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Makkah as center mean point of the world
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Makkah as center mean point of the world


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. MAKKAH AS CENTER MEAN POINT OF THE WORLD Everything is this universe made by human beings and ALLAH SUBHAN’A’TALLAH does have some center point. Asthere will be a center point between PAKISTAN and INDIA, USA and UK and so on. Thiscenter point exists in every matter of life in all stages Solid, Liquid & Gas. There are a sequenceof numbers knows as Fibonacci Numbers named after the mathematician Fibonacci whodiscovered this sequence of numbers. This sequence possesses Fibonacci numbers. The first twonumbers in the Fibonacci sequence are 0 & 1. Next numbers are generated by adding theprevious last two numbers as:0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89……XnXn=Xn-1 + Xn-2 Now there is a special relation among these numbers. If you divide any number withthe previous number then you will get a ratio of 1.618034, which is knows as Golden Ratio. This
  • 2. Ratio is exactly achieved after first 16 divisions in the Fibonacci numbers. Before these 16numbers the answers after division varies a bit but after these 16 numbers they remain constant at1.618034. Now everything in this Universe consists of Golden mean ratio. The existence of thisGolden Ratio makes that item PERFECT. Many things which are considered to be muchprecious among human beings possess this Ratio. Examples are the Picture of Mona Lisa, theEgyptian Pyramids, Human Body, Genital structure of DNA, the ancient temple, our galaxy,Nature, Tides, nautilus and many more. If u calculate the distance between different parts of ourbody and divide them then we will end up with a ratio of 1.618034. Like this in short there isalso a center mean point of this World. If we calculate the distance of Makkah from North andSouth poles they come out to be 07631,68 KM and 12348,32 KM respectively. One can alsojustify these distances though Google Earth Software. Now if we divide this distance the answercomes out be exactly 1.618034, which is the Golden Ratio. This means that Makkah is situatedin the center of the earth. If we also calculate the distance in diagonal direction and horizontaldirections, the answer after division comes out to be exactly 1.618034. The distance of Makkahfrom the South Pole and the distance between south and North Pole are also with ratio of1.618034. The distance of Makkah with South Pole is 12348,32 and the distance between Southand North Pole is 19980,00 KM. Moreover if we look in Quran Majeed then there also we willfind that ALLAH SUBHAN’A’TALLAH has categorized Makkah as the central point of theworld through some mathematical tools known as Golden Ratio. If we read Quran Majeed thenwe will find that there is a unique verse that contains the word “Makkah” in it. The concept ofMakkah being the central point of the world is present in this verse which is 96th verse of Surah-Ali-Imarn in Quran Majeed.If we count the total number of letters in this verse they come out tobe 47. There are 29 letters from the beginning of the verse before the word Makkah and 18letters after this word Makkah till the end of the verse. Now if we divide these two numbers weget a golden ratio of exactly 1.61 which is equal to Golden Ratio. If we also divide 47 with 1.618the answer comes out to be 29 which are the total letters from the beginning of the verse till theword Makkah. If any letter have been increased or decreased then this ratio of Golden Mean couldnever have been achieved which also proves that this Holy book is the Divine Words of ALLAHSUBHAN’A’TALLAH. A book with such combinations can never be written by any humanbeing. This whole discussion proves Makkah to be the central point of the whole world as well as
  • 3. the most peaceful land on this earth SUBHAN’ALLAH. Thanks for reading my Article. MayALLAH SUBHAN’A’TALLAH provide us all Muslims with real and supreme knowledge.AMEEN.By M.Ahmed Shahid,Student,UCP (FOC).