respond to in today’s fast paced world of change. Professors at LBS engage business, management and the students to promote their design. Lahore Business School unique skills and abilities, pushing degrees may also equip you them to maximize their potential. to start your own business. It’s our aim to make students Our degree programmes offer employable or inspire them to our students the skills and set up their own business. We confidence to develop a business, equip students with all the right be creative, innovate, manage soft skills which enable them to152 Lahore Business School 153
  • Lahore Business SchoolOur FacultyProf. Kashif Ud Din Khan Of New South Wales Sydney) Mr. Aasim N. Gill Syed Hassan Naqvi Mr. Sarmad Irfan Mr. Asif SaeedDean, Faculty of Management Assistant Professor Lecturer Lecturer LecturerSciences Prof. Awais Raoof M. Phil Management MA English Language (NUML, MBA Quality Management MS, Fainace (SZABIST)M. Phil Management Sciences Assistant Professor (UoL) MBA (UoL) Islamabad) (University of Leicester, UK) MBA, Finance (University of(UoL) MBA (Hamdard University, MS Finance (London Business Agriculture, Faisalabad)Karachi) School, UK) MBA (Quaid-e-Azam Mr. Qadir Ibrahim Mr. M. Yasir Rafique Ms. Samra HussainLead Auditor QMS (IQCS University) Assistant Professor/ Admin Lecturer Lecturer Ms. Fozia Ahsan RaoSingapore) Manager M.Phil, Statistics (Govt. College MA (Central Queensland Lecturer Prof. M Atif Rana M. Phil Management(The University, Lahore) University, Melbourne, Australia) MA, Development JournalismDr. Naheed Sultana HoD Evening Programs University of Lahore) MBA (NUML, MBA Marketing (UCP) (University of the Punjab)HoD Economics M. Phil. Management Sciences Islamabad) LLB (PU) Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Zafar MA, English (University of thePost Doctorate (ESSEC, France) MBA (The University of Lahore) Lecturer Mr. Zulfikar Moeen Punjab)PhD Economics (The University Syed Atif Ali MS International Management Lecturerof Lahore)M. Phil (Quaid-e-Azam Prof. Aqsa Akbar Assistant Professor (Gotland University, Sweden) Ms. Shazia Gulzar MSc. (University ofUniversity) Assistant Professor M. Phil (University of Central Gloucestershire, UK) Lecturer M. Phil. Management Sciences Punjab) M. COM (Hailey College of Mr. Mujtaba Khalid MBA (Heriot Watt University, M. Phil. (Psychology), GCDr. Nadia Saleem (COMSATS,Lahore)MBA (IBA, PU) Commerce, PU) Lecturer Edinburgh Business School) University, Lahore M.Sc.Associate Professor M.Sc. Finance (University of (Psychology), GC University, LahorePost Doctorate (University of Prof. Imran Afzal Khan Mr. Amir Razi Stirling, UK). Ms. Shafaq NaeemCambridge, UK) Ph.D. Economics Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer Mr. Waqar-ul-Qayyum(Govt. College University, Lahore) MA (Economics), PU, Lahore M. Phil Statistics (NCBA&E) Mr. Muhammad Ishfaq Ahmed MBA, Marketing (GC University, Lecturer MSc Statistics (University of Lecturer Lahore) MBA (Marketing) (University ofMs. Rabeeya Raoof Prof. M. Jawad A. K. Tareen Punjab) MA Economics (PU) MBA (The University of Lahore) Central Punjab, Lahore)Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Mr. Farooq Tariq ButtM. Phil Management (UoL) MS (Entrepreneurship & SME Mr. Yasir Hassan Mr. Saleem Anjum Lecturer Ms. Qaran AzizMBA, (Quaid-e-Azam University ) Mgmt)GC University, Lahore Assistant Professor Lecturer MBA, HRM (university of Central Lecturer M.Phil Statistics (NCBA&E) Punjab, Lahore) MBA Marketing, (GC University, MBA (Finance & Marketing (Govt.Prof. Ramiz Ur Rehman Mr. Asim Khan Sabri BCS (University of Central Punjab, Lahore)Assistant Professor College University, Lahore) Assistant Professor Ms. Mehar Afroz Lahore)M. Phil Management Sciences M. Phil Management Sciences Lecturer Mr. Mustafa Khalid Ms. Sara HassanMBA (The University of Lahore) (The University of Lahore) MBA MSc Economics & Finance Lecturer Mr. Abdul Rehman Ashraf Lecturer (PCBA, UC Punjab) (Durham Business School (UK) Lecturer MS Computer Sciences, (LUMS,Mr. Akram Naseem MA Economics (McGill University, Canada) MS, Marketing (Brock University, Lahore) University, Lahore)HoD Statistics Mr. Umer Mushtaq Canada) BBA (Textile Institute ofM. Phil Statistics (NCBA & E) Lecturer Pakistan) Mr. Rizwan Ali Mr. Kashif SaleemMSc Statistics, (PU) Mr. Awais Mushtaq MBA (Indiana Tech, USA) Lecturer Lecturer HoD Finance Mr. Zaigham Abbas Khan BBA (Hons) (The University ofProf. Hammad Ashraf MSc Finance & Investment MBA Finance (The University of Mr. Mudassar Hasan Lecturer Lahore)HoD Marketing (Durham Business School UK) Lahore) Lecturer MSc. (Cardiff University)M.COM Marketing (University MBA (Quaid-e-Azam University) BSc. (London School of Economics)154 Lahore Business School 155
  • Lahore Business SchoolPost Graduate Diploma inBusiness Administration(PG Dip.Bus. Admin.)Introduction Career Prospects Course FACTSThe Diploma in Business The Post Graduate Diploma offersAdministration offers an the opportunity for professional Program Lengthopportunity for working executives and career development for Full-time, 1 Yearto improve their professional working executives. The careerqualifications. This Post Graduate prospects, for executives with Entry RequirementsDiploma is designed to develop a non-business education BSc / BA / B.Com. / BCS or equivalentbusiness administration skills and background, become quite degree from a chartered university/will help students understand attractive with this Diploma. college with a minimum of 2nd Division,the functions and challenges Executives with the Diploma or GCE A-Levels with at least 3faced by an organisation. The have better management and subjects and equivalence letter.programme will cover theoretical business administration skills andaspects of business administration bright employment opportunities Locationas well as focus on practical in the banking, services and Defence Road Campusapplications in the real world manufacturing environment. The courseswill cover lectures, case studies Recognised byand situational problem-solving Higher Education Commissionassociated with organizations.Road Map Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Introduction to Management 3 Business Finance 3 Business Maths & Stats 3 Principles of Marketing 3 Business Accounting 3 Business Law & Taxation 3 Computer Applications Human Resource 3 Management 3 Business Economics 3 Operations Management 3156 Lahore Business School 157
  • Lahore Business SchoolBachelor of Road MapBusiness Administration Honors(BBA - Hons) Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Accounting I 4 Accounting II 4 Cost Accounting 4 Business Finance I 4Introduction their understanding of business ventures in the Entrepreneurship Course FACTS Human ResourceThe Bachelors of Business English I 4 Micro Economics 4 Business Communication 4 Management 4 course, which introduces theAdministration is designed to give Program Length setting up of a business.students a general business degree Full-time, 4 Years Mathematics 4 Principles of Management 4 Macro Economics 4 Inferential Statistics 4with the option of specialisationin the chosen area of interest. Career Prospects Entry Requirements Business Computing 4 English II 4 Principles of Marketing 4 Sociology 4Year One will introduce students Graduates of the BBA (Hons) Minimum 2nd division in FA / FSc. /to fundamental management program tend to work their way up I.Com or equivalent GCE, A Level with Psychology 4 Statistics 4 Calculus 4 Marketing Research 4principles and how these are in organizations, joining at junior at least three subjects, with an averageapplied to a working environment. management/management trainee of C grade, from HEC recognizedYear Two will introduce students positions. A degree in business can university / college. Semester 5 Cr Semester 6 Cr Semester 7 Cr Semester 8 Cr Hr Hr Hr Hrto marketing, Human Resource be applied to any industry and canManagement and finance be used to help you start your own Location Operation Management 4 Entrepreneurship 4 International Finance 5 Dissertation/ Project 8principles. Courses in Years business. Many of our students Defence Road CampusThree and Four are more focused also choose to go on to complete Consumer Behavior 4 Strategic Management 4 Financial Statement Analysis 5on specialisation and more a MBA. You may wish to specializeadvanced courses in management, with a MBA program in your Recognised by Sale Management 4 Business Research Methods 4 Seminar In Finance 5marketing, finance and enterprise. chosen area of interest. Higher Education Commission Investment & PortfolioSpecialisation options currently Business Finance II 4 Project Management 4 Analysis 5include Finance, Marketing &Human Resources. Students will Managerial Economics Business Law and Taxation Strategic Human Resource 4 4 Management 5have an opportunity to deepen Performance Management 5Courses Organization Development 5Elective Courses • Integrated Marketing Communication • Cases in Marketing H.R System Development 5• Corporate Finance • Services Marketing• Financial Derivatives • Social Marketing Brand Management 5• Industrial Relations • Tourism Marketing• Organization Dynamics • Marketing Ethics Retail Marketing 5• Job Analysis Practices • Media Marketing• Labor Law in Pakistan • Marketing Research• Training In Job Skills New Product Development 5• Leadership & Human Behavior• Cases In HRM Advertising & Promotion 5• Compensation Management• Sales Management Pak / Islamic Studies 4• Export Marketing158 Lahore Business School 159
  • Lahore Business SchoolBachelor of Science in CoursesEconomics (BSc - Hons) Elective Courses • Seminar in Applied Economics • Economics of Health Course FACTSIntroduction elements of economic analysis for understanding price mechanisms Career Prospects • Environment and Sustainable Development Program Length Full-time, 4 YearsThe objective of the program B.Sc (Hons) in Economics • Financial Econometrics and macro-economic problems. In • Games and Informationis to develop an understanding graduates have bright prospects in the second year, economic theory • Gender and Economic Analysis Entry Requirementsof the economic aspects of wide-ranging careers in business, will sharpen the analytical ability • General Equilibrium and Welfare Economics Minimum 2nd division in F.A. / FSc. /contemporary life and to equip public corporations, academic of the student. Groundwork will • Honors Seminar I.Com or equivalent GCE A Level withstudents to assess and analyse institutions, and research, federal be laid for quantitative ability and • Independent Study at least three subjects with an averageeconomic issues confronting the & provincial, banks and local empirical methods. This is also • Industrial Economics of C grade, from a HEC recognizedsociety. BSc (Honors) in Economics governments. Many organizations • International Finance the time to enable the student to university / a four year degree program seek good economic planners and • Monetary Economics exercise choice beyond economicsfor new entrants into the labour evaluators. The graduates will find • Managerial Economics and learn about the real world of Locationmarket. It is based on a diverse opportunities in both the public • Markets and Institutions business. The third year is meant Defence Road Campusand modern curriculum with and private sector. • Monetary and Fiscal Policy to develop rigour in the main fieldan interdisciplinary approach. • Natural Resource Economics of specialisation and to exerciseThis degree is the launch pad fordeveloping human resource. The choices within the field. At this • Operations Research • Political Economy Recognised by final stage, the student is ready • Price and Allocation Theorystudent has to be exposed to Higher Education Commission to present the endeavors of his • Project Appraisal and Investment Analysisbasic oral, literate and numerical study in a seminar, in the form of • Regional Economic Cooperation South Asiaskills. The student has also to independent study or have the • Regulatory Economics Transport Economicsbe prepared in the foundations • The Economics of Inequality and Poverty confidence of making a powerof his/her specialised study, • Third Year Seminar In Economics point presentation to their this case economics. Theintroductory year uses the basicRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr English I. Pakistan and Islamic Studies Statistics Inferential Statistics Cities and Urban Economics Current Economic Problems Demographic Economics Research Paper 4 4 4 4 4 of Pakistan 4 4 8 Principles of Micro English II. English III. Principles of Accounting. Comparative Economic Current Issue in the World Economic History of Pakistan 4 Islamic Economics. Economics. 4 4 4 4 System 4 Economy 4 4 Mathematics I. Principles of Macro Intermediate Micro Intermediate Macro Micro Economics Analysis. Macro Economics Analysis. International Trade Theory. Public Finance. 4 Economics. 4 Economics. 4 Economics. 4 4 4 4 4 Principles of Management. Mathematics II. Development Economics. Communication Skills. Econometrics I. Econometrics II. History of Economics 4 4 4 4 4 4 Thought. 4 Computer Applications. 4 Principles of Marketing. 4160 Lahore Business School 161
  • Lahore Business SchoolMaster of CoursesBusiness Administration (MBA 3Yr) Elective Courses • Seminar In Finance • Islamic Financial System • Integrated Marketing Communication • Personal Selling • Cyber / internet MarketingIntroduction corporate environment. Course FACTS • Strategic Financial Management • Industrial Marketing • Logistics ManagementThe MBA program developsbusiness leaders through Career Prospects Program Length • Corporate Finance • Audit and Tax Management • Marketing of IT Product / Services The MBA is one of the most • Agricultural Marketingknowledge and key skills that • Financial Derivatives Full-time, 3 Years • Media Marketing sought after qualifications in the • Cases In Financeform part of the course. MBAs are • Export Marketing industry. Professionals in the • Performance Managementtherefore able to give strategic Entry Requirements • Services Marketing field of engineering, science, arts, • Strategic Human Resource Managementdirection, influence people and Applicants with a minimum of 2nd • Industrial Relations • Social Marketing commerce, doctors aspire formake good use of financial, division in a 2/3 year BBA / BS / BA / • Labor Law in Pakistan • Tourism Marketing this qualification. The MBA is a • Marketing Researchtechnical and human resources. B.Com or equivalent degree from HEC • Global Business widely recognized qualification • Compensation ManagementThe Lahore Business School MBA recognized university / college. • Organization Dynamics in management and business, • Cases in Human Resource Managementprogram will help you develop • International Human Resource Management and will help students to launch • Strategic Marketing Communicationcreative thinking that will enable Location • Training Intervention in job Skill successful careers. The MBA is • Training and Developmentyou to challenge your abilities, Defence Road Campus • Organizational Behavior designed to equip students withand realize your maximumpotential. You will benefit from managerial and leadership skills, and enhance the skills requiredthe experience of our staff, whichare practitioners and consultants by business. MBA graduates are Recognised by generally required by organisations Higher Education Commissionin the field, and will share their for entry-level as well as middleexperiences of management management positions in finance,and organizational cultures, and human resource management andprepare you for the challenging marketing departments.Road Map Cr Cr Semester 1 Cr Semester 2 Cr Semester 3 Cr Semester 4 Cr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Hr Hr Hr Hr Human Resource Seminar in Finance 5 Dissertation 8 Basic English 4 Business Communication 4 Consumer Behavior 4 Management 4 Management Information Business Policy and Strategy 4 Financial Statement Analysis 5 Business Computing 4 System 4 Micro Economics 4 Macro Economics 4 Development Economics Investment and Portfolio Mathematics Statistics Cost Accounting Financial Management 4 Analysis 5 4 4 4 4 International Finance 5 H.R. System Development 5 Principles of Accounting 4 Business Finance 4 Business Research Methods 4 Operations Management 4 Organization Development Human Resource Principles of Management Principles of Marketing Business Law and Taxation Strategic Marketing 5 Development 5 4 4 4 4 Brand Management 5 Advertising and Promotion 5 New Product Development 5 Retail Marketing 5 Project Management 5162 Lahore Business School 163
  • Lahore Business SchoolMaster of Road MapBusiness Administration (MBA 1.5Yr) Semester 1 Cr Hr Semester 2 Cr Hr Semester 3 Cr HrIntroduction in management and business and will help you launch a successful Course FACTS Business Research Methods 3 International Finance 5 Dissertation / Business Plan 8The MBA, after a 4 year Bachelors career. Financial Management 3 Financial Statement Analysis 5in Business Studies or Commerce, Program Lengthis designed to develop business Full-time, 1.5 Years Leadership & Change The MBA is designed to equip Management 3 Strategic HRM 5administration skills in students. students with managerial andThe MBA programme develops Entry Requirements leadership skills, and enhance the Applied Macro Economics 3 Performance Management 5business leaders through Applicants with a minimum CGPA skills required by business. MBAknowledge and key skills that form 2.50 or 2nd division in 4 year BBA / graduates are generally needed International Marketing 3 Advertising & Promotion 5part of the course. MBA graduates B.Com or equivalent business studies by organisations for entry-levelare therefore able to give strategic or commerce degree from a HEC as well as middle management New Product Management 5direction, influence people and recognized university / college. positions in finance, humanmake good use of financial, resource management and International Business 3technical and human resources. Location marketing departments. Defence Road Campus Entrepreneurship & Business 3Career Prospects PlanningThe Master of Business Corporate Finance 3Administration is one of the most Recognised bysought after qualification in the Higher Education Commissionindustry. Professionals in thefield of engineering, science, arts,commerce and doctors aspire tothis qualification. The MBA is awidely recognised qualificationElective Courses• Audit & Tax Management • H.R. System Development • Export Marketing• Islamic Financial System • Training & Development • Strategic Marketing Communication• Strategic Financial Management • Cases in HRM • Branding & Brand Management• Seminar in Finance • Compensation Management• Financial Derivatives • Organization Dynamics• Cases in Finance • Training Intervention In Job Skills• Investment & Portfolio Analysis • Organizational Behavior• Industrial Relations • Integrated Marketing Communication• Organization Design & Dynamics • Industrial Marketing• Job Analysis Practices • Logistics Management• Organization Development • Agricultural Marketing• Labor Law in Pakistan • Sales Management164 Lahore Business School 165
  • Lahore Business SchoolMaster of Road MapBusiness Administration (MBA 2Yr) Semester 1 Basic English Cr Hr 4 Semester 2 Business Computing Cr Hr 4 Semester 3 Business Economics Cr Hr 4 Semester 4 Financial Statement Analysis Cr Hr 4Introduction business and will help you launch a successful career. The MBA is Course FACTS Mathematics 4 Principles of Management 4 International Finance 4 Seminar In Finance 4The MBA after a 4 year bachelors designed to equip students withis designed to develop advanced Program Length Principles of Accounting 4 Business Finance 4 Brand Management 4 Organization Development 4 managerial and leadership skills,skills in students. The MBA Full-time, 2 Years and enhance the skills requiredprogramme develops business Statistics 4 Principles of Marketing 4 Business Research Methods 4 H.R. System Development 4 by business. MBA graduates areleaders through knowledge Entry Requirements generally needed by organisationsand key skills that form part of Applicants with a minimum CGPA Business Law and Taxation 4 Human Resource 4 for entry-level as well middle Developmentthe course. MBA graduates are 2.50 or 2nd division in 4 year BA / BS management positions in finance,therefore able to give strategic / BSc non-business or non-commerce Project Management New Product Development human resource management and 4 4direction, influence people and or equivalent degree from a HEC marketing departments.make good use of financial, recognized university / college. Advertising & Promotion 4technical and human resources. Location Export Marketing 4Career Prospects Defence Road CampusThe Master of Business Dissertation 8Administration is one of themost sought after qualification Recognised byin the industry. Professionals in Higher Education Commissionthe field of engineering, science,arts, commerce and doctorsaspire to this qualification. TheMBA is a widely recognisedqualification in management andElective Courses• Audit Tax Management • Integrated Marketing Communication • Strategic human Resource• Islamic Financial System • Personal Selling Management• Strategic Financial Management • Cyber / Internet Marketing • Investment & Portfolio Analysis• Corporate Finance • Logistics Management• Industrial Relations • Marketing of IT Products / Services• Performance Management • Agricultural Marketing• Labor Law In Pakistan • Media Marketing• Organization Dynamics • Retail Marketing• International Human Resource • Social Marketing Management • Tourism Marketing• Training Intervention in Job Skills • Marketing Research• Organizational Behavior • Services Marketing 166 Lahore Business School 167
  • Lahore Business SchoolMaster of Road MapBusiness Administration Executive Semester 1 Cr Hr Semester 2 Cr Hr Semester 3 Cr Hr Semester 4 Cr Hr(MBA ExECutive) Business Communication 4 MIS and Computer Application 4 Financial Management 4 Dissertation / Business Plan 8Introduction Elective Courses Course FACTS Organizational Management 4 Human Resource Management 4 Entrepreneurship and SME Growth 4 International Finance 4The MBA Executive program gives • Investment & Portfolio Management • Strategic Financial Management Managerial Economics 4 Marketing 4 Strategic Business Planning 4 Financial Statement Analysis 4working executives an opportunity Program Lengthto complete the MBA in 2 years, • Cases In Finance Full-Time 2-Years Evening Accounting 4 Research Methods 4 Business Law and Taxation 4 Seminar In Finance 4 • Organization Design & Dynamicswhilst working full time. • H.R. System Development • Training & Development Entry Requirements Quantitative Technique in Cost Accounting 4 Strategic HRM Management 4 4The MBA Executive is designed At least three years of working • Compensation Managementfor those who already have some • Organization Dynamics experience. A minimum of a 2nd Performance Management 4exposure to management in • Training Intervention in Job Skills division in a 2/3 year BBA / BS / BAindustry or other organizations. • Organizational Behavior / B.Com or 14 years of education Organization Development 4 • Integrated Marketing Communication or equivalent degree from HECMBA Executive develops skills • Agricultural Marketing recognized university / college. Brand Management 4to deliver strategic direction, • Sale Managementunderstand people skills and utilise • Export Marketing Location Industrial Marketing 4financial, technical and human Defence Road Campusresources in the best possible New Product Development 4way to achieve departmental ororganizational targets. Recognised by Higher Education CommissionCareer ProspectsOur experience shows thatmajority of working executives,who achieve an Executive MBA,benefit with career advancement,compensation, promotions,increased responsibility andimmediate benefits.The programme providesgraduates with strategic visionand skills that can be appliedimmediately to their currentposition and result in professionaladvantage.168 Lahore Business School 169
  • Lahore Business SchoolMaster of Elective coursesBusiness Administration in • Management of the Acute Care Hospital • Aging and Disability: Needs and ServicesHealth Care • Compliance and Risk Management in Health Services • Environmental Health and Safety Management • Service Line and Project ManagementIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTS • Population and HealthThe objective of MBA in The program emphasizes • Physician Practice ManagementHealth Care Management is to the practical applications of • Managing the Skilled Nursing Facility Program Lengthdevelop medical graduates and management concepts and • Supply Chain Management in Health Services Full-Time 2-Years Eveningprofessionals in hospital/health theories within healthcare • Managing Physicianscare administration, pharmacist settings. Focus on critical Entry Requirementsand equip them with planning/ thinking, self development, At least three years of workingorganizing abilities and managerial communication and team building, experience with minimum of 2ndskills. Professionals interested in skill development, problem division in MBBS/BDS/D.Pharm orthis program need not take a break solving competence and ethical 16 years of education or equivalentfrom their jobs or employment as leadership will help professionals degree from HEC recognized universitythe program classes are held in the in catering to the market demand / college.evening. The method of teaching for health managers, in the fieldsemploys case study, lectures and of preventive health, health Locationproblem solving situations. The policy and planning, hospital, Defence Road Campuscurriculum focuses on health care pharmaceutical and populationissues, planning and regulations, management and Recognised byadministration of health care. Higher Education CommissionRoad Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Business Communication 4 Human Resource 4 Financial Management of 4 Strategic Management of 4 Management Health Services Health Services Business Economics 4 Health Management 4 Concepts of Primary 4 Dissertation 4 Information Systems Health Care Quantitative Analysis (Bio Managing Professional Statistics) 4 Marketing 4 Health Care Organizations 4 Accounting 4 Introduction to Health 4 Quality Management 4 Planning and Management Concepts Organization 4 Research and Survey 4 Marketing of Health 4 Management Methodology Services170 Lahore Business School 171
  • Lahore Business SchoolMaster of Philosophy inManagement SciencesIntroduction Career Prospects Course FACTSThe M.Phil. programme has been M. Phil graduates usually pursuedesigned to ensure students an academic career and go on Program Lengthdevelop strong research and to pursue a PhD in their area of Full-Time 2-Years Eveninganalytical skills, that would interest. There are opportunitieshelp them not only carry future in the corporate sector for the Entry Requirementsresearch but also think critically. graduates, and recent industry MBA / MS degree in businessThe first year of the M.Phil trends show organizations are administration or managementprogram introduces students to now interested in hiring M Phil sciences or marketing / managementthe key concepts in management graduates and personnel with / quality management / Statistics /research, research methods, higher qualifications. Mathematics or economics, from abusiness history and strategic chartered university with a minimumdevelopment. The focus in thesecond year is on the student Elective Courses of 1st division or 3.0 CGPA, with GAT score 50%. • Seminar in Managementcarrying out supervised research in • Seminar in Marketingtheir area of interest. • Seminar in Financial Management Location • Seminar in Organization Development Defence Road CampusThe objective is to develop • Seminar in Economic Developmentresearch and analytical skills instudents that will help them in Recognised byconducting independent research Higher Education Commissionin different areas.Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Business History Current Research in Area of Research Thesis I Research Thesis II 4 Study 4 4 4 Research Methods 4 Development Economics 4 Statistical Inference International Financial 4 Management 4 Management Theory & Strategic Development Application 4 4172 Lahore Business School 173
  • School ofCreative Arts
  • School of Creative ArtsSchool ofcreative artsMission STATEMENT highly skilled and motivated work and to advise and assist individuals who can address the students regarding nationalTo create a talent pool questions presented by different and international festivals andof socially oriented and mass media from broadcast and opportunities.professionally aware creative print to new media as well asmedia practitioners who will cinema and theatre. The School of Creative Artsserve as the change agents will also facilitate the Creativein areas of their professional The School of Creative Arts, thus, Village by providing theoreticalcalling; individuals who, as offers intensive interdisciplinary frameworks and expertise tomuch by their personal virtue undergraduate teaching through a guide the practical productionas their acquired professional combination of vocational training being conducted at the Creativeskills scale new heights, and first-degree programmes. Village Studio while also providingcreate new frontiers and set The School aims to undertake competent human resource research at the interface between through its student base tonew benchmarks, advancing social and technological change, conduct the aforementioned.the state of their art and seeking a critical and contextualcontribute to the betterment understanding of the dynamicsof society. of the emerging digital world in liaison with academia, government Courses Offered and industrial organizations.Introduction Bachelor of Science in MediaWith the broadening of modern The school is committed to and Communication (BSMC)communications media, the world developing individual talenthas come together as a global within a collaborative working Bachelor of Arts in Film andcommunity sharing thoughts environment by imparting highest Television (BAFT)and ideas like never before thus standard of education/trainingmaking it increasingly important with professionally active facultyfor nations to represent their and a broad spectrum of visitingculture and identity through professionals.effective media content. We also offer a wide range ofField of Media & Communications options for pre-professionalin Pakistan has grown into a experience through strongrecognized field of study with internship programmes with alliedfocus on acquiring skills for partners.strategic and critical thinking,communications, and different The school aims to provideforms of production. Due to the venues for the presentationimmense potential in this evolving and promotion of studentfield there is also the need of176 School of Creative Arts 177
  • School of Creative ArtsOur FacultyMustafa HasnainHead of School / Executive Director Creative VillageMSc. Media & CommunicationLondon School of Economics, UKBSc Oxford, United KingdomSyed Atef Amjad AliSenior Lecturer / Course CoordinatorMA Documentary by Practice,Royal Holloway, University of London, UKAzhar SukheraAssistant ProfessorProfessional Degree DirectionFilm & Video (5 years)Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture & Art,RussiaAwais RaoofAssiatant ProfessorMS Finance (London Business School, UK)MBA (Quaid-e-Azam University)Syed Shamshir HaiderSenior LecturerM.A. Urdu LiteratureGCU, LahoreYahya EhsanArt Director / LecturerMA Multimedia Arts (Gold Medalist)National College of Arts, LahoreAsad M. NaeemLecturerMA Multimedia ArtsNational College of Arts, Lahore178 School of Creative Arts 179
  • School of Creative ArtsBachelor of Science inMedia & Communication(BSMC - Hons)Introduction needs. A wide array of elective and summer courses have also Course FACTSThe Bachelor of Science (Hons) in been designed to further facilitateMedia and Communication Studies Program Length the students towards a betteris characterized by its progressive Full-time, 4 Years understanding of their curriculumstructure, which allows for and the field of media andincreasing specialization through Entry Requirements communication. In general terms,the programme. Intermediate (Minimum 50% ), A Levels the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Media and CommunicationThe course has been designed as a Location aims to provide the followingrigorous yet interactive approach Defence Road Campus opportunities for students.towards both theory and practical (Creative Village)subjects. Specific studio courses,which are open ended in their Career Prospectsapproach are designed to give the The students of this course will Recognised bystudent a chance to interact with acquire the training and skills Higher Education Commissionthe faculty according to general required for exceeding in theagendas to discuss and develop fields of print, television, radionew ideas. The core courses and online journalism, corporateprovide the student with the communications, media theory,capability to harness the concepts media regulation and public policy,and technologies according to their and media and public relations.Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Introduction to Cinema Introduction to Visual Media and Communication Political Science 2D/3D Graphics Advertising and Promotion Research Methodologies Major Production Sessions II 3 Communication Theories 3 Theories 3 2 3 3 3 6 Introduction to Media 3 Readings in Urdu Literature 3 Pakistan Studies (HEC) 2 Philosophy 2 Media Law & Ethics 3 News Reporting 3 Major Production Sessions I 6 Thesis/Dissertation II 6 Introduction to Television 3 Readings in English Literature 3 Introduction to Psychology 2 Islamic Studies (HEC) 2 Documentary I 3 Documentary II 3 Thesis/Dissertation I 6 Introduction to Audio/Video Introduction to Audio/Video Introduction to Sociology Statistics (HEC) Radio Broadcasting News and Current Affairs Video Editing Technologies I 3 Technologies II 3 2 3 3 Production 3 3 Photography I 3 Photography II 3 Creative Writing 3 Film Theory 3 Newspaper Editing 3 Media and Audience 3 English and Communication Introduction to Performance Film Aesthetics Introduction to Print & Media Finance and Screen Writing (HEC) 3 Making 3 3 Broadcast Media 3 Accounting 3 3 History of Art 3 Introduction to New Media 3180 School of Creative Arts 181
  • School of Creative ArtsBachelor of Arts inFilmHons) Television and(BAFT -Introduction of Film, Cinema and Television in Pakistan and Globally. BAFT film, television & other forms of audio & visual media.The degree offers the state of the offers extensive experience in theart and unrivalled combination production of Film and Televisionof academic, theoretical andprofessional training in the field content required for new trends in media and communication Course FACTSof Film and Television in Pakistan. industries in Pakistan. The Program LengthBAFT promotes intellectual degree enables Development of Full-time, 4 Yearsanalysis of film, television, video knowledge, understanding andand digital media arts, developing key skills required to produce or Entry Requirementsknowledge, understanding, and research new trends in Film and Intermediate (Minimum 50% ), A Levelskey skills for film and television Television in in Pakistan. LocationThe program provides a variable Career Prospects Defence Road Campus (Creative Village)& progressive structure in The students will acquirewhich students are able to gain the training & skills requiredknowledge and understandingof film and television studies. for exceeding in the fields of infotainment, entertainment, Recognised byIt helps developing a mature cinema and television in Pakistan. Higher Education Commissionunderstanding of the history, Understanding & application ofscope and socio-cultural impact theories of media, communication,Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Introduction to Cinema Introduction to Visual Media and Communication Political Science 2D/3D Graphics Advertising and Promotion Research Methodologies Major Production Sessions II 3 Communication Theories 3 Theories 3 2 3 3 3 6 Introduction to Media 3 Readings in Urdu Literature 3 Pakistan Studies 2 Philosophy 2 Media Law & Ethics 3 Sound 3 Major Production Sessions I 6 Thesis/Dissertation II 6 Introduction to Television 3 Readings in English Literature 3 Introduction to Psychology 2 Islamic Studies 2 Cinematography I 3 Cinematography II 3 Thesis/Dissertation I 6 Introduction to Audio/Video Introduction to Audio/Video Introduction to Sociology Statistics Editing I Editing II Production Design Technologies I 3 Technologies II 3 2 3 3 3 3 Photography I 3 Photography II 3 Creative Writing 3 Film Theory 3 Screen Documentary 3 Fiction Film 3 English and Communication Introduction to Performance Film Aesthetics Introduction to Print & Media Finance and Screen Writing 3 Making 3 3 Broadcast Media 3 Accounting 3 3 History of Art 3 Introduction to New Media 3182 School of Creative Arts 183
  • School of Creative ArtsResearch & Development Centre The SpectacleIntroduction establishment of a Research and Development Centre at the School migrating to “New Media” (Internet, WWW etc), and the Introduction news, the editorial staff will focus on issues centered around the and writing, news reporting and the eye catching design of thisThe purpose of Research and A ‘spectacle’ refers to an event of Creative Arts, University of collaboration of old and new students of University of Lahore newsletter. Their efforts clearlyDevelopment Centre is to that creates impact and is Lahore. media is becoming more evident and other educational institutes show their dedication, guidedelaborate the importance, impact extraordinary for the appearance day by day. Pakistan, on the other in Pakistan. The student staff by the Faculty of the Schooland the need for a focused, it creates. This is exactly what the The field of media and hand is witnessing the growth of of The Spectacle will facilitates of Creative Arts along withintellectual and scholarly research students at the School of Creative communication or media studies both broadcast and new media the students of University of encouragement and support bycentre in the field of media and Arts, University of Lahore aim to is a relatively new interdiscipline, simultaneously, which gives rise Lahore with educational tips the management of University ofcommunication in Pakistan. achieve through the bi-monthly roughly dating back to 1920’s as a to the need for focused research regarding their studies and will Lahore. newsletter “The Spectacle”. The set of studies and the fifites as a and development in the ever also highlight opportunitiesThe School of Creative Arts aims 1st edition of the bi-monthly “formal discipline” internationally. expanding field of media and available for students in the The Spectacle team strivesto develop itself as a leader newsletter “The Spectacle” communication. specific industry in Pakistan. to bring to the students ofin scholarly and intellectual conceived and accomplished However, the growth in media The Spectacle team comprises University of Lahore a wideresearch in the field of media The Centre will focus on through months of hard-work and and communication in form of of talented and dedicated array of information, news andand communication in Pakistan. Research & Development in the perseverance by Foundation Year broadcast media in Pakistan is Foundation Year students of entertainment while highlightingOur aim is to only to bring following capacities: students at the School of Creative fairly recent. With a wide array of Media & Communication and the quality of education at thismedia & communication into Arts, University of Lahore. private news and entertainment Film & Television 4-year Bachelor rising and reputable University.the serious realm of research • Curriculum Development & channels, the broadcast media degrees offered by the School The team hopes that the Facultyand development locally, but Training The Spectacle will not only in Pakistan has seen exponential of Creative Arts, University of and students of University ofalso to establish our research • Research and Development of cover events, news, reviews and growth in the last decade. Lahore. Foundation Year students Lahore will not only read thisand Development section as Audio/Visual Content editorials from the University of of School of Creative Arts took up newsletter but will also contributea recognized and significant • Research and Development in Lahore but also cover Domestic However, this poses a great this challenging initiative and the their valuable suggestions andcontributor internationally as well. Published Form - Research and internationals entertainment, challenge as the international results achieved by them are truly content to make this newsletter Journal sports and business news. The realm of media is gradually laudable. They are responsible for the best and most widely readThe R&D Centre will focus on the Spectacle is not just another the complete content gathering student publication in Pakistan. newsletter that focuses just on184 School of Creative Arts 185
  • creative villageCreative Village™Although media in Pakistan is entity consisting of fully equipped vocational training by offering The Studio The Creative Village studio combines industry Facilities 45000 sq. feet purpose built facility Two dedicated production floorsa burgeoning industry, which studio floors and allied post part time and executive courses to expertise with purpose built television and film Studio A: 60x100x30 feetemploys more than a 100,000 production and sound production professionals currently established production studios consisting of two international Studio B: 50x60x30 feetprofessionals, it still lacks the facilities. in the industry. standard production floors and dedicated post Complete light grid and light and sound equipmentnecessary technical infrastructure production, sound production and animation High end broadcast and RED camerasand creative human resource to The studio will allow for the The Center for Media Research facilities. Latest HDV camerasproduce world class content. In creation of creative, traditional will focus on fusing the practical HD studio camerasessence it lacks the institutions and new media content while expertise available at the studio The studio brings together professionals with Green roomsnecessary to facilitate best also focusing on developing with theoretical research being both regional and international experience and Chroma facilitypractices while educating strong industry links through done at the School to investigate together with the School of Creative Arts, ensures Fully equipped post production & animation facilityprofessionals in the latest media content production for a diverse both current and future media that students at the school receive professional Dedicated sound studiotechniques. The University of spectrum of the media industry trends thus offering a competitive experience while projects undertaken meet High end audio/video editing labsLahore has taken the initiative to which includes but is not limited edge to both the content being exceptional quality standards.fill this void by pioneering a unique to: TV, Radio, Print, Advertising, produced at the Creative Villagemedia entity dubbed the “Creative Animation and New Media studio and the academic activity atVillage” which is envisioned as: (Internet and Cellular media) the School.“A Community of creative people The School of Media will focus Servicesworking towards a common goal on imparting practical media With these unique and diverse The Studio offers a number of high quality commercial services such as Production, Carporate Branding,of improving the quality of media expertise and theoretical entities working towards the Marketing Campaigns and Equipment/Facilities Rental. Visit for detailscontent, human resource and knowledge with a research aforementioned goal of theinfrastructure in Pakistan.” oriented approach towards Creative Village, The University curriculum design. of Lahore would foster anThe Creative Village will bring entirely new generation of mediatogether industry expertise The school will harness the strong professionals equipped with aalongside cutting edge facilities industry links of the Creative broader understanding of theand technology through the Village by creating internship potential of media as an industry“Creative Village Studio” which is and placement opportunities and with the resources at theira purpose built media production while also acting as a center for disposal to bring about a creative and cultural Renaissance.186 Creative village 187
  • Faculty ofsocialsciencesEnglishLanguageandLiterature
  • English Language and LiteratureDepartment ofEnglish Language andLiteratureFaculty of Social SciencesMission STATEMENT to sustain excellence, professional academic highest standards of Courses OfferedThe Mission of the Program performance and ethical to ensure that each second Master of Arts in EnglishLanguage learner develops Our academic staff comprises Literature (MAEL)linguistically, academically, carefully selected teachers whoand cognitively within are committed to support the Master of Arts in Englisha socially and culturally students academically and socially. Language Teaching &supportive environment. Students are prepared to face Linguistics (MAETL) the competitive world. SinceINTRODUCTION our inception, we are aiming at imparting quality education to theThe Department of English offersa professional, yet congenial students.environment to teach and promotean understanding of both the Extra-curricular activities are partsignificance and the history of of our academics and we believeBritish and American literatures in fostering the appreciation ofand to foster an appreciation of critical thinking and analyticalthe richness and variety of texts in approach in our students.the language.The department values committedteaching and supervision in anatmosphere of vigorous search andprovides students with a flexibleprogram of study.Our main goal is to create adynamic learning environmentthat promotes student’s thinkingcapabilities, language andinterpersonal skills. Moreover,our department emphasizesfreedom of academic expressionwith the students. We also try190 English Language and Literature 191
  • English Language and LiteratureOur FacultyRaees Abbas ZaidiPro Rector Admin / HODBSc. (Punjab University)MA English Language & Literature (Punjab University) LahoreMA Urdu Literature (Punjab University) LahoreStrategic Management (Wageninger University) NetherlandsAdvance Management Course (NIPA) LahoreE. Management (CIDA) CANADAMrs. Mehrunisa ZaidLecturerM.A (English Literature) Punjab UniversityP.G.D TEFL (AIOU)Mr. Sarfraz ZamanMA (English Literature) Punjab UniversityMBA VU, LahoreMr. Hammad Nazir ZakiMA (English Literature) Punjab UniversityPGD Linguistics (PU) PGD TEFL (AIOU)MA TEFL AIOUMiss. Saima KanwalMA (English Literature) Punjab UniversityPGD TEFL (Continued) AIOUMs. Musharraf AzizMA (English Language & Literature) GCUPGD TEFL (AIOU)MA TEFL in progress AIOUMs. Asieh KhanMA ELTL UOL Lahore192 English Language and Literature 193
  • English Language and LiteratureMaster of Arts in Master of Arts inEnglish Literature (MAEL) English Language Teaching &IntroductionThis programme consists of 69 Career Prospects This programme will prepare Course FACTS Linguistics (MAETL)credit hours with 20 courses.The emphasis is laid on an students for competitive examinations, the application of Program Length Introduction 4.Stress patterns and intonation patterns Course FACTS Full-time, 2 Years This is a dual Masters Degreeunderstanding of both the English in practical life, as well as 5.Presentation skills programme consisting of 69 credit Program Lengthsignificance and the history of helping them acquire sufficient Entry Requirements 6.Understanding diverse English hours with 21 courses. Keeping Full-time, 2 YearsBritish and American literatures competence in English to study 2nd Division B.A/B.Com accents. in view the need of Postgraduateand to foster an appreciation of abroad. students, the English Department Entry Requirementsthe richness and variety of textsin the language. We offer rigorous It also aims at producing Location Raiwind Road Campus is putting English language learning skills tutorials & seminar sessions Career Prospects 2nd Division B.A/B.Comtraining in interpretive thinking professional teachers equipped This programme will prepare into the main stream of the MA Locationand precise expression, teaching with the latest instructional students for examinations, the English teaching course. The Raiwind Road Campusstudents to develop ideas, technology and opens new application of English languageorganise them, draw deductions vistas of research in Language Recognised by tutorial sessions will cover the following skills: in practical life as well as helpingand make connections to newideas, and articulate them in experience. Higher Education Commission them acquire the competence in English to study abroad. It also Recognised by 1.Intensive and extensive readingeloquent and convincing ways. The aims at producing professional Higher Education Commission 2.Speed reading and readingEnglish Post Graduate programme teachers equipped with the latest comprehensionfeatures the study of imaginative instructional technology and opens 3.Writing, brainstorming,language, rhetoric, and the poetic new vistas of research in language organisation of material, writingand narrative arts whilst it focuses experience. for specific purposes and creativeon the roles imaginative writing writingand presentation play in almostevery aspect of human experience.Road Map Road Map Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Cr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Semester 1 Hr Semester 2 Hr Semester 3 Hr Semester 4 Hr Medieval Poetry Elizabethan Drama Romantic Poetry American Poetry Phonetics & English Morphology & English Syntax 4 Semantics & Pragmatics Instructional Technology 3 3 3 3 Phonology 3 3 3 Shakespearean Drama 3 The Victorian Novel 3 20th Century Novel 3 American Drama 3 Intro to Linguistics 4 Methods of Teaching English 3 Research Methods 3 Micro Practice Teaching 4 The Novel History of English Literature Modern Drama The American Novel Language Skills Teaching English For Specific Curriculum Designing & Teaching of Creative Writing 3 (Victorian/Modern) 4 3 3 3 Purposes 3 Material Development 3 4 Literary Criticism Prose Intro to Linguistics Creative Writing Descriptive Syntax Approaches to Foreign Computer & Language Student Teaching & 4 4 4 4 4 Language Acquisition 3 Teaching 3 Observation 2 History of English Lit. (Middle Classical Poetry Intro to Contemporary Research Project/ Thesis Psycholinguistics Assessment of Language Stylistics Error Analysis Age) 4 3 Literature 3 6 3 Skills 3 4 3 Thesis 4194 English Language and Literature 195
  • Faculty ofLAWCollege ofLaw
  • LAWCollege ofLAWMission STATEMENT this fluid nature, it becomes a highly competitive arena. Lawyers Courses OfferedTo cultivate a new generation are expected to be highly adaptiveof lawyers who will help to new situations and their Bachelor of Law - LLBour stagnant legal society problem-solving skills ought to be (5 Years)to evolve, to match the exemplary. These skills obviouslyhighest international do not come to them naturally; Bachelor of Law - LLBstandards and revolutionise rather they have to be acquired (3 Years)the legal profession with through the legal knowledgetheir acquired knowledge gained from education.and skills. They will notonly build a bright future The College of Law, through itsfor themselves but will Bachelors programme, aims to give this knowledge to young minds,also help the country if they seek to pursue a career inas well by providing the legal profession. Pakistan’sup to date guidance to legal society is large; only the mostgovernment and ordinary hard-working and able mindedpeople. We are suitable prevail over the others and forfor industry executives, them, there are no limits to whatbank executives, engineers, they can achieve through thishealth service professionals, profession. The extensive coursespublic departments and offered by the College of Law focuseducationalists who seek to on not only giving young scholarscomplement their existing the necessary tools to begin a legaldegrees with a Post Graduate career but are also designed to add to their knowledge so that theirDiploma, B.Com or M.Com. vision increases vis-à-vis otherThese degrees will ensure aspects of life, given the fact thatcareer advancement and law is inextricably intertwined withprovide an understanding all other fields of activity.of the changing businessenvironment. The College proposes to achieve this goal to the highestINTRODUCTION standard with the help of senior practitioners of law who will notLaw is a field, which is in a state only teach the students but alsoof constant evolution, given the offer their personal expertise tofrequent changes in mindsets and help them to understand law andideas throughout the world. With its practice much more effectively.198 law 199
  • LAWOur FacultyMr. Justice(Retd) M.Bilal Khan Mr. Mohammad Ayyaz ButtDean Lecturer M.Phil. PsychologyMr. Tariq Ahmed ShahAcademic Coordinator Mr. Ali Tipu KhanBA.LLB MA LLB, Advocate High CourtDr. Naheed Sultana Mian Mohammad TariqAssociate Professor BA LLB Advocate High CourtM.Phil. Economics Syed Bilal HaiderMr. Sabir Ali Chaudhry BA LLB Advocate High CourtLecturerBA.LLB. DLL (Pb) Zulfiqar A. Sheikh MA LLB, DLL, Advocate High CourtMr. Ata Ur RehmanLecturer Mr. Imtiaz ElahiLLM BA LLB, Advocate High CourtMr. Shahid Yusaf Mian Mohammad JavedLecturer BA LLB, Advocate (Retired Distt &MS-Computer Sciences Sessions Judge)Ms Sundas RaufLecturerM.A, LLB, DBLMs Sadia KanwalLecturerM.A EnglishMs. Shazia GulzarLecturerM.Phil. PsychologyMr. S.N. NawazishAdvocate High Court,BSc (Eng.), DLL, MBA, LLB200 law 201
  • LAWBachelor of Road MapLAW (BAllb - 5Yr) Semester 1 Cr Hr Semester 2 Cr Hr Semester 3 Cr Hr Semester 4 Cr HrIntroduction Course FACTS English-I 3 English-II 3 English-III 3 Human Rights Law 3Our LLB degree is in accordance with the guidelines and requirements Constitutional Law-Iof the HEC and Pakistan Bar Council. This will be an academic as well as Program Length Pakistan Studies 2 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2 Logic And Reasoning 3 (Comparative) 3professional degree in law and legal studies. Full-time, 5 Years Sociology 3 Political Science 3 Islamic Jurisprudence-I 3 Law Of Contract-II 3The courses recommended by the Pakistan Bar Council as basic courses Entry Requirementsfor joining the legal profession are part of the curriculum. FA /FSC or GCE A-Levels or Fundamentals Of Economics 3 Legal System Of Pakistan 3 Law Of Torts 3 Islamic Jurisprudence-II 3 Equivalent, Min 2nd Div. & Interview Introduction To Law 3 History (South Asia) 3 Law Of Contract-I 3 Comparative Religions 3 Location Defence Road Campus Skills Development-I 3 Skills Development-II 3 Research Methods 3 Cr Cr Cr Cr Recognised by Semester 5 Hr Semester 6 Hr Semester 7 Hr Semester 8 Hr Higher Education Commission Jurisprudence-I 3 Jurisprudence-II 3 Public International Law-I 3 Public International Law-II 3 Constitutional Law-II Corporate Law Constitutional History of Equity And Specific Relief (Pakistan) 3 3 Pakistan 3 3 Islamic Personal Law-I 3 Islamic Personal Law-II 3 Civil Procedure-I 3 Civil Procedure-II 3 Criminal Law-I 3 Criminal Law-II 3 Criminal Procedure-I 3 Criminal Procedure-II 3 Law Of Property-I 3 Law Of Property-II 3 Law Of Evidence-I 3 Law Of Evidence-II 3 Law Of Evidence-I 3 Legal Drafting-II 3 Cr Cr Semester 9 Hr Semester 10 Hr Administrative Law-I 3 Administrative Law-II 3 Legal Ethics 3 Interpretation Of Statutes 3 Elective-I* 3 Research Project 3 Elective-II* 3 Elective-III * 3 Moot Cases And Role Playing 3 Elective- IV * 3202 law 203
  • LAWBachelor ofLAW (llb - 3Yr)Introduction Course FACTSOur LLB degree is in accordance with the guidelines and requirementsof the HEC and Pakistan Bar Council. This will be an academic as well as Program Lengthprofessional degree in law and legal studies. Full-time, 3 YearsThe courses recommended by the Pakistan Bar Council as basic courses Entry Requirementsfor joining legal profession are part of the curriculum. BA /B.Com /BSC/ Minimum 2nd Division & Interview Location Defence Road Campus Recognised by Higher Education CommissionRoad Map 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year English Jurisprudence Constitutional Law-I Civil procedure Law Law of Contract Equity Criminal Procedure Law Islamic Jurisprudence Mercantile Law Law of Evidence Law of Torts & Easements Law of Transfer of Property Convincing & Pleading Criminal Law Islamic Personal Law Administrative Law Constitutional Law International Law Minor Acts Special & Local Laws Labor & Taxation Laws204 law 205
  • UniversityRules & Policies
  • university rules and policiesAdmission Policy (e) Students in undergraduate programs shall not enroll in less (f) The course completed at another accredited institution will be show as exempted along with aims at progressive development of student’s information level, skills and competence.The University of Lahore admits admitted on merit, is expected time, they will not be given than 3 courses and more than 4 credit hours of each course. Theirstudents whose educational to take the full load of courses admission. courses in a regular semester. grade will not be shown on UOL Academic Calendarbackground is sound and prescribed for the semester. transcript. The academic calendar consistswho can achieve success in (d) For eligibility criteria reference (f) Student in graduate programs of two regular semesters i.e. shall not enroll in less than 2 (g) Exemption shall only be winter and fall. Each semesterhigher education. Applicationsreceived for admission in various Admission may be made to each relevant programme / degree. courses and more than 4 courses granted by the equivalence runs over 18 to 20 weeks, out (a) Application for admission in a regular semester. committee of the concerned of which 16 weeks are reservedprogrammes are reviewed by shall be entertained only on a department. for regular classes, one weekthe concerned departments. The (e) Each successful applicant will prescribed form, which is part (g) In summer semester students for final examinations and oneapplicants are required to give be issued “Admission Letter” by of the prospectus. Applications can enroll up to two courses. (h) Exempted courses will not be week for course review. A shortadmission test and interview. the concerned department. received through “e mail’ shall shown on interim transcript. semester called summer semesterThe final merit is determined be entertained only if they are Transfer & Equivalence Courses of 8 weeks is arranged summeron the basis of past academic Registration & Enrolment Policy followed by a pay order in the (a) The department concerned Exemptions semester of 8 weeks is arrangedperformance, score obtained (a) After completing admission name of The University of Lahore shall admit students who (a) Students who wish to transfer for the student to overcome theirin the admission test and formalities and having paid the and should reach UOL up to last wish to transfer their credits their credits to UOL LBS be granted deficiencies.performance in the interview. semester dues the applicants will date announced for the admission. earned from an HEC recognized exemptions up to a maxim of 50% be registered as bonafide studentsThe test pattern is of the same of UOL. institution (university or collage) course of the program/degree, Attendance Policy (b) Admission shall be granted to UOL on the recommendation even if he/she had completed most (a) The following attendancestandard as of scholastic aptitude on the basis of eligibility criteria of the departmental equivalence of the courses of that program of critter on will be applied:test (SAT) for undergraduate (b) At the time of registration mentioned for each programme committee. the previous institution.studies and graduate record the applicants will be required to and after passing the admission 1. A minimum requirement for aexamination (GRE) for graduate produce their original certificates, test & interview arranged by (b) He/she shall be required to fill (b) Exemption in courses(s) shall be student to complete the semesterstudies. which will be returned to the the admission committee of the the migration form available with granted according to the following is 75% attendance in each course. student after making entries in his/ department. registrar office. criterions. The department will determine theThe academic programmes are her file that the originals havingspread over two semesters during been verified. exceptions to this rule it any. (c) Applicants, who have (c) Affiliated college student may 1. Course and credit hours should 2. The head of departmenteach year. Total undergraduate appeared in inter / degree level be required to produce parent conform to the programs outline and the teacher concerned areprogramme is spread over eight (c) The applicants will be allocated or pre-requisite level examination institution’s transcript and NOC. of UOL department. authorized the course enrollmentsemesters (four years). Graduate the University Registration prescribed for admission in a 2. Course having less than ‘B’ of any student to the shortageprograms are taught for 2-4 years, Number and will be issued the programme and are awaiting (d) Transfer of credit will be grade for graduate programs of attendance. Such action maykeeping in view the type of degree. University Registration Card by results will be allowed to apply for communicated to the registrar and less than ‘C’ grade for be taken when the absence in aEach semester comprises of 18 the Registrar Office. This will allow admission, but they will be given office for issue of notification undergraduate programs will not course exceed 30% of the total– 20 weeks, which includes one the students to get enrolled in admission only after they have on case to case basis by each be considered attendance required for theweek of examinations. A short different courses offered by the submitted the attested copies of department. 3. Satisfactory performance in course.summer semester of 8 weeks is concerned departments. their certificates / degrees within testinterview.usually offered to cover special three weeks of commencement (e) The equivalence committee (b) Student with poor attendancecourses. (d) In each semester students of the semester. They will also be of the department is authorized The Semester System record will be issued a written should enroll in the courses as required to submit an undertaking to review and approve the The classes for different programs warning at any time duringStudents who have completed per “degree / program rood that they understand the rules/ equivalence of courses completed are conducted on the pattern of a semester. The departmentall the formalities and deposited map” issued by the concerned policy of the admissions and that at another recognized degree semester system. This system is reserves the right to inform thetheir fees and other dues on department and shall not enroll in if they fail to submit the required awarding institutions. based on instructional autonomy student’s parents or guardianthe prescribed date are eligible advance courses unless they have documents within the prescribed resting with the department and through a letter of the possiblefor registration. Each student, passed the prerequisite course.208 209
  • university rules and policiesAdmission Policy(Cont.)consequences including withdrawal from the course or admissioncancel.(c) In case a student joins a course after it has started, he/she will beresponsible to make up the deficiencies for any quizzes, assignmentsand attendance requirements.Fee Concession and Financial Aid(a) Students who want to avail the facility of financial assistance orfee concession shall obtain the prescribed form from admission officeand after completion submit the same along with his application. TheApplication will be reviewed by the director finance.(b) Fee concession / financial is subject to maintaining a semesterGPA of 3,00 in each semester failure to do so may lead to completewithdrawal or reduction of fee concession as decided by the directorfinance .(c) Tuition fee etc. shall not be refunded, but will be adjusted in thenext semester in accordance with the conditions prescribed for thispurpose.(d) Students may be allowed to pay their fee in installments with thepermission of departmental head and director finance.(e) The fee shall be paid on the dates as notified from time to time.(f) A line of Rs 25/- per day will be charged in case of late deposit offee.(g) A Student will be automatically de registered if he/she fails to clearthe dues within two weeks after the notified date.210 211
  • university rules and policiesExamination Rules student officially withdraws from the course or from the University at least one day prior to the Final semesters, will be cancelled. Appeal against Cancellation of Admission a) If the course(s) are dropped or semester freeze is applied within two weeks of the commencement(a) In addition to mid term she earned less than ‘C’ grade of (Unsatisfactory, but not fail) examination. of the semester then no dues willtest(s) and final examination, A student can appeal against be charged and if the fee has been that semester.the Department can require “Probation” If a student earns cancellation of his/her admission paid, the same shall be adjusted in F: Below 50% 0.00students to take quizzes, projects, a CGPA of less than 2.00 in the on academic grounds. In such the next semester. (g) On completion of program, (Fail)assignments, case studies, subsequent semesters than he case the department has the student (s) will be required toterm papers and presentations will be placed on probation till he discretion to recommend status b) If the student is not enrolled appear in a comprehensive X: 0.00in accordance with course obtains CGPA of 2.00 and above. to the Rector whether or not to and applies for semester examination where it is required. (Failure - Unofficial Withdrawal)requirements. “Good Standing” If a student change the applicant’s admission freeze within two weeks of It shall encompass all the subjects earns a CGPA of 2.00 or above he from Cancellation to Continuation commencement of semester then the student has studied and I: Incomplete(b) Final examination will cover shall be placed on “good standing”. on probation for an additional no fee will be charged. passed in that program.entire course content. Re-Examinations semester by considering the W: Official withdrawal applicant’s commitment to studies c) In case the student is not (h) Computation & review of(c) Students results will be GPA = SUM (Course Credit If student does not appear in the and other relevant academic enrolled in that semester and results should be completed byformulated by the teacher on the Hours × Course Numerical final examinations due to viable factors. applies for semester freeze after the Department within threebasis of attendance, weeks of the final examination. equivalent of grade) /SUM Credit reason (s), he may make a written two weeks till the end of that Hours request for re-examination within Time Limit for Course Drop semester then semester freeze feequizzes, projects, assignments, CE will compile and declare the one week of final examination. (a) A student can drop a course of Rs. 5000/-case studies, term papers and overall semester result in Semester “I”- Incomplete: A temporary The student will pay examination only within first two weeks ofpresentations, mid term test Grade Points Average (GPA) and course grade ‘I’ is granted by fee of Rs. 500/- per course. the commencement of semester d) In case the student does notand final examination and after Cumulative Grade Points Average an Instructor when necessary The Chairman BOG/Rector will with carry forward of fee already apply for semester freeze withinfulfilling any other evaluation (CGPA) on the following basis: absence, or other reasons prevent examine the student request on deposited. After this period no that semester then he/she shallcriteria required by the A: 85–100 % 4.00 completion of course requirements the recommendations of the HOD carry forward on the fee paid for deposit semester freeze fee of Rs.Department. (Exceptionally Outstanding) by the end of the Semester and and decide for re-examination or the subjects will be allowed except 10,000/- per semester. the instructor believes that otherwise. for circumstances enunciated in(d) The Department, on A-: 80–84 % 3.75 (Outstanding) the student’s performance in sub Para (b) below. e) After enrollment a studentcompletion of final examination the course generally has been Warning is ineligible to apply for dropshall send under a covering letter B+: 75–79 % 3.50 satisfactory. An “I” is not given as Whenever the CGPA of a student is (b) Dropping of a course within of a course (s) or freeze thesigned by the Head of Department (Excellent) a substitute for failing or obtaining less than as that prescribed above two weeks of commencement of semester after two weeks ofor by an official nominated by him, low grade. Incomplete grades will the Head of the Department, will semester is allowed in exceptional commencement of the semesterstudents’ consolidated results in B: 70–74 % 3.00 convert to an “X” if not removed issue warning to him / her and circumstances, like; clash in the and shall pay full fee and dues ofeach subject/course on a Marks (Very good/High pass) within one semester from the date place him / her on probation. time table or for reason of sickness that semester.Sheet to CE Office within three of the declaration of the result. beyond one’s control and dulyweeks of the final examination. “X” – (failure) Unofficial Removal from Probation certified by a registered medical f) If a student fails to enroll in C+: 65–69 % 2.50 Withdrawal: the symbol “X” is When the conditions of Good practitioner. three consecutive semesters or(e) If a student who wishes to have (Good/Pass) used to indicate that a student Standing are restored, Probation fails to apply semester freezetheir Semester results reviewed has never attended class or has will be removed. Course Drop or Semester Freeze for three consecutive semestersare to be dealt with by the HOD C: 60–64 % 2.00 discontinued attendance and does Due to unforeseen circumstances (excluding summer semesters) theaccording to the policy of the (Satisfactory / Acceptable) not qualify for the Grade of “” Cancellation of Admission: and personal situations beyondUniversity. student shall be automatically de- The “X” will be compiled into the The admission of students who, student’s control, he may be D+: 55–59 % 1.50 registered. student‘s Grade point Average. after having been placed on allowed to drop course(s) or freeze(f) Any student scoring a Semester (Poor but not Fail “W”- Official Withdrawal A grade probation, fail to make good the semester as per followingGPA less than 1.0 in a semester will g) In case a student rejoins the of “W” is given in a course when a standing in next two consecutive conditions:repeat those courses in which he/ D: 50–54 % 1.00 program after de-registration he/212 213
  • university rules and policiesExamination Rules (Cont.)she shall pay the re-registration shall be required for the award of a Degree conferred on him in thefee as laid down and semester degree. Each student shall also be prescribed form. Chairman Boardfreeze fee mentioned above for required to (1) complete laid down of Governors, the Rector andthe number of semesters he/she duration, pass number of courses the CE shall sign the Degree. Thehas missed. as well as prescribed by respective Degree of successful Students not department (2) clear all dues and present at the Convocation shallSupply of Semester Grade that (3) has no disciplinary action is be issued to them on payment ofReport pending against him/her. the prescribed fee.1. Statement on a printed form,showing the grades obtained 2. Student shall qualify for a 6. The degree may be issuedby a Student in each head of degree with honors if they to a successful student beforesubject shall be delivered to the satisfied in the following the convocation on payment ofStudents through the department conditions: prescribed fee.concerned. (a). Have earned a cumulative GPA Miscellaneous2. Applications from Students for of 3.70 or above out of maximum 1. A Student who fulfills all thean inquiry into the correctness of 4.00 requirements of the degree andof their result shall be submitted has completed the program in laidto the Head of Department and (b). Have not repeated courses down time period with out failingmust be accompanied in each is eligible for the gold medal awardcase with a fee of Rs. 1000/- for (c) Have not been readmitted of that year as per University rules.each subject. The inquiry shalldeal only with the correctness (d). Have not earned ‘F’ grade 2. An overall best performanceof results and shall not include during the course of study. award will be given to a student ofre-examination of the Students the same program, if he obtainsanswer books. No such application 3. If a student on completion of his maximum aggregate of markswill be accepted unless it reaches program fails to achieve a CGPA in the students of that programthe CE Office through the Head less than 2.00 will only be provided passing that year.of the Department within 30 days with a transcript showing thefrom the date of publication of the grades he has obtained and the 3. Notwithstanding anything toresult. CGPA only. He will not be eligible the contrary contained in these to receive the degree of that rules, no student shall be admitted3. All answers books of the Program. to an examination after theStudents will be destroyed after expiry of seven academic years.120 days (one hundred and twenty 4. Each successful Student at the Provided that a Student who isdays) after declaration of the completion of the program shall admitted directly to a higherResults. receive from the CE a transcript class in the University, the period signed by him on the prescribed already spent by him in studyingAward of Degree form. the relevant discipline shall be1. A minimum CGPA of 2.00 excluded from the aforesaidwithout any ‘F’ grade for the total 5. Each successful Student period.semester of a degree program scoring CGPA of 2.00 or more at214 215
  • university rules and policiesStudentsConduct&DisciplinePoliciesStudents are expected to with immediate effect. constituted by Board of Governor 2.0 Introduction The University believes that student conduct is an important This committee shall supervise and guide the department Discipline Committees as and when required. 3.3 The students must submit a written complaint in the personality trait and as such department. The department shalldemonstrate ethical and moral for the purpose of maintaining expects its students to act in an 2.3 Department Discipline also ask the accused to submitvalues required by the University. Every Student discipline in University and among ethical and moral way. Student Committee a written reply in response toFor this purpose student(s) will a) Shall be faithful in his/her the students. “Department behavior is a major issue for To expedite discipline cases, the complaint. Applications ofbe subjected to disciplinary rules religious duties and respect the Discipline Committee” the everybody who works in a the Rector has authorized the witnesses shall also be collectedframed by the Board of Governors convictions of others in matters Committee constituted by Board campus. Anti-social or criminal departments to constitute and maintained for record.of the University. A copy of these of religion and customs. of Governor for the purpose behavior usually damages people Department Disciplinaryrules can be obtained from the of maintaining discipline in emotionally as well as physically, Committees for the purpose 3.4 The department committeeOffice of the Registrar. While filling b) Shall be faithful and honest in Department and among the be it the students, staff or of efficient processing of the shall schedule a meeting and askin application form, the students his/her dealing with all people. students. teachers. It results in a great deal disciplinary cases. The HoD and both parties to the disciplinaryare required to sign an affidavit of unintended worry and distress Director of Department or Dean hearing, and shall record theirthat they will maintain discipline c) Shall be loyal to his/her country “Appellate Authority” means the for the victims and their families. of the Faculty shall constitute attendance as well as minutes ofas required under the discipline and refrain from doing anything University Discipline Committee, The University has zero tolerance a Departmental Disciplinary the meeting.rules. The affidavit form is a part which might damage his/her honor Rector UOL and Chairman Board on such acts or the consequences Committee to handle disciplineof the application form. In case of and prestige. of Governors and other teachers/ resulting from behavioral cases and give decision according 3.5 The department shall makebreach of discipline on any account officers of the University to misconduct. to the UOL Discipline Policy. effort to review the applicationsspecified in the discipline rules, d) Shall respect the elders and be whom the powers may have beenthe matter will be reported to the polite to all. delegated. and statements of the witnesses, 2.1 Student Discipline 3.0 Procedure and give their decision on the“Discipline Committee”, for the The University has a disciplinary For the purposes of this policy, day of the hearing. A copy offinal decision in accordance with e) Shall respect the teachers a) “Rector” means the Rector of system, the purpose of which is to the following guideline may be the decision shall be sent tothe norms of justice and keeping and others in authority in the the University. protect the University community followed the Chairman UOL Disciplinein view the evidence available University. and to deter those who interfere Committee, Rector and to thethereof. b) “Chairman” means the with its work and activities. 3.1 The HoD/Director/Dean shall Registrar’s Office. f) Shall keep himself/herself clean Chairman of the Board of Students agree to abide by the designate their staff / facultySTUDENT in body and mind standing for clean speech and clean habits. Governors of the University University rules at the time they members to communicate the 3.6 A student who is underDISCIPLINE RULES c) “Chairman of the Committee” register themselves as University students. Parents, staff and rules/policy of student conduct to the students, and also assure investigation by the department discipline committee shall be(Revised February 2009) g) Shall help his/her fellow being especially those in distress. means the Chairman of University Discipline Committee appointed by students all expect the University or take steps to watch the suspended from attending classes, to maintain a safe, orderly and general conduct of the students till the time a decision has been the Board of Governors.The Discipline Rules have been peaceful environment – the during their presence at the taken by the committee. h) Shall devote himself/herselfformulated under the University University takes this very seriously. department / University. It is faithfully to his studies. d) “HoD/Director/Dean” means theOrdinance No LXI of 2002 The strongly recommended that a 3.7 A student who is punished head of the Department Discipline 2.2 University Disciplinepurpose of these rules is to faculty member or staff may be by the discipline committee shall i) Shall protect the property of the Committee appointed by the Committeestreamline the discipline among designated to keep watch on the not be allowed to attend the University. Rector and/or Chairman BoG. The University Disciplinethe students of the University. students from time to time. university. In case of rustication,These rules are a revision of 2006 Committee shall be formed by the the student ceases to be a student 1.0 Definition e) “Member” means the membersof University of Lahore Discipline Rector UOL and shall be headed by 3.2 The HoD/Director/Dean shall of the University or campuses of In these Rules, unless the contest of the Discipline CommitteeRules and the amendments the Chairman University Discipline put up a general notice which shall University. other wise requires, the following approved by the Rector and/ormade herewith, with effect from Committee. The University communicate to the students that expressions shall have the meaning Chairman BoG.February 18, 2009, approved by Discipline Committee shall consist all complaints must be brought to 3.8 A student who is suspended hereby respectively assignedthe Rector and Chairman BoG. of members not below the rank/ the notice of the HoD/Director/ from the university remains to them. “University Discipline e) “Students” means the studentsThese Rules will come into force designation of HoD/Director/Dean. Dean. a student but is not allowed Committee” the Committee of the University.216 217
  • university rules and policiesto pursue a course of study in premises or class rooms, University or in ground/stadium authority of the universityeither the university or other laboratories, library and organized by the University d) Interferes with the orderly 4.3 The misconduct is categorized 5.0 Punishments on breach ofdepartments of University during Examination Hall. conduct of a teaching group or into minor and major offence. Discipline Rulesthe period of suspension. p) Frame any political association ceremony of the university or a These may be noted as follows. 5.1 In the major cases, the g) Consume alcohol/liquor or with any political party. meeting of the board of directors, Discipline Committee shall be4.0 General Guideline on other intoxication drugs within the committee, subcommittee or 4.3.1 Major Case of Misconduct authorized to rusticate or expelMisconduct University Campus, classrooms, q) Organize or take part in any any body constituted by or under a student at fault. But before theAn act of misconduct by a student laboratories, and library or during function within the University the university’s charter, policies, a) Misbehavior with a teacher/ punishment is announced theis an offence and falls under instructional tours. campus or a hall of residence or regulations or appointed by any officer of the University student at fault shall be given athe preview of the discipline organize any club or society of body so constituted; chance to defend himself/herselfrules/policy. Guideline on this h) Use mobile phone with camera students which is detrimental to b) Fighting incidents in writing and a chance of personalmisconduct is displayed for in the premises of the University in the objectives of the university. e) In an examination, is in hearing by the Committee.information. the classrooms, University library, possession of material contrary c) Use of alcohol in the premises of laboratories, examination hall and r) Collect any money or receive to the instructions for the the University 5.2 In Minor cases, the Head4.1 A student commits an act of studio. donation or pecuniary assistance examination; of department is expected togeneral misconduct if the student, i) Collect any money or receive from or on behalf of the University d) Teasing the girl students suspend the student from his/herwithin the university; donation or pecuniary assistance except with the permission of the f) Copies or attempts to copy classes for not more than seven from or on behalf of the University Rector. computer software without the e) Strike/protest etc. consecutive days or fine him up toa) Attacks, harasses or threatens except with the permission of the permission of the university and or a minimum of Rs. 5000/- or moreto attack or harass any person; Rector. 4.2 The faculty or officer may in breach of the Copyright Act of f) Theft/damage to University keeping in view the gravity of the take action, if a student commits the Government of Pakistan; property situation.b) Intimidates or attempts to j) Stage, incite or participate in general misconduct and theintimidate any person; willfully, or abet an walk out or strike or officer or employee concerned g) Without appropriate authority, g) Promotion of political party/ 5.3 The concerned teacher mayrecklessly or negligently engages other form of agitation against has reasonable cause to believe enters a file belonging to another agenda/unions fine a student up to a maximumin conduct which causes or is to the University or its teacher and that such order or direction is person, of Rs. 1000/- or he may expel thecause bodily injury to any person; officers. necessary to ensure the safety of h) Any other incident/misconduct student from the class any person; h) The file being on a computer which the committee feels falls inc) Engages in conduct which k) Behave in a non ethical and which is the property of the the preview of major offence. 6.0 Right of Appealinvolves unauthorized or unsocial manner in the University a) To prevent damage to or university; orunjustified use of or interference premise. destruction of the property; 4.3.2 Minor Case of Misconduct 6.1 The student shall have the right i) Breaches any laws, by-laws, of appeal to Board of Governorsd) Which causes or is likely to l) Indulge in fighting and use fire b) For the performance of the enactments, statutes, policies, a) Exchange of arguments among against the punishment awardedcause injury or damage to; or arms, daggers and knives. officer’s or employees duties rules, regulations, directives and/ students by the Discipline Committee, ifdenies or obstructs or is likely to in relation to the custody, or otherwise enforced by the he/she puts up the appeal withindeny or obstruct the rightful use of m) Call relatives/friends for maintenance or use of the proper authorities and/or b) Making noise in the University fifteen days of date of decision.any property of the university or of fighting in the premises of the property; The appeal may, however, beany person; University. j) The University, including c) Playing music in cars disposed off by the Rector subject c) Refuses or fails to provide (without limitation to the to the approval of the Board ofe) Disobeys any reasonable order n) Involve in activities that are identification when requested to aforesaid) where the student d) Late coming in class, playing Governors.or direction given to the student against the University discipline do so by an officer or faculty or promotes a political party or cricket on University roadsby a faculty member, officer or like playing music in cars, drive the employee of the university acting agenda or tries to make a party e) Smoking in the University 6.2 The Board of Governor afteremployee of the university in car noisily, or play the alarm signal in the course of official duties, with the intention of promoting due consideration may take suchrelation to the use of any property consistently. provided that when making such the political party’s agenda. f) Any other incident/misconduct decision as may be consideredof the university. o) Behave improperly on a request the officer or employee which the committee feels falls in appropriate according to the merit educational trips or other co- concerned produces identification k) Any society, club, etc., without the preview of minor offence. of case.f) Smoke in the University curricular activities within the to the student; the permission of the competent218 219
  • university rules and policiesAccommodation Rules and Policies the prescribed form from his/her parents/ guardian holding him/her responsible for payment of Hostels than the one allotted to the resident without prior permission of the Allotment Committee. or causing damage by acts of vandalism, removing or damaging Hostels or University property.For the purpose of admission the Hostels:- Allotment Procedure dues in case his/her ward fails toto the Hostels, allotment of 1. Application for allotment of make the payment. 4. Sub-letting the room/seat 12. Barricading stairs, corridors,accommodation, maintaining 1. A student rusticated, expelled accommodation in the Hostels be allotted to the resident or any gates and other area in thediscipline and conduct, arranging or debarred from the University or made by the bonafide student of 8. Residents shall sign a receipt of other room lying vacant due to any Hostels/ campus of general use.and organizing messes, the any other educational University the University on prescribed form Hostels property/assets in their reasons.following rules and regulations inside or outside Pakistan. accompanied by undertaking from rooms and shall be responsible for 13. Staging sit-ins, lockups,as laid down hereinafter shall be parent/guardian certifying good any loss or damage thereto. 5. Non-handing over vacant occupying Hostels wardens orfollowed. 2. A student wanted by the police character of the student and in- possession of the room/seat at other administrative offices. or any other law-enforcement time payment of hostels dues. 9. Residents shall strictly abide by the end of the period for whichConditions Of Allotment For agency(ies) in criminal case(s), all the rules of discipline, conduct allotment was made. 14. Use of abusive languagesAccommodation In The Hostels or against whom case(s) is/are 2. The form shall be placed before and regulations that may be towards other residents and/1. Allotment in the Hostels shall pending in any court of law of the Hostels allotment committee enforced in the Hostels from time 6. Non-payment of Hostels dues or University authorities andnot be claimed as a matter of right the country on account of anti- which will consider the application to time. during the period of the year for employees.even when a person is a bonafide state or anti-social activities or for allotment on the basis of which allotment was made in thestudent of the University. for criminal offense(s) involving criteria fixed by it. The allotment Hostels Fees Hostels. 15. Use of Hostels rooms or moral turpitude or has been or has committee shall have the right to Applicants are supposed to deposit premises for group parties,2. Allotment for accommodation in remained under detention under reject or accept any application an amount of Rs. 7,000/- per 7. Keeping or making use of illicit political assemblies and forthe Hostels will be considered only any preventive law. without assigning any reason. month as Hostels fee at the time of drugs or other intoxicants, not purposes other than those forafter the Allotment Committee/ 3. In case of the above, care will admission. including drugs prescribed by which they are meant.authorized person has scrutinized be taken that the mere pending of 3. Previous residents may also authorized medical attendants onthe application and satisfied itself a criminal case against a student apply afresh each academic Conduct & Discipline account of any illness suffered by 16. Inviting outsiders to addressof the merit and eligibility of the in a court of law shall not render semester on the prescribed form. The following in addition to the Hostels resident. Hostels residents is strictlystudent and that his/her stay in him ineligible for admission in the rules of conduct which may be prohibited.the Hostels shall in no way be Hostels. It will also be ensured 4. After the names of the prescribed from time to time shall 8. Keeping electric appliances suchprejudicial to the interest of other that on honorable acquittal by successful candidates are constitute acts of indiscipline and as refrigerator, air conditioner, 17. Pasting of posters/chalking onresidents in Hostels in particular the court, the student so declared announced, they shall comply with violation of Hostels discipline for television, oven, burner, heater Hostels or other campus buildings,and the University in general. ineligible, be reconsidered for the allotment requirements to the which action may be taken against etc., in the room. If a Hostels premises or compound walls or admission in the Hostels and may Hostels within the prescribed time the Hostels resident(s) concerned resident wishes to have an air- any portion thereof.3. The Hostels facility is available be so admitted if otherwise found limit or their names shall be taken by the officers as prescribed in conditioner, she will be charged atto all UOL students. Passing eligible. off the allotment list. clause I: the prevalent electricity rates. 18. Inciting parochial, linguistic,out students may also apply for sectarian or religious feelingextension of stay. 4. A student whose presence 5. Guests shall not be allowed to 1. Keeping firearms and other 9. Engaging in any immoral or among Hostels residents. in the Hostels is deemed to be stay in the Hostels. lethal weapons or any other agitational and violent activities4. A student can reside in the detrimental or prejudicial to the material not necessary for or creating nuisance or disturbing 19. Staying away from the Hostelshostels till completion of his/her peace, tranquility and academic 6. The allotment of academic pursuits in the Hostels the peace and tranquility in the premises after 8p.m. in thecourse of studies. However, the atmosphere of the Hostels or accommodation will be made after even if licensed. University campus. Winter and 9:00 pm in the WinterUniversity reserves the right to University and the interest of the the candidate has produced the prior permission from Hostelscancel allotment at any time. residents of Hostels and campus. payment receipt of the fees/dues 2. Keeping unauthorized persons 10. The parents/guardians cannot authorities is not allowed against him. in the room/seat allotted to a see the students in their roomsConditions of Ineligibility 5. Resident once expelled from the resident. except the designated places. 20. Late comers or those leavingThe following shall be ineligible for Hostels. 7. The applicant shall have to the Hostels early will be requiredallotment of accommodation in furnish a written undertaking in 3. Shifting to a seat/room other 11. Causing willful damage and/ to sign the register at the Hostels220 221
  • university rules and policiesAccommodation Rules and Policies the Hostels after 08.00(Cont.) p.m. He/She will have togate or reception stating the should properly be arranged and 2. The Senior Warden shall be record his/reasons for late coming or early a bed cover used. Dirty clothes authorized to impose fine up to Rs. her name,departure. should be stored separately. for each single act of indiscipline. address, signature,21. The Hostels authorities 28. Spitting in public or private 3. The Allotment Committee may time ofshall reserve the right to search rooms verandah or on stairs is in case of the gravity of an offense arrival andthe personal belongings and prohibited. provisionally cancel allotment of departure inbaggage of the residents at the accommodation in the Hostels the registertime of entering the Hostels or 29. All waste papers and garbage and also refer the matter to the kept atwhile residing in the allotted must be placed in receptacles University discipline committee reception.accommodation. provided for the purpose. with the recommendation for further necessary action leading to22. Cooking in the Hostels rooms is 32. Every part of the Hostels rustication from the University.strictly prohibited. premises shall be freely open for inspection by the Superintendent 4. The Hostels Committee is23. The University administration or warden at all times. authorized to cancel allotment ofis not responsible for the loss any Hostels resident on account ofof any property of the Hostels 30. No religious ceremony likely the above-mentioned reasons.residents. to injure the feelings of other24. All damages will be repaired boarders shall be arranged in the 5. In case of loss due to acts(s)at the expense of the boarder Hostels. of vandalism, the matter relatingresponsible. to assessment of damage/ loss 31. No boarder shall indulge in any will be referred to the Hostels25. Student shall take due care amusement that disturbs other Allotment Committee who whileof the bathrooms and taps and boarders. assessing the loss will also fix theshall not allow them to run to responsibility and extent of losswaste. Anyone found doing this Action Against Indiscipline on the person(s) liable for the actintentionally will be liable to Depending upon the severity of from whom recovery should bepunishment. the indisciplinary act/omission on made. In the absence of evidence the part of the resident(s) of the leading to fixation of individual26. Defacing walls and fixtures is Hostels, the authority to impose responsibility, the Hostelsstrictly prohibited, moreover the punishment, fine, penalty shall be Allotment Committee may decidefurniture or fixtures will not be used by the Pro-vost/Wardens/ to order recovery from all themoved from one room to another Allotment Committee to the residents or such of the residentsand the residents are particularly extent given below:- as may held liable and act ofwarned against removing furniture vandalism.from the mess and Common 1. The Resident Warden shall useRoom. his/her authority to impose fine to Visitors the extent of Rs. for each single act No visitor shall be allowed to meet27. Students must keep their of indiscipline. the residents of Hostels beforerooms, clean and tidy. The beds 07.00 a.m. and shall not remain in222 223
  • university rules and policiesCentral Library Rules and PoliciesLibrary Timings member who is found misusing the Staff 2 books for 14 days should be reported so that suitable assessment can be made & damages paid. Disabling Fine • Rs.50/- on 1st violation. Rs.100/- Student on 2nd violation if the patron• Library will remain open from • Books are carefully examined on library material or facilities. 2 books for 14 days Fines continuous violation. Case could8:00 am. To o9:o0 p.m. from return and the borrower will be Violation of the library lending be reworked to disciplinaryMonday to Friday and Saturday held responsible for the damage. • Every Library Member is advised Lending Rules for Students rules may result in following fines: Committee on 3rd violation.08:00 am to 02:00 pm. to inspect the library books or I. Students are entitled to borrow • Library books should be left on material at the time of Issue. up to Two Books for a period of 14 I. A borrower who fails to return • All kinds of fine will be paid on• There will be a break of Jumma the reading tables, library staff will days. Books may be renewed for the library book/s or any material account office receipts. LibraryPrayer & lunch from 01:00 p.m. to re shelf them. Library Membership further 14 days if another user has on due date, shall have to pay a account will be blocked in case of02:30 p.m. on Friday. • To enjoy the facilities offered not reserved the desired book. fine of Rs.10/- per day per book. non-payment of fine. • If any library user disturbs the by the “central Library”, the• Timing for Circulation Section & study environment for other faculty I staff & students should II. Overdue books will not be II. In the case of book loss or Library ClearanceArchive Section will be from 8:00 library users, he/she will be given submit Membership/Registration reissued until the fine is not paid. defacement by a user, he/she will • The result of students, havingam. 08:45 pm. one verbal warning, if despite Form (duty filled) for library be charged two times I double library membership. Will not be the warning; the user repeats membership. III. Reference Material and CDs, the current price of the book or declared unless they provide aGeneral Rules the same attitude: he/she will be may only be issued for one day as replace the book. Clearance Certificate issued from• Only registered library users can debarred from entering the library • Students members are advised per special necessitate. the library The Librarian will notifyuse the library premises for the same day. to keep their university cards with III. The Librarian shall decide to the controller of Examination them while using the library. IV. Annual Reports, Projects, the price of rare I special books. the list of defaulters.• Complete silence should be • Books are liable to be recalled Thesis, Pamphlets, Periodicals and Member shall not mutilate, orobserved in the library. before the date, if required for • Change of address I telephone Newspapers cannot be checked- damage by writing or marking on • Clearance from the library for some special purpose. number, e-mail address must out, and can only be consulted pages, any book or publication, leaving students will be requisite• Drinks and eatables are not be reported to the Librarian within the library. nor shall they trace or perform and shall be granted after checkingallowed n the library. • All library rules are displayed immediately. mechanical reproduction of a the record of the library regarding on library notice board, library V. Books already checked-out by material belonging to library the following;• Smoking is strictly prohibited. administration will not be Loan Privilege some other user can be reserved. without formal permission of the responsible for ignorant of rules. The following category will allowed If the books are not collected Librarian, violation of this rule shall 1. Whether any book is out• Discussions / meetings are not borrowing the library material as within 2 days, the reservation will require replacement of damaged standing with the student.allowed in the library. • Mobile phone usage is not per rules. be cancelled. volume or payment of its price allowed in the library. specified under the rule. 2. Any fine is payable by the• Please use library locker for Borrowing Limit and Period VI. Presentation of Library student.your personal belongings (such • Do not change configuration of HOD Membership I University Card IV. If one volume of a set! Seriesas personal books, briefcases, computer or any other equipment 8 books for 45 days is must for any checkout at the is damaged and it is not available 3. Any legal action pending againsthandbags, etc.) in the library. Circulation Sec-8 Archive Section. separately, the whole set shall student. Professor have to be replaced or paid by the• Library disclaims any liability for • A security deposited under any 6 books for 45 days VII. If a member misplaces a book member as specified in the rules. • Other Library Members will haveloss or damage of any member (s) of the foregoing regulation shall I library material and cannot find to clear their ‘Library Accounts”personal belongings. lapse to the university if it will Faculty it after a thorough search, he / V. The amount received from a to have Library Clearance by remain unclaimed for a period 4 books for 30 days she must report to the Librarian member as cost of lost or damaged returning all the borrowed book/s• Any book or object should be of one year from the date on a immediately to avoid overdue fine. books or materials or for not or library material.shown for Inspection, so requested borrower ceases to be student of Visiting Faculty returning the books after due dateby library staff at any time. the university. 2 books for 25 days VIII. Mutilation of library material may be spent on the welfare or • Library clearance shall be given• Please do not write, undergone • The Librarian is authorized to is a matter of disciplinary action. development of library. only by the Librarian.or mark any library book / material withdraw library facilities from any Books accidentally damaged224 225
  • Fee StructureProgram Full Name Duration 1st Semester Fee Registration Fee Total 1st Semester Total Cost Program Full Name Duration 1st Semester Fee Registration Fee Total 1st Semester Total CostElectrical Engineering University Institute of Radiological Sciences and Medical Imaging TechnologyBSEE Bachelor of Science in Electrical Enginering 4 Years 72,600 20,000 92,600 597,200 PGD MDUS Post-Graduate Diploma in Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound 6 Months 61,000 20,000 81,000 81,000MSEE Master of Science in Electrical Engineering 2 Years 39,000 20,000 59,000 213,000 CMUT Certificate in Medical Ultrasound Technology 6 Months 51,000 20,000 71,000 71,000 DMUT Diploma in Medical Ultrasound Technology 1 Year 60,600 20,000 80,600 142,100Civil Engineering BSMIT Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology 4 Years 41,200 20,000 61,200 330,000BSCE Bachelor of Science in Civil Enginering 4 Years 68,000 20,000 88,000 600,000 B.Sc MUT Bachelor of Science in Medical Ultrasound Technology 2 Years 54,400 20,000 74,400 224,200 MSMIT Master of Science in Medical Imaging Technology 2 Years 94,900 20,000 114,900 303,500Mechanical Engineering MSc. MUT Master of Science in Medical Ultrasound Technology 2 Years 89,800 20,000 109,800 284,400BSME Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Enginering 4 Years 72,000 20,000 92,000 594,800 PhD DU Ph.D Diagnostic Ultrasound(Coursework) For Pakistani Nationals 4 Years 132,650 20,000 152,650 749,700 PhD DU Ph.D Diagnostic Ultrasound(Coursework)Foreign Nationals 4 Years $1,796 $500 $2,296 $10,608Technology Phd DU PhD Diagnostic Ultrasound (Sandwich Program) For Pakistani Nationals 4 Years 132650 20,000 152,650 749,700BSCT Bachelor of Science in Civil Technology 4 Years 34,000 20,000 54,000 314,000 Phd DU PhD Diagnostic Ultrasound (Sandwich Program) For Foreign Students 4 Years $1,796 $500 $2,296 $10,608BSET Bachelor of Science in Electrical Technology 4 Years 40,600 20,000 60,600 319,200 PhD UT PhD Ultrasound Technology (Course Work) For Pakistani Nationals 4 Years 132650 20,000 152,650 749,700BSMT Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Technology 4 Years 40,600 20,000 60,600 322,400 PhD UT PhD Ultrasound Technology (Course Work) For Foreign Students 4 Years $1,796 $500 $2,296 $10,608 PhD UT PhD Ultrasound Technology (Sandwich Program) For Pakistani Nationals 4 Years 132650 20,000 152,650 749,700 PhD UT PhD Ultrasound Technology (Sandwich Program) For Foreign Students 4 Years $1,796 $500 $2,296 $10,608Information Technology PhD MIT PhD Medical Imaging Technology (Course Work) For Pakistani Nationals 4 Years 132650 20,000 152,650 749,700BSCS Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 4 Years 45,400 20,000 65,400 452,200 PhD MIT PhD Medical Imaging Technology (Course Work) For Foreign Students 4 Years $2,160 $500 $2,660 $12,680MSc.-IT Master of Information Technology 2 Years 58,600 20,000 78,600 263,400 PhD MIT PhD Medical Imaging Technology (Sandwich Program) For Pakistani Nationals 4 Years 132650 20,000 152,650 749,700MCS Master of Computer Science 2 Years 58,600 20,000 78,600 253,800 PhD MIT PhD Medical Imaging Technology (Sandwich Program) For Foreign Students 4 Years $2,160 $500 $2,660 $12,680MSCS Master of Science in Computer Science 2 Years 38,800 20,000 58,800 162,000 University Institute of Public HealthElectronics MIH Master of International Health 2 Years 108,500 20,000 128,500 447,000BSEES Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Electrical Systems 4 Years 52,600 20,000 72,600 418,600 MPH Master of Public Health 2 Years 123,500 20,000 143,500 452,200MSEES Master of Science in Electronics & Electrical Systems 2 Years 33,000 20,000 53,000 183,000 University Institute of PhysiotherapyInstitute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy 5 Years 68,200 20,000 88,200 687,000BS CH Bachelor of Science in Bio-Chemistry 4 Years 49,600 20,000 69,600 381,300BS BT Bachelor of Science in Bio-technology 4 Years 47,100 20,000 67,100 376,900 University Institute of Medical Lab TechnologyBS ES Bachelor of Science in Enviornmental Sciences 4 Years 49,600 20,000 69,600 397,500BS M Bachelor of Science in Micro-bilogy 4 Years 49,600 20,000 69,600 378,800 BS MTL Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology 4 Years 26,000 20,000 46,000 204,000BS ML Bachelor of Science in Molecularybiology 4 Years 49,600 20,000 69,600 380,100MBC Master of Science in Bio-chemistry 2 Years 54,600 20,000 74,600 230,600 University Institute of Diet & Nutritional SciencesMBT Master of Science in Bio-technology 2 Years 62,200 20,000 82,200 234,200 BSc. DNS Bachelor of Science in Diet & Nuteritional Sciences 4 Years 50,900 20,000 70,900 427,200MMC Master of Science in Microbiology 2 Years 54,600 20,000 74,600 230,600MML Master of Science in Molecularbiology 2 Years 54,600 20,000 74,600 230,600 Lahore Business SchoolMphil CH Master of Philosophy in Bio-Chemistry 2 Years 98,800 20,000 118,800 327,400 PGD Business Admin Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration 1 Years 42,500 10,000 52,500 95,000Mphil BT Master of Philosophy in Bio-technology 2 Years 98,800 20,000 118,800 326,800 BBA Bachelor of Business Administration 4 Years 75,000 20,000 95,000 588,800Mphil MC Master of Philosophy in Microbiology 2 Years 98,800 20,000 118,800 327,400 B.Sc Econ Bachelor of Science in Economics 4 Years 75,000 20,000 95,000 531,200Mphil ML Master of Philosophy in Molecularbiology 2 Years 98,800 20,000 118,800 328,000 MBA 1.5 Years Master of Business Administration 1.5 1.5 Years 46,200 20,000 66,200 176,800Mphil PH Master of Philosophy in Physiology 2 Years 98,800 20,000 118,800 327,400 MBA 2 Years Master of Business Administration 2 years 2 Years 85,000 20,000 105,000 308,800Mphil ES Master of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences 2 Years 131,400 20,000 151,400 352,000 MBA 3 Years Master of Business Administration 3 years 3 Years 95,000 20,000 115,000 569,600Mphil Leading to Ph.D Mphil Leading to Ph.D 5 Years 109,000 20,000 129,000 765,200 MBA Exe Master of Business Administration Executive 2 Years 85,000 20,000 105,000 342,400Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy 3 Years 98,400 20,000 118,400 562,800 MBA Health Care Master of Business Administration Health Care 2 Years 75,000 20,000 95,000 320,000 M.Phil Management Master of Philosopy in Management 2 Years 84,200 20,000 104,200 230,200PharmacyPharm-D Doctor of Pharmacy 5 Years 78,100 20,000 98,100 710,400 School of Creative ArtsM.Phil Pharmacy Master of Philosophy 2 Years 86,000 20,000 106,000 337,000 BAFT Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television 4 Years 76,600 20,000 96,600 606,400 BAMC Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication 4 Years 76,600 20,000 96,600 606,400Lahore School of NursingB.SC N Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4 Years 36,600 20,000 56,600 324,400 English Language & LiteratureB.Sc N Post RN Bachelor of Science in Nursing Post RN 2 Years 41,200 20,000 61,200 172,600 MA English Linguistics Master of Arts in English Language & Linguistics 2 Years 24,400 6,000 30,400 105,400B.Sc (Hons.)Mf Bachelor of Science in Midwifery 4 Years 36,600 20,000 56,600 313,000 MA English Literature Master of Arts in English Literature 2 Years 24,400 6,000 30,400 104,800B.Sc N (Fast Track) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Fast Track) 1 Year 34,800 20,000 54,800 117,800DCM Diploma in Community Midwifery 18 Months 16,800 10,000 26,800 40,600 College of LawDCCN Diploma in Critical Care Nursing 1 Year 35,000 10,000 45,000 45,000 BA. LLB Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Law 5 Years 39,800 25,000 64,800 424,400DLPN Diploma in Licensed Practical Nurse 2 Years 35,200 10,000 45,200 79,800 LL.B Bachelor of Law 3 Years 90,000 25,000 115,000 298,000DOTN Diploma in Operation Theatre Nursing 1 Year 35,000 10,000 45,000 45,000DPN Diploma in Paediatric Nursing 1 Year 35,000 10,000 45,000 45,000226 227
  • FORM NUMBER ENTRY TEST ROLL NUMBER PREFERENCES Program Applied For:PERSONAL DETAILS 1st Choice: 2nd Choice:Name: 3rd Choice: PhotoFather’s/Guardian’s Name: 4th Choice:NIC No: In case you do not have a NIC provide Parent’s NIC details. I have read the prospectus of the University and understood the contents thereof. The particulars given above are correct to the best of my knowledge. If found otherwise, I shall be liable to any action as per policy of theDate of Birth: (DD MM YYYY) Gender: M F University. If admitted, I will observe the rules and regulations of the University as prescribed in prospectus. I shall sincerely devote myself to my studies and uphold the dignity and prestige of the University and shall be liable to penalty imposed by the University Authorities in case of violation on my part.Place of Birth: Nationality: Signature of Applicant: ________________________ Date: ______________________Postal Address: OTHER INFORMATION All applicants are required to bring the following: a) Attested photo copies of all academics degrees/result cards.Phone No: Mobile No: b) Two recent passport sized colour photographs. c) Photo copy of CNIC or Form B.Email: d) In case of A Level/ GCE, IBCC EQUAVALENCE Certificate is required.PREVIOUS QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Certificate/Degree/Specialization Year Board/University Marks Div/Grade NIC Applicant’s Signature Matric/ FA/FSc-I/ Received by: FA/FSc-II Admission Granted BA/BSc/UNDERTAKINGS Other/Candidates awaiting results are required to sign the following undertaking:I undertake to submit attested photocopy of my Intermediate/A-Level/DAE/Bachelors/Masters/MPhil result as soon as it is Admission Rejecteddeclared. In case, if the result is declared, I will submit it within 3 weeks from the date of admission. If I fail to fulfill the eligibility Date Application Receivedcriteria for admission, The University of Lahore has the right to cancel my admission.Signature of Applicant: ________________________ Date: ______________________ Approved by Recommended by Head of the Department